[Scarlet] The Hou's Ransom



  • I'd like to set up a picket of some type. Even if it's just a series of sticks placed vertically at knee level to force attackers to trip/step over them. Even better if we can find a place to camp that has some degree of defensibility.
    Also we should have a watch.
  • As we journey along in our wagon I'll try to placate Alenka.

    "Lady, Laughing Crane is correct. We are not engineers. It would have served no one for us to have spent the afternoon chopping trees only to have us fall to our demise. Much better that we take the safe way around and ensure we reach the kids. Better death by bandits than lashings coming undone."

    I'll lend a hand gathering sticks at our camp. I'm not much of a soldier though and this journey seems more of a chore than an adventure.
  • Your travel takes you to a more open plain, south of the forest. Here where you can see for furloughs, it's easier to feel safe. The night passes without incident.

    Morning comes and you ride until you reach a place to ford the river that was impassable before, then turn to head north again. Along the way, Alenka frets about missing the appointed meeting with Master Blaker, but there is nothing to be done. The afternoon comes and passes into early evening.

    As you approach the waypoint you can see the light of a dying campfire ahead. At first you are relieved, as Master Blaker and the children must be waiting for you ahead. But as you draw closer, you realize something is wrong. First you notice a distinct lack of the noises of camp. Then you see the wagon, lying on its side, one of its wheels sheared off. And then you see the bodies…

    What now?
  • I'll double the speed of the wagon. Are the bodies all men? Are the children here? As we reach the camp I'll park the wagon next to their topped wagon and get out to walk through the ruined campsite. I do not have the heart to look at Alenka.

    After a few minutes of sifting through the site I'll circle the perimeter of the camp. I'm looking for a trail of where the attackers came from and went. Also, are the horses to their wagon here? Can I discern by the trail of the attackers if they were on foot or mounted.
  • A quick scan of the immediate area turns up the bodies of half a dozen horses, three guardsmen, two blight wolves, two hobgoblins, and a half-ogre. They’re scattered; clearly a battle was fought here, and not long ago. One of the blight wolves came to rest in the campfire, its smoldering fur sending up
    an awful reek. There is no sign of Master Blaker or either of the children among the dead.

    Alenka is beside herself with worry. She begins weeping, doesn't leave the wagon. She is most likely quite frightened as well, but you're leaving her in your search. You can deal with it later, of course.
  • After investigating the camp I'll go to confer with Laughing Crane.

    "It seems our companion's fear has been realized. I didn't see any children. We might be able to overtake these kidnappers." Idly I'll prod the body of nearby hobgoblin with my boot. "Looks like we are meant to rescue children, Laughing Crane."

    Was their any indication of which way the survivors went?
  • Why don't you make a tracking or search check? That's a difficulty 11 skill test using Wisdom.
  • While Master Ba investigated the camp proper I was riding a circuit around the perimeter looking for any tracks or signs to indicate where the survivors might have gone.

    "Indeed it does. I'm not entirely sure that's a line of work I am emotionally suited for."
  • Searching (wisdom)
    #DiceRoller( 2d8 )
  • Ba Jiao,

    Searching the camp turns up two more dead guards, three more dead Shou, and two more dead blight wolves, but still no sign of Blaker or the children. As you pick over the wagon, you find a locked strongbox that a good shake reveals is full of coin.

    Laughing Crane,

    Your search for signs of any survivors turns up the running footprints of six bipeds. At least one of the children was among them.

    Ba, do you leave the strongbox behind? You'd have to pick that lock.

    All the sudden, the evening is pierced with a sudden scream!

    I assume you both follow the tracks? Alenka will follow you, moving slower behind you.

    Rushing in the direction of the scream, you emerge from a thicket of trees. You’re halfway up a steep hillside. Ahead, you see an outcropping of rock just a bit higher than you are on the
    hillside, at the top of a switchback trail but on the other side of a treacherous-looking, washed-out gorge. There’s a leather-armored man on the outcropping, in cover, a crossbow in his hands. On the trail below him are the bodies of more fallen guardsmen, more Shou, more blight wolves.

