[Scarlet] Sunless Citadel (Chapter Two)



  • The goblins lie dead at your feet. Two Kobolds are busy cutting off thumbs and filching their pockets, grabbing weapons. They are probably going to run off towards home unless you say something. The hobgoblins have moved back quickly, probably heading towards the main chamber.

    You're done with the first wave, but there's more.

    What do you do?
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    I tend to the arrow in my shoulder.
    Then to the kobolds, "We're Meepo's friends, yes? We recovered the dragon. Tell your Queen she can be rid of the goblins if she'll send fighters to help. Go quickly. If she sends help, we'll share any treasure the goblins have."

    I finish with my shoulder and wipe my blade on the shift of a dead goblin.
    "General Hu advised to press a rout. I think this qualifies. On the other hand Imperial Strategist Shining Phoenix teaches to follow an enemy's retreat with care. The closer you get to their castle, the harder they fight."

    Then I remember the captive.

    "Hey! Master Halfling, let's see if we can get you out of there!"

    I examine the cage and attempt to bend the bars.
  • Laughing Crane, why don't you give me a check at an average diff (9) to convince the Kobolds to return with support? Use Charisma as your stat modifier.

    The Halfling says quietly, "I am Erky. Any help will be repaid in kind, my friend." He's in pretty rough shape, underfed, worn thin. But he hasn't been beaten or tortured, just mistreated.

    You'll need to roll a strength check on the Halfling's cage at diff 11
  • Strength Check
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
  • Convincing the Kobolds
    Cha mod +1
    Trait, A Face you can trust 2
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+3 )
  • "Erky...grunt...I was hoping...grunt...to get you out of there...grunt, but we'll have to wait for the key. I apologize."
  • The kobolds rush off, promising to return with reinforcements. Of course, that might take several minutes.

    Erky sighs sadly. "Tisn't my lucky day, it seems. As I told your ally, there is a female hobgoblin with a key round her neck. Please free me."
  • I reach through the bars and gently grip Erky's shoulder. "Be strong," I say soothingly. "We will be back with the key momentarily."

    As Laughing Crane finishes his attempt to free the halfling I ask urgently, "We do as the general would do, right? We give chase, no?"
  • I smile broadly at Ba.
    "Oh yes. Yes we do."

    I am ready to press the attack. Hopefully the kobolds will catch up. I check my buckler straps ands shake out my arms.

    "Let us go on and win glory for ourselves!"
  • Ba, Erky nods, then slumps back down in his cage, "May the gods of fortune bless you both."

    You both move over the half wall, and since the west door is the first in your field of vision, you take a look through that portal first. You see the long chamber with columns like the kobold's chamber. It's lit by torches, but there are gaps of darkness throughout. A hobgoblin with a bow is standing forty feet back taking careful aim. He's waiting for you to move into the chamber before he takes a shot. You spot a female hobgoblin along the south wall with three smaller goblins. They're all standing in front of a door - the prison door.

    You catch movement up in the trophy room, the place where you found the wyrmling, so there must be a few monsters in there waiting in case you take the north door.

    What do you do?
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    Here's a little map of what you see.
  • I crouch low and whisper to Ba, "What if we take the long way around? Take out the flankers in the trophy room."

    [What is in the barrels and crates again? Wasn't some of it lamp oil?]
  • Room 38:
    The north and south walls of this chamber are stacked halfway to the ceiling with ill-made barrels, boxes, and crates. A clear path allows easy access between the west and east doors.

    This chamber is used to store brackish water, putrid jerky, and three barrels of what, written in goblin, is "elf pudding". Also, you're able to find five pints of oil.
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    Crouched low against the doorway I eye the hobgoblins in the hall. I listen to Laughing Crane and gently massage the still tender arm where one of those arrows pierced me.

    "I do not like having them come from behind in a fight." I rummage through my pack looking for something useful.

    "Do any generals give advice when fighting on two fronts?" I empty out a few iron spikes.

