[MH] Master of Disguise? [Te S2:4.2]



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    I don't, God, I don't know. It was different with Adam - it just kind of happened, and I didn't know him or anything. I guess I want to do it ... in the car ... ? That seems sorta safer, easier - like it's less intimate or something. Keep this as fake and meaningless as possible, like I'm just this older college girl whatever, picking up a cute guy for a minute and that's it.

    I mean, I don't want to do this, but ...

    I guess what happens is, I'm listening to him and chatting with him, and I'm just saying stuff about Florida, like, I don't know, I've never been to Florida. And maybe I'm not hiding it all that much - I'm just saying whatever comes to mind, and I think he might be able to tell a little bit, like he can tell that I don't want to tell him anything real about myself or whatever.

    But all that, it just seems kind of light and joking and flirty, or at least as much like that as I can make it ... and that's actually kind of easy, easier than I would've thought it would be. Maybe it's Myrii's face, or the King's power, or I don't know what, but as I get into it it's easier and easier to just - let things happen. And when we get into town, and park, I'm not looking around at Bar Harbor, I'm just looking right at him. And quickly, all of a sudden, I lean across the console and I kiss him. And I give him just a second to think about that, and then I kiss him again, a little more deeply.

    My hand is brushing his leg, and say to him, "Let's drive a little longer. Do you think we could? Maybe you could show me someplace a little more private ..."
  • Probably turn him on now:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Um... yeah you got his attention. It takes him a minute to respond when you kiss him. But he does, and by the time you break off he's breathing heavy and clearly aroused.

    Is it weird kissing him again? I mean you know his mouth, his toungue, right? Of course you've had a fair bit more experience now.

    Once you break off he pauses... then.. "Um... sure"

    So he drives you out to Hunter's beach, right. Or there's a small parking area nearby anyway, but it's a nice view. Kind of significant to the both of you, right? What happened here before?

    He puts the car into Park and he's sitting there a moment, looking out the window, maybe remembering.
  • It's actually kind of weird he drove here, isn't it? It's kind of a longer drive, like fifteen minutes, and it's kind of hard keeping up this act or whatever while I'm sitting here, you know, trying to figure out where he's going? And then it's here, Hunter's Beach. I have no idea what he's thinking, doing that. I mean, it's a beach, whatever, so there's been parties and stuff out here ... right around the head there is where we had that one party the first week of school, remember? But it's a place where something happened, yeah.

    We had this one long day, back during that one summer, where the two of us went driving around the island, all the way down to Tremont and around there. Then while we were down there, I kind of showed him my old house from before Mom and Dad broke up. It was, I don't know, I just kind of mentioned it, and he seemed interested, so we ended up there at the curb, you know? But I hadn't been back since we moved, and it really hit me, I guess harder than I thought it would. I really missed my dad, and ... so I don't know, I made Eric get me out of there, and then I was still freaking out a little, so after a little while he like stopped and pulled in here. We walked on the beach for a while, until it started to get dark, and we talked about it a little.

    It's things like that that, I thought that was the kind of guy he was, you know? But then all this with Hayden and whatever, and -

    ... Ugh. I'm leaning over the console, and I'm touching like, his thigh, like I need to get his attention. I offer him another smile, trying to be flirty.

    "Hey. What's this place?"
  • You interrupt his thoughts and he comes to with a slight jump, looking around, maybe slightly surprised he came here too. He cracks a smile and you can tell he's still into you, but he seems a little distracted too.

    "Um... It's a place we party sometimes. Not many people here during winter though, so it's private and... a good view." He shrugs. "It just... seemed like a good spot, I guess."

    Awkward silence descends again.
  • "It's really pretty. Good parties?"

    I should've gotten high before trying this. I'm doing it, just pushing ahead, but how does this kind of thing even happen? I've never seduced anyone before ... maybe been seduced, but - what would Myrii do? Oh man, where is she? Could she keep up when we drove this far? I didn't think we'd be coming all this way. I don't know - but what would she do? I'm already unbuckled, so I try just sliding my hand a couple inches up his thigh, rising up in my seat and kind of turning, throwing a leg in front of the console so I can hover over him a little and lean down into him.

    I make like I want to kiss him again, and I say, "... Show me. Please."

    I'm leaning into it pretty hard, a lot of my weight supported on his leg, and I'm going to kiss him hard and hungrily. There's something boiling up in me, and this is easier the closer I get to actually doing it. I don't want to talk - talk is making me really uncomfortable. I wanna skip that, just focus on urging him to, you know, show me what he wants.

    "... come on ..."
  • Here's another roll+hot, in case you want it:

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  • Nope, we're cool. You got the string the first time, right? Right.

    Well, there isn't any doubt he's aroused, and for a minute you're hovering, his chest heaving, his breath is coming in ragged and his eyes are shifting taking in yours, your face, his eyes darkened with desire. Then he swallows hard, drops his eyes. His hands which came up to your arms push on your shoulders gently.

    Then, with effort. "I...I'm sorry. This... I can't. It's not... you're amazing but... but there's this girl I'm getting into something with... and I just can't."

