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    Oh you read Ron's reply?

    One of my many questions was could a demon confer vitality to a broken item to fix it?
    Ron Edwards" said:
    No. That would require Warp and an appropriate Cover (either the demon ability or the basic real-person version).
    Yeah I guess so. Though the throne has the cover: immortal so it would definitely have the mechanics required to compliment Warp and make the repairs. So it's just a straight ability swap and it would allow it to do many more tricks too.
    Though as I've asked him, by the book - Any repairs would only last as long as the thrones power in hours?

    He's just replied about that:
    Ron Edwards" said:
    Regarding Warp, the effects do wear off, yes. If you really wanted to have a demonic mechanic, then you could do a Power roll for the Warp roll, which if successful would roll over into a genuine Cover-based roll actually to fix the thing for good.
    Unless he just wants to heal humans which would be repaired with vitality (conferred to other). Or repair itself with vitality (conferred to self) and it's spawn by inheritance of the ability?

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to mess with your character Yellow, I was just interested as I didn't understand.
  • I have some serious deadlines piling on top of one another right now, and I don't think I can spare much attention. Would it be ok to set Briseis' thread on hold for 1 to 2 weeks? I just haven't been able to write creatively.
  • No problem.

    I feel a little nervous about it, because I've seen plenty of players go by the wayside in pbp. And I really like Briseis and want to see her story. So here's hoping we see you in a week or two!
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    I'm changing my color to Teal b/c I find the red too harsh
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    Yeah, me too! Yellow. She's a great character. I'm looking forward to when our characters paths cross.
  • I feel a little nervous about it, because I've seen plenty of players go by the wayside in pbp. And I really like Briseis and want to see her story. So here's hoping we see you in a week or two!
    It's just the circumstance of the moment. I'm in grad school, and I've taken on some extra responsibilities in a couple of my courses, which is coming back to bite me with those coming due at the same time as final projects and such.
  • Ignotus you noted that you weren't sure how to do colors. it's pretty easy. I use the bbcode method rather than html (it's easier). Make sure that below your message where it says "format comments as" you have BBCode selected. Then all you have to do is write [color=red]Your message[/color]. Obviously using whatever color you like. There is a link to an available color list in the beginning of the thread.

    You can google bbcode for other things you can do with it.

    If you really want to do it with html, you can use the span tag like so Red Text. You'd have to make the format button at the bottom of the message as "html" in that case.
  • Here's a link to BBCode info and here is the color chart again
  • I'm not sure what browser you use (I use firefox). It does my head in remembering all the code, but you can download a bbcode plugin which when you select the chosen text then right click it brings up a menu you select the bbcode you want ie. coloured text choose the colour. It's as easy as that. Might be an option.

  • For Ignotus

    The key to success in Sorcerer is pile on the dice.
    Obviously equal numbers of dice give a 50% chance of success. But a difference of two or more dice is a definite advantage. % chance of success = (X / X+Y)*100, where X is your dice and Y your opponents.

    So if your Will (3) vs Will (5) of your demon.
    +1 bonus die to the demon due to your binding
    -1 die for your roll announcing a task generically ("Let's do will vs. will for now").
    Means your your Will is 2 and the Demons Will is 6!!!
    % chance of success = (2 / 2+6)*100 = 25%. It don't look good :(

    So how do you get more dice? This is where roleplaying comes in.

    · A dramatic or appropriate quip while announcing the task: +1 die
    · Announcing a task generically ("I swing at him!"): -1 die
    · Repeating a simple task after failing: -1 die (cumulative)
    · Especially clever version of the action: +2 dice
    · Especially stupid move: -2 dice
    · The announced action moves the plot along significantly: +2 dice
    · Obstructive, petty announced action: -2 dice

    All the items above are cumulative.
    So unlike standard rpgs, in a dice-rolling situation, the players should not shift out of roleplaying mode but rather get as into it as possible, because that way they can pack their rolls with extra dice.

    Trevis wrote on my scene:
    Trevis" said:You should probably describe it in terms of intent and beginnings of actions, but not results.
    Of course using all the methods above to get you bonus dice and then Trevis describes the results of the roll.

