[The Hulk] The Hardholder - Marco

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Name: Marco

Look: Man, casual wear, soft face, forgiving eyes, fat body

Marco's a big guy, though he's probably stronger than he looks. He wears a trench coat, snow suspenders, and thick woolen gray turtleneck sweaters, along with rubber boots. His clothes are a lot like what you'd imagine a cold-weather fishing boat captain would look like. Nothing too fancy.

Cool: -1
*Hard: +3* (act under fire, seize by force, go aggro, leadership, wealth)
Hot: +2 (seduce, manipulate)
*Sharp: +2* (read a person, read a sitch)
Weird: 0 (open brain to the maelstrom)


X - roll to read Setter
X - roll to manipulate Setter
X - carrot from Setter's manipulate (to give her what she needs to save the girl)
X - roll to read Pinto
X - roll to read Veronica

X - roll to manipulate Veronica
X - roll to read Marshmallow
X - Hx with Pulse rolling over
X - roll for fuel
X - roll for wealth

X - roll to read Pulse
X - roll to read Veronica
X - roll for Leadership against Preen
X - roll for Leadership against Ricarra
X - roll to read Setter

X - roll to read Pulse
X - roll to read the sitch
X - roll to read Ricarra
X - roll to go aggro on Ricarra
X - GM-granted Carrot for hurting Pulse

X - roll to seize Pulse's life by force


_X_ get +1hard (max hard+3)
__ get +1weird (max weird+2)
__ get +1cool (max cool+2)
_X_ get +1hot (max hot+2)
_X_ get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
__ choose a new option for your holding
__ choose a new option for your holding
__ erase an option from your holding
_X_ get a move from another playbook (Battle-hardened)
__ get a move from another playbook

__ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
__ choose 3 basic moves and advance them
__ advance the other 4 basic moves


Lemma -1
Marshmallow -1
Pulse +1
Setter +3
Veronica +2

Battle-hardened (roll+hard to Act Under Fire)

Large population (200-300 people)
Well-disciplined gang
Sophisticated armory
Holding owes protective tribute
Compound is mostly tents, lean-tos, wooden walls

Surplus: 2-barter
Want: hungry, disease, idle, reprisals

40 violent people (4-harm gang medium 1-armor)

Sawed-off shotgun (3-harm loud close messy)
2-Barter, and 2-Barter later

0-3: X

Fuel Clock:
0-3: X

Marco sees the world in clear-cut categories. This causes some problems and avoids others. If you're one of his, one of the people he looks after, then he'd die for you. If you're not, then he's not going to hurt you unduly, but you're on your own. If you're an enemy, he will shoot you in the head before he speaks word one to you. It makes him honest, straightforward, and easy enough to deal with. Guess that's probably why people like him enough to leave him in charge.

Ultimately, Marco's not a terribly violent man. He keeps his gang well trained and well armed, but that's more so that they can act as a deterrent, and so that if push ever does come to shove, he's ready. He doesn't much plan on using them, though. Defense, not offense.

Marco's hold is only one of a few on the Hulk. That's why he has to pay tribute. Every hold on the Hulk pays tribute to the central "government," some holdover from the days Before. Marco doesn't mind, he's got enough to go around, and it helps keep the peace. Only way it irks him is that his hold on the Hulk, as one of the more successful, has been constantly growing in size, and he can't create adequate living space fast enough to accommodate, partly because he's paying out that tribute. He does his best to make it work, though; once they come to him, pledge to him, they're his people, after all.


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    Posted By: Brendan Conway"Put your hand in the middle. Repeat after me.

    "I swear to never hurt another citizen of Guntown. I swear to obey the laws of Guntown. I swear to do my best to serve the well-being of Guntown and all her people. On my life, I swear these things."

    Same oath everyone takes. I try to keep it simple, so people don't get too bogged down in details and complexities. No hurting. Obey the law. Serve Guntown. Effective enough.

