[MH] Visiting Hours [Ho S2:4.9, Te 4.4]

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You two get Ashley to the ER, I suppose taking either her car or Winter's. The wait isn't long before she's taken into the back to see a doctor, leaving you out in the waiting room, since you're not relatives, though it seems clear that they're going to do their best to contact one of her parents.

You have some time, Teddy, while you're waiting, for Holly to show you the book. You huddle together in an isolated corner of the waiting room and maybe she and Winter to explain what they know to the best of their ability. The drawing really does look like you. It's a firm likeness, not attributable to artistic error. There are just things about the image that are too specific. There's the photograph too, with all the older coven members looking for all the world like their daughters playing dress up for an earlier era.

It's a half hour before you get some word that it will take a while for them to finish up with all the cuts on Ashley's arms and face.

It's getting into early evening at this point, maybe an hour before dark in the dead of winter.

I don't know when it is exactly that you decide you want to see Aubrey and talk to her, but it's not hard to find out what room she's in. She's finally out of the ICU but still healing from the injuries done to her by the car.

When you come to the room you find her watching TV, a partially finished hospital tray on one of those metal tables that fits over the bed. She looks pale and sunken-cheeked and thinner than you're used to seeing her. One leg and one arm are in casts and she's in a blue and green plaid flannel nightgown with a sort of lacy trimming at the collar, though it's hiked up to accommodate the cast There's the gentle beep of hospital equipment. The room looks... lived in. She's been here a while. Maybe it reminds you a bit of the feel of Renna's room, Holly.

It takes a minute before she looks over at you. I suppose Teddy led the way. She looks surprised her eyes flickering over you Teddy. I suppose she remembers that thing in the cave. Holly are you here too, or did you and Winter decide to head out? Or something else? If you are behind Teddy, she hasn't quite seen you yet.


  • [Holly]

    Holly is behind Teddy, she wanted to see Aubrey, to say sorry, to see her okay. The room feels comfortable. Holly recognizes it and misses Renna painfully for a moment. The walls need small pictures taped up, ones drawn by young hands.
  • Yeah, you know, I've been here before, earlier in the week. Though I guess just, uh, just once probably. So I'm coming in, kind of looking around a little.

    "Hey, Aubrey. Um. How you doing? I uh ... I brought someone."
  • "Hey." She says in response, with a weak smile. She probably wasn't, you know, that responsive earlier in the week. And tired easily. She is on a lot of pain meds after all.

    "Oh... you know. Awesome food. TV. All the drugs. Peeing in a bag. What's not to love?"

    (That being said I can't find the ref for it, so let me know if there's significant things.)

    She looks behind you, Teddy and sees you, Holly.

    Her smile slips a little, but she doesn't seem angry, just uncertain. "Um... Hi Holly."
  • No, it's like, I just said that I came here in downtime earlier. It was like Tuesday or something, and it's like you said: she was pretty out of it and whatever. It was just visiting as a friend, nothing weird or special. Now I'm walking around the foot of her bed, kind of looking at her chart - just kind of curious if I can figure out what drugs she's on. (You don't have to tell me or anything, I'm just looking.)

    Maybe not quite meeting her eyes yet. I'm not sure how to talk about any of this.

    "Yeah, we were uh ... Ashley's - had an accident. She's got some stitches, and we're like waiting on her parents? It's ... um, it's actually kind of bad."

    Glancing up at her a little. I'm trying not to be all freaking out right now - I've been trying for the past few hours or whatever. But it's probably kind of obvious how worried or uh, how scared I am.
  • You can't identify everything. It looks like narcotics as pain medication. Pretty standard. An anti depressant, anti-inflammatories.

    She looks surprised that you're here because of Ashley. She looks between Holly and you. Winter is still in the waiting room. She promised to fetch both of you if something happened with Ashley.

    "You guys want to sit down?" She nods at the chairs. "What happened?"
  • [Holly]

    Aubrey's greeting caused Holly to look up. She was busy looking at Teddy's feet, trying to remain unobtrusive. She looked up and offered Aubrey a nervous smile, immediately pulling some hair to tuck behind her right ear. Her hands stayed near her hair, gently twisting it into small braids, then releasing it, only to start again.

    Once Aubrey invited them to sit, Holly moves over to the window sill and sits on it. She enjoyed the chill of the sill on her butt mixed with the slightly warmer air in Aubrey's room. Holly starts to answer Aubrey's question, but waits for Teddy. She didn't want Teddy to feel Holly would speak for her girlfriend. Plus, Holly was very uncomfortable around Aubrey still.
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    I sit down there in the chair by the bed, though I'm all up on the very edge of the seat, my hands twisted together on my knees.

    "Um ... I don't know what I should say. There's some stuff going on with her family, and then she found out about ... about some other stuff, I guess it kinda involves you? I think Holly can tell you about it better than I can, but Ash didn't - she didn't take it too well. She kind of hurt herself a little. She found out about some of the magic and things from back, you know, a few months ago ... and then, well, I guess Holly should tell you what's going on now."
  • Aubrey reaches out the hand of her good arm to pat your arm. It has an IV tube taped to her wrist, and she turns to look at you Holly still mystified.

