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You four girls are back at Riley's small house about fifteen minutes later and you find Bernadette in the kitchen. She turns as you come in, one of her hands coming to her lips as she sees Ashley with you. There's a glass on the butcherblock counter top and the slight scent of some kind of liquor in the air, as well as baking cookies.

"What did you girls find out?" You can tell this whole thing still has her pretty rattled.


  • [Holly]

    Holly doesn't mention or look at the liquor glass, but the smell of cookies does give her a slight thrill. Cookies have a kind of sacred meaning to Holly. She has always read of them as things made by mommies for their families, signs and tokens of affection and love. It brings a pang to her heart to think of Ivy - her mother. Her mother who gave her away to a possibly mad fairy queen. as she stands there in front of Bernadette, surrounded by her Wishborn sisters, Holly squeezes Winter's hand for support and comfort. "We found the marble of... uhm, the marble of power. The blue one. We only need the dagger, if we wish to free the queen."

    For a long moment, Holly watches Bernadette, trying to gauge her reaction, "How do we... know the queen is dangerous?"
  • Bernadette looks around at the lot of you, rather nervously.

    "How?..." She sighs. The timer on the stove beeps and she waves at the table. "Sit, girls, please." She fetches the cookies from the oven. The counter protrudes in an "L" right near the kitchen table, so she talks as she carefully scoops the cookies onto a large colorful plate.

    "Communication was never easy at the best of times. But it deteriorated. For those of us who tried to commune with her near the end... it, it was a nightmare." She shudders. "Terrible visions of... just... terrible things. Destruction. Death. And on top of those images were many others, but so garbled they didn't make sense they were just... frightening. We discussed it and... well we decided she had gone mad from her imprisonment, and we... we could not risk setting her loose again."

    She sets the plate of warm, fragrant cookies in the middle of the table.
  • [Holly]

    All conversation ceases for a moment as Holly eyes the cookies. She picks one up, then spends a moment moving it from hand to hand because it's too hot. She bites off a chunk of it, then chews with her mouth burning. She takes a glass of mil and gulps it down until her tongue works again, then quietly nibbles on the cookie as she answers, "I communed with her today, Bernadette. She led me to the marble." Holly pulls the blue orb from her pocket to show to her. Holly does not hand it to her, however.
  • The other girls, too, take their seats and have at the cookies.

    When you pull out the marble, Bernadette gasps, flinching backward, one hand coming up protectively over her chest.

    "Excellent work, child." A smooth, low voice comes from behind you. Isobel is standing there in the kitchen archway, smiling warmly at you. A gleam in her eye.
  • [Holly]

    Holly holds the marble out for a moment longer, then turns to Isobel, smiling sweetly, "Thank you very much." She closes her hand over the marble, then pantomimes putting it in a pocket, but keeps it in her hand, rolling it lightly along her thigh as she continues munching, "What were you communes with the Queen like, Isobel? When did you last speak with her?"
  • Isobel's eyes track the marble as you pantomime putting it in your pocket, then shift up to your face as she moves more fully into the room. Bernadette won't look directly at her. There is an air of tension in the room.

    "I last spoke with her before your mother was made her keeper. And Bernadette is right, it was difficult and disturbing. Ivy forbid contact after that, going so far as to conceal her location, claiming contact was too dangerous."

    There's an undercurrent of anger in the pleasant voice.

    "But now we have recovered at least part of the solution." She holds out her hand. "May I see it, Holly?"
  • [Holly]

    "The, uhh..." Holly fidgets slightly, looking down, away from Isobel. "The Queen led me to it. She asked me to keep it." Holly munches on the last of her cookie. "The Queen said the next generation should free her..." Holly looks at Summer, Ashley and Riley. "She wants our help."
  • Isobel's smile fixes a bit, but she steps forward, resting her outstretched hand on your shoulder.

