[Scarlet] Sunless Citadel (Chapter Two)



  • A goblin with a one-horn rusted helmet charges at me. I sidestep and swing. The goblin's axe catches my off hand sword swing just as the one in my right hand glances up off his shield into his face. The blade cuts deep into his eye socket and nose. The force of the swing knocks his head back and his feet out from under him.

    Meanwhile the kobolds near me swarm on the last goblin to enter this room. They drag him down, their knives furiously jabbing. A horrible scream from the bottom of the scrum signals his death.
  • First off, let's see how the goblin's fared against the kobolds:
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )

    The lone Hobgoblin archer who has a shot:
    Hobgoblin 2 attack (vs. LC AC , +2 for attack bonus)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+7 )

    Arrow Damage (if needed):
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • The goblins are overwhelmed by your concerted attack, and while one of the prisoner kobolds loses a finger from a poor block of a sword strike, NONE of them fall.

    The archer hits you, Laughing Crane. It lets an arrow fly that grazes your right shoulder (1 HP damage).

    Now, with the door open, all three hobgoblins have a line of sight at you. Also, the Kobolds now have only 1d6 for their Fray Die and they will need to swarm one foe. Whoever goes first can command who they attack.

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    Shizo! It looked as though that ugly hobgobliness is a wu jen! I glance back to the corpse of the bugbear and then over to my friend.

    "Laughing Crane, I really wish we had more of an upper hand here," I bemoan. Instead I again find myself running headfirst into trouble! It worked against their bows last time, I pray it will work again. I inch close to the door and ready myself to dash at the female. Maybe I can prevent her from successfully casting a spell.

    I whisper to the pack of kobolds instructing them to take out the eastern most hobgoblin. Pointing through the wall to ensure they know their target.

    I gather my courage and then charge. "Now we are the months!"
  • Charging the Female Hobgoblin
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    Kobold Fray vs HB2
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • I wince in pain and clap my left hand to my shoulder.
    "Yi Da Dwei Bun Chou Roh."

    I charge in after Ba Liao. Going for Hobgoblin1.
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
  • My charge surprises the hobgoblin and all she can do is hold up her bow in defense. My sword cleaves the bow and digs deep into her torso. I jump and kick against her to free the blade.
  • Alright, first we have the Hobgoblin vs. Kobold Fray die:
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • Bow hobgoblin 2 fires an arrow into the neck of one of the kobolds you saw guarding Yusdrayl. It falls with a single whimper.

    The hobgoblin (bow hobgob 1) sees the little pack of kobolds heading for the female hobgoblin and fires a quick arrow, catching one of the freed prisoner kobolds in the ribs. The arrow passes through the poor sod's innards and pokes out the other side. A strangled gasp escapes as it falls to the ground.

    The female Hobgoblin fends off the Kobolds and says several words of power. Suddenly, a yellow cloud of smoke pours out of her fanged mouth.
  • Female Hobgoblin smokey spell:
    #DiceRoller( 2d4 )
  • Meepo and two other kobolds fall to their knees, choking from the quickly spreading cloud, leaving only one lone Kobold remaining. She was a guard for Yusdrayl, too. Alone against a larger foe, she raises her little sword to point at the female hobgoblin and hisses a challenge.

    (there is no more Kobold or Hobgoblin Fray die)

    Updated map:
  • "Time to finish this!"

    Attack magical hobgoblin
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
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    I take a breath and hold it. Then I execute the Jungle Viper strike. I weave and faint, and with a quick straight thrust I slip my blade between her ribs. I close and bash her with my buckler, trying to keep her from casting any more magic. I nearly jump back when blood bubbles from between her lips, then she falls back and slides, dead, off my sword.

    I look around frantically, still in the grip of the red haze.

    "Is that it? IS THAT IT! HA HA!"

    Slowly I work to calm myself.

    I take a deep breathe and bow to the corpse of the hobgoblin mage.
  • That appears to be it.

    The hall is quiet, only the soft sounds of the dying goblins and kobolds. The last female kobold immediately checks on her comrades, shaking them and speaking to them in their language of yips and growls. Meepo is the first to wake.

    You've got time to check over the hobgoblin bodies. I assume you get the key around the female hobgoblin's neck.
  • After catching my breath, I will check the bodies (along with Ba Jiao I assume).

    Then I want to look for the captives.
  • On the female hobgoblin, you find a set of three scrolls as well as the key mentioned by Erky.

    The archer who shot Ba wore some kind of scale mail, could definitely fetch some coin in town.

    Also, at the end of the chamber was the small throne, like Yusdrayl's. By it is a small iron chest that's locked.

    Ba, maybe you missed this?
    DMThe bugbear's corpse has a signet ring for a merchant house from your land, Ba Jiao. What house is it?
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    The hobgoblin threat is defeated! I lean against a column for a minute to catch my breath. My next action is to wipe my blades clean and then search over our foes.

    Can I read any of the writing on the scrolls? Also, I didn't have much of a chance to get a good look at the signet ring previously. Now I can take a moment to look over it. I recognize that it of House Hua. I recognized the family's crest - a garuda said to represent the swift movement of goods.


    "Let's see if the children are in the room south of here. We can set Erky free when we pass back that way."

    We'll pick up the small iron chest on the way to the door where Yusdrayl suggested the noble scions might be.

    First, is the door in the south west corner locked? Does the key from the hobgoblin fit this door?
  • Ba, you cannot read the scrolls, at least you cannot comprehend them. They are magical, and you think you might be able to use them. Tricky though, it could misfire.

