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You, Ashley and Winter arrive back home, so you can pack up to stake out Marsha's house for your mom. I suppose Winter drove? What did you guys tell Isobel? Ashley's been making conversation with Winter, and makes a good show of it, even though her eyes are still empty and she isn't truly engaged with the warmth you're used to seeing. You can see her glance at you every now and then, guilt etched on her face.

You are approaching the door to the building when Winter gasps. Looking ahead you see a young man in clothing far too light for the weather, sitting on the stoop. When he looks up at you there is... it's hard to describe. It's a presence, a pulse of power almost overwhelming. A vibration in the air and ground. You think you feel the echoes of panic somewhere in the back of your mind.


You can feel Ashley and Winter both beside you frozen.

He steps up. He's wearing ordinary enough clothes. A hoodie, a t-shirt. Jeans. No shoes, though it doesn't seem to bother him. His eyes glitter gold, even more intensely than Myrii's, and there's an intense presence of raw male sensuality about him.

"Hello, Winter, Ashley... Hello Holly."


  • [Holly]

    Holly steps ahead of them both, showing she's not entirely afraid and that she should have his attention. She does her curtsy and says in a pleasant tone, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met. Are you kin to Myrii?"
  • He smiles at that, a blinding grin, and casually walks up to just inside your personal space. He's tall, so he's looking down at you, looking you over. You seem to be able to feel the glittering eyes like hot traces on your skin.

    At his approach, something inside you pulls back. The queen, you think.

    "I am kin to Myrii" He says, his golden eyes terribly amused. "Theodora too. And indeed we haven't met before this, though such a meeting has always been fated I think. You may call me Gwyn. I think it's time we discussed things."
  • [Holly]

    At Gwyn's glance, Holly's cheeks color lightly. The reminder of how Myrii once looked at her, before she was bound to Teddy. "It is nice to meet you, Gwyn. These are my Wishborn sisters, Winter and Ashley. They are my best good friends." Holly nods her head towards each of them in turn. Then she looks at the door behind Gwyn, " Would you like to come inside so we can all talk?"

    If he doesn't object, Holly will lead everyone inside, insist they make themselves comfortable, and pour glasses of water for everyone, then sit beside, very close, to Winter. "What would you like to discuss, Gwyn?"
  • Gwyn has seated himself on the other side of you from Winter. Winter was simply too nervous to move, caught in the thrall of threat and sensuality that roll off this being. So now he's next to you, one finely muscled leg pressed to yours. He smells like forest in winter.

    Ashley took the chair nearby and can't keep her eyes off him either, though she's curled up a bit.

    "I'd like discuss your price for abandoning any intention to free the Queen from her prison."
  • [Holly]

    "Are you speaking for the Fairy King?" Holly asks politely. She reaches for Winter's hand and takes it, squeezing to give her strength. "Why are you unwilling to let the Queen go? She made us. We aren't bad, uhm, people."
  • That amused smile again.

    "I do speak for him." He caresses your knee lightly with one finger, it's electric, like your sense of your body narrows to that spot and the tendrils of warmth spreading from it. Winter squeezes your hand back but doesn't move otherwise.

    "Is the creation evidence of the nature of the creator? If the parent is bad, is the child also? And 'Bad' is so simple a term, though indeed, you aren't." He leans slightly closer, voice seeming to get more intimate. "Why concern yourself with a old quarrel? The King wishes her to stay where she is, and is prepared to compensate you generously, to stay out of this affair."
  • [Holly]

    The attention, the warmth of Gwyn reminds Holly of Nyx. But his power, his confidence makes him so much stronger, more tempting. Holly's eyelids flutter, her pulse quickens and her face becomes slightly flush. She reaches for his hand, placing fingers lightly over his knuckles. The motion began as an attempt to move his hand away, but the effort dies off and she ends up, merely holding it lightly. "What have you offered to our, uhm, our mothers to keep the Queen imprisoned?" Holly asks this while looking in Gwyn's eyes, drinking in his presence.
  • He turns your hand over, stroking fingers lightly in your palm. It feels very, very good.

    "The King only bargains once. Your creators offer came many years ago, and they were not brave enough to bargain, most of them. Or they let tradition blind them to possibility. Those that did bargain primarily wanted children of their own bodies."

    In the chair, Ashley stiffens. Gwyn keeps his hot, golden eyes on you.

    "That is, of course, only one possibility."
  • [Holly]

    "Who bargained for children of their own body?" Holly asked with curiosity. Ashley's mother was an obvious answer, but Gwyn hinted that there was more than one. Without meaning to do it, Holly ends up leaning just slightly towards Gwyn when she asks the question, her left breast brushing lightly against his nice bicep.
  • His hand moves up to skim the fingers lightly along your jawline to your chin. Winter is squeezing your other hand but not pulling you away.