    The other method of getting more dice:
    Trevis" said:One of the basic mechanics of Sorcerer (one often overlooked) is that the victories from one roll can be rolled into the following roll, provided that the rolls are related to each other. So the way to build up to something you really want to do is to create a detailed confict by doing a series of rolls that build on each other.

    Oh and finally. When a proposed actions seems to have two descriptions that apply, then the GM can permit a roll for each score, rolling the victories for the first (if successful) into bonus dice for the second.
    eg. For you for example. If you were to try to escape from a village. The the GM may say
    Will (Vow: Never settle in civilized lands) and your Past (Outlaw: fugitive) overlap. So he may allow you to roll Will and then use any victories as bonus dice to the Past roll.
    Though I'm not certain yet which one rolls on to the other just yet (but Trevis will judge that anyway).

    Does all that make sense? If you don't understand any of that ask Trevis ;)

    The apprentice rules of Sorcerer may help you know what you can do. The rules are a bit out of date (don't mention victories rolling over I believe, etc) but it will give you an idea. I've included the link below:
    Sorcerer Apprentice Version
  • I haven't looked at Apprentice version in some time. Ron generally recommends against it though, saying it really doesn't match the game very well anymore, it's more of an interesting historical document.

    There is a bit of interpretation too. Sorcerer was written before we had the language for some of the things Ron was trying to get across. The whole bonus die list is a little but clunky in my opinion. The main thing is to add texture and color to the descriptions to help enhance everyones vision of what's going on. I'll discuss it a bit more later.

    Also, Sorcerer is a bit of a retcon game. What I mean by that is that you often announce the action and it's execution in the intent phase, along with everyone else who's participating at that point, and you get to freely amend the action until you're happy. Once intents are declared then we roll and retcon the announcments to fit what actually happened.

    It's kind of like IaWA in the sense that you say "With a vicious swing of my bloody scimitar I hew his head from his body" during the action but what that really means is that is what you try to do. Whether the head has really gone flying, or if your opponent is even injured is up to the dice, and will be retconned into the response. If you don't like the retconning all you have to do is make the outcome less clear. "Trithemius swings his bloody scimitar viciously at Lorasai's neck, intending to see it hewn from his body." What is absolute in the statement is the fact that the character has swings the scimitar viciously, that's already in motion.

    If I had the ability to edit your posts it would be ideal, then i could retcon your statements, but we can get along this way too.

    I'll get some posts up later today.
  • I agree with your with the bonus dice. It's just a reward system for good roleplaying/storytelling. The better the roleplaying/storytelling the more bonuses to achieve the story you want. But I imagine what is classed good roleplaying changes from group to group. I suppose it would also be valid for the gm or group consensus to say great storytelling have a 2 die bonus without having to use the list.

    I never knew that retcon was perfectly fine to use and it's up to you if you tend to describe things to avoid it. I suppose it's just more obvious by post. It's a bit like your revisionist history. Interesting.
  • Yeah, it's absolutely a group standard thing. One of the real challenges with doing a Pbp is that I can't see all of your reactions to whoever is in the spotlight. I have to go with my own response only for bonus dice which, to me, weakens the process some. In a live game I can watch the table and see what people react to, in attention, even in body language or laughing or whatever, and that is my biggest guideline in bonus dice. I don't have that here, and it's extra effort for y'all to respond to your fellow players threads with what you enjoy. More than that your enjoyment has to be very conscious for you to mention it at all, where in a live game it would come out spontaneously, without even getting up to your conscious mind.

    I love it that you guys have posted some in each other's threads, and I don't want to have you push it and it be false. But it sure helps to know that other people are enjoying what you're doing.
  • Sorry for the delay guys. I"ll be posting up tomorrow for Dalomo and Lorasai.
  • One more day. I'm on a business trip for my company and I didn't have the time I was expecting. But I'll have some time tomorrow night (tonight really,) And I'll get scenes posted.
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    Which brings up something else. Spawn can only produce demons that add up to the power of the parent demon. Once that is done, the parent cannot produce any more until one of the spawn is destroyed. I figure that the throne needs you because it can't actually produce what it wants without a true summoning. To really make it fit your vision you'd need to give the Throne cover(Engineer or Weaponmaster or something, conferring to itself)-- edit, actually let's just make the current one Immortal Engineer or something) to allow it to create non demonic tech thingies (robots, weapons or whatever.) Spawn are demonic tech thingies. Truly independent demonic tech thingies it would need you for.(Summon, Bind, etc) You might also want to change Vitality to Warp, unless the throne is conferring vitality to Briseis, in which case you might want to just add Warp.
    I don't really feel like there's a need to change much.