    Are you two doing anything about that chest? The key you have won't open it, not even close to the right size.

    The door to the southwest is locked, and yes, the key from the female hobgoblin does open the door. It opens with a loud metallic creak, and inside is the smell of offal, sweat and rot. It's very strong.

    The room inside looks quite like the one where Erky still waits. There are shackles in here, attached to a long chain that loops through an ancient metal rod that runs from the floor to the ceiling. There is one dead body in here, dead for a couple weeks, most likely. Two living humans in here, worn and sick, but still alive. One has her mother's features, and if she cleaned off and was fed, she would be quite beautiful. It's Jiaohua. The other one is chained beside her, and moves in front of her at first, a weak expression of protection. The top of his head was shaved when he arrived, some kind of monk perhaps. Now, hair has grown to fuzz.

    This is how they appeared before arriving here:
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    Is the chest small enough to fit in a large sack, backpack, otherwise carried?

    I slowly and gently approach the children. "It's okay, friends. Lady Hu Yipin sent us for you. We will take you home." I place a hand on the monk's shoulder in a comforting grip. "let's set you songbirds free, yes?"

    I pull my lockpick tools from my satchel and set to unlocking the shackles.
  • I give them water and rations if they want.

    "Lady Hu said there were friends that came with you," I'm speaking to the young lady as I am not certain of the man's identity. "Is that one of them?" I point to the corpse. "Was one of them a halfling?"
  • The chest is the size of a footlocker, made of iron. Two people can carry it, but you cannot put it in a backpack unfortunately.

    Once you approach them softly, the monk relaxes slightly. Ba, you can work off the manacles with your tools, no problem. I assume you give them some water. The girl says quietly , "Mother sent you?" She collects herself, looks sadly at the corpse, "That was Jianmin... he died in his sleep. They would not take the body out.

    "I am Situ," the monk says softly. "We did not come with a halfling. Luli died when we fought a horde of giant rats."

    Jiaohua asks, "Why did mother not send the ransom sooner? My brother died waiting..."
  • I deliberately ignore her question.

    "Lady Jiaohua, brother Situ. Are you fit to leave? We have only cleared out the path here and I don't want to wait and find out what lies deeper to fill the vacancy."

    I look about for a blanket or something to wrap Jianmin's body in.

    Quietly I say "Ba Jiao, can you open the chest? I don't think we can carry the whole thing and Master Jianmin."
  • Situ nods curtly once, "We will make it, brother."

    Ba, if you wish to open that chest, it's a difficulty of 11 to do so.
  • I'll examine the chest. If no signs of a trap, I'll work the lock

    Pick the Lock
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
  • Ba, the chest was not trapped, the lock was pretty good. It contains 231 gp, two 30-gp onyx gems, antitoxin (2 doses), an arcane scroll (of knock), and a potion (of cat's grace).

    OOC: I'll let you guys track things as they are from now on. No need to keep stuff secret and confuse things. I trust you guys.
  • Were we able to find a blanket or makeshift such a device to enshroud wrap Jianmin's body in?

    If so, we should be able to work our way back out of this ruin now. If Laughing Crane is hesitant to touch the corpse, I have no such compunction. When I was a priest I presided over several funerals and after I left the holy order I encountered more than a few corpses while plundering tombs.

    While retracing our way out we can free Erky, too, right?
  • Yes, you're able to find several blankets and bedrolls among the equipment on the hobgoblins and where they've slept.

    You're able to free Erky, he's thankful, offers to carry anything, picks up a goblin sword "for personal protection". The Kobolds give you no trouble, they're busy celebrating their "victory" over the goblins, and are looting the place for whatever you didn't take.

    Anything you're doing on the way back to town? Any conversations with the sister? Each other? Erky?
  • As a bit of epilogue to this adventure I suggest:

    Ba is very elated to have survived the fights. It'll take several days for his smile to fade. However, he understands that things are not so celebratory for Jiaohua. Special attention will be given to raise her spirits.

    I like the idea of our horses still being tied up at the top of the ravine. We'd have Jiaohua ride one of the horses and build a makeshift travois to carry Jianmin'. On the road Ba will inquire with Erky how he came to be in the Sunless Citadel and what his future plans are.
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    Yes, your horses are single donkey is still there. A travois for Jianmin is easy enough to construct. Turns out Erky is very good at making things out of wood, says his father is a carpenter. Also, he's a cleric, so he heals all of you once you free him.

    Jiaohua isn't weepy. Evidently she had ample time to make her peace with the loss of her brother. If anything, she seems angry. Not hostile towards the two of you, she is polite and thankful. But that unanswered question about the ransom seems to haunt her. Brother Situ is weak, and ends up riding with Jiaohua at her insistence. He is a very calm and quiet young man. Oh, and he shaves his head the same night after you climb out of the citadel.

    Erky's story: "A year past, I was on my way to seek my fortune and took the Old Road shortcut. My bad luck that the goblin bandits caught me; I've been here ever since. My curing spells have kept me healthy; otherwise I'm sure I'd be dead from starvation and abuse."

    Anything else before you meet with Jiaohua's mother? Oh, and how are you setting that up?
  • And by horses you mean a single donkey.

    I would think we'd simply escort Jiaohua home. Laughing Crane kind of expects there not to be any complications. I believe the expected payment is 250 gold coins each.

    Along the road I'll ask, "What became of Luli Gongsun? Your mother mentioned she was a friend of your brother's."
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