[The Menagerie] Following the Pack (Kr1.3)



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    Dude...I suck! (But got xp-3)

  • Yeah, I was going to say, what did you do to the dice that they hate you so much?!

    On the upside, you've been getting shot and smacked and so on and so forth, and you're really not all that messed up for it. So that's gotta stand for something.
  • Nickel was doing better against these guys. :-)
  • The shotgun roars. Twerp falls away from you, his torso a mess of blood and organs. Verne screams and flees. H and Fianelly are limping away.

    A shot buzzes over your shoulder.

    "Drop the fucking shotgun and stay right the fuck where you are!"

    It's Sun's voice. If you turn your head, you can see him, a distance away, rifle out, aimed at you. There are a couple people with him, one or two, pointing at you furiously. "It's him!" one of them says. "He lit the fire, we saw him do it!"

    And, you realize, Sun just saw you shred Twerp's organs, while you were backlit by the flaming stump house. He's got his rifle on you, and he's not prone to missing.

    What do you do?
  • "This has nothing to do with you Sunny. These folks and I are having a disagreement."

    I haven't dropped the shotgun but I'm not in an aggressive posture, just defiant.
  • "A disagreement? You miserable fuck! You burned down that building! You might've caused a fire that's going to burn down the rest of the daylight quarter! And you killed that man in cold blood!"

    As Sun speaks, you can hear yelling from some of the alleys nearby. Probably the fire crew from the daylight quarter. Nothing all that special, just a bunch of daylighters who agreed to try to put out fires if ever they started up here. A number of the buildings are built out of wood taken from the surface, so this is a matter of survival for them.

    "Drop the gun! You have three seconds, and then I shoot you in the head! One!"
  • I set the shotgun carefully against a nearby pillar and turn to face Sun. "Miserable fuck?" I have not put down my axe.

    I lean toward him and start taking steps. By the time he gets his first shot off, I'll be at a full run and holding the fireaxe in both hands, preparing to hack him to bits.
  • Hmmm.

    Okay, he totally had the gun up and ready. Now, you're using an axe. This is where the ranges come into play, I'm thinking, because you can't seize until you're "close", whereas he's at "far" to use his rifle. So, act under fire, I think, to get close, with the fire being, um, he's shooting at you.
  • OK. #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • And harm: #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • (I am coming to the conclusion that thinking up stuff for the harm move is just frigging infuriating.)

    As you charge towards him, bullets thud into your armor, but they do not a thing to stop you, titan of fury that you are. Until one of them catches the axe in your hands and sends it skittering off to the side. Shit.

    What do you do? (You're in close range now.)
  • I ignore the axe, I'm at full speed and I just slam my shoulder into Sun, trying to throw him into the wall behind him. Once we've both come to a stop, I'll take his gun and inspect the situation. #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 ) xp-4
  • Seize, right? Whatchu want, now you trounced him?
  • Take definite hold of the gun, frighten my enemies and take little harm.

    And I immediately turn to the nosy citizens who ratted me out. I point the gun at the more vulnerable-looking of the two. "OK, do I have to kill you two just to make sure that you forget what you saw here?" If they do anything short of full-on assurance and agreement, I shoot one and then beat the other to death with the rifle.
  • So, Sun is smooshed up against a wall, the breath knocked out of him. He got a shot off as you were coming in (for 2-harm, but between your armor and take little harm, it's down to -1, so make the harm move, please, at a -1). The gun's in your hands, and Sun isn't moving; he knows you could tear his head off in a moment if you wanted. The two who're standing there, the ones who ratted you out, you recognize them now that you're closer. Muniz and Rebar.

    (NOTE: Wilson: Muniz and Rebar are lovers who run a smithy of insect parts up in the daylight quarter. They treat you pretty well. Why's that? Because you bring them plenty of business?)

    They're shaking, and they aren't moving.

    "No, ah, no, no no," Muniz says. "No killing, no need, no, won't tell no one, no!" Rebar nods.
  • Harm: #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    "I didn't say anything about telling folks -- I want you to forget."
  • "Forgotten! Totally forgotten!" Muniz, still doing the talking, Rebar, still look too shocked to speak. His eyes flit from you to Sun and back. Then he nods furiously.

