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    Whose bedroom is "your" bedroom? Holly's?

    I go there. I guess any budding confrontation with the King is, you know, I put it away for the moment and find Ashley. Even if what's happening there isn't Ashley, she's who I'm looking for.
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    Sorry, no, I meant your room, Teddy. Winter doesn't know her way around the place. (I mean this is the first time she's been here, or maybe the second?)

    Winter is more next to the door, bracing her hand against the frame as she hyperventilates, so the threshold of Teddy's room is open enough for both of you. If your hand is on Winter's back, Holly, you can feel her shake.

    Ash is sitting on the bed, cross legged with her back against the headboard. She's only in jeans, her discarded shirt and bra crumpled beside her on the bed. She's hunched forward, long blond curls hiding her face, her left forearm is braced, palm up on her knee. The length of her forearm glistens mottled pink and red with a thin film of blood, sprinkled randomly with darker beads welling out of more cuts than you can easily count at this distance. Her bandaged right hand holds the black blade as she carefully draws it along her skin. She hasn't looked up.

    I guess she found it, right Teddy?
  • So, you two are in the way, I'm like shoving through between you. Maybe I'm like forcing one of you into the room ahead of me - I guess it depends on where you are in the doorway and the hall and everything. But I'm getting in that room, and ... what do I need to do, MC? I'm taking the knife from her. Like if I can, I'm swooping in there, catching her wrist and taking away the knife with the other hand.
  • [Holly]

    Teddy pushes past Holly into the room, watching as her foster sister grabs the dagger. The dagger! Her eyes widen for a moment, and she turns away. Holly heads back the few steps to the living room, to Gwyn, "Gwyn, my friend needs us. Today has been too much for her. Can you please leave? I promise to give you an answer after I speak with my.... with Ivy. Okay?" She tries to urge him to the door.
  • Teddy,

    You push past, which isn't hard, and go for Ash, trying to take the knife from her hand. You grab for the wrist, but you're leaning over and Ash is strong, right? That working out thing. She lets out this... this scream pulling free of your grip, violently, and going off the other side of your bed and up against the wall, her eyes wide, the dagger in her bandaged hand held down against her leg, and holding her bloody left arm up as if to protect herself.

    Now that you can see her face, there is a thin, shallow cut on her cheek running almost to her jawline, oozing blood. There seem to be other bloody spots too, on her torso, but you can't see them clearly.


    Do you wish to manipulate the fairy king?
  • [Holly]

    Using Bought Loyalty to give him a string for a +2 on this roll.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (didn't find any conditions on Gwyn to use)
  • He has blamed as a condition.
  • [Holly]

    Sweet! I'll add that and SQUEAK by with a 7.
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    "Ashley, come on, let me ... get rid of the knife, okay? Give it here, you don't need it. I won't - I won't let anything hurt you. Just tell me what's wrong, come on. Okay? Tell me what's wrong. I love you. What do you need me to do?"

    I'm kind of approaching, but I'm scared and doing it slowly. Like, scared she'll hurt herself again, I mean.
  • If you want a manipulate, she's Teddy Ellis' girlfriend and I'm also Entrenched:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )

    Will be xp, if the move happens.
  • Holly,

    Gwyn's dark eyes stare into yours.

    "A bargain then. A promise. You will not free the Queen before we have spoken again? Promise me this, and I will go."


    Ash looks like a cornered animal. Her chest and shoulders heave with breath and her hands are shaking, but she holds your eyes. The ends of some of her blond curls are dark and wet. She wipes at the blood on her cheek only to leave a larger smear of it across her cheek and nose. She looks like something out of a cheap horror movie.

    "Love me?" Her voice is shakey too, raw. "How am I supposed to... to believe you Dora? You never trusted me. NEver let me in. Not really. You lied to me. This... another lie, even if you don't know it." She sucks in a breath, looks down. "I don't blame you, really. I mean..." She chuckles bitterly. "it isn't you... it' me . You can't love me. I'm....not a person. Just... some kind of... thing I don't have real feelings." She gestures at herself. "All this...this is all a big fucking lie. And I hate it."

    Her eyes come back up. "It's not your fault. Mom couldn't... couldn't love me either. But I can love her... and you, with my stupid, fake heart. I can let you find something better... something real. And I can give her back what she really wants. But I need this to do it."

    So yeah... getting her to give up the knife? Going to be tough. It's certain that whatever it is that will grant her wish for her mother will end with Ashley dead. You can see that knowledge in her eyes, that acceptance. Honestly? The only thing she might go further to protect than her mother is you.
  • [Holly]

    "I will not free the Queen until we have spoken again. A bargain struck." Holly agrees quickly, but with full knowledge of the weight of her words. She waits to see him go, standing like a blocker for Dora and Ashley.
  • First, it looks like I've lured her into triggering Hungry Ghost:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )

    xp (4)
  • Well, that's a high roll. That's either gaining a String on her or marking xp. I was going for the String, but if I mark xp that would be an advance ... maybe even a season advance. I'll have to think about it.
  • I'm marking xp (5).

