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You and Winter returned to your home and began the search. Was there any delay in that beginning? Winter sort of hints towards it, but you can put her off easily enough, should you wish to.

You search the place top to bottom, as much as you can. I assume you're being careful in Teddy's room? It's so disorganized anyway, it might not matter much. In any case you've pretty much lost hope that the knife is here.

You're still looking a few places. In fact where are you? There is a sudden rapid knock on the front door and someone calling your name.

When you go to answer it you find Riley there, her arm around a tearful Ashley who has her right hand cradled against her chest with a sweatshirt wrapped around it.

"I came to find out what was happening. She... she was sitting on the step."


  • [Holly]

    Yes, there were delays. Giddy with the blue marble and the hope of saving the queen where nobody else could, Holly is easily swayed to take a detour to her room with Winter. After some necking and petting and the like, Holly will urge that they look for the knife while nobody is home.

    The knock at the door interrupts Holly seventh sigh of frustration. She checks herself in a mirror quickly before answering the door. When she sees Ashley and Riley outside, Holly's eyes widen, "What? What's wrong?" She steps aside, motioning them in, "Come in. Please come in, it's cold outside." She watches Ashley with worry, trying to see her right hand, understand what is happening. She'll lead them to the couch after closing the door, and sit down beside them, pulling Winter over to sit on her lap.
  • Ashley sits, curling forward, still sniffing. Riley sits beside her and reaches around and gently pulls Ashley's hand away from her chest. Ash whimpers a little when she does.

    "Talked to dad..." Ashley says "... he won't change his mind. Says he... l-loves Peggy. Saw Mom after. She just... went nuts. She... she..." She chokes on a sob.

    Riley unwraps the sweatshirt. It's clear pretty quickly that it has been soaking blood. When her trembling hand is uncovered, it's covered with blood. There's a long cut across the heel.

    "Shit." Riley hisses, looks at you. "First aid?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods, happy she's closed her own hand to hide the band-aids over her cut. "Winnie, can you get Riley and Ash some water? Glasses are in the cabinet to the right of the sink." She heads into the bathroom to get the first aid kit, which is an impressive one - Holly insisted. She brings it back to open up on the coffee table, sitting on the table and looking to Ashley.

    "Ashley... please let me see your hand. I want to help you." She will wait for Ashley, not pull at her hand. "Were you waiting for Dora?" Her tone isn't accusatory, trying to calmly pull Ashley into conversation.
  • Ashley hesitates then holds out her hand to you. The cut is moderately deep. It probably should be stitched or it will scar. You're pretty widely read, right? You're sure this is a defensive wound. She was trying to block something sharp.

    When you ask her about waiting.

    "I... I don't know. I didn't know where else to go after... I thought maybe... maybe I would try to and talk to Peggy. But... I don't know."
  • [Holly]

    The realization that Ashley's mother attacked her shocks Holly. She'd thought, perhaps, that Ashley was so distraught she attempted suicide. The very thing Holly may be committing by helping free the Queen. When she finally has something she craves, a lover who is dedicated to her, a home, a loving family.

    "I am glad you are here, Ashley." Holly says as she tries to recover her composure. "It will be alright. You are a good friend, and I love you." She gently bends her head down to kiss near the wound, then quickly cleans and dresses it.
  • Ashely smiles shakily at the gesture, then watches you tend the wound, biting her lip and scrunching her eyes during the painful parts. She's looking at her bandaged hand afterwards.

    "She's lost it, Holly. She... she was screaming things that don't make sense when she came after me. She...she hates me." Her tears start running again. "She said I was... wasn't a person. That I was just a... a thing That I wasn't really her daughter..." She shakes her head. "She was so angry. She was saying this was the Queen's fault... or some witches or something. Me, Brian. Crazy talk."

    Winter and Riley look at each other, then look at you, the question on their faces.
  • [Holly]

    "Ashley..." Holly says quietly as she holds her friend's hand. "You are a wonderful person. You are smart, thoughtful, considerate. You have been my friend when I didn't have any, and stuck with me when I was stupid. You're as good a person as any I've me. What your.... your mommy said was not nice. You are special. Very special."

    Holly is going to try to use Make Others Feel Beautiful.
  • [Holly]

    Make Others Feel Beautiful
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Holly]

    Spending a string to bump that to a 8. Holly wants Ashley to believe in her, trust her when she tells her she's special, forget the mean things her mother said. And to open herself to the truth Holly's about to share.
  • [Holly]

    "She said mean things, and she isn't very nice to you." Holly continues, glancing up at Riley and Winter. "But she wasn't lying about some of it.: Holly takes a breath, holding Ashley's eyes to her own. "Your mommy, like Winter and Riley's mommy... and even my mommy. They are witches. They created us special. We're magic, Ashley. That's why it's so hard to fit in with. With, uhm, with people. We're Wishborn." She looks to Riley and Winter, hoping they will back her up.