    "What's going on?"
  • [Holly]

    As Teddy was speaking with Aubrey, Holly began lightly kicking her feet as they were hanging down from the sill. Aubrey's question startles her a little and she looks up, to Teddy first, then finally to Aubrey. "We, uhm... we're wishborn, Aubrey. All three of us. Our mommies wished for us because the Fairy King cursed them so they couldn't have babies."

    Holly hops up from the sill and walks over with the book, opening it to pictures of their mothers. She's tentative at first, laying the book on the side of the bed facing Aubrey and pointing hesitantly, "See? See how they look just like us? Even, uhm. Even my mommy. Her name is Ivy."
  • A slight line between her brows, Aubrey reaches out and picks up the group photograph, scanning over the faces.

    "My god..."

    She looks between you, Holly, and the photograph for a moment. Then at the photo for another long moment and sets it down.

    "Mom always... she didn't want me to get into witchcraft. It was my grandmother who got me started. I always thought Mom... but she was. She did it too." She looks between the both of you. "So... Ashley found this out. Do... do the rest of them know too?"
  • I look at you for confirmation, Holly, but I'm like, "You're, um, the last, I think. I guess Ash took it worst, but her mom's been ..."
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods, agreeing with Teddy. "Y-yes. We all know the truth now, uhm, Aubrey." In her heart she wanted to scream, 'I saved you, then I hurt you. Forgive me! Can't we be friends again? I'm sorry!' But her lips only trembled slightly.
  • She lays back against her pillow.

    "I guess it makes sense. Riley, Beth and LIly... Ashley too, even you Holly, when I met you, even though I was... um... dead. I don't know. There was just... something there, you know? Something between us."

    She looks at you, Holly, brow still furrowed.

    "My grandmother and my mom looked... I mean... I saw the pictures of my grandmother young, and she looked exactly like my mom. I mean exactly. So my mom was... uh, like us. So this fairy curse... we have it too don't we?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly nods enthusiastically, "Yes. Yes, there was." She swallows, gathering courage. "Nyx is gone. Neither of us, uhm, ended up with him. I'm... really sorry."
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    I frown, sit back. Why'd you have to go and bring him up?

    "The problem is how you all got cursed or whatever in the first place."
  • Aubrey looks at you, Holly and bites her lip a moment.

    "I know. I... saw the news, since TV is about all I can do. He and Hayden have disappeared. I guess the cops are looking for him ...them. Her poor dad must be freaking out." She sighs, laying back again and looking pretty tired. "It's okay, Holly. I... I don't know now why I was so... so fixed on him. It seems crazy to me. It's not like I meant to... do this. Maybe it's some fairy thing. Maybe it was because I was pretty much all magic for a while. Maybe our, um, coven has a weakness for fairies." She shakes her head. "I don't know."

    "But, you're right, Teddy. Do we know... um... why this all happened?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly moves over to take Aubrey's hand, gently gripping it. She let her speak with Teddy about the curse for a moment, but she did add, "I do think we have a weakness for fairies, Aubrey. Very, uhm, very much so."

    On the subject of how it happened, Holly explains, "The Fairy Queen committed some great sin against the King... against Gwyn. He imprisoned her, and when the coven who served him tried to free her, they were cursed for their line to end with them. Now it has been generations and the Queen grows impatient, some think she's grown insane as well. I have one half of the key to free her, and Dora has the other. We have never been this close to freeing her, but we, uhm, don't know if it is the right thing to do."
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    She looks between you both, seriously.

    "Well, what do you think we should do?"
  • I throw up my hands, kind of exaggerated.

    "Why would anyone want to free her? I mean, seriously. Maybe it wasn't fair she got put away in the first place, but she's obviously something all ... fucked up. You've seen what she does, even locked up! You were there in Marsha's basement, Holly - you know what that felt like. And she was like, like eating the souls of suicide victims for Christ's sake! She's the one that made Marsha get all twisted up, Aubrey, made her crazy enough to kill people and give kids poisoned drugs. And I don't believe for a second Ashley would've, would've hurt herself like that if she hadn't gotten ahold of that fucking evil knife. Everything she touches -"

    "... She's a monster. I don't know if she's insane or just evil or what, but I don't think it really matters! What are you even thinking, talking about letting her go?"
  • [Holly]

    Teddy lays out the irrefutable evidence and Holly looks to her, then Aubrey, and back again. Her mouth twists with dismay, but she lets Teddy say her piece without interrupting. Holly begins pushing the fingernails of her left hand into her palm, leaving half-moon indentations. Her brows knit in consternation and she listens.

