[MH] Offering [Ho S2:4.8]



  • No, I spend a String and reject that, for -1 to your roll. I'm like trying to look away, or at least not look straight at you. The King, you know, the King always has kind of an effect on me, but that's that and this is something else. I'm kind of shocked, and what - why are you involved like this anyway? This is crazy! I'm like glancing back around on the landing, and slipping through the door and closing it behind me. And standing there a little to the side.

    "This? What's this? What's going on?"

    With the last question, I'm actually more turning the question on the King (on "Gwen" or whatever).

    And: "Where's Ashley?"
  • Gwyn carefully shifts Winter off his shoulder, touching her hair briefly. She stays asleep. Then sits up himself, looking very comfortable.

    "Negotiations." He says, answering your question Teddy. "To see if we can accomplish our ends without further escalation. And Ashley is in your room, I believe."
  • [Holly]

    "We..." Holly says quietly, her tone showing the realization of her situation becoming clearer. "We were talking. And then kissing.... and, uhm," she looks over at Winter. "And... stuff."

    Holly touches Gwyn's arm, "How long is restitution? What did she, uhm, do?" Holly's hand slides around to Gwyn's lower back. Even here in front of Teddy, she is drawn to him. Softly, she lays her head on his shoulder, waiting for the answer.
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    I glance towards my room, sort of automatically, but then I'm like stepping forward, point at him, then you Holly:

    "No! No. What are you talking about? Negotiations? About what? Why are you with him? And what are you doing bringing Ashley into this?"
  • [Holly]

    Teddy's anger causes Holly to shake off the vestiges of Gwyn's power and she rises up to walk over to her, "It's so exciting, Dora! Ashley and Winnie are Wishborn, too! Their mommies are part of the Queen's coven. We're all sisters." She pauses after that rambling reveal, "Ashley's mommy traded for Ashley's little brother, since she couldn't have babies. She hurt Ashley today, it's very ugly and I'm mad at her."

    Her tone cheers, "Ashley needs you, Dora. She loves you!"
  • Gwyn smiles at Holly's rather fragmented explanation and looks at you again Teddy.

    "Holly is right. She, Winter and Ashley are part of the newest generation of the coven. Their mothers were before them, and so on. A clever way around another promise. Naturally they wish to free their mistress, and once again I am here to negotiate terms for them not to do so."

    He looks up at Holly with a smirk.

    "We were distracted, temporarily."
  • I step away from you, Holly.

    "Ashley doesn't - you mean that thing that was using Marsha? Why would you want to free that? How'd you even ... what've you been doing?"

    And cutting over to him, demanding, "And why am I doing all this shit for you, then? I thought - I thought you know, what I'm doing, is supposed to make everything alright?"
  • The King only raises his eyebrow a bit at your impatience.

    "The task we've entrusted to you is important, but certainly not the only one needed to accomplish our ends." He says. HIs voice is mild, but you felt the power ratchet up a notch, vibrating through you.

    "I'm uncertain why you are concerned with it, however. I have done, and continue to do you favors. You are returning the consideration. What I ask you to do seems irrelevant. I do not question your requests."
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    I'm starting to repeat, "You've done me -"

    And I shoot a glance at you, Holly, but them I'm going on, just sort of aghast or something, "That doesn't ... if you think that makes up for what I've done, for what's happened, you - you don't understand anything. You don't even know me. I'm not some little puppet for you, I'm - you're my grandfather, not my king!" *

    I'm pausing, uncertain, then leaping ahead. His presence, it's - well it's there, but suddenly everything's different, having a human face here in front of, right in my own living room and, well, actually kind of smug after I guess fucking my foster little sister?

