Unusual Pathfinder over skype/hangout? (Pitch)

edited February 2015 in Pitch
One of my friends wants to run a pathfinder game in a setting he's creating. It's a demi-plane left over from a war between a positive energy plane and a negative energy plane. Everything has been abandoned for a long time, and started to fall into decay. Most people (including PCs) are partial constructs, augmented with some mechanical/cybernetic parts granting them extended life and special abilities. He wants to stick to Psionic classes because he feels those are better balanced than a lot of pathfinder classes, and restricting to those can eliminate a lot of game-breaking twink stuff. Most of his regular group aren't interested in a somewhat non-traditional game, so I said I'd pitch it here. He'd like to run over skype/hangouts/etc., since play-by-post Pathfinder would probably be miserable.
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