    "Winnie, get the book, we need to show her." Holly smiles up at Winter. When she brings back the book, Holly flips to the picture of Ashley's mother, "See? There's your mommy. There's Winnie's. Riley's..." her finger hovers over Ivy, "And mine."
  • The bleak look stays on her face as you try to tell her how special she is. Then you come out with the truth about her creation and she looks up, staring. Riley and Winter murmur their agreement with you, and Winter gets the book when you ask.

    Ashley stares at the photo for a long moment, her hand floating near the face of her mom.

    "Wishborn?" She asks in a rough voice. "What... what does that mean?"

    Riley glances at you. "Um... well our mom's were cursed to not have children so, they made us. Um... with magic."

    Winter agrees. "I... um... started, I guess... when I was 8. No memories before that. All of us... we weren't ever babies. Don't you have something like that?"

    Ashley looks stricken, but nods "Yeah. I... I just never thought about it." She looks at her bandaged hand. "I knew it. Somehow... I knew it. She was right. I'm not... real." She nods to herself. "It makes sense."

    She looks up at you Holly.

    "Does Teddy know? About you?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly smiles softly as her Wishborn sisters help Ashley, watches Ashley quietly as she pieces things together. Her brows crease slightly when Ashley says she isn't real, but she gives Ashley a moment longer to talk through her feelings at this sudden revelation. Her heart goes out to her Wishborn sister, torn by her conflict with her "mother".

    In answer to her question about Dora, Holly nods a couple short nods, "Yes. She knows. And she loves me all the same. She still loves you, too, Ashley, and will no matter how you came to be. And... Ashley, you're real. We're all real." She reaches for Ashley's uninjured hand, "You're part of a special family, Ashley. I love you, and so do we all."
  • A shadow passes over her already pale face when you say that Teddy knows about you. When you hold her hand and affirm that she's real and you care about her, she smiles weakly, murmuring "thanks" but it doesn't hit her eyes at all. Winter supports you, putting a hand on Ashley's shoulder, but Riley is a little less enthusiastic. I mean, she's hated Ashley for years. But she tries to be a sport, for you.

    Ashley stays more or less distant, wrapped in her own thoughts. Riley looks at you. "So... what's going on? Did you two..." she indicates Winter. "you know?"
  • [Holly]

    For a long moment, Holly watches Ashley, wanting desperately to "unlock" her from her thoughts, help her understand or cope. Before answering Riley, she squeezes Ashley's hand and says, "It's going to be alright, Ashley. I'm your best good friend, and you are special. Your mommy wished for you, and you're the hardest working, most loyal friend I've ever had. Dora loves you, no matter how you came to be. I was so happy when I found out you were Wishborn, too."

    To Riley's question, Holly gives her a shy smile, looking down at the floor. After a moment, her eyes wander to Winter, working from the floor up to her adorable face. "Uhm... yes. We did. It was... pretty good." She grins, "We need practice... and stuff." Holly huffs a single laugh, givie Winter a look that she very much wants practicing with her.
  • Ashley nods again but she's far away.

    When you answer Riley, Winter blushes and looks away with a little smile.

    Riley rolls her eyes and huffs.

    "Woah. TMI. Not what I meant. Hello? Keys? The Queen? What's the deal?"

    That seems to catch Ashley's attention, her eyes focus on you again.
  • [Holly]

    Holly's eyes widen in sudden embarrassment, "Hee hee, uhm, whoops. Sorry, Riley. I didn't... uhm," she looks to Winter, glances at Ashley. "I didn't mean to be weird." She clears her throat, looks away for a moment. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out the blue marble, "We got the first key. The second is... well, it was here. I guess Dora moved it. Or, uhm, she hid it somewhere. We need to find it."
  • Ashely's eyes, which were fixed on the marble, snap to you again when you mention Teddy.

    They all bend to look at the blue marble. You can feel the hum of it's power pulse through the room.

    Ashely speaks up, almost short of breath.

    "What... what is that? What's going on... How is Teddy involved?
  • [Holly]

    Holly gently takes Ashley's uninjured hand, and slowly rolls the marble into it. She's the first person Holly has shared the marble with anyone. "This ball of energy is one half of the key to free a very powerful fairy. She's the Queen who gave our mommies the ability to bring us to life. She's being held prisoner, and the marble and the dagger are all we need to make things right." She closes Ashley's fingers over the marble, looking into her friend's eyes, "Dora took the dagger from a very evil woman. She doesn't know it will free our Queen."
  • Shadows flick across Ashley's face again. Her brows draw together as she looks at the marble in her hand. "She didn't tell me." She whispers.