    "This isn't something to swear into unless you're willing to keep your oath. You swear it, and you hold up your end of the bargain, and I swear to you I will defend you with my dying breath. I will do my best to help you and yours, alongside all of Guntown. You break your oath, and I will kill you." It's not angry, it's not tense. The words are simply true.
    That last part is still something I say to everyone.
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    Ok. Let's see.

    You've got your gang, and they're mostly decent kids. How are they organized? Any particular names I should know about? Do they patrol around, work as overseers, what? Some of this we can just work out in play, but if you have any particular details in mind, go for it.

    Similarly, if you want to name important neighborhoods or something, knock yourself out. With a few hundred people, we're probably looking at something eventually map-worthy.

    Your main biz is manufacture, with no real market or anything. Is this kind of like a real company town, then? Most everyone either works at the factory or provides basic services, and most of the basic services are owned by you as well (general store, canteen, whorehouse, that kind of thing)?

    Or is it looser? Like, you own the manufactory, and a lot of people do work there. But then, there's still plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, and there's a lot of secondary business going on that you don't really control. Though, you still run the security gang, so you definitely run the hold and take your cut of business around town.

    I am assuming that you run the manufactory fairly directly, right? That's the impression I've had.

    Is the armor the trenchcoat?
  • Posted By: Michael LoyYou've got your gang, and they're mostly decent kids. How are they organized? Any particular names I should know about? Do they patrol around, work as overseers, what? Some of this we can just work out in play, but if you have any particular details in mind, go for it.
    Shazza's my number two. My go-to girl. I'm not some gentle flower or anything with these men, but in general, I'm nice enough that they like me. She's hard enough that they're disciplined. She's been with me for a good long while. She's like my sister at this point. She makes sure that the crew is ordered out correctly and everything. I still don't quite know how I got lucky enough to snag her as a second.

    Other than that, I've got 8 squads of 5 men each, and 2 commanders under Shazza, each one nominally in charge of 4 squads, in the event that we're doing some big fight with a whole bunch of squads. Each squad has its own squad leader.

    The 2 commanders under Shazza are Roark and Brain. Roark's older, probably even older than me. Not sure how much longer the codger's going to be with us; the cold isn't kind to him. But he's a good man, intelligent, seasoned. Brain's younger by far, and Brain was on a bad road. He was actually with the raiders, attacking the Hulk holds, and he was learning all the wrong things. We managed to capture him, and I gave the deal I always give captives: swear loyalty to me and mine, and I'll protect you like kin. Betray me, and I'll blow your head off. He swore loyalty, probably anticipating that he'd look for a time to run. But I think we surprised him, or I surprised him; I kept up my end of the bargain. So he stayed, and now look at him.

    There's always at least one squad in the manufactory, and sometimes there's two, or one in the manufactory and one in the tower. The other squads are either sleeping or on patrol throughout Guntown. They don't run the manufactory; that's Marshmallow's job, along with probably a couple of assistants. They just make sure that if problems arise, they get dealt with.

    Couple of neighborhoods:

    The Outskirts: This is an area furthest away from the tunnel leading into the manufactory. The Outskirts is even more of a shanty town than the other parts of Guntown. The people there are the most susceptible to the cold seeping in from the scar in the Hulk's hull, and the living conditions they have are pretty damn nasty. If disease spreads, it goes there first thing. The people haven't been miserable enough to take action as of yet, but it's a major priority of mine to somehow improve their conditions before they decide it's necessary to force the issue.

    Cellville: So called because it's the area of smaller "cells" within the Hulk, off the tunnel leading into the manufactory, and off of the manufactory itself in some cases. These are the cells in which most of the wealthier people in Guntown live. It's insulated, it's private, it's relatively safe. Probably whatever couple of assistants help run the manufactory under Marshmallow live there, as well as anybody of particular significance to getting goods in from the other holds of the Hulk. Merchants. That kind of thing. I'm not too fond of the segregation going on here, but ultimately there's much bigger fish to fry.

