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  • [Holly]

    Holly shrugs at Winter's question, "I want to talk to my mommy. But I, uhm, think maybe the Queen should finish her timeout. They're probably both lying, but if the King promises the Queen will be free soon, then he'll keep his word. It's a fairy thing."

    Teddy opens the door to find Holly standing just outside, her right arm looped behind Winter's back. They're both dressed, waiting eagerly for Teddy and Ashley to come out. "Can I, uhm... can I help, Dora?"
  • I kind of stare at you for a second, I don't have any idea why you're so fucking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Ashley's in her pants, blood smeared all over her exposed skin, and I've got all these little unnoticed spots of transferred blood.

    "Do you know how to, to bandage or whatever? These cuts?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods, moving forward. "We need to clean you up, Ashley, to avoid infection. And then we should get some stitches for you." She says to Teddy, "We should go see a doctor, or the ER. Is that, uhm, okay?" Holly will help Teddy take Ashley to the bathroom and get to work on her, using all the first aid she knows to triage. But Holly very much would like Ashley to avoid scarring.
  • Winter stays behind and Ashley allows you both to take her to the bathroom, sit her down and start cleaning her up.

    "I don't want to go the ER" She says after a couple of minutes. She hisses from the sting of the disinfectant. "They'll think I'm crazy and call my parents. Just... this will be fine."
  • [Holly]

    "No, silly." Holly says in a stern tone. "You are not going to let these scar because you are ashamed of making one bad choice on one day of your whole life. Don't be a dumbhead, Ashley. We love you. Nobody judges you for being... uhm, messed up about being Wishborn." Holly bit the inside of her cheek for a second, still applying rubbing alcohol, "I think I let Liam hurt me because I didn't know what I was good for... then."

    Holly looms into Ashley's gaze, "Who else matters in the whole world outside this room? We want you to get help. We love you, and we accept you, Ashley. You are Dora's lover, and our sister. You are so very, terribly important to us.... please."

    Is this a Manipulate to get her to the ER?
  • I'm sitting on the toilet in the tiny bathroom, I guess holding something for you or ... something. Pretty fucking useless.

    I'm reasoning with her too, or kind of pleading with her: "You have to go, Ash. They're gonna find out anyway, and ... and you just can't let those scar up. I love you Ashley, and I don't want you to see those and think - start thinking like this again. Listen, you're beautiful and wonderful, and there's nobody like you. You deserve so much better than, than this. We're going to be better, okay? We've got to leave all this behind, and those - those things aren't you."
  • If you need dice from me, it's probably a roll+hot to manipulate or to make her feel beautiful, so here, before I go to bed:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )

    With possibly another +1 on top of that, depending on if you think Lover applies.
  • If the above roll is needed, and if it's making her feel beautiful ... god this move is not made to be used on an NPC ... I guess she and I both carry 1 forward (she has advantage). If it's a manipulate, you know how that goes.
  • Sure, Holly, go ahead.
  • [Holly]

    Holly was trying to help Ashley and Teddy. Teddy's been working on getting Ashley to the ER already, so I'm cool to let her roll ride. In the future though, I think it would be nice if, even if it might slow play, that we both ask the MC for rolls rather than rolling and telling the MC to throw it out if not needed.
  • She picks up a hand mirror with her good...well her non-bloody arm. The one with the bandaged hand. The mirror, it's Peggy's, I think, Teddy. She looks at her reflection.

    "At least I wouldn't look exactly like her anymore."

    She puts the mirror down again with a sigh, looks at her cut up arm, as Holly continues to clean it. She looks at her bandaged hand.

    "Okay. I'll go. I just.... Mom... tried to kill me. Dad is... busy. I'm... I'm afraid they'll take me away. Take you both away from me."
  • I try to be firm:

    "No, that won't - no, I know. But, like Ash: you've got to take care of yourself, you know? Take care of what you can control, and then ... we'll work out the rest. I mean, don't tell them about your mom and ... well."

    "Do you still - you still love your parents, right? You always -"

    I'm thinking about, kind of, my own mom, you know?
  • She looks over at you again, Teddy, her blue eyes looking more steady than you've seen in a while.

    "Yeah." She says quietly. "I do. If I didn't... All this would be easier."
  • "Okay."

    I try to match the steadiness, you know? Reassure her.

    "Then you take care of yourself, okay? I know they love you too. I think your mom, I don't know what happened, but I think she just lost it a little. A lot happened. And your dad ... he's always loved you, at least. So take care of yourself, and give it a chance. I'll ... I'll talk to your mom. I'll find out what's going on."
  • "No! Teddy... don't."

    She grabs your hand with her bandaged one.

    "She... she knows about your Mom. She knows about us. She might... I don't know what she'll do, but I don't want her to hurt you."
  • "She won't, Ash. I'll be okay, she's - look, I know I've been hiding things, and I'm sorry, but part of it is all of this ..."

    I'm like making a gesture all around.

    "... I'm all mixed up in it too. It's not just you and Holly and ... I have some, uh, I guess magic, too. I'll be okay."
  • Ash nods.

    "I know. Your great-grandma or something. That's what all this is about, supposedly. You... you look just like her."
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    I'm like, "... What? Yeah, that's - wait, what are you talking about? How do you know what my great-grandma looks like?"

    And I'm looking at you too, Holly, like is this something you all were talking about? I don't have any idea what you've been doing, at this point.
  • [Holly]

    "We saw her in a book, Dora." Holly offers quietly. "She was in pictures with all of our mothers, and our mothers' mothers." Holly's face quirks a little smile, "We're more, uhm, more sisters than we thought."
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    I'm staring at you, Holly, just really kind of blankly, and back and forth between the two of you, even kind of shooting a glance toward the hall (but Winter's nowhere to be seen).

    "Uh, okay? I mean, look, I don't even know what my, what, like my great-grandma? I don't even know what she looked like - Mom was adopted, so -"
  • [Holly]

    Holly holds up a hand, "We can look through the book together, Dora. But we should get Ashley to the hospital now, then worry about that later. Can you take her to the car? I'll get the book. Winnie, will you help her?"
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