[Scarlet] Honor and Eta



  • Laughing Crane, let's see a skill check with Charisma (and that trait), difficulty 10.
  • Charisma (+1) and "A Face you can Trust (2)"

    #DiceRoller( 2d8+3 )
  • He hesitates, but finally says, "The shogun's men came though our village, before this started. They were hunting. They said it was sport. I do not know what they hunted, but the spirit was angered. It is... it is why we have stopped doing our unclean duties. But still, we are being killed."
  • "I see. That is good to know. Hiro, can you show me where you were attacked?"

    I am ready to track this monster back to it's lair. How close to dusk is it?
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    The old man assures you both, in his own quiet voice, "If the spirit is destroyed, we will resume our work, masters."

    Hiro rises from his kneeling stance and leads you through to the patties and slightly beyond. Dusk is still a few hours away. If you hurry, perhaps you can finish this matter before it is dark.

    The trail of the man-eating monster has taken you across the rice paddies that surround the city. Biting black flies and mosquitoes hover over the paddies and remain a constant irritant. The heat has driven the farmers to seek shelter until evening. The trail of the creature overlaps the farmer’s foot-paths and turns toward a large irrigation canal. The canal is 15 feet deep with steep muddy sides. The water is brown with silt and moves slowly toward the paddies. An ancient maple has been placed across the canal to act as a bridge.

    The trunk has been worn smooth and flat from many years of use. A few spots of dried blood on the tree trunk bridge indicate
    that the monster has used this route to drag off its prey.


    As soon as you ready yourselves to cross the bridge, a pair of small, feathered humanoids with crow-like features and black wings clad in rich red, silk kimonos land in the middle of the bridge and draw katana, "Who are you two who follow the path of the murderous beast?"
  • [I left my horse either in the care of a stable attendant back in town, or with the Eta.]

    I bow respectfully.
    "I am Liu Wenxiong. Scion of House Liu of the Lotus Valley and Thousand Terraces. I am now called Laughing Crane."
  • The crow-headed creature in the front, wielding his katana two-handed, ducks his head in a bow, "I am called Oroshutaki. My mate is Nakano-sensei." The creature standing behind Oroshutaki inclines his head in a bow while slipping a winged arm out of his sleeve, wieldng his katana one-handed. "I ask again, Laughing Crane. Why are you seeking the beast? I will not ask a third time."
  • "We have been asked to stop it's predations on the villagers. It's attacks have begun to disrupted the harmony of Cakon."
  • Oooh, that gives them a bit of pause.

    Oroshutaki glances back at his mate, who gives the briefest of nods. The lead creature looks back at you, "How... will you restore the balance, Laughing Crane?" You can tell the question is very loaded.
  • "Oroshutaki-sama. I will use whatever means are best. I had hoped to discover the nature of the spirit so I could determine what the best course of action would be."
    I pause a beat.
    "I know enough of spirits to know that this kind of thing is often a response to something else. Perhaps the beast is acting out of vengence for a slain mate or young. Perhpas it is bonded to protect some sacred place and the villagers have disturbed it. Regardless, simple violence is not the answer. I seek to learn the truth so that the predations can be stopped rightly.
    "Can you help me?"
  • Finally, Nakano, the other creature, speaks, "You are wise, Laughing Crane. There is a cause to this malady. It is unfortunate that the vengeance stems from madness, and cannot be solved without further death. We are not here to help you, but we are here to ensure you are able to succeed."

    Oroshutaki speaks again, "Only warriors strong in spirit an body will succeed. If you are able to defeat us, then we believe you are those warriors."
  • I had heard of such creatures but never seen one myself. Nearly as amazing to me is that Laughing Crane seems so unphased by their presence.

    However, my slack jaw is suddenly changed to a clinched mouth at the utterance that we are to defeat them. My hands move to grasp the handles of my hook swords, preparing to draw them. Hopefully our duel against these bird-men will not be lethal combat. It would truely be a shame for such beautiful creatures to expire... or for us.

