[High Valor] Reclaiming Revehald OOC

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OOC thread for Reclaiming Revehald.

If you are here because I linked you to this, you know the drill.

If you are here because you are browsing randomly -- no, sorry, we're full, thanks for asking!

Oh, and yes. Rolling! This forum allows rolling on the post, but does not allow editing of posts in which rolling is made... So please, when a roll is called for, make a post, then make another post immediatelly after with your roll.

Like so:


  • #DiceRoller( 3d10 )
  • DWeird, just wondering if you could post the logs from the earlier sessions somewhere. It would be nice if we could reference those should the need arise.
  • Now, before I go ahead and roll for this, I'll be waiting on an evaluation of the likely challenge rating of this particular feat.
  • I'm going to have to say Greater -- but the dragonform so produced will be ephemeral and wispy, rather than an illusion true and proper. Good enough for your purposes, though.

    The Setback will be that your hair stands on its ends somewhat, getting a bit floaty, as if you were swimming underwater, as well as emitting a low-key glow.

    Both the illusion and the glow will last as long as the campfire will -- into the late night or morning, in other words.
  • Greater challenge for anything that's not fleeing the scene as soon as possible, gentlemen.

    The setback if you fail is you get clobbered or slashes or pushed around a bit by the playful Tamgar. Feel free to embelish.
  • Yar! If you want to do something, get it done by Friday - we'll have a big moving-on-with-the scene event then.
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