    "Maybe we can prevent them from using this door. We could crack open those barrels of water and then use the oil to make this room impassable."
  • [To be clear, your proposing we make Room 38 unpassable, then attacking by flanking through Room 35 and to Room 37]

    "Well, in this case, I'd say the first priority is to limit our vulnerability; fight on one front instead of two."
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    [yes, exactly so! Though more out of fear than any real tactical knowledge.]

    I start to work on one of the barrels. I tip it on its side and work to pry out the bung.
  • Ba, you tip over a barrel, and get to work on messing up the room. The hobgoblin in the long chamber fires off a couple shots to try and scare you, but he can't get a good bead on you.

    He starts yelling in a guttural language at his cohorts, and information seems to be relayed back to the female. You hear some movement to the north, they're moving around over there.

    But they seem reluctant to come screaming in like the last two waves. You make 38 a big mess, and they haven't done anything other than move around and chatter a bit.

    What do you do?
  • 1. Are the doorways between 35/37 open?
    2. Is the oil is in individual containers or one big 5 pint container?
    3. Do we know what's in 36?
  • 1. There are three goblins and two hobgoblins in 37, guarding the door.
    2. The oil is in one barrel.
    3. You got a glimpse of 36. It was a barracks for the goblin raiders that you killed while escaping with the wyrmling.
    The stench, garbage, rotted carrion, and half-eaten legs of strange animals speak of the years of use by unsanitary tenants. Tattered hides form six unstable hammocks around a much-used fire pit. Battered cooking equipment lies mixed indiscriminately with broken or worn arms and armor.
  • "Should we spill out most of the oil into this room and then roll the rest out to the room beyond?"

    I am setting to work on the barrel with the oil in it.
  • The barrel can cover room 38, but really getting another room covered doesn't seem likely.

    Once you're done, what do you want to do?
  • "Let's make a grenado out of it!"

    [Can we effectively block room 38 without using the oil?]
  • I don't see how you could do that, block room 38. These guys are watching you. They are hesitant to move up over oil and into an enclosed space, but they could open the doors if you closed them.

    The oil sounds like a neat tactic, but is that really how a hero defeats a bunch of enemies, Laughing Crane?
  • That's how a hero evens the odds. These are vile monsters, not honorable foes.

    A look of frustration crosses my eyes briefly. Followed by determination.
    "Alright, cao. Light it up and close the door. Then we'll head to the trophy room."
  • Ba Jiao, you light the oil, and it quickly catches. The hobgoblins watch as you destroy their supplies. They watch, and wait. They're filled with hate, and they're going to take it out on the two of you.

    You head up to room 35, poke your head in, and the hobgoblin archer who was waiting lets his arrow fly. It misses you just barely, Laughing Crane. He growls, and nocks another arrow quickly.

    Here's an updated map.
  • I rush the goblins, trying to keep at least on of them between me and a hobgoblin archer.

    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
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    Unfortunately I pay more attention to the archers than the goblins and they easily evade my attacks. One with half a door as a shield blocks my initial sword stroke while the one next to him with garish facepaint (make-up? is that his wife?) grabs my arm when I try to swing a buckler punch at her.
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    As we turn the corner and the arrow whizzes past us, I let out a yell.

    I am terrified but I find that laughing Crane's determination steels my nerves. I follow him and wade into the group of goblins, hook sword in one hand and punch dagger in the other, intent on cutting a swath through them to get to the hobgoblins at the end of the hall.
  • Attack
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )

    Damage (if needed):
    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • The goblins rush Laughing Crane and try to overpower him. They are so focused on him that they don't realize that I am stalking his shadow.

    I sidestep around Broken-Door and plunge my sword deep into the soft flesh under his ribs. I drop low pulling him down to the ground then slice my sword free. The back swing of my slice cuts deep into FacePaint's calf. One of his hands squeezes intently on Laughing Crane's arm. The other spasms and drops the broken hatchet he had been swinging at my friend's head.

    I continue my motion and come up against the last of the three goblins. He had been charging at Laughing Crane but as I step around him, as if out of no where. Face to face. Mere inches apart. I can smell his rancid warm breath on my face. I plunge my punch dagger into his throat. I see his eyes bulge in disbelief and can hear the gurgling sound as he tries to breath for a second before falling to the ground gripping his throat.
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