[Scarlet] The Hou's Ransom



  • I pull the dun colored horse pulling our wagon up against the bridge post. Hopefully this will offer some protection should the Shou decide to attack her rather than Laughing Crane and myself. I set the wagon's break.

    I draw forth my hook swords. Have the Shou on the eastern side of this ambush made it to the wagon?
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    Ba, the answer is yes, they are closing.

    The Shou to the east are closing. One (Shou #3) has a bow and arrow, he's taking aim at you, Ba.

    On the west, Laughing Crane, the lone remaining Shou (5 and 6) are going to try and cut you down from your horse. Five has a no-daichi, a poorly maintained two-handed sword, while Six has a three-piece staff and moves quickly up with his fellow Shou.
  • Shou 3 attack (vs. Ba AC , +1 for attack bonus)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+6 )

    Shou 5 attack (vs. LC AC , +1 for attack bonus)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+6 )

    Shou 6 attack (vs. LC AC , +1 for attack bonus)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+6 )
  • Shou 5 damage (With no-daichi)
    #DiceRoller( 1d10 )
  • Laughing Crane, you dodge the Shou with the three-piece staff, but your horse sidesteps to put you in harm's way with the two-handed sword-sielding Shou. He's wearing lacquered armor he must have stolen off an Imperial soldier (he's AC 5). You take 2 points of damage.
  • I wheel Longma around and rear her up towards the three-piece staff, in an attempt to hold him off. I lunge at nodachi.
  • Attack +2 attack, +2 str, +5 Shou AC
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • The nodachi is an unwieldy weapon. More often than not, those who use it are more impressed by it's size that anything else. They tend to be unskilled bullies.

    I slip by his guard and open his throat with the speed of a viper.
    Longma's flailing hooves pummel three-section-staff's head and shoulders and he collapses, dead or nearly so.
  • Laughing Crane is teaching these Shou bandits a lesson!

    The Shou advancing from the east seem closely grouped, yes? I'll leap at them from the atop the wagon, blades whirling!
  • Death from Above
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • Ba Jiao, you jump off the wagon onto a pair of them, hook swords flashing. They fall before your attacks. the last couple Shou see they are outmatched, turn and flee back into the forest.

    After that brief skirmish, the forest seems calm. Alenka emerges from the wagon where she hid. "That was... impressive."

    With the Shou defeated, you return your attention to the missing bridge. Alenka shakes her head. “We need to cross here somehow. It’ll cost us many hours—that we don’t have—to reach the next crossing to the west, or circle the lake to the east.” The chasm is 12 yards across. How do you plan to bridge the gap?
  • "Oh, that?" I wipe the Shou blood from my blade with a shirt from one of the fallen. "That was nothing, Alenka, right Laughing Crane?"

    I brush the road's dirt from clothes and continue, "These Shou are but vermin that should be cleared from the countryside. It is too bad some escaped."

    With no bridge it only makes sense to circle either direction. We are not engineers!

    "I wouldn't put it past those bandits that they ruined the bridge in order to waylay travelers." I stroke my mustache as I try to come up with a plan. Eventually, "We could fell a few of these trees perhaps to walk across but I doubt I would trust the horses, much less the wagon, to make it across."
  • "Indeed! Have you not heard we are monster hunters?"

    I slide from the saddle and stroke Longma's muzzle. Then I take a drink from a water skin, swish it around my mouth, and spit it out (all very theatrically). Then I drink deeply.

    "My thought's exactly. I have no skill in building bridges. If we were on foot, that would be one thing. But this is beyond our skill or resources."

    I want to go over to the very edge and look over. Is the remnants of the bridge dangling below? On the other side? I assume it was a rope with wooden slats kind of thing.
  • Alenka seems quite unhappy with taking the wagon around. "I am willing to walk, if we can hide the wagon near here. The children are a half day's walk, and the ride around will cost us a day."

    Laughing Crane, the bridge was rope and wooden slats, they were cut from this side, the bridge is hanging from the posts on the other side.
  • [I don't quite understand this "The children are a half day's walk," Are the children with us? Or are the a half day away, then on to the estate?]
  • Posted By: Ryan[I don't quite understand this "The children are a half day's walk," Are the children with us? Or are the a half day away, then on to the estate?]
    Sorry it's unclear. You're headed out to pick up the children, who are a half day's walk away. Then, you turn around and head to the estate, which is behind you.
  • [Doh!]
    "Madam, my dear Longma," I pat my horse's neck, " cost more than you are paying me. And I have grown quite fond of her. You saw what a great warrior she is. I will not leave her behind."
  • “You’re definitely not getting paid enough to risk your life fighting the likes of Shou like this.” Alenka shakes the sand from a boot. “You could probably earn a fifty-coin payment in gold sovereigns—one hundred times what you’ll make otherwise—if the children were held and ransomed, instead of escorted back to Stenhold.”
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    I raise an eyebrow at this and look over at Liu Wenxiong expecting a strong reaction.
  • "What?! Madame Alenka, are you suggesting that we kidnap children?"

    I place my hand on the hilt of my sword.

    "Even to suggest that is an affront to my honor. You suggested we were the dregs left after the conscription. Pshaw. I am a son of The House of Liu. I choose not to fight in another's war."

    I glance around. Was this a set-up?
  • Alenka waves a hand, laughing. "It was merely a test, men. I would rather know you're loyal despite the poor pay now than lose your aid in a crucial moment." She claps her hands as if that settles it. "Shall you fell trees and we walk across? Or do you insist we arrive late?"
  • I'll check to see if there is an axe in the wagon. If not, I'll see if the Shou were equipped with a decent substitute. I imagine we have enough rope to lash together whatever we can chop down.
  • "My lady, there seems to be some confusion. I will not leave my horse behind. And we are not bridge builders. I see no other option than to go the long way. We will arrive late, but be better able to escort the children safely."
  • No axe in the wagon, but you can use the axes that a couple Shou you killed were carrying. Why don't we call the choice of a good set of trees an Intelligence check (adjusted by anything related to engineering or military lore) - difficulty 9. Either way, you succeed, but failure means the bridge is iffy and could present some problems when you cross it.
  • I search over the Shou while lady Alenka and Laughing Crane work out the details of how we will continue. I'll set aside their axes. Their other weapons and the bodies of the Shou I'll roll off the cliff.
  • When Lady Alenka seemingly ignores me I will begin to head for another way around.

    "I'll catch up Master Ba."
  • Alenka sighs, "Laughing Crane, if you insist upon this action, I must inform the Hou." She looks to you, Ba, "Please follow Laughing Crane. And hurry."
  • I toss the axes in the back of the wagon and then jump up into the wagon myself. I am sure to conceal my smile until I am up front driving the wagon to follow my friend.
  • Along the long way south to a ford, Alenka frets constantly. Ba, you get the majority of it. "Master Blaker is waiting for us." and "He shall only wait so long, then send a runner to the Hou." as well as "Master Blaker shall be severely cross. This will not do, not at all."

    You make camp after fording, plans to arrive in the early morning. Anything you're doing at camp?
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