    "Of course she does. And it's time she is helped. But we need the other pieces as well. The Athame, and the Chalice."
  • [Holly]

    Holly forces herself not to flinch when Isobel touches her. She looks up to her, eyes surprised, "The... Athame is the, uhm, the dagger, right? But what, uhm. What is the chalice?" She looks at Isobel uncertainly, then to Bernadette for a flicker of a moment.
  • Bernadette watches Isobel warily, as if afraid of her.

    Isobel's eyes flicker dark. Her hand stays where it is, lightly on your shoulder. Her lips twitch up just slightly.

    "It is the body our Queen will inhabit. It is the easiest, being a choice." She glances across the table at her daugher, Winter, and then at Bernadette.

    "It will be me."
  • [Holly]

    Holly tilts her head, looking at Isobel for a long moment, saying nothing. She looks over to Winter, then Bernadette, before answering, "We should find the Athame."

    "Does anyone know how we could find, uhm... Ivy?" Holly looks to the adults for this.
  • Winter is looking at her mother with trepidation, but it is Isobel who responds, crouching next to you and taking your hands in hers. Her hands seem cool.

    "Of course, Holly. Since we have you, we can use your blood to find your mother,. It is not a complicated spell. I'm rather surprised you didn't find the Pelydryn and the Atheme in the same place" She frowns slightly. "Where did you find it?"
  • [Holly]

    When Isobel reaches for her hands, Holly quickly moves to wipe her hands on her dress, slipping the marble inside. It's probably obvious, but Holly's not going to hand it over. She lets Isobel take her hands, looking up at her elder for a long moment of indecision. "I... nobody taught me magic. Except for one spell." Holly avoids mentioning the spell she's cast, raising the dead. "They were kept together, I believe. But the Athame was taken. I, uhm, I think I know where it is. I will get it soon."

    She licks her lips nervously, "Will you please help me find my, uhm... my mommy? She can help find the Athame, too."
  • "I and her other sisters shall call her to us, Holly. All we need is a bit of blood from you." Isobel says, still holding your hands. "You may wait or you may pursue the Atheme in the meantime."
  • [Holly]

    A nervous look to Bernadette, then Holly nods, "Isobel. I really want to... to see Ivy."

    Dear Diary,

    I have never been so scared like I am now. Even when Liam hurt me, when he was going to... you know, it wasn't this scary. Will Isobel hurt me? How else can I find my mommy, to talk to her? Would she even want to talk to me? I feel like this is a bad idea, Diary. I know Bernadette thinks Isobel is dangerous. She doesn't want to help the Queen like I do.
  • [Holly]

    Not sure if Gazing into the Abyss is allowable here, but if it's okay, here goes:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Holly, your fear is reflected in your eyes, and Isobel sees it. She takes a string on you.

    Hurt you?


    Or perhaps we should say "it depends." Isobel is in a sense, like you. She is wishborn just like you are. Just like your mother and all the witches of the coven are. She dealt with the isolation of that state, just like you have, and she's always wanted the power, she wants to be important, respected, feared.

    She wants to become the new queen. And if you supported her, you would be a princess in this little island kingdom. You would have whatever you wanted, whoever you wanted.

    As for your mother... of course she would want to talk to you. But she knows what Isobel wants. She will oppose Isobel, for sure. And it won't end well. But why should you care? She abandoned you all those years ago. If she really loved you, surely she would have kept you. Even the other girls in the coven had their own Mommys. But no, the Queen was more important to her than you were.


    Isobel nods, reaching up to touch your chin. "Then you shall."
  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    I could be a princess? I would like to be a princess. But, the Queen asked me to help her. My mommy gave me to the Queen. And more important than Isobel or the Queen, Dora has the dagger, and I don't want to hurt her. She's my sister. I can't hurt her.

    I need to play along with Isobel to find my mommy.

    Holly nods, shyly smiling when Isobel touches her. "I don't want Ivy to be hurt. As long she will be okay, let's find her. Please."
  • --End Scene--
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