Gencon 2014!

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Who's going to be there this year? I'm running Evangelion x Mechwarrior. I built a paper Tokyo-3 last night. It's going to be ridiculous, I just hope it's the right kind of ridiculous.

I'm mostly playing MLP crossovers this year. We're doing Fallout: Equestria (in AW,) Friend Computer is Magic (Paranoia for the setting, but actually run using Toon,) and an Eclipse Phase one. I'm probably going to try to play Torchbearer at Games on Demand with a friend or several.


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    I demand pics of paper Tokyo-3.

    I won't be attending the event, but of course I live here in Indy, and work a couple blocks from the convention center.
  • I'll be there. I'm running stuff at Games on Demand. I've run a little Torchbearer, Max, but I'm certainly not an expert.
  • Pics will happen. I'll say hi if you see you, Trevis.
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