[MH] The Talk [Te S2:4.3]

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Brad was thrilled to hear from you and promised to be there like 10 minutes. But he left it to you if you wanted to go back to his place or stay at the coffee shop, what did you choose?

Either way, there's a big smile on his face as he comes in the door to the coffee shop to find you.


  • Uh, I'm gathering like my phone and cup, to get up and go over to him. I don't really care where we go, I guess, but I'd be kind of uncomfortable talking about this in the shop, you know?

    I feel like, um, this is really weird, right? I mean, I just did all of that with Eric, which I'm totally not going to talk about - but it makes everything I do here feel pretty skeezy. And I guess I have to tell Brad, like, I was only with him because Ashley and I broke up? But now we're back together, so ...

    My smile's kind of uneasy, and I stop just a little bit too far away from him, but I say hi and, you know, ask how it's going.
  • "Um... well pretty good now, I guess." He says, clearly noticing the distance, but keeping up his smile. "C'mon, let's go back to my house, huh?"

    He escorts you out to his car, opens the door for you and quickly is on the road.

    "So." He says. The atmosphere seems a little thick, I think. "Um... what did you, you know, want to talk about?"
  • You know, really, I guess I do kind of beat around the bush a little, but I know I can't put it off too long. I mean, I need to tell him, and I don't really want to be all the way at his house when I do?

    "So ... last night, well, everything got all screwed up but, you know, uh. It was still, parts of it, dinner and everything, were really nice. And I liked dancing with you. It was ... you were really sweet. It was kind of a rough week, and I know I didn't really seem like I was all, uh, there last night, but you were great. You're a really nice guy. Um. But. Some things have changed, and ... sorry, I didn't want to get into it over the phone, but I think we need to ... we can't keep going out, Brad."
  • "Oh."

    He lets out a sigh

    "Shit. I guess I knew it. I mean... I was hoping that this wasn't going to be that kind of talk." He falls silent a moment.

    "So what changed? I mean... You haven't seemed like you were into any other guys and the last time you had a..." He pauses, looks over. "Are you getting back with Eric? I mean I know he still totally has it for you."
  • "I, uh ... um, no. I'm not. It's, um ... me and Ashley."

    My eyes creep over to him.

    "... Sorry?"
  • "You and... Oh."

    He's quiet again.

    "Sure. No big deal." There's an edge to his voice, though he's trying to suppress it. It is a big deal to him. Huge. That much is obvious.

    "I wouldn't screw you over you know. Eric... he did. And from last night I'm pretty sure she did too. You deserve better."
  • "I know you wouldn't - what? No, she didn't ... everything was my fault, she didn't do anything. That's not how it was."

    I'm confused, I don't even remember what he's talking about.
  • "Is it? You told me last night she broke you and Eric up. Put Hayden up to... well, you know. Even though he was a dumbass and went through with it. I thought that was what your big fight with her was about and all. I mean, I guess you didn't say that exactly but... it seems to fit. And that's pretty fucked up. I'm not sure how that's your fault."

    He's keeping his eyes on the road as silence hangs.

    "Like I said. You deserve better than that." He mutters.

    You realize that he's headed to take you home. Maybe you even caught the pause when he had to make that decision.
  • That, God. I did tell him that, didn't I?

    I'm just kind of hunching down, mumbling, "That was ... that was a long time ago."
  • "Yeah... well."

    The car lapses into silence again, probably for the rest of the drive to your place, unless you have something to say.

    He finally stops the car in your parking lot. Looks over.

    "I'm sorry. I... kind of expected this, I guess, when you called, but it hurts more than I thought, you know?" He reaches out and takes your hand. "You're a great girl, Teddy. I hope it works out." He goes quiet, internally debating. "Not to sound like a dick, but... you know... if it doesn't... maybe give me a call."
  • My other hand kind of goes to cover his, and the moment draws out really long, and then I tell him:

    "... Yeah. Okay. You're really great, Brad, and -"

    I stumble to a stop. He doesn't know me. He doesn't know me at all, but - but he just sees me like this, sort of vulnerable-looking, with big dark eyes gazing back at me. He doesn't know what I've done, he doesn't know what lies I've told. He doesn't know what I just did, just a little bit ago, with his best friend. And with the way he's looking at me, the way he thinks of me? With that, there's no way I could ever work up the nerve to tell him the truth ... but:

    "... but you're wrong about me, though. I really don't deserve ... you know. I have more than I deserve already. But I won't forget if, um, if things change again. And I'm sorry."
  • And it might not come to anything, but I'm going to spend a String to make the poor guy in love with Teddy Ellis[/url].
  • Yeah, well he is indeed, the poor dope.

    He gives you a half-hearted smile. "Sure. It's okay."

    Then you're out again in the snow, and Brad drives away. And I'm pretty sure you can feel it from here right? HIS energy?

    I'm sure you can. You are welcome to enter the apartment (i.e. Holly's scene) at the opportune moment.
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