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The darkened house squats silently, seemingly on guard as you approach it. Winter is with you of course, she drove you here. Her eyes are wide and she shivers as she looks around. She grips your hand tightly. Did you bring Riley with you too?

You woke up in the middle of the circle. Winter, Riley and Bernadette all leaning over you, looking panicked. How much did you tell them about what happened to you?


  • [Holly]

    Holly took a deep breath of real air when she woke from the trance, the commune with the Queen. She looked around, confused for a moment until she recognized her sisters. She happily shared her experience, telling them that the Queen asked them to free her, and showed her the way. Holly carefully explained that she needed to retrieve keys to unlock her from the prison, assured them that the Queen is well, and eager to make things right.

    She asked Riley to work with her "mommy" on the incantations, assuring her that she will need to be an expert on what to say and do. She brought Winter into the house so she could be part of this, to learn as she is doing. Also, so Holly won't be alone.

    "Winter, it will be okay." Holly says this calmly, sensing her friend's nervous looks. "Nobody lives here now. I was here once, it's a nice little house. This will be fun. An adventure. I'm right here with you." She squeezes back, for strength. Then, not quite satisfied as they walk around to the door Holly ran out of before, she pulls Winter to a stop, leans over, and gives her a quick kiss. "For luck." Holly smiles at her girlfriend. "Feel better?"

    Unless Winter objects, Holly will press on, entering the house the same way she last exited it, heading for the basement.
  • Winter smiles back, after you kiss her, and nods.

    You enter the darkened kitchen. The furniture is still a mess from when you and Teddy ran into the man. The sonogram scans still on the fridge.

    You start heading for the basement door. "This was your Mom's house?" Winter asks. "Once, right?"
  • [Holly]

    "Yes," Holly answers quietly, walking past a kitchen counter while tracing her fingertips along the top lightly, like a little fleshy racecar zipping along the smooth surface. She stops at the sink, looking down at the twin metal basins for a little while.

    "I wonder..." Holly says as she reaches out to trace the big smooth Moen faucet, with its extending hose built into the faucet itself. "Did my Mommy buy this faucet? Did she buy it at a Home Depot?" She looks over at Winter standing by the fridge, "I don't... I don't even know her. I'll probably never know her. She... she gave me away, Winter." She sniffs, "In my. In my vision, she ignored me. The vision helped me remember before. When I was with Renna, she was there. My Mommy was there! And she ignored me then, too. She never once told me who she was, Winter."

    "I woke up and didn't know I had a mommy. Now, I wish I'd never found out."
  • Winter looks down, comes over and takes your hands in hers again.

    "Maybe it was easier that way?" Winter says, looking at you with tender eyes. "I'm sure there was a reason she did that. Not in the vision, I mean. Except for the Queen... Renna...that was just a memory, right? Like a DVD or something. I mean... it was wrong that she did that, but I'm sure she loved you. If mom calls her you can ask, right?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly relaxes slightly when Winter takes her hands. She sniffs, looking down at where they connect. "I don't... I don't want to ask your mommy. I already know. Renna helped me remember. It's... it's okay." Holly swallows, trying to clear her eyes by blinking away the wetness that didn't quite become tears.

    She looks up suddenly, "Oh, I'm so selfish! I'm sorry, Winter." She squeezes her hands. "You must feel weird, too, right? Does it feel different? Knowing why the world is so odd? Why it's so hard to understand people, to fit in?"

    Holly steps closer, releasing Winter to slip her hands around her girlfriend's waist. "It's more selfish, but I'm glad you're Wishborn, too. I like thinking about wishing for you." She closes her eyes, squeezes them together to mimic making a wish, then opens them with mock surprise, smiling wide at her.
  • Winter looks a little distressed when you say you aren't going to have her mom scry for yours, then her eyes soften again when you try to comfort her.

    When your arms go about her waist hers drift up to your shoulders, since she is a tad taller. She can't help but crack and grin let out a little giggle when you do the "wish."

    "I think you did wish for me. And I wished for you, even though I wasn't quite sure who I was wishing for. But..." She drifts in close, lips hovering over yours. "I am really happy my wish came true."

    And she kisses you, again. It starts warm and lingering but turns more intense, inviting... even demanding.

    When you break, after however long, she puts her forehead against yours, breathing heavily.

    "This is the first time we've really been alone all day..."

