MH - Epilogues

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The end of the school year. A few months later.


  • Holly
    The last day of school was filled with hugs and excited teenagers. Holly hugged Winter fiercely, holding her and not wanting to let go. "I love you, Winnie. I will write you every day, I promise. When I graduate, I promise I'll come back." Tears were gone, Holly had cried herself out for weeks after Ivy broke the news to her about her mother's new job, about the impending move.

    Hugs were given to the rest of her friends, to her sisters, even some of her classmates. Being freed from the weight of the Queen had lifted Holly's spirits for the past few months. She branched out, made friends, grew.

    Now, she had to pick everything up, and start over.

    One last hug and one long kiss with Winter, and Holly walked to Ivy's car, loaded down with what stuff they could move with them. They drove off together, daughter and mother, to a new place, a new life.
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