    The Trenches: These are the first layers of settlement immediately outside of the tunnel leading to the manufactory. They were originally designed with safety and defense in mind, as they were a series of concentric arcs, each one protecting the ones inside of it, with choke points in between each arc. But most of the materials providing for defense have since been stripped away to be used elsewhere, so the defensive value of the Trenches is well-gone. The small markets that do operate in Guntown run here, and the "middle-class" of Guntown primarily lives here.

    Posted By: Michael LoyYour main biz is manufacture, with no real market or anything. Is this kind of like a real company town, then? Most everyone either works at the factory or provides basic services, and most of the basic services are owned by you as well (general store, canteen, whorehouse, that kind of thing)?

    Or is it looser? Like, you own the manufactory, and a lot of people do work there. But then, there's still plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, and there's a lot of secondary business going on that you don't really control. Though, you still run the security gang, so you definitely run the hold and take your cut of business around town.
    Looser. I own the manufactory, and lots and lots work there, but I encourage secondary businesses. I don't want a monopoly. Yeah, they have to pay a bit to be under protection, but that only makes sense, right? I'm not extorting anyone. So yeah, there are a couple of businesses whose primary job it is to bring in goods from other holds, and a couple whose job it is to sell our goods to other holds. Or maybe they overlap. Whatever, they're not under my immediate jurisdiction. As long as we're not starving and nobody's hurting any of my people, I don't need to get involved.
    Posted By: Michael Loy
    I am assuming that you run the manufactory fairly directly, right? That's the impression I've had.
    Yeah. Day-to-day business is delegated, of course; I trust Marshmallow on that front. He knows the place and the people there. (And, probably, he delegates it to his underlings in the manufactory, although I think it's an interesting question if, ultimately, they're loyal to him or me...) But I watch it relatively frequently, and if I see a problem, I won't hesitate to step in and make a change. I have final say there.
    Posted By: Michael LoyIs the armor the trenchcoat?
    Yep. Thickly lined, maybe even plated on the inside.
  • Late 20's. Tawny hair, cut relatively short. Lithe, athletic. Attractive. High cheekbones, full lips. Wears a short coat and tight pants, so they don't get caught around her when she tries to move. Carries a rifle slung over her shoulder.
  • Posted By: Brendan ConwayI trust Marshmallow on that front. He knows the place and the people there. (And, probably, he delegates it to his underlings in the manufactory
    Yeah, I'm not there 24/7, I figure the drones get some kind of piece-work pay so they're mostly motivated to keep working well -- anyone who wants to quit is welcome to take up a career in...uh...ice carving or whatever the hell. My role is mostly to help keep people sane. Right?
  • Yeah, that's fine too, if you want to do it that way. I call you the foreman, but you're just there to make sure no one goes batshit crazy. I've got a squad there, to make sure no one does anything funny, and otherwise, the people who work there don't generally need too much managing; they just plug themselves in and go to work. But I'm watching it often enough that I fill in the "overseer" role. I just prefer people to view me as less of someone to be afraid of, y'know? That is why I call Marshmallow the foreman.

