[The Menagerie] A day in the life of Nickel (Ni1.1)

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Every morning, all throughout 12th Street Station, the klaxon can be heard. Without a sun to tell the people of 12th Street when morning has come and night has ended, the tunnelers needed another way to signal the day's start. They managed salvage a loudspeaker set up from the ruins below the earth, and they were able to power it with generators rigged up to run on sap from the trees above, collected by the daylighters. Every morning, the loudspeaker blares with a terrible noise to wake the tunnelers.

You found a nice place to stay last night. A room set off from the rest of 12th Street. It was filled with machinery, broken down, rusted, cracked, old, but still...somehow nice to look at. The shapes, the way they overlap, fit over each other. It's somehow a mirror of the surface, chaotic order, ordered chaos. You fell asleep with a scavenged blanket made out of old car cushions pulled over you, contemplating those shapes in the darkness as thin orange light from the daylighters' lamps slipped through the cracks in the walls.

Now, the klaxon sounds. And now, you're awake. How do you feel about the klaxon? Is it just plain annoying, or are you used to it?

The light is brighter, and you can faintly smell the burning cinnamon scent of the lamps. There's one not far outside the room, and the fumes coming off it gently trickle past your nose. You're not sure exactly what they burn; some combination of salvaged coal with stuff from the surface.

And then, the light trickling into the room vanishes. Someone is standing outside.

“In there?” A man's voice. You think you recognize it. Dremmer?

“Ya. Saw 'im coom in dere las' noight.” That's Omie Wise, one of the daylighter women. She's on and off kind, depending on whether she's been laid recently. Sometimes, she gives you some leftover bread. Sometimes, she cuffs you on the ear as you walk by, calls you a freak.

“Good. Get out of here.” You hear a jingle, and then footsteps.

“Yo. Weird kid. You in there?”

What do you do?



    Mostly nobody pays me any mind so I don’t go out of my way to hide myself during the day. But nights I like to spend protected. When I’m lucky enough to have secured a safe place with some friendly parental figure, I sleep better. Otherwise it’s a place like this, out of the way and as obscure as possible.

    I had planned to spend the night near Kray. Near him, not with him. I’m not quite to the point of comfort with him yet but having him within earshot would have been nice right now. The sounds of his fucking though never stops and I just doesn’t care for that kind of music. That old lady Springroll he’s been seeing is a boor, and I just wish he’d drop her for good. Their noise was too much for me and I scrambled off to find this place.

    I’m not quick to wake, even through the klaxon. It’s not as if I have a job to do. I stay up late so the thing is pretty much an annoyance, people tend to do bad things in the evening so I find it’s safest to be the last one sleeping. Wish I could sleep through it but it does wake me. Sleeping curled up on my side under a mound of cushions, wearing pretty much everything I own. The small fire I had burning last night in an old tuna can half-full of some sterno-like wax long gone cold.

    Something in the totally unexpected voices outside makes me feel as if I might be dreaming. I squint and stare at the door as the brief conversation goes on. Everything moves slowly and the voices blend as I peer hazily through the cracks in the door at the shadows moving beyond.

    As soon as Dremmer calls to me though... “weird kid” SNAP I’m awake and it’s oh shit time...

    Scrambling to get my stuff together and out from under this mound of cushions I realize I may not have a way to avoid this and I’m making a shitload of noise. I just try to freeze for a moment, still disheveled and really unprepared. Through my own fast panicked breathing I carefully listen, I heard two voices... one of them walked away... Omie Wise I think... is it just one guy? How well do I know Dremmer? Have I heard the sound of a weapon?

    Time to read the sitch: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    On a hit: Where’s my best escape route? (10+ What should I be on the lookout for? / Who’s in control here?)
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    Feeling that I might have a way out if things go bad (whatever that may be, let me know if not) I gain a little composure.
    Rising to my feet I say, my voice soft but slightly scratchy from just waking up, "Y..yes I'm in here, what do you want from me?"
  • Your best escape route would be to climb up on the broken machinery, and scatter out a hole in the ceiling where some rubble fell. It's probably not the safest, exactly, and you're not terribly certain where you'd go from there, or how you'd get back down. But it'd get you the hell out of this room, and away from this fucker, without him getting a shot at you. You're reasonably confident you can make it out there without him catching you, assuming you don't slip or stumble.

    Best you can tell, Dremmer's alone. Didn't hear that many footsteps, but then, you are still just waking up. You're still kinda groggy.

    "Get the fuck out here, weird kid, and we can talk. I've got some work I want you to do for me. There's pay in it for you if you do it."

    How well DO you know Dremmer? I woudn't think all that well; Dremmer's a daylighter, you probably know that much, but he's got aspirations of moving deeper. As daylighters go, he's pretty wealthy, too, so you might've heard from him that way.

    Don't like when people tell me "the fuck" something. Sounds like they think I owe them. But the guy's not known to be too dangerous and he is rich. Can't think of any reason why he'd want to hurt me, specially since someone knows he's here.


    "I'm coming out ok? But back off, I don't know you and my dad will be pissed if you touch me."

    I sharply unlatch the door and step back as I wrench it open with all my weight and a soft grunt, big metal door that's seen better times, it scrapes along the floor loudly. Step out from behind it, and face Dremmer trying to look confident despite the fact that I'm pretty damn scared right now. I do not like to be alone facing a lone man, I'd prefer he had Omie Wise or at least somebody with him.

    Hands in my jacket pockets I step into the doorway as long as he's looking... well behaved. I'm just a slight thing probably half his size, my bright green eyes shining as I squint up at him in the sudden light. He's just a fuzzy silhouette to me.