    So, she did just trigger Hungry Ghost. I don't think she has any conditions other than that she's Teddy Ellis' girlfriend, but remember that if she does, she loses any and all conditions. And, you know, even if she doesn't have other conditions, venting at me still puts things in perspective, helps her make sense of things, whatever, even if it's to no mechanical effect. And the girlfriend thing, I'm not holding that over her anymore.

    And I stop and close the door on Winter. Like, whatever - I don't want anyone seeing Ash like this. I had to turn away a little to do that, and now I'm at the door, my hands on the doorknob, fixing the crappy little lock and kind of trying to square my shoulders. And then I'm turning back around and crossing to Ash, going around the end of the bed, all a little cautious but pretty deliberately, too.

    "Ashley ... I'm so sorry. I know I've been, um, I've done everything wrong. I wanted to protect you, but ... everything's gone so wrong. I was wrong. I'm a liar and I know you can't trust me and I haven't - I haven't been able to protect you from anything, anyway. I should've told you from the beginning. I'm sorry. But I never lied about this. I never would. I love you, Ashley. I don't care about - I don't even know what happened, but it doesn't matter. I know who you are. I know, and I love you. You're the only thing I love. Don't let me lose you, please! I don't know what I'd do ..."
  • Holly,

    The Fairy King, takes your hand, kisses it in a way that you feel all the way down, then turns and leaves. Winter is collapsed on her butt next to Teddy's closed door, still pale and breathing heavy.


    She's shaking her head.

    "Oh, God.... I know you think that now, Dora. It's...sweet...but it's not true. You don't get it. Nothing happened to me... I just found out what I am, what I've been from the start, and... and suddenly, it makes sense. My whole life. Why I was never good enough, no matter... no matter what I did. Not for Mom. Not for you. I had to trick you into being my friend. Then into... into this."

    She lets out a breath, almost whispers the next part.

    "It's really basic, Dora. I don't have a soul. I'm not real. You can't love me, and on some level, your heart knows that. You can't have something real without someone real. I... I can't give you what you need, and deserve."

    She smiles, sad.

    "You'll be fine. You'll find it too, I know you will. Someone who is worth it. But only if we let go. And... and I can give mom back what I took from her, too. I can make it right."
  • [Holly]

    Holly stares off after Gwyn for a long minute, rubbing the back of her hand where he'd kissed it, a soft smile on her face for that moment. Once he is well and truly gone, Holly turns to snatch up her clothes from the floor and couch, picking up Winter's as well. She brings the clothes over to her, gently dropping to sit beside her girlfriend, "Here are your, uhm, your clothes, Winnie. We should... get dressed."

    As Holly pulled on her top, she whispers, "Did you, uhm, see it? Ashley found the dagger in Dora's room. We have what we need now. We just need to talk to my mommy." She leaned in to give Winter a peck on the cheek, watching her reaction. Then in a small voice, she asked,"You think Ashley will be okay?"
  • Holly,

    Winter looks up, still a little pale, gives you a wan smile, and reaches to take the clothes. She follows your lead in getting dressed.

    "I don't know." She looks towards the door of Teddy's room. "She hasn't been right since... well since her mom, I guess. Since she showed up, I mean." She shakes her head. "I can't imagine mom trying to kill me. That's fucked up. And being... um... one of us didn't seem to make her too happy either."

    She slips on her jeans. "Sorry I wasn't more help... Blood kind of gets to me."

    She looks at you.

    "So... um... should we try to get it? The knife?"
  • I'm coming to her, to within arm's reach. I don't know what my expression is.

    "No, I won't. I won't let you, and I won't - I won't get over it. Don't tell me I can't love you. I can't - I don't have anyone else, Ashley."

    I'm like reaching out, touching her cut up arm, fingertips touching her blood and then, like, I'm kind of covering her forearm as well as I can, like I'm trying to hide the wounds with my hand.

    "I know what this is - you know I do. You saw ... what I did to myself. I know it helps feel real, feel in control of something: I don't know. But don't do this. You are real. You're right here with me. Don't - don't take yourself away. I've been ... I haven't been okay in a long time, Ash, and I know I should've told you, but you've been the only thing that makes it alright! Everything is so wrong, and I don't know what's going to happen with Mom or Dad or you or anything, and maybe I deserve that. I've lied to you. I've lied to everyone! And I've done, done some horrible things, and I'll tell, I'll tell you, okay? But if you still love me, then ..."