    At the bottom of the trail you see a knot of foul goblinoids, or "darkspawn" in cover, but as you watch they emerge as one and charge howling up the trail. One falls, a crossbow bolt in his eye, but the others surge on. You might be able to beat them to the defenders, but the gorge in your way looks treacherous.


    What do you do?
  • I'll pause and fire an arrow at the goblinoid in the lead heading up the trail. Then ride at a gallop toward the trail, heading south to go around the gorge.
  • Upon discovering the lockbox I examine it. Seeing it locked I leave it behind in my further isearch of the area. It's probably to heavy to lug around now and not enough concealment that Alenka might not observe.

    At the sound of the scream I go with Lauging Crane to investigate. While my friend pauses to launch a volley I'll brave the gorge, racing across to reach the defender hopefully in time to lend a hand against his attackers.
  • Laughing Crane, go ahead and fire your shot. The goblinoid in your range is AC 6.

    Ba, give me a Climbing check to get across the gorge. Difficulty 9.
  • Firing at the Darkling
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+1 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • As the arrow skewers the darkling's head I spur Longma on.
  • Laughing Crane, your horse bounds the gorge without trouble. You charge into the mass of Shou, Longma trampling down an orc.

    Once we have Ba's action resolved, I'll check a few attacks between the Shou and your group (including Master Blaker).
  • Brave the gorge
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
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    Ba, it takes you a round to get over the gorge, so you won't get an attack this round. Lucky for you, the Shou are busy with more immediate threats, so none of their attacks fall on you.

    Laughing Crane,
    There are two Shou Hobgoblins on the trail who see you. One throws a hatchet at you, the other is attacking your legs with its curved sword.
  • Hobgoblin #1 vs. LC
    (Base Attack +2, + AC 5)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+7 )

    Hobgoblin #1 Damage:
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )

    Hobgoblin #2 vs. LC
    (Base Attack +2, + AC 5)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+7 )

    Hobgoblin #2 Damage:
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • The hatchet clangs into your shield, and you're able to kick the sword-wielding hobgoblin in the face before her chops at you.

    You catch sight of Master Blaker in the dim moonlight. He's standing in front of two children one a young teenage boy holding a short sword, the other a bookish young girl who looks utterly confused and in a panic. He's a broad man with a two-handed sword that he wields with respectable skill.

    Blaker and the children are focused on the Shou marching up the hill. You both see the blight wolves charging over the ridge to come down towards their rear.
  • To be clear, laughing Crane is in amongst the shou?

    If so I will become a whirlwind of destruction. Same AC as above?
  • Yes, Laughing Crane has charged into the Shou, there are seven of them, a mix of Hobgoblin and Goblin. All the AC as above. They are charging up the trail, Longma is coming down the trail at them.

    The pair of Blight Wolves are well above, coming over the ridge, but the children are between you and them.

    The whirlwind should commence.
  • "I am Liu Wenxiong of the Northern Liu! But you may call me DEATH!"

    Attack+Str bonus+AC
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+10 )

    Dmg (if needed)
    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • I wheel Longma around and rear her up. She pummels any Shou in her path mercilessly. Two of them are beaten back a few steps and one collapses, his head caved in.

    As she comes down, I lean over and take advantage of the chaos she has left in her wake. One goblin head goes flying before he even saw me coming. I keep Longma circling and find another victim. A hobgoblin in a ragged red cape comes at me with a spear and I bash the point wide with my shield. His own momentum skewers him on my waiting sword. A quick snap of the wrist and my sword comes free as I look for my next opening.
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    Now is the round I reach the children? Are there Shou, darkspawn, or blight wolves within swords reach?
  • Yes, Ba, you reach the children this round. Your choice: Shou (aka darkspawn) or blight wolves can be within reach.

    Blight Wolves are AC 5. Shou are AC 6.
  • Ba will go for the blight wolves:
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )
  • Ba, the blight wolves are 2HD, so you can roll your Fray die.
  • In the Fray!
    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • Ba rushes through the gorge, pausing for a brief second to catch his balance on some precarious rocks. On the other side he scrambles up the hillside. At the top he slashes wildly at the blight wolves with his hook swords. The first wolf bounds over the blade. The second one, however, is slashed across the side. The blade strikes deep against the ribcage and the wolf drops, mid pounce, to the ground.
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