    "And you said they'd need the knife to let that thing out. If they don't have it, what else has to happen? What else do you want from us and our family and, and our home and ... and who is 'we', anyway?"
  • * I want to shut down the Faery King! If I can, I'm definitely trying that:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    And I wish I'd pushed my bargains just a little harder ... if I had, I'd be Entrenched with him right now.
  • [Holly]

    Standing in between Teddy and Gwyn, but slightly to the side, Holly blinks, "The Queen is... I found my Mommy, Dora! She wants to keep the Queen safe. She hid the dagger, but then Marsha came and took it. Her name is Ivy, and I want to help her. And..." she looks over at Gwyn suddenly, then back to Teddy, "I didn't KNOW that was your grandfather. But wait, are you a fairyblood? That means Peggy is... oh my goodness!" She hops a little with excitement, but then realizes the other parts of Teddy's speech.

    "What have... what have you been doing for him, Dora?"
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    He blinks slowly. His regard does not waver.

    "We are the fae, of course."

    He purses his lips a moment in thought, then continues.

    "The destruction of the athame, should you succeed in doing so, is a delay only. Given enough time, the coven could make another. Either way, direct negotiation may slow the cycle."

    "And I am not attempting to make up for anything, granddaughter. You came to me. I did not ask you to kill, only to investigate, and I prevented your death after your victory. I gave you my power when you asked. What have you done for me that is so onerous? Fetch the athame? Harvest energy? Those fellows seemed pleasing enough."

    He steps past Holly, closer to you, Teddy. You feel the surge of that warm, delicious power down to your toes, right? On top of the partial energy circuit you're sitting on.... You can hardly imagine what it will be like to add Ashley's energy to that.

    "If you wish me to withdraw from you forever, you have only to ask."

    He says it in a warm, comforting manner. It doesn't sound like a threat.
  • [Holly]

    In a small voice, Holly asks again, "What have you been doing for him, Dora?"
  • I'm stepping away, and I can't, like, look him in the eye or whatever.

    "Nothing, I guess. I guess none of it even matters - what's even the point? God, why'd you have to bring Ashley into this? What've you -"

    I just stumble to a stop. What does Ashley know? She's in the next room while you and your girlfriend screw the damn Faery King, so she's gotta know plenty by now. I can't explain any of this to her. So, what? Everything's over? My family's just fucked, my relationship with Ashley's probably -
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    I believe you've actually made the fairy king roll his eyes, Teddy.

    "Don't be foolish, child. Of course what you're doing, what you have done, matters. It just isn't the only thing that matters."

    His eyes have gotten harder, sharp.

    "And your lover was part of this from the moment of her creation, as is your foster sister. Fate cannot be avoided, by any of us."
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    My face twists, and my own expression hardens. This guy, he doesn't know how to talk to teenagers, does he?

    "I don't see how it matter to me! God! You know I've been trying to protect Ashley, you jerk! Protect her from this, protect her from her fucking parents, protect her from - and now look!"

    I look to encompass you and him, Holly.

    "The two of you have gone and dragged her into this, my family's just in pieces, even Myrii's ... what the hell do I care about your stupid knife? So, no! I don't think it does matter. I should never've touched the fucking thing!"
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    Oh! You know what I'm doing here? This is totally spending a String to give the Faery King the blamed condition!
  • [Holly]

    The accusation stings, "I didn't drag Ashley into anything, Dora! I told her the truth!" She stomps up to Teddy and glares as she says, "I am her best! Good! Friend! I am not lying to her anymore! I am protecting her."

    I think Holly is Shutting Teddy Down here. I'll roll it next post to save time. If it isn't valid, let me know.
  • [Holly]

    Shutting Teddy Down, using something to hide condition (listed on PC sheet)
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (+1 XP)
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    Since I don't have a String on Teddy to lose, we should switch conditions. Teddy is a... liar.
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    Can I suggest just liar? Being secretive overlaps a whole lot with something (more) to hide. And alright, I'm already painting with a broad brush, so you can be blamed too.
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    "Oh, God!"