    "Stay with me, Ashley. Everything's so uncertain, so ... I feel so wrong about it all, I can't handle it. But you're the most real thing in my world. I need you. I - I hurt myself for a while, until you and me, at Halloween. And then, when I thought I'd lost you - I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, for all the things that I said and all the things that I - that I didn't do, and I know you don't have any reason to believe me, but ... I love you, Ashley. And you love me. Please, don't say that's not real."
  • Can I Share My Pain? I'm not trying to manipulate her, really, I'm just trying to tell her how fucked up I've made my life, how bad it's gotten. I haven't really told anyone yet just how miserable and confused I feel, but hiding the truth hasn't done any good, so maybe I need to do this: tell Ash, at least.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )

    Entrenched and Lover
  • If that works, I'll remove both of my conditions. Seems the obvious thing.
  • Teddy,

    Sure... sounds good.

    She looks back at you, intense, conflicted. But she knows this is real, somehow, that there is truth there. She looks down and slightly to her right, her lips pressing together, her eyes get shiny, she looks back up, gives the tiniest nod and she closes the little distance between you, wrapping her bare, bloody arms around you in a tight, fierce embrace, and burying her face in your neck and shoulder. Her body starts to shake.
  • [Holly]

    "It's okay, Winnie." Holly says as she buttons her jeans. "It's best if Dora talks to her. Maybe Dora can help her. She wouldn't listen to me. She... she doesn't understand how wonderful it is to be Wishborn. You're happy to be special, right, Winnie?" Holly put a hand on her arm, drawing her attention. "As for the knife, I want to let Dora have time with Ashley. I hope they can save each other. I want Dora to work with us. I don't want to steal the knife from her. We can, uhm, wait for them, right?"
  • I try to separate the knife from her, just throw it kind of clattering into the corner?
  • Teddy,

    I think she let it drop when she went to hug you. You can kind of kick it away.


    Winter nods, turning to slip her arm around your waist. "Sure, we can wait. I... I guess being special is okay, but I'm really... well I'm just happy about us." She lets out a sigh. "I don't know what to think about the whole fairy thing though."
  • [Holly]

    Holly smiles at Winter, leaning over to kiss her temple, then nuzzling into her ear, "I love you, Winnie. We may share our bodies with others sometimes, but I'll never share your heart. I am so happy I found you." She kisses Winter's cheek, then lays her head on her girlfriend's shoulder.
  • Holly,

    Winter blushes deeply. Leaning her cheek against the top of your head.

    "Not that, you goof. I mean... How do we know who's right? How do we know if we should let the Queen go or not?"
  • Yeah, I do that - kick it away. Nasty fucking thing. And I'm hugging her back, obviously, hard as I can, and I'm saying things into her ear, like "thank you, thank you" and stuff like that. Not really sentences. And I'm holding her like that for a little bit, you know, but eventually I have to like stop: stop and get a good look at her. There's so much blood, and I need to make sure she's - she's going to be alright.
  • Teddy,

    None of the cuts seem to be deep, and only a few are still really oozing once you wipe the surface blood away.

    She has a bunch of cuts on her arm, creepily precise. When you really look at them, they seem to be some form of writing, runic in nature, made with straight lines and run clear from her wrist nearly to her elbow. The cut on her cheek... well that certainly will scar without stitching or glue, but again, it's not that deep. The last spot you only got a glimpse of before is kind of similar to the arm, but it almost looks like... Yeah, after a moment you realize that she shallow cuts over her breastbone, just below the collar bones spell the word FAKE, if looked at it in a mirror. It's probably the oldest set.

    This is the first time you've seen the bandaged hand, her right hand, but Holly just told you about that, sort of?

    She won't die of blood loss or anything, but it will all need to be cleaned and dressed at the very least, and watched for infection.
  • My head's sort of swimming - maybe she's not really bleeding that much, but it still looks like a lot. And, you know, it's Ashley's blood. God, I've seen too much blood. I close my eyes for a second, kind of processing all that stuff you just described, and it's just this gross feeling to think about her being stuck with these - like maybe she'll have to look in the mirror and see scars or whatever, and it'll be that mark on her face and that word on her breastbone, so she can't forget any of this?

    Well, I can't let that happen. So like, I'm trying to get Ashley walking a little, to take her out and to the bathroom, where I can clean her up a little before getting her to a clinic or something. Thought I don't even really know how to dress cuts like this, I mean, where do you - Holly might know, actually, she knows all kinds of stupid ...

    "Come on, Ash, come on. Let's get you cleaned up - this isn't you. It's been really hard lately, I know, and it's been hard on your mom too, with all this ... all this stuff that's going on. But this isn't you. You're smart, you're beautiful. I know you're not perfect, I know that, but you're still so much, um, just so much stronger than anyone I know. I love you. We'll get through this."

    I'm clicking the little lock and opening the door.
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