    Her eyes are hot, if a bit uncertain. Uncertain if this is the moment. Uncertain if it is if she'll be any good.
  • [Holly]

    "Uh huh." Holly agrees, but it sounds like she's not only agreeing that they're alone, and that this could be the moment. Holly kisses Winter again, hands beginning to roam over Winter's back, dipping down lower to the top of her sculpted butt. PRessing her body against Winter, Holly breaks a kiss and nips along the nape of Winter's neck.

    Once Winter relaxes into Holly's little playful attacks, the smaller girl begins urging Winter backwards, pushing her insistently towards the kitchen counter. Unless Winter resists, Holly will coax her until she can press her girlfriend against the counter, leaning against her and making soft sounds of pleasure as they kiss again, and again.

    "Do you..." Holly asks quietly between kisses, "Do you want to?"
  • That is definitely turning her on.
  • [Holly]

    Not Holly's strong suit, but here we go!
    Turning Winter On:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Holly]

    I'll spend Holly's one string on Winter to make that 6 into a 7.
  • Winter's only answer is a moan and rapid nodding as she continues kissing, her hands sliding up and down your body as she helps press you against her.

    So... are you doing this here or looking for a bedroom?
  • [Holly]

    "Let's," Holly says between kisses, her hands pulling at Winter's top. "Let's find a bedroom." She pulls back from Winter reluctantly, crooking a finger in the front pocket of Winter's jeans to pull her along. Holly will continue kissing, then walking, then kissing while walking them towards the hall towards what most seems like it would be a bedroom. She's trying to get Winter and herself at least partially undressed along the way.
  • You're the one maneuvering the two of you, Holly, as it isn't long before Winter is moving backwards so she can keep up with kissing you. You're in your bras the time you by the time you find the bedroom. I don't suppose you're much interested in looking around besides confirming that there is a nicely made bed, with ornate wooden head and foot boards, against the far wall.

    You've just backed her against the edge of it when you manage to open the front clasp on her bra. She draws back a moment almost shyly shrugging it down her shoulders She looks excited, but nervous. There's a series of tattoos on her abdomen, starting just below the hollow of her rib cage. They look intricate, like the symbols in that book. She seems shy about them too, like she doesn't show them.

    So... if you're continuing, how does it go? You're the experienced one here. With girls I mean. She's passionate but uncertain.
  • [Holly]

    "You... are so beautiful, Winter." Holly whispers soothingly. "I love you." She kisses her again, reaching back to free herself of her own bra. Holly urges Winter to lie back on the bed, then joins her, and kisses down her body, across her collarbone, her nipples, down to her taut little tummy. She traces fingers and kisses along the intricate tattoos. "Winter, when did you get these? They are so pretty. Like the book."
  • She makes appreciative sounds as you explore her skin. Her hands touching your hair and shoulders.

    She fidgits a little, uncomfortable, when you ask about the tattoos.

    Her voice is husky. "Right after I... I guess right after I... was made. Mom did them." Her brows draw together as if in remembered pain. "She has some too. A little different. I just... I just thought it was a thing people did... it was only later I found out that everyone didn't get them." You can sense that was an embarrassing and worrying incident.
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    Holly's lay between Winter's legs as she shared the embarrassment of finding out not everyone has tattoos. The corners of her mouth turn up in a delighted smile, "Oh, maybe they should." Holly begins kissing a little trail along one arc of painted skin, "Do you think," another kiss, "We could pick out some designs," another kiss, "For me?" Holly looks back up at Winter, beaming at her girlfriend.

    Resting on her elbows again, Holly pooches out her bottom lip like she's thinking about something. "I wonder. I wonder, Winter. How far," Holly begins to unbutton Winter's pants, "Do these tattoos go down?" She gently moves up so she can help Winter out of the rest of her clothes, then traces kisses to the edges of her tattoos, wherever they lead.

    "You are my precious wish, Winter." Holly says as she scoots down between Winter's legs, hastily working off the rest of her own clothing, eager to lie naked with Winter. She will eagerly dive into pleasuring Winter, using all the tricks and techniques Myrii has used on her, even some of the things she learned with Ashley, as well as Nyx. Holly is singularly devoted to making this an entirely erotic experience, to prove to Winter how much she cares for her, how special she is, and also to prove how worthwhile Holly is as her lover.