    "Dora," Holly says finally, her tone uneven, a bit unsure, "I think my mommy would agree with you. But I need to know for sure. I saw, uhm, a vision that she would be at the old house tonight, maybe tomorrow. Some of, uhm, our sisters are there now. I just... I need to know why she gave me to the Queen, Dora. I need to know why she hid the Queen, but wouldn't free her. I don't understand, and I'm so close to knowing why I'm even here. I just... I know you don't understand me. I know you think I'm stupid, or evil, or something. Maybe both. I... I am so close to some kind of truth. I just want to know."
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    I'm kind of quiet, not meeting your eyes - like a little bit embarrassed to be pushing so hard, and I'm saying, like:

    "I - sure, I know. I'm not saying, uh, you shouldn't see your mom or anything. I wouldn't stop you from doing that ... I mean, I know it's not the same, but I miss having my dad around, so I kind of know ..."
  • [Holly]

    Teddy's admission about her dad weighs heavy on Holly, causes her anger to dissipate. "I, uhm... I promised your, um, the Fairy King." Holly stammered slightly. "I promised him I wouldn't free the Queen until I spoke with him again. I don't want to speak to him until I've met Ivy. If... if you want to come with me, Dora. You can, uhm.... well, you can."

    She looked suddenly at Aubrey, "I would invite you, too. But..." She licked her lips. "When, uhm, do they let you go?"
  • I'm kind of shrugging, still embarrassed.

    "I got to wait, you know, a little bit. Until Ash's family comes ..."
  • [Holly]

    Holly agrees, "Right. Well, uhm, they're on their way. And, uhm, I didn't see IVy until night. So I think we're okay."
  • Aubrey smiles ruefully.

    "I'm supposed to go home in a few days, maybe a week." She motions to the cast on her leg. It's a full cast, going up past her mid thigh. "But I won't be on my feet for a while after. I can't really use crutches with my arm like this. You two go ahead, but..." She looks at you Holly. "But maybe you can bring everyone to see me soon. We need to be together."
  • [Holly]

    "Yes, Aubrey. Of course!" Holly replies with sudden enthusiasm. Aubrey's acceptance and desire for a future visit thrills her. "I know everyone misses you. I will let our sisters know. I'm sure you'll be swamped with visits."

    After that, Holly glances over at Teddy, curious if she needed anything more from Aubrey.
  • "Sure, but um ..."

    I'm glancing at the door.

    "Aubrey? You've used, you know, magic, right? A little? Isn't it kind of the Queen's magic? What's that ... like? Did your grandma say anything?"
  • Aubrey glances at Holly the back at you, furrowing her brow again in thought.

    "I guess it is? I mean... I don't think grandma ever told me explicitly... well wait. I guess, yeah she said out magic was a gift of the faerie... no... not gift. Um.... legacy, maybe? I think that's the word she used. I guess I was kind of stupid not to believe it. Magic was real after all, but I mean, faeries? Until I met Myrii, and... um... Nyx, I didn't really think they were real, you know?"

    She pauses.

    "She used to tell this story to me, when I went to stay at her house. A bedtime story, I guess. It was about a fairy princess. She had, um... six sisters. Well, half-sisters, I guess. They were each a daugher of the fairy queen and one of her seven mortal lovers. I... uh... I guess when they came of age, they had to choose between their mortal heart and their fairy heart." Her voice slips into a remembered rhythm, her eyes losing focus.

    "All of the six, except the youngest, chose their fairy heart and became purely fairy, passing from this world into the veil between, and dance there to this day. The last though, fell into true love with a mortal and so chose her mortal heart. This brought great sorrow to the queen, for her favorite child was now mortal and would perish in the way of the world outside the veil. Still she doted on her child, granting her the boon of magic and and blessing her with seven daughters who inherited her magic."

    "One day the Fairy King saw the princesses' lover in the woods and conceived a great lust for the mortal. He pursued and seduced the lover into betraying the princess. The lover had sworn fidelity and mortal though the princess was, a promise is the very core of a fairy. The princess despired, her fragile mortal heart broke, and she died. The Queen gathered her mortal grandchildren to her bosom and taught them the use of their magic, and promised them that their mother would be avenged. That one day, when the Fairy King gave his heart to a lover, the Queen would take that lover from him."

    "The king was clever though, knowing it was both a mother and a fairy's nature to seek redress for harm to her children. He tricked the queen into promising a boon to him, should he win a great contest of riddles between them. The queen lost the contest but the King chose not to name his boon. She asked him each year after to name his boon and he refused."

    "The day he gave his heart, he went to the queen and claimed his boon, that she would not seduce his beloved away. The queen was stuck between her promise to the King and her promise to her grandchildren to avenge her daughter. She chose vengeance and seduced the woman. The fairy King was angry and imposed his penalty, dividing the queen from her magic and imprisoning both.

    And so the seven mortal granddaughters of the fairy queen were alone in the world. They passed their magic to their daughters, and those daughters to their daughters, seven witches in each generation, and so on to this day."

    She's quiet a moment.

    "I thought it was just a story. A myth, you know, about how we got our magic. But it matches up with what you know, I guess. The magic itself... I guess it was from the queen originally, a gift, like the story says, but it doesn't come from her now. Not directly, anyway. And the story says that her magic was imprisoned too."
  • [Holly]

    Holly listens quietly to the story, moving over to sit on the bed at Aubrey's side, taking her hand if she allows it. At the end, her eyes grow wider and wider, until when the silence comes, she looks to Teddy, "I think we have found the Queen. But... where is her magic, Dora? Aubrey?"
  • I look over at you.

    "Where's that marble you found at Marsha's place?"
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