    In this case, I thought Immortal worked pretty well as written ("They have any and all skills they need, using Past dice -- except for entirely novel ones, which are pathetic at Past = 1"). It suggests a wide spectrum of skills, with the exceptions of unusual skills appropriate to the present time. Since, in this world, technology is what the past is all about, it seems like Immortal would cover that, while 'novel' skills would be, say, intimate knowledge of the mutant insects and the toxic forest.

    We could still change it to Immortal Engineer if that would make things more straight-forward.

    The point about the Throne needing Briseis to create truly new demons is something I've mentioned before, so we're on the same page. I figure that, as something that's still basically a machine, it can't invent anything truly new - just variations on a theme - and maybe some quirk of its creation limits how many Spawn it can really make.

    The vast numbers of 'creatures' it created in the Saar might have been a fluke. I like to think that maybe - unknown to Briseis - it had some more tractable cousin of Briseis' captured and unfavorably bound, churning out new designs for it. Briseis is harder to control, but she's also more talented ...

    As for Warp, it doesn't really need it. If it wants to create or repair an ordinary, non-demon piece of technology, it can just roll Past - that's why it has Past, after all (that, and so that it can pilot the Flower of Remembrance). Or, if the thing it wants to work on isn't conveninent to it, it can instead create a Spawn with Past, or instruct Briseis on what to do. Warp is changing things in reality-bending ways, really quickly, with the results eventually fading. The Throne builds things and repairs things in the old-fashioned, time-consuming (and permanent) way, with tools and parts.

    The Vitality power is there for things like technology demons, which actually take wound penalties and such. And, really, since Vitality requires that the subject be resting to work, it works exactly the same in flavor (the Throne's still just replacing parts and such). It's just that there aren't any rules for using a Cover roll to heal wound penalties, so Vitality is necessary for it to be able to work on tech demons.

    It might be able to confer Vitality to an organic creature, though - as pointed out on the Throne's stat sheet - that might have side-effects (probably of the 'I have machine bits implanted into me' variety). The only time it would use Vitality on a true object is when it applies it to the Flower of Remembrance or some other vehicle. That works fine, since we've agreed that vehicles hold wound penalties (which apply to the pilot's checks). If vehicles didn't hold wound penalties, it'd just use Past to conduct repairs.
  • Yellow.. Okay, as long as we're on the same page. I agree with Immortal etc. I was just worried that you were expecting to produce a bunch of spawn and have those be the 'products' of the throne. But the spawn power limited it. But now I see you understand as I do, so we're cool.

    Back from my trip now so I'll be catching up here.
  • How's it going for everyone? Comments, questions, thoughts or suggestions?
  • Someone want to fill me in about these wormhandler guys? I haven't read the manga... Apparently Trithemius knows about them, but are they friend or foe? What's their agenda? And what are bloodworms?
  • They're these tribes of really filthy (and generally fairly brutal) fellows who live in the Sea of Corruption. They're basically shunned by everyone, except that sometimes they're employed for their talents at 'wormhandling'. The bloodworms are a breed of grub or something that they cultivate - a lot like bloodhounds, they're excellent trackers.
  • I don't think the worms are actually called bloodworms in the manga, I just called em that cause I liked it. But yellow has the right of it. They're filthy mainly because they never take off their masks or clothing as they live above ground in the Rotwood. Think sandpeople for this world and you've got a good idea. I'm not really sticking to any sort of cannon either so I'm making up some things about them. Trithemius knows them because of how long he's lived there.
  • And they're employed for tracking and guiding through the Sea of Corruption.

    Must be a busy week, it's pretty quiet.
  • I spent a few days just trying to come up with how to describe Sorcery in terms of ancient tech. Particularly a Will or Fort checks as per Sorcery.

    I like the idea of psychological manipulation as well as chemical and electrical sub-component.
  • Oof! Sorry fellas, been a busy busy week. I'll post a little later (earlier? I'm a night shift worker if you couldn't tell.)
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