    "Woah." Riley says. "Wait... you're gonna free her? Don' t you remember what my mom said. She's nuts! We don't have any idea what will happen if we free her."

    Winter nods. "Shouldn't we ask... you know, our moms?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly stands up from the couch, moving closer to Riley. "Yes. We should free her, Riley. Your... your mom is wrong. I spoke with her! When Winnie and went to the house to get the marble," Holly looks back down to Ashley holding the object of power, "I had a vision. I was so close to her. Do you remember Renna? Renna was one of the Queen's vessels. But she couldn't stay inside Renna forever."

    A soft touch to Riley's shoulder, "Your mommy is very nice. But she's afraid of the very one who let her even exist. That's why we're here. We were made for something. We are a coven of Wishborn, and we serve the Queen." Holly's hand tightens on Riley's shoulder, she fixes her with a look of hope. "Our moms have... well, they've sat on their asses our whole lives, arguing about this. Hiding the truth from each of us. Lying to us about who we really are. But the Queen knows us all, and she loves us. She wants to be free."
  • Riley frowns and stands up facing you. Ashley looks up, looking between you two.

    "Or maybe she's just using you... trying to use us to get free. Fairies.... fairies are dangerous." Riley says.
  • [Holly]

    "She's not Nyx, Riley." Holly says, a bit more sharply than she intended. "We sort of, you know, owe her some allegiance since she helped bring us to life." She sighs, looking back at Winter and Ashley. "Ashley, can you help us get the dagger from Dora? Once we have both pieces, we can figure out what to do. Together. Okay?"
  • Ashley is still looking at the marble. She looks up, eyes still remote.

    "Renna? Your sister? The one who... who died..."

    Riley takes not of that, then steps in closer, looking angry and stubborn.

    "Nyx is still only half, and he was bad enough. Look at what he dragged Hayden into! Why did she have that stupid gun? And what about that other one, what did you call her... Myrii? The one that tried to kill me last night?"

    Ashley's eyes lock on Riley as she continues.

    "After that, I don't know how you can just go trusting something that appears in a 'vison' as your dead sister! I mean, hello, blatant emotional manipulation. We don't owe her shit! None of us chose this. And on top of being a Fairy... bad enough... she might be crazy."
  • [Holly]

    To Ashley, Holly nods, a touch of sadness in her eyes. Riley grabs her attention with her anger, and Holly's mouth tightens. She listens to Riley, willing herself to avoid being defensive. "Nyx was..." Holly blurts out, her face creasing with worry. She looks to each girl in turn, finally on Winter. "Nyx didn't want to hurt his brother. That's silly, Riley. Nyx isn't bad.... he's just, uhm, flighty."

    Holly moves on to speak of the Queen, "I don't think it's fair to ask Winnie or Ashley to make a decision without any, uhm, any idea who The Queen is." She takes her hand off Riley's shoulder, "I don't know who we can trust to learn more about her, either." She walks over to the book, which was lying near Winter, sits down to pick it up. Her hand brushes Winter's thigh lightly, and she starts trying to read the book. "This might be the only truth we get. We have to... do the right thing."
  • "It's the Coven's book." Riley says, skeptically. "I mean, I've read some of it. Of course I thought a lot of it was just... stories. I mean... supposedly the whole reason she's trapped is that she started an affair with some human that the Fairy King had claimed. They fought over it, and she lost. And the coven was cursed for helping her, or trying too. But it doesn't make a damn bit of difference if she's right or wrong back then, if she's gonna be dangerous."

    Riley leans over and leafs through a few pages, stopping on one. One of the pages has a faded drawing on it. "That's the girl they were fighting over."

    I'm sure you see it, Holly. I mean... cut the hair, make her younger. slightly different eyes. But it's Ashley who breathes it out. "She looks like Teddy."
  • [Holly]

    "Oh." Holly breathes the single syllable quietly. Everything is coming into focus now.

    "What if..." Holly asks quietly, "What if all of this is part of someone's plan?" She looks to each of them. "Everything seems to trip on top of each other. How we all have met, some of us are lovers, others friends. No intervention from our mothers." She swallows, shocked by the enormity of it all, "What if we're all, uhm, playing from the same script?" She looks to Riley, "We should, uhm, talk to your mommy."
  • --End Scene--
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