    And work in the manufactory must ultimately be pretty good. That's why we get so many freaking immigrants.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyWho handles payroll?
    I think Marco does, obviously with some assistance from other workers at the manufactory. Shazza stays the hell away from bureaucratic crap; she hates it, as do most of the guardsmen. I probably requisition some of Marshmallow's underlings to do it with me/for me.
    Posted By: Michael LoyHow do people get trained? For simple labor that might not be necessary, but surely you need at least some kind of apprenticeship model for the brain-implanted machine operators.
    Could be. I'd be fine with that. At least they need to be implanted. Implantation might be a combination task for Marshmallow and Setter, maybe Lemma too. Training is Marshmallow, though, I'd think. I can't train them, I'm certainly not implanted. Again Marshmallow's immediate underlings (who I really ought to name) might help out. Missed, Visage, and Winkle are Marshmallow's prime underlings.
    Posted By: Michael LoyIs there any consideration for injured workers, or are they just SOL?
    Depends how they're injured. Physically? I do my best to help them, make sure they don't starve and get healed up. I can't always help as much as I'd like, but I always try. Mentally? Well, they go to Marshmallow. If they can be fixed up, great. If not, I go to family members, close friends. Ask them which they'd prefer, to have the mentally injured party kept alive, to be taken care of, or to have the mentally injured party put into the grave, as a kindness. If they choose the former, then they have to take in the mentally damaged worker and care for him or her themselves. If they choose the latter, I do the duty myself.
    Posted By: Michael LoyIs there a union that handles this stuff, if you don't?
    There might be a union among the implanted. I could see that, I guess. I don't think I had originally been envisioning one. Maybe it's pretty new? I have no reason to quash it, especially if it's making everyone happier.
    Posted By: Michael LoyDo you have an established currency?
    Hmmm. Okay. We use black glass chits, little cubes, about half an inch by half an inch by half an inch. They're hard as hell to counterfeit, because black glass is really resistant stuff, and the perfect shape is a bitch to get unless you've got the proper tools. There's a cutter we use in the tower to cut the chits, and to cut more black glass for the implantation chips. It's the only thing we've found in the entire place that can really cut the black glass, but damn does it cut with accuracy. (Fair?)
    Posted By: Michael LoyHow old are you?
    Posted By: Michael Loy
    Are you from here?
    Nope. Came here from outside, with a bunch of other survivors who made the voyage here. That was when I was about 18. Joined with one of the holds already in the Hulk. (Damn do I want to call it Farmville.) It was the primary agricultural center for the Hulk, and for the Union of the holds of which Guntown is a part.
    Posted By: Michael LoyDid you set up Guntown, or did you take over at some point?
    Round when I was turning 23, the manufactory was being investigated. I was part of the original expedition. We found that the place was still working, functional...that it seemed to respond, at least vaguely, to our presence, and even to our thoughts. There were a few of us who were already implanted with black glass chips at that point; there wasn't too much to use them for, but Farmville had a few pieces of odd technology that would run with the chips. Irrigation systems, even. So, a couple of them found that they could connect to the manufactory systems, and after a bit of experimentation, and after one or two went mad and had to be put down, we figured out what the place was about.

    And that's when the fighting started. Everybody wanted it, every hold in the Union, every hold not in the Union, everybody. It was a manufacturing center, capable of turning black glass into whatever we wanted, as long as it wasn't organic. Who wouldn't want that? Even the original expedition crew turned against itself, as people were fighting for ownership of the area.

    Which is around when I decided I'd had enough. I said I was in charge now. Nobody really took notice, because who the fuck was I? But then I started killing everyone who wouldn't submit, one at a time. They were enemies. People who agreed to help me were friends, and I protected them. And soon enough, I had a force loyal to me, staking out our claim at the manufactory. We were the original Guntown, and we made the Trenches for protection from the other holds in the Union, and from outside the Union.

    Other people heard about it, and came to Guntown, looking for work, looking for a chance to make lots of money. I don't quite know what they were expecting to find, really; it's not as if we had a lot to offer at that point, besides the opportunity to go insane. But I took them in anyways.

    We were still under constant threat of attack, though; everybody wanted the manufactory, for use in whatever schemes they had planned. So I put it to work, producing weapons for us to use to defend ourselves. And it wasn't long before I realized, this was it. They wanted the manufactory, why? Probably to produce their own weapons. Well, now, if we sold to them, they could get their guns. And they wouldn't have to lose anyone trying to take the place from what had become a pretty heavily fortified encampment at that point. So, we started our little arrangement with the Union and the other holds. We sell guns. They sell us other goods, crops, whatever. And we be one big happy Union.

    Does that work?
  • If I may, on training, I think that senior engineers are given apprentices to train as supply dictates. The engineer gets less done as they teach and supervise and correct, etc. However, once the intern is up and running, their combined production is superior. The apprentice owes the master two years of work during which time the master owns everything the understudy fabricates. It's the master-engineer's job to keep their apprentice alive and well. Basically, every one of the seniors wants an apprentice because of the gain but a few