    Once she's satisfied that Winter is satisfied, she'll kiss her way up to lie on top of Winter, smiling down at her lover, a look of pride on her face, "Winter... promise me something?" She fixes her dark little eyes on her beautiful girlfriend, "Promise me that you will love me and never leave me, for as long as I am me. I will love and cherish you all the while." She waits for an answer, her eyes promising continued kissing if the promise is accepted.
  • Her eyes are hazed at first and she smiles back at you. They gain more focus as you ask your promise.

    She looks into your eyes, hers shifting slightly as she does. Then she nods. "I will. I... don't think I could stop now." She whispers. "But... I'm scared Holly. I don't... don't want you not to be you. Maybe... maybe we could get away from this place... this town. And just be happy together?"
  • [Holly]

    "We're Wishborn." Holly answers softly between kisses on Winter's face and neck. "We were made to serve the Queen. We can save her. And I love my friend Myrii, and I can save her, too." Holly smiles, "I promise to look for other ways to help Myrii, Winter. I don't want to leave you. Ever ever. But I won't run away."

    Shifting around to lie slightly to Winter's side, Holly decides to tempt her and distract her, moving a hand up to Winter's sex and gently touching her as she says, "I'll need your help, Winnie. With the queen. I'll need the whole coven, but you... most of all." She kisses her again, "I love you, Winnie. My little, precious Wish. Let's be happy together now... then let's go down there and get that thingie for the Queen."
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    Winter lets out a sigh both of want and pleasure before turning and pushing your shoulder onto the bed so you lie flat. She gives you a little uncertain smile.

    "My turn." She whispers and kisses you.

    It's maybe twenty minutes later when you're both back in the old bomb shelter behind the secret door in the creepy basement. You can feel the power radiating from that place in the wall... the safe.
    The room isn't huge. It's a bomb shelter for a family of maybe four or five. Or it was originally. It's made out of the same cinderblock you saw in the hallway and about the size of a pretty small bedroom. But that isn't the interesting part. The room is covered in marks. At first it looks like a horde of insects radiating out in a starburst pattern from the only blank spot in the middle of floor. A closer look reveals that they're glyphs of some kind. It kind of upsets your stomach and makes you dizzy to look at them. They're not more than a couple of inches long each, with what looks like a pretty precise spacing between them, call it a quarter inch.

    The glyphs cover every surface except for that circular spot in the center of the room which is maybe a foot across. Some are darker than others. Some have faded to a dull brown. You're pretty sure that they're drawn in blood. There are thousands of them. They go up the walls, up the door, across the ceiling. If you watch them they give you the illusion of movement, enough to be disorienting.

    There is a low narrow table against one wall. The surface looks to be carved with the same things. There is also what looks to be a keyed safe in one wall. It's the same age as the structure and clearly has been used.

    The energy in here is... overwhelming. Both wrong and awesome, almost exhilarating.
    What do you really want in your secret heart, Holly?
  • [Holly]

    "My mommy did this. I feel it." Holly pronounces this quietly while holding Winter's hand. She looks over the glyphs, telling her girlfriend, "She made all of these marks with her own blood. She hid the keys to unlock the queen. But, she also gave me to the queen. Was she keeping them from the queen? Or from the rest of the coven?" She squeezes Winter's hand, "I think the rest of the coven, especially Bernadette."

    She looks over at Winter, "Winnie. Are you okay with freeing the queen?" She swallows, "I have a feeling that after the queen is free, after whatever happens then, we will be free. The coven won't need us. And I want to ask the queen to help Myrii, so I can be all yours." She leans over to give Winter a peck.

    Turning back to the room, Holly says, "Wait here, Winnie. If I get stuck or hurt, pull me out, okay?" She walks slowly to the table, then opens any drawers looking for the blue "thing". If it isn't there, she'll look in the safe. Her movements are careful, but she has no idea what dangers lie within.

    Dear Diary,

    I told Winnie a little fib. I know she doesn't want to share, so I told her I would ask the queen for Myrii to be freed from me. If I'm able to get her free from Dora, of course. But that isn't really what I'll ask for. I want Myrii to be mine. Just like Winnie is mine. I want them both. In my secret heart, I love them. One for her wisdom and beauty, for her experience and her fairy wonder. The other for her desire, her truth and her, ah, understanding. I am selfish! I want them both. I want to be with them both, and for us to love each other in our own special ways.