    But... well you know. You could push him into it.
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    I give him some space. But I'm still kind of crowding the, uh, you know, the console, and my eyes are cat-like and golden.

    There's a longish pause, and then I ask, "Ashley Lange?"

    I'm kind of propping up my chin, watching him.

    "... What do you think of her?"
  • He looks up when you say Ashley's name.

    "Um... yeah. I guess you met her, huh? She's... well she's amazing. She beautiful, smart... funny. Just... yeah." He glances out at the beach again. "And maybe I don't have a huge shot, but... but I don't want to ruin it this early." He smiles thinly, no humor at all. "Been down that road. I..." He drops his head. "I really fucked up with a girl I really... well I think I loved her. But there's some shit you can't take back." His voice is sad.

    He glances up at you again, smiles a little sheepishly. Looks away again as if avoiding getting trapped by your glittering eyes. "Um... I'm sorry." He chuckles a little uncomfortably. "I didn't mean to tell you that. But... yeah. I can't"

    He reaches for his keys.
  • I put out a hand, stop him. And I hesitate, because I don't know.

    But: "Look, I ... didn't mean to bring you here. I'll be gone in just a few days - I didn't think this would hurt anyone. And I don't want to drop in and just ruin anything for you, but ... but look. I think you should know, I've been living with Holly and Teddy for a few days? And, I don't think you understand what's going on with Teddy and Ashley. They're ... well, together. Like a couple. You know?"

    I'm so grateful to have Myrii's face to hide behind. Though I think maybe I'm starting to screw up the, uh, the act. I'm trying to be all the slightly older girl, sympathetic and worldly and there for him, and I'm afraid I'm being more kind of, you know, me.
  • Maybe that's why he's so loose lipped about all this, y'know? You always were pretty comfortable with each other and on some level he senses that.

    But he looks at you when you say that about you and Ashley, his brows drawing together.

    "They're... really? ...Shit." The second part is breathed more to himself than you as he thinks it over. He does kind of deflate. "Huh... well. Damn. I... suppose that's fair." He actually sounds a little upset.

    He looks back up. "But... but she's supposed to be with Brad. At least he thinks so. What's she doing going to see him today? Maybe... maybe you got it wrong. I mean, Teddy's not the type to fuck around on someone. Or...at least she wasn't."
  • That stings - I don't like hearing that because, well, you know. So I'm trying to ignore it or whatever.

    "Well ... I don't know the details, but she was - I think the two of them were fighting or something this week, but they made up yesterday. Last night, well, Ashley came back to the apartment with Teddy last night. So ... I don't know what she's doing with Brad today, but I'm pretty sure. Maybe she's going to tell him. They seem to be trying to keep it secret, so ..."
  • "Jesus... I had no idea. I mean..."

    He looks down, digging his smartphone out of his pocket.

    "He needs to know what's going on."
  • "No, come on ... stop."

    I'm reaching out, laying a hand on his arm, catching his eyes with mine.

    "Stop. Look, I didn't want to start something here - I just thought you should know, okay? At least ... at least let them see each other today. Okay? Obviously she likes him, she wouldn't've gone to the dance with him if she didn't. Let her break it to him. If she doesn't, well, you'll see him Monday, right?"
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    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    To manipulate him I'm assuming?

    He looks at you again, caught. "Yeah... Yeah I guess you're right." He slips the phone into his pocket again. He's quiet a moment, looking into your eyes.

    He chuckles awkwardly still holding your gaze. "You know, I was actually wondering at the dance if... if you had something going on with Teddy. I mean..." He moistens his lip. "Uh... you were really watching her last night."

    It seems like he's tentatively feeling out if there's still a thing here, not sure how he feels. He's pretty sure he's killed it with all this.
  • "What?"

    I'm actually kind of surprised, and - oh.

    "No! No, it's just - Holly was ... busy, and really I didn't know anyone else there, except her and Teddy, so ... no."

    I kind of work up my courage again, and I lean forward, sliding my hand from his arm to his chest.

    "Nothing like that."
  • Eric reaches out, still the slightest bit tentative. Strokes your arm... your shoulder. And in one of those moments you feel more than think about he leans forward and kisses you. Familiar of course, and unfamiliar at the same time. You've both gotten a little older. You've both had other partners. But still... the smell and feel of him. The softness and pressure of his lips. The places his hands move. He was always a good kisser right? Maybe not in comparison to Myrii, but there's always that not quite human element with her. And Ash? How does it compare to Ash? Do you even think of Adam?

    If you're ready to push this, he'll go along now. How does it go? Can you make it all the way through?
  • Kind of just making out at first, there in the car. Kissing, pretty much the whole time, lips and tongues coming together, breaking apart, coming together again. Hands moving, holding, moving, all kind of aimlessly. I don't know how to compare it. I guess it feels, you know, more like it does with Ash than I like to think about. Kind of a guilty thing, either way. But I do want to push it. I mean, I have to, and in the end it's not that hard. Maybe it's falling into an old rhythm, or maybe I'm just different today, but it's not that hard to convince myself.

