[The Menagerie] Following the Pack (Kr1.3)

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Kray, you're following Pike, H, and Fianelly as they take Fianelly to a medic. Are you actively trying not to be seen? Are you keeping a significant distance back? Are you totally fine with them seeing you?


  • I'm trying not to be seen, but not ducking and hiding behind pillars and stuff -- that's not my style. I'm just hanging back what I hope is a safe distance. If they see me, that's not the end of the world.
  • Assuming that I'm acting under fire to maintain the right distance, #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • They don't notice a damned thing.

    You catch snatches of their conversation as they move, although it's not perfectly audible at all times.

    "...She's gonna be so pissed!..."
    "...kill that fucking girlboy, gut it..."
    "...shut up, we just have to think, use our heads..."
    "...fucking Ricarra, make an example out of him..."
    "...it hurts so fucking much!"

    That last, of course, was Fianelly, who is still groaning, and dripping blood. Even if you did lose them, it'd be pretty easy to pick up the trail thanks to the drops of her blood along the way.

    They take a winding, back alley route, and it's actually not to the known medic of 12th Street, daylight quarter. Instead, they wind up at a hovel built out of the remains of a giant tree stump, carried inside from Above. There's a light on inside, based on the light pouring from a little hole in the stump. They approach the door, and Pike raps his knuckles against it. You hear him say something at the door, "Flanksteak." Then the door swings open, and the three go inside.

    You probably don't recognize this place. Maybe you've seen it before, but you've never been inside.

    What do you do?
  • A lot of the area up here in daylighter territory, the glowing mosses and lichens -- whatever that shit is, won't grown right. It does OK in houses and tight corners and stuff, but there's a need for real lights. Some places have electric lights and others burn hydrocarbons. There's a fuel-seller I know, not too far from here. I'm getting a barrel of kerosene or methanol or whatever they have and bringing it back.
  • Okay, I'll be quite honest. My only hesitation here is that if you want to get some kerosene or methanol, it's probably not just lying around, and it's probably not just free. I feel like a dick for making you pay 1-barter for it, though, because 1-barter is a lot. So maybe you're getting several barrels of kerosene?

    Regardless, you'd totally have to talk to the kerosene dealer, at least a little bit. Are you comfortable with all that? Hell, you might just be able to threaten a barrel of the stuff out of the dealer.
  • That's fine, I'll talk to him.
  • "Hi Snickers. I need some more oil -- same deal as last time, I'm taking one barrel now and you keep track of what you owe me; I know you're good for it. Also same deal as last time, you never saw me." I toss down a ratty old backpack full of little stuffed animals -- still in plastic wrap, yellowed with age, but mostly still sound. "What'll that get me?"
  • Is that backpack one barter? Or is that just stuff?
  • One barter, I figure. I only have one, so that's it. I'll have to "earn" some more.
  • Gotcha, just wanted to make sure.

    Snickers is a ratty looking fella. He wears a cap, made from the fur of some purple beast, pulled tight over his ears, and a leather apron over trenchcoat for the rest of his clothing. He is perpetually smiling.

    "Kray! Such a good customer." Bits of spittle spill out from between his large front teeth as he speaks. "Da usual for you, buddy. Aldough..." He looks around conspiratorially, then leans in close to you. "I got some better stuff, you want it. Primo grade shit, Kray. High quality. Dis stuff'll burn sweet and long. I'll give ya one barrel of da good shit, or tree of da regular stuff. What'll it be?"
  • "Regular is fine. I'm a quantity over quality kind of guy."
  • Snickers keeps on grinning at you. "Yeah, I know about dat. Wid da ladies, too, huh? Yeeeeaaaah?"

    Snickers rolls one barrel off the truck bed behind him, until it rests at your feet. "You have fun now, kiddo! I'll have da odders delivered to your place."
  • "No, I'll pick them up from you later. OK?"

    I heave the barrel up onto my shoulder and head back to the stump. I'm going to pour about two thirds of the barrel of fuel around the base of the building while listening for noise from the inside.
  • Snickers just says, "Aright, chum," and then, smiling, watches you go.