  • Winter nods and says "yes" when you ask if she's okay with freeing the Queen. It must've been the promise of freedom. Still she looks thoroughly creeped out by the room, nervous and fidgety.

    You do not find the blue thing in the carved table. You remember it is where the box sat, the one that Teddy took, that was supposed to contain the knife. But opening a drawer does reveal an old key that looks like it will fit the lock in the wall safe.


    I'm assuming you do the obvious thing and put the key in the lock. It slides in easily, but it won't turn.
  • [Holly]

    Holly pushes on the key as hard as she can manage, grunting quietly with the effort. After a couple minutes of trying, she steps back, shoulders slumping. "Why won't it... why won't it open? Winter, I don't understand." She looks over at her friend, "I did what she told me to do. I don't understand why it isn't working."

    She looks at the sigils, the designs, the marks and runes, trying to figure out the pattern. "What does... what does it mean? What's in there?" Holly asks the questions aloud, but it doesn't seem to be Winter she's asking now. "Diary. Please Diary, show me what this all means? What should I do?"
  • [Holly]

    Assuming a gaze into the abyss feels right here. If not, ignore it.

    Gazing into the abyss
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Holly]

    I'll choose "the visions are lucid and detailed but they leave you with the Condition drained.
  • As you look around the sigils seem to crawl, like something out of the Matrix, only more slimy.

    You see the woman again, Ivy, your mother, standing in the center of the room, in the blank spot. Then you are her. The sigils are around you, moving, but they're much newer, some of them still glistening on the surfaces of the room. You're nude. You have a small shiny knife in one hand which you brings up, and, biting your lip, cut quickly across your palm.

    You hiss with pain. Tears on your cheeks. Your blood pools in your now shaking hand and you reach forward and pull the silver key from the lock of the safe with your good hand and drop it into the bloody palm, closing your fingers around it. You say words in a language you don't know, but you understand.

    "My blood guard you, until my blood release you."

    The key itself and every sigil seem to surge with power. Which hurts too. A lot.


    "Holly? Baby?"

    You blink open your eyes. Winter has you cradled in her arms, and looks scared. From her awkward position it's clear she caught you before you hit.
  • [Holly]

    "Oh..." Holly says wearily as she closes her eyes again to relax in Winter's arms for a moment. "I... I saw my momm-my mother. She put the signs here. It can only be broken with uhm, her blood." She leans into Winter as she pushes herself back up.

    Holly reaches into her clutch purse to pull out a tiny Swiss army knife, one the length of a knuckle, then opens it. First she pulls out the nail file, makes an irritated noise, puts it back. Then she pulls out the small knife blade. The whole thing is perhaps two and a half inches, probably less. She holds it in her left hand, takes a breath to steel herself, then slices it across the heel of her right hand, deep enough to draw blood.

    A hiss of pain escapes her lips and she squeezes her hand several times to get the blood welling up. She glances at Winter apologetically, "Magic is kinda messy," and shrugs. Once she has enough blood to wipe it up against her palm with the tips of her fingers, she reaches for the key again. And turns.
  • You can feel the pressure of the entire room release, like letting air out of a balloon. The key turns with a tiny click and the room feels suddenly more empty, except for the locus of power in the compartment in front of you. You can feel that much more clearly now, as if... unscrambled, and the energy is radiating off of it in waves. Both magic and darkness. The darkness you felt before.

    Inside the little metal compartment behind the safe door, you find a little velvet bag. Inside that is a little sphere that looks for all the world like a large marble. It matches the one in your vision if you had any doubts, which you don't, of course. You hold power in the palm of your hand now. True power. If you found out what it wants, gave it part of yourself, then you, Holly could have many things. Winter and Myrii both? No problem.

    Winter's breathing is shallow and her eyes are wide as she looks at the little sphere cupped in your hands.

    What do you do?
  • [Holly]

    Holly holds it in her hands, which are cupped so that the blue marble can easily be seen. She turns around to show it to Winter, whispering, "Look, Winnie. It's so beautiful. Do you... want to touch it?" She'll let Winter touch it, even hold it if she dares. Still gaping at the powerful object, she says, "All we need now is the dagger. We can free the queen. Then... we are free, too."

    After Winter holds, or doesn't hold, the marble, Holly is eager to leave. "Let's go, my little Wish. Let's go to my house, and see if Dora is gone. Maybe we can find the dagger tonight."
  • --End Scene--
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