    But not all the way. Not like this. I'm eventually remembering to, I guess, escalate - I'm reaching down, messing with snap and zipper, getting my hand inside his pants. Urging him along with an insistent grasp. Remembering to focus, to be ready for the, the whatever. The power. The second part of the song.
  • So you're just bringing him off with your hand? That will do it, of course, just not as directly, so to speak.

    But sure, you get to the point where he's faltering with his kiss, breathing heavy, and his caress on your breast pauses. Then there's a breath and you feel the pulse, the wetness, as he shudders. You feel the energy burst and reach out to pull it into you.

    And then you get hit by the truck. Not as big a truck as last time, certainly, but powerful none the less. And there's the chord...filling up your.... your soul I guess. Incomplete still, but so...so powerful.

    You already know the last note too. Ashley. Her energy is perfect.
  • Now I think of Adam, maybe, remembering the sort of messy, uncomfortable aftermath to when I, you know, when I did this with him. Me and Eric are sharing a broken kiss as I withdraw my hand, and my own breathing is pretty ragged from, like, the kissing and his touch. It really is all familiar, and - well, I don't actually want to do anything more, you know, because this is all already too screwed up to describe. But still, I'm all flushed and breathing.

    So I'm pulling away my hand, resting it on his abs, and ... kissing him a little bit longer. I don't know.
  • He's panting like he ran a marathon, but following your lead for a bit as far as kissing. His eyes, when you see them, are half lidded and dreamy, almost... delirious.

    You, you're dealing with two thirds of the hymn of creation vibrating through your body and mind.

    You continue to kiss.

    "God... Teddy..." he sighs into your mouth.

    His hand is purposefully moving up the inside of your thigh. He seems intent on reciprocating.
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    The King loses a String on me, and gains one on Eric? And yeah, I'm just flat - my brain's just empty. All empty except for the music, like last time. It's just, oh my God, it's such an amazing high. I mean, the guilty mess of it all, that's not gone, but -

    I'm going, like, "... What?"

    And I'm not sure if I meant it to be, like, sharp, or if it's supposed to be just lazy and rhetorical. I'm not even sure which way it comes out, really. But I'm sliding my hand over to sort of loosely catch his wrist, you know, and kind of stop him while my other hand tightens fingers tangled in his hair. (I always loved his hair.) And it's going to be time to stop this soon. So just another, I don't know ... thirty seconds.
  • It must not have been too harsh because it doesn't seem to disrupt him in the after effects of the power exchange at all.

    He goes in for your neck to that spot. The spot he himself found, that one that just makes you melt. His hand slows on your thigh but works to persuade it's way past. If you aren't more firm, he'll get through. He takes an intense inhale at your neck.

    "I missed you so much. I was so stupid. I'm sorry."

    He dives back into that spot, adding to your surplus of sensation.
  • Oh God. Fuck it. Just go with it. I'm not exactly myself right now anyway - at least I don't think I am - so how can it hurt? Easier to let him just -
  • Right... so you let him through. It seems like he knows more or less what to do, not perfect of course, but I'll tell you what, having a climax on top of your high is pretty mind blowing.

    He kind of dozes off there for a minute while you're laying there all sweaty and breathing. Or at least he's dozing a little when you come down off the climax.

    He rouses shortly afterwards though, coming to with a start, like out of a nightmare, and looking around all disoriented. After a moment, he seems to get his bearings. Looks at you, puts himself back together. Seems disturbed by something.

    Conversation is awkward?

    I'm assuming you have him take you home?
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    Uh, yea-, I mean no. No, he can just take me back to town. I, uh, I do kind of need to talk to Brad. So ... I want to find a place, like just a, a bathroom somewhere, at a coffee shop or something, where I can put myself back together and kind of calm down or whatever. And then like, call Brad and see if he'll come pick me up. As me, this time.

    But it's awkward right now, yeah. It's this long drive back, and I don't really know where to go with this. I mean, it was kind of weird, and I shouldn't've let it go that far. And I'm supposed to be playing this older college girl that Myrii isn't, but ... well, at least he's too distracted to really notice. God, why'd he have to drive all the way out here? This is so, I don't know.
  • Eric drops you off at the coffee shop after a ride of awkward silence. He maybe puts up a bit of an argument but he's easy to push into doing what you want. He does ask, with a hopeful expression:

    "Hey... um... I know you said you'd only be here for a few more days but... well, can I take you out? Like a real date? I mean, I don't have any other commitments, you know, and you're... really great."
  • Oh, man, I'm like, "I don't, um, isn't this going to be finals week for you? And, I am flattered, but ... look. I don't think it would be a good idea. I'll be gone in a couple days - you probably won't even see me again - and I'm living with, you know, Te- Theodora in the meantime? This is just ... this was fun. Let's just leave it at that."

    Was that okay? God, this is weird. I've never turned down a boy before ... I don't think I've even been asked out like that before! And it's Eric. God. Did I just shut him down? I don't even know.
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