    "So what you want from me?" I say, not really meeting his eye and keeping that escape route in mind just in case.
  • Dremmer's wearing some thick, hempen pants, and a dirty traffic safety vest over his torso. He's got a knife hanging at his side, but that's not out of the ordinary. He's not looking particularly inclined to violence, but then, things can change fast. Over his shoulder, he's carrying a dirty burlap sack.

    When you open the door, he looks down at you (because he's definitely taller than you, even though the fucker's still a bit short), and he sneers. It's that look you've gotten used to, from some of the folk in 12th Street who think you're just a bit too weird to be left to run around the station. It's also that look that crops up when people need you, and hate the fact.

    "I hear a lot of weird shit about you. You can crawl into people's heads through their eyes, and you can walk through walls, and you can turn into monsters. Bullshit, I'm sure, from the ignorant fucks who live around here." He momentarily throws that sneer behind him, towards the daylight part of 12th Street, and then turns it back to you. "But there's enough running around that you've gotta be able to do some shit. Right? So what can you do? Can you get into people's heads? Make them do things?"

    Hmm... Dremmer needs me for something so I'm going to push it a little.

    "People say a lot of things about me. I can do some of that yes. But I just woke up and I'm so hungry, let’s go eat something? Old lady Bah makes some good breakfast, cheap. Maybe she'll give me some, we can share. We can talk about it."

    As sweet as can be and cracking a little smile I reach up for him to take my hand, stepping out of the dark. Still anxious in case he tries something, but I’d rather get his out in the open, around other people. Hopefully he’s not afraid to be seen with me.

    “Come on, let’s go, I like to make new friends.”

    Probably a good time to read him #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • He looks down at your extended hand, and that sneer triples in intensity. He rears back his foot and swings it forward. The kick catches you in your chest, and knocks you backward, onto your ass.

    "Stay the fuck away from me, you creature!" he exclaims. "We are not friends. At best, we are to be business associates, though I'm loathe to even call us that. I don't want to be seen with you, around you, near you, or in contact with you in any way. You're disgusting." He actually reaches a hand down and starts wiping at his foot, as if to get your slime off his shoe.

    "You want food, get your own. There'll be plenty of money for you to get some if you do what I want, though less now than there would've been before. If you want any hope of still getting paid, and not making me any angrier, then give me a straight up answer, you little cunt: Can you get into people's heads and make them do things, or can't you?" He's glaring daggers at you, and one hand has dropped to hang close to his own knife.
  • My face betrays my real fear for a moment as I look up at him. His kick was hard and unexpected, took the wind out of me and while I’ve been hurt before I don’t usually just take a hit like that.

    For the moment I don’t get up. I know I’m not charming but FUCK.

    While down on the ground, I hunch over, shuddering and holding my chest where he kicked me, this is no act, the pain is real. I close my eyes and let me perception spread, a blur of tiny dark specks within my vision. My eyes full of gnat-like presences, people, rats, bugs, spores and seeds, I see them all in different shades. I’m reaching out to find anyone who is on my side. Kray? Tails? Anyone? Is anyone even on my side? Damn…

    Opening my brain #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    Xp (1)

    Then (Presuming I’m capable), “I… yes ok I’ll do what you want.” I do not like admitting what I do, not at all.
  • Dremmer smiles thinly. "Good. That's what I want to hear. And I'm a good guy, believe me. You do what I want, and I'll make sure you get compensated. Just stay the fuck away from me, got it? I wanted to find you last night, but you're a hard little shit to find. I'm pressing my luck now as is, with the klaxon having sounded, and you better appreciate that. You tell no one I was here, you got it? Omie Wise can keep her mouth shut, and you better fucking do the same."

    He reaches into the sack on his back, and pulls out a few pieces of herb. He drops them on the floor in front of you.

    "There's more in the bag, should be plenty of payment for you. You're going to go find Tavi - you know Tavi, right? - go find Tavi, and you're going to make her need me." He smiles again, a little more broadly this time, and he licks his lips. "I mean, you're going to make her want me so much she'll fucking take her clothes off in public if it means she gets to do me. Right?"
  • Tavi? My mind races… Tavi…

    Tavi is one of the people I’m afraid to follow. She’s confident and smooth and strong, all the things I’m not. Tavi would probably cut me in half if I try anything, I know she would. I like her sister, Shade, I’ve been watching her and her student Abondo dancing. Makes me feel good.

    But Tavi scares me, the last person I want to try and get close to.

    It’s probably obvious that I’m not happy with this request. I glare down at the herbs on the floor. What am I a dog? Up at him. I’m feeling enraged that he’d come to me for… to get him sex. But there’s nothing I can do.

    Quietly and reluctantly, “Sure… Tavi. Yes I know Tavi, just leave me alone and I’ll do it.”

    This is a nightmare.
  • He's still smiling. "Good. Good. You do that, kid, and there's more for you like that." He points to the bag. "And remember, I was never fucking here."

    And with that, he's checking in the halls around the area, and he slips away.
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    As soon as he's out of sight, I crouch down in just a little ball, shivering. A nightmare.

    After a few minutes I check to see that I have all my things, pick up the herbs he's dropped and stuff them in a pocket. I stand, exhale a big breath to try and put the lingering sting of his kick out of my mind and start to stagger my way out of here.

    Thinking if I should go talk to Shade, I don't think she knows me very well but she seems nice, I make my way to the tunnels to find something to eat.

    I think maybe Omie Wise will have something for me. Yes... there, very good.
  • The herbs, by the way, are good shit. You can smoke 'em if you want, but they're 1-barter if you don't. Dremmer's a prick, but he's a businessman, too.

    So you're going to Omie Wise, right?
  • Yes. She will likely be feeling... guilty? Something.... sure I can at least score some breakfast out of that.
    And I can just let her know that I know.
  • Because I decided to run it as a test of our notation system, and because it felt appropriate, you're here now.
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