    It's an exclamation, but then I drop my voice, kind of growling and giving up no ground:

    "Protecting her from what? What did you tell her? You think it'll make her happy to know she's, like what, she's not even human? Do you think she's safer being part of some stupid "coven" with you and your girlfriend? And you want her to help that thing get free? I know what that thing does to people, and I'm not letting you - either of you - get Ashley involved with it. You're not trying to protect her. You just ... you always wanted her to yourself, and you don't care how much she gets hurt as long as - ugh! Give it up!"
  • [Holly]

    "I told her who she was, Dora." Holly answers sharply. "I offered her my love and my help. Her-her mommy tried to hurt her and I took her away. I am not taking her from you.... if you even want her. Why are you even yelling at me if you care so much about her? And-and my mommy is coming. And she hid that dagger. I don't even know if she wanted to free the Queen or not, but I want to know! You and me, we don't know anything about this mess." She points to Gwyn, "He says she did a bad thing." She waves towards Winter's sleeping form, "The Wishborn elders say the Queen is being driven insane in her prison... I don't. I don't even know who is right."

    She swallows, her nose red with anger, "If you will love her and protect her better, then go fucking do it, Dora. She never wanted me anyways. But... I'm here."
  • The Fairy King is behind Holly now. For a moment he watched you rant, Teddy, his expression utterly opaque. Then his head tilts, his nostrils flare, the corner of his mouth curls. His golden eyes glint, but seem wintery.

    He turns away from you both and somehow in a moment, he is dressed again and seated expansively on the couch, one leg crossed over his other knee.
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    "I know all I need to know about this 'mess'. I saw what that thing did to Marsha, and I could feel it in that house. Go find your mom, I don't care, but you're not going to get that knife. If that's a problem, maybe you're the one I need to protect Ashley from."

    I'm stepping away, like I'm going to retreat toward the bedrooms, but you drew my attention to Winter again and there's no way she should still be asleep - nobody sleeps that hard. I look at the King, and I don't know what makes me say it, but I point at her:

    "And you stop fucking around with that poor girl's head! Right now. This is my home, and she's my guest. Or whatever - I guess she is."
  • The Fairy King purses his lips and narrows his eyes a moment as if considering, shrugs slightly and leans forward. He reaches out and strokes Winter's hair.

    She suddenly stirs, frowning as if she lost sight of something pleasant and blearily blinks her eyes open, furrows her brow, lifts herself to look around. She focuses on you, Teddy and lets out a small cry of surprise, grabbing for cloth nearby. She pulls someone's jeans against her naked chest, crossing her arms over it. She flushes crimson as she looks around at you Holly, noting your unclothed state, then your expression. She looks between you and Teddy again, seeing her expression.


    then she looks at the King.

    He just raises an eyebrow and his lip curls again in that half-smile, and she looks away, seemingly flustered.


    Carefully not looking around her, she begins to gather her clothing from the floor.
  • [Holly]

    Holly walks past Gwynn to comfort Winter, "Winnie, it's okay. Dora isn't mad at you. Want to go to the bathroom and get dressed?" Holly picks up some of her own clothes, stepping into her underwear, looking for her bra, "Thank you, Dora. I didn't know Gwynn did... that. Gwynn, that was naughty." Her tone is light.
  • I don't know what to do. I try to look impassive, like I'm waiting with my attention on him - the King.

    "Maybe you should go with her, Holly?"
  • Holly,

    Gwyn shrugs, still smiling. "She was enjoying the dream."

    Winter hitches a little then flushes more, gathering another few bits of clothing very quickly and scrambling for a room. Just, like anywhere to get away.
    Your bedroom door is the closest. She dashes through it, slamming it behind her.

    "Oh, shit..." You hear through the door. "I'm sorry... uh... you..." Her voice fades out a second.

    The door opens and she comes stumbling back out looking pale and unsteady on her feet, a hand bracing her against the wall as bends at the waist, breathing heavily, shaking her head from side to side.
  • [Holly]

    Winter's alarm at the bedroom door get Holly moving behind her. She's barely dressed when she comes up behind Winter, hands on her friend's back, "It's okay, Winnie..." she looks over Winter's shoulder, afraid of seeing something awful has happened to Ashley.
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