    "Jane, Lucy, and Ivy were the three that bargained." He says, voice smooth and seductive. "And now it is your turn. What is it you desire?"
  • [Holly]

    Gwyn's touch has Holly nearly melting. She looks at him with eyes half-lidded and sighs when he traces her jaw with such delicate touches. Holly pulls at Winter's hand, urging her closer, clinging to what sense she has. She's so weak in the knees for fae. "What did... what did Ivy bargain for?"
  • You tug on Winter's hand and she moans, pressing herself against your shoulder, her warm lips start on the space between your shoulder and your neck. Gwyn's hand turns and his thumb runs lightly across your lower lip.

    "Ah... she was the clever one." He says softly. " She bargained to be hidden and safe. From the others. From me. And then she took the Queen with her."
  • [Holly]

    Holly opens her mouth ever so slightly when Gwyn runs his thumb across her lower lip. She daintily touches the tip of her tongue to his thumb, a faint taste of him. So sweet. Holly lets go of Winter's hand and quickly moves for her thigh, sliding her hand across the skin, touching her. She feels so caught in this wind of passion.

    Realizing Ashley is here still, Holly looks up at her best good friend. What is she doing?
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    Winter moans when you switch to her thigh, opening her legs, though she's wearing jeans. Her hands, now free, slide around your body to cup your breasts through your bra and start to tease them as she works up your neck to your ear.

    She's fixed on him too. But it's distinctly not sexual or attraction, or even voyeuristic, as if she's completely unaware of the sexual heat in here. Her blue eyes are cool, distant, and thoughtful. When you look they shift to you for a moment, but her face never changes and she looks at Gwyn again.

    As you look at Ashley, Gwyn's fingers trail back down your throat to slide along your collarbone, then slowly turn south along your sternum, a trail of fire in their wake.
  • [Holly]

    Winter's teasing causes Holly to moan deep in her throat. When Gwyn runs his thumb across her lower lip, she opens her mouth just enough to dart her tongue along it, stealing a tiny taste of him. That taste only stokes her desire, and she opens her mouth further, wrapping her lips around the thumb to suckle it gently, the corners of her mouth curling into a wanton smile as she looks at him. The hand on Winter's thigh slides between her girlfriend's legs and begins rubbing her through her jeans, up and down in motions she's learned Winter adores.

    Popping the thumb out of her mouth after a moment, Holly giggles lightly, "My mommy... she tricked you? hee. That's. That's wonderful." Brazenly, Holly reaches a hand to Gwyn's thigh, looking at his mouth like a juicy apple on a low-hanging branch. "How much can you, uhm, tempt me, Gwyn? Before... before I must answer."
  • Gwyn grins at you suddenly, mischief sparking his dark eyes, lighting the rest of his face from its brooding intensity. The hand trailing down skims your abdomen, the waistband of your jeans, and suddenly diverts at the last minute to run across the inside of your thigh teasingly. Winter is making little whimpers in your ear and her hands drop to come up under your shirt, feeling for your bra clasp, popping it, her warm hands suddenly caressing bare flesh.

    "As far as you dare, lovely." Gwyn says in that low purr of his. "but I shall have your answer before I take leave of you."

    With your hand spread on the firm muscle of his thigh, your index and middle fingertips are just touching something just as firm that isn't leg at all.
  • [Holly]

    "Hee," Holly laughs with what breath she has, "Is that a threat? Or a, uhm, a promise?" She arches her back slightly to guide herself towards his hand, while simultaneously pushing her breasts into Winter. Gaining some of her senses, she turns to her girlfriend, "Winnie... can we? Can we both?" Then to Ashley, "Ash... do you want to, uhm... watch?" She offers her best good friend a smile before being drawn to Winter's lips.
  • He chuckles low, his teasing hand gliding directly over the crotch of your jeans. A wave of pure hot pleasure rolls through you as he continues to hold your gaze with his glittering one.

    "There really is very little difference between the two." He says, smirking.

    When you tear yourself away to meet Winter's eyes and ask her, you find she looks intoxicated, her mouth hanging open slightly, almost panting. She nods her assent.

    "God, yes." She says huskily.

    When you look at her, Ashley's brought her legs up, curling herself into the chair, her arms around her knees. Her cool eyes regard you a moment then she looks away, giving you a one-shouldered shrug. Still, there was something there. You're probably turning her on with this wanton display.