    I side step a couple paces to Laughing Crane's left and ponder if they intend to come towards us off the bridge or if they intend to fight where they stand.
  • The tengu intend to fight over the bridge. Since they can fly, it is no matter to them, but it seems significant, the idea of you "taking this bridge" from them by force.

    If you are ready to attack, let me know how you proceed. They will react. They are 4 HD, so no Fray Dice. Their ACs are 4.
  • I tighten the straps on my bucker (AC 3 with shield) and give my sword a few swings to limber up my arms. I am no killer, but I don't think this pair will be holding back. I won't either.

    I take the Crane Step followed by the Stormcloud technique.

    Attack (Bonus +3, Str+2)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
  • My foot slips on the log and I lose my footing. My swing goes wild as I struggle to keep from falling or opening myself to a devastating attack.
  • As Laughing Crane draws forth his sword so too do I draw out my hook swords. I cross the blades across my chest and interlock the hooks to try out One Armed Swordsman style, a flashy technique where the pair are wielded as a single long, flexible weapon that utilizes the blades on the guards, on these birdmen. I'm hopeful that I can use them to either entangle one or knock it down into the canal.
  • One Armed Swordsman (Attack+Dex bonus+AC)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
  • Ba Jiao, you certainly do fall off the bridge, into fifteen foot deep water. You'll take 1d4 falling damage (roll in next round). Give me a Dexterity-based swimming check at difficulty 9 to get yourself to a shore this round. Nakano remains perched at the bridge, watching you, Ba Jiao. You know he waits to see if the fight has left you.

    Laughing Crane, you face only Oroshutaki. He fights with a series of sweeps, taking ground with his aggressive tactics.
  • Ba Jiao's falling damage:
    #DiceRoller( 1d4 )

    Oroshutaki's attack (Attack bonus +5, AC of 4.. I assume you aren't using your shield. If so, then it's 3)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    Damage (if he connects):
    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • Swim to shore (+dex mod. Target: 9)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+2 )
  • Actually, Ba, that is a skill check. Please roll 2d8+2.
  • Swim to shore (+dex mod. Target: 9)
    #DiceRoller( 2d8+2 )
  • Ba Jiao, you just so happen to swim to the side of the canal opposite Laughing Crane. You got across! You could probably just climb up and run for it, maybe? What would they do?
  • Ba bursts upwards through the brown water's surface and gasps for air. "Khi nok!"

    Still clutching his swords he manages to swim to the far shore. He scrambles up the first few feet of the bank and looks up to gauge how Laughing Crane is doing against the two Tengu. Seeing that Nakano is perched on the log and watching him, Ba will attempt to scramble all the way to the top and re-engage the birdmen.
  • I use the Scorpion technique
    With my claw (buckler) I deflect a sweep and jab in quickly with my tail (sword).

    Attack (Bonus +3, Str+2)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+9 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
  • Aha!
    His blade is pushed wide by my small shield and I jab lunge into his attack to deliver s quick jab to his torso.
  • Oroshutaki hops back a step, his kimono ripped from Laughing Crane's attack. His head bobs up and down a few times in avian fashion. "Well struck, Laughing Crane!" He sheathes his katana, signalling the end of the duel, and bows a half bow.

    Nakano, however, awaits you at the top of the bridge, Ba Jiao. He calls down, "Warrior, do you need help climbing out of the mud?" His tone is somewhat mocking, but the words are respectful, at least.
  • Soaking wet I scramble up the slope. Ugh! So much for trying to impress this opponent with fancy form, I think to myself shamefully. I have no quick retort to his comment.

    At the top I shake like a wet dog and wring out the putrid water from my sleeves. I quickly rub my palms on the ground to help ensure they are dry.

    "Alright, Tengu! Let's try this again, yes?"

    And I lunge at him with my swords.
  • Attack (Attack+Dex bonus+AC)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )
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