    Sun is still refraining from movement, but boy is he glaring daggers at you.
  • "Get moving then!"

    As they leave, I turn back to Sun and I'm leaning very close; face to face. I'm going to start talking to him and while it's clearly not my strong suit, I'm reading him #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    "I had things more or less under control. Now that you've got involved, everything went to shit. This burning house is a terrorist cell. They're working for Exit who is trying to stage a coup against your boss. Now either you had no idea or you're in on it and that's why you shot me. Being the law-and-order kind of guy that I am, I'm more concerned with your possible traitorous complicity. So, should I rip your traitor's head off and mount it on a post or should I forgive you for shooting me as some kind of overzealous misunderstanding?"
  • Yep, Muniz and Rebar are gone, back into the daylight quarter.

    You're pretty sure that you've got a limited amount of time before lots more people start spilling into the area, though, to put out this fire, now that the smoke has definitely started rising above the nearby shacks. A fire amidst the often wooden houses of the daylight quarter is not a little deal, so people will be coming very soon.

    Sun just sort of glares at you as best he can while your hands are around your neck.

    "I don't believe a fucking word you say. You're a fucking monster, and all you do is murder. You don't care about anything but destruction and your own diseased cock. If you're going to kill me, do it, you creature. I'd rather not look at you anymore." A smirk twists his face horribly. "And I'm damn certain that you won't get away with it, either. So if I have to die for someone to take you down, then fine, do it. Kill me. Enjoy it."

    He spits at you.
  • What's your character really feeling?
  • Obviously, furious. He hates you, for a number of reasons, beyond just the fact that you cuckolded him. He hates that you are so strong, so powerful, so...ahem...potent, and he's not. He hates that you destroy at will, without a second thought (or so it seems to him), and he's wracked by doubts. He hates that, if you're telling the truth, you uncovered a plot that he should've been on top of, once more one-upping him.

    If it's not clear, mixed in with the hate, there's more than a fair bit of shame.
  • "Well OK, then. If you're not in on it, I don't have a beef -- right this second, with you. This finding plots out business; that's your job, not mine -- maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Consider this a tip from a concerned citizen."

    I lean off of him -- letting him breath properly. I lean his rifle against the wall and I walk back to where I lost hold on my new shotgun. I intend to fade into the crowd via the back-alleys. Is he going to fuck this up?
  • Sun just stares at you as you move away. He would love nothing more than to grab up his rifle, and go after you, but he knows better, especially with him in his current state. So he just stays behind and watches you go. The burning building is reflected in his eyes.

    You manage to slip away, and the fire crews moving in, carrying a few buckets and a few tuber worms, they don't notice you at all, so intent are they on the fire.

    Where you heading?
  • Filling Pepper's bowl with water and heading back to his shack.
  • I'm just gonna keep it in this thread.

    It's a bit of an endeavor, getting some water into the bowl at the main watering hole, as there are people crowded around, filling buckets and tuber worms with water to put out the fire. But eventually, enough people notice you looming to get the hell out of your way and let you get at the water. You head back to Pepper's tin shack, carrying it, and as you do the crowds thin out, with most of the people paying attention to the smoke drifting across the roof tops.

    Inside the shack, Pepper is sitting up, his legs over the side of the bed. His arms are propped up on his knees, and his head is in his hands. He's groaning a bit. There's a pile of vomit on the floor next to his bed.

    When the door opens, he turns a bleary eye towards you. And then his eyes widen, and he begins visibly shaking. He tries to scramble away from you, back into the corner of the room, over his bed.

    "Stay....STAY TH' FUG BACK!"
  • I just walk to him, and hold out the bowl expectantly. "Water." I'm being cautious. If he does something that would spill the water, I'm preventing that.
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    He just stares at the bowl of water like there's going to be a viper in it, and it's going to eat his face off if he goes for a drink.

    "Look, look, I got money, jus' take it and leave, okay?"
  • "Clean yourself up."
  • You threatening him in any way? Playing nice in any way? He doesn't seem inclined to move with you around. He's seen your face, man, and it isn't setting him at ease whenever he's looking at your mask and imagining what was beneath.
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