    When you turn back to Winter, she attacks your offered mouth, hungrily, shifting onto her hands and knees on the couch as she does and pushing you into Gwyn.
  • [Holly]

    Turning Ashley On:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Take the string. Yes, definitely she's affected by what she's seeing. Something you could easily sway her with, if you tried.
  • [Holly]

    Winter's pushing meets no resistance. Holly slides onto Gwyn's lap, still kissing Winter deeply. Her hands alternate between touching Winter's body and pulling at her clothes. She pulls at Winter's shirt, then as Winter leans back to remove it, Holly turns to kiss Gwyn. With her girlfriend's permission, Holly gleefully throws herself into the passion of the moment, the heat taking away the last vestiges of restraint.

    "Do you want him first, Winnie?" Holly asks, genuinely offering Gwyn to her first, if she wants. Holly will happily share with her lover.
  • Winter demurs in your favor seemingly as excited by you as by Gwyn. Your clothes are lovingly peeled away by either Winter or Gwyn and the next little while becomes something of a haze of sensation and pleasure as you all possess each other bodily multiple times. Gwyn is an exceptional lover, as you might expect from the Fairy King. You loose track of Ashley. She was there for a while. You remember catching glimpses of her in the chair... then you just lost track.

    Right now, it's a very naked you, a naked Winter (except for one sock) and a naked Gwyn in something of a little pile of satiation. Winter seems to have actually dozed off. (Your sex move is Fae again.)

    "Do you have an answer, Holly?" Gwyn's voice comes from above your head, where his lips are snuggled against your head.
  • [Holly]

    "At least one, Gwyn." Holly replied with a quiet sense of satisfaction. "Thank you ever so much for fulfilling a little fantasy of Winnie's." Holly reached over to pat her girlfriend's thigh softly. "Gwyn... will you promise me that me and my sisters won't be harmed regardless of my answer?"
  • [Holly]

    "I don't see where Winter gave Holly a different sex move? My notes are awful. If she still has the sex move from Myrii / Nyx, then it would be:

    Sex Move (after Nyx)
    When you lie naked with another, you can ask them for a promise. If they refuse, take 2 Strings on them. After having sex with someone, replace your current sex move with theirs, adding this sentence to the end of it.
  • No worries. Winter would either be a Hollow herself, or a Witch. Probably a Hollow

    His hand is still stroking up and down your back, your head is pillowed on his shoulder.

    He is silent a moment.

    "I promise that I will not punish you and yours for your answers. I cannot, however, shield you from the larger conflict, should you choose not to bargain." Gwyn says somberly.
  • [Holly]

    Holly listened to Gwyn's answer, turning her head to press her lips to his chest, the act more sensual than sexual. She simply loved the taste of his flesh. "Why does the King want the Queen to stay forever imprisoned? Were they ever happy together, Gwyn?" Holly reached over to stroke Winter's hair idly. "Why are they so mad at each other?"
  • So I'm, you know, on the landing outside, and you're in just the front room, right? So the door's right there, and you hear my key in the lock ... I'm about to come in, and it's just me, not really dressed for the cold, and I'm kind of preoccupied, but I definitely know something's up. So the lock turns, and I open the door kind of, like, cautiously. So what's going on?

    Where's Ashley?
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    "Happy?" Gwyn muses softly in his honey-dark voice, continuing to stroke your back. "The relationship is... complicated. Promises were broken and restitution is not yet paid. The Queen's imprisonment is not forever, but she must pay her due. We all must."

    It's just after he says this that the lock turns and Teddy opens the door.

    New Scene


    You find your living room strewn with clothing. A pink bra is dangling from the back of one of the chairs. In the middle is a pile of three naked bodies snuggled together intimately. You are looking at them from the side. The closest body is female, her back turned towards you, her front evidently pressed into the body next to her, and appears to be sleeping against the middle figure. The one in the middle, the man, does not appear exactly like the guise you saw earlier, but... well the energy is unmistakable, isn't it? He turns dark eyes towards you with something like amusement and still radiates that intoxicating sexual pull you've always felt. The last person, snugged with her front against the King's other side, his hand gliding along her back, is Holly.

    You don't see Ashley.

    Holly, I'd venture to say this spectacle might turn Teddy on, depending on your reaction and how you present yourself of course.
  • [Holly]

    Turning Teddy On:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • [Holly]

    The sound of the key in the lock alarms Holly, and she sits up quickly, a hand over her breasts. A scan around the room shows that there's no hiding things. She sees Teddy and the tension in her shoulders relaxes. She smiles a tired smile, "Hel-lo, Dora. Sorry for being naked. This is Gwyn. He's very nice." She looks at him again, "Very." Then, she looks up, "Where's Ashley?"

    Her head snaps to Teddy, "Ashley's mommy tried to hurt her. She needs you. She wasn't, uhm," Holly looks at Gwyn, "Wasn't part of this."
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