    You hear voices from inside, but they're very muffled, quiet. You can't hear what they're saying.
  • Turning the barrel on end -- a few feet in front of the door to the stump, I'll break out the side wall and light the contents on fire. It'll burn ferociously, but slowly. Then I'll open the door to the place and look inside. What's going on in there?
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    What are you lighting the contents on fire with, out of curiosity? Anything significant? A lighter? Matches, maybe, but matches are probably getting rare every day.

    Door's locked, by the way. It strains against the lock when you push against it, and you think you hear someone move on the other side. What do you do?
  • Funny that I take lighting a fire for granted. I've even been in the woods without reliable matches and it sucks. Let's say that Snickers also supplies other burning apparatus and I took a lit punk/candle/fuse with the barrel. That sound reasonable?

    I'll knock on the door and wait a few seconds for a response. If someone answers, I'll say "flanksteak" just to see what happens. If not, I'll kick hard at the bottom hinge.
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    ETA: Maybe snickers sells sticks, coated with a gel on the end. The gel is harvested from firebeetles from above. They're relatively small, and relatively innocuous, unless they explode on you. They pull in the energy from the lightning storms and fill themselves with a fluid which can be turned into a flammable gel. Strike the gel-coated end of the stick, and it ignites. These aren't entirely cheap, though. You got at least ten or so with the oil, thus accounting for the full barter you spent. Fair?

    When you knock on the door, a deep voice says, "Yeah, whudizzit?"

    When you say "Flanksteak," the door opens. On the other side, you recognize Bingo, a big, meaty woman. She's quite the respected fighter, a tough woman, though she theoretically works as a butcher in the daylight markets. Her face is nicked and scared, and her hair is frizzy and tied in a tail running back from her head. Her eyes widen when she sees you, and she immediately goes for a shotgun leaning against a wall next to her. She's standing in a small antechamber, and behind her there's one set of stairs, up and back into the rest of the stump, and another set of stairs, down, below the level of the rest of the daylight quarter.

    What do you do?
  • Without a thought, I enter bodily, pushing her into the wall. If I have clearance, I'll swing my axe at her head. If not, I'm just punching her with the top of the axe head. I'd like her to die as quietly as possible.

    Seems like it has to be one of the hard moves so that's what I'm rolling. If not, adjust as needed: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • You can't always get what you want. :)
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    I'm not sure what that was, honestly. Going aggro? Seize? She was trying to defend herself, I guess, so maybe it was a seize. Does that make sense? I don't want to screw you over unduly.

    ETA: To be clear, I understand that either way, I get to make as hard a move as I like, but I think it changes the flavor to know which it was.
  • Oh, I got what I want. Entertainment!
  • I think it's Seize. "...is is a move for when the guns and knives and crowbars are already out on both sides."
  • She's going for a gun and he's trying to kill her. Toss-up. Go MC go. Hard as you like.
  • She's a big strong woman, word around 12th street is she often eats flanksteak.
  • She's never eaten mine.
  • HEYO!

    You move with a speed no one would ever expect, and your axe is out, and swinging up, and it's going to come down and cleave her head right fucking open like a ripe melon, and -

    Shit. You're a big guy, Kray, and you swung a bit too high. The axe caught itself in the top of the door frame. A bit of effort and you cleave straight through, but the pause in the swing is time enough for Bingo to leap back while swinging the barrel of the shotgun up and at your chest. She snarls as she squeezes the trigger, sending shot right into you. 3-harm, Kray. Please roll the harm move.

    Bingo dashes back, towards the stairs slightly up and back. She rolls through the door, and hides behind one wall, before popping out a bit to take aim and let loose some more shots.

    Elsewhere in the building, you hear shouts and the sound of pounding feet.

    What do you do?
  • (First, I have move that kicks in when I'm "being scary as fuck and coming at someone." Does this count? It affects my armor and thus harm roll. I'm rolling +0 on the assumption that it counted at that moment, but modify it up by one if you disagree. #DiceRoller( 2d6 ) )

    Fuck. It always goes south.

    As I take a circle of lead to the chest, there's some really annoying bruising under my razordillo armor. That's going to sting, but I don't have time to think about that. I step back and to the side so she'd have to shoot through the wall to get me. Then I kick the barrel of flaming fuel over toward the now-open door. "You like it warm, bitch?"
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