[MH] Master of Disguise? [Te S2:4.2]



  • He's a little let down, maybe, but not quite out yet. He clears his throat, reaches for your hand.

    "I... I don't think Teddy would mind, you know? We're not really.. friends anymore, I guess, but um... we don't hate each other or anything. She'd probably just be glad I'm not... um... pursuing Ashley. C'mon... maybe dinner somewhere nice and a club or something? I'm not... you know I"m not... nothing has to um... happen. I just want to have a good time with an amazing girl. Please?"
  • I'm sort of flustered, and uncomfortable, and definitely a little angry, so I'm like, "No, I -"

    And then my cell goes, and I'm kind of pulling my hand away and fumbling it out. And, you know, it's my cell phone if that matters, though I don't know if Eric would even recognize it. I'm pretty sure I basically destroyed my old phone during all the trouble three months ago. I flip it and look, and then look at him:

    "Look, um, I gotta go, okay? Uh, maybe - I don't have a lot of time, I'm not going to be here much longer and I'm flying out, like, Tuesday, but if I'm free tomorrow or something, I'll ... give you a call."
  • "Okay." He says with a small smile. "I hope you can." He takes your hand as if to shake it, but then pulls it up and kisses your knuckle.

    Then he lets you go, drives away. And you have the chance to go into the coffee shop, clean yourself up, and call Brad. And there's Holly's text, too, I guess. What's the plan, still Brad?
  • Yeah, I'll call him. As Eric goes and I head into the shop, I'm kind of unconsciously scratching my knuckles against the denim of my jeans, frowning and thinking. And when I get into the restroom and like, look up, in the mirror it's just ... me. Not Myrii. I have this weird lurching moment where I think, you know, did that happen while I was with Eric? But that doesn't actually make sense, obviously he didn't know it was me.

    I shiver, and then I go to use the toilet and straighten myself out, and get like a macchiato. It feels weird to like sit at the little coffee shop table with their styrofoam cup and just - it's too normal. But maybe it helps a little.

    I call Brad, kind of say hi, and then I'm telling him, "It took a little longer than I thought, but like, I'm free now and ... I want to talk to you. I'm downtown now - do you have time to come and meet me, or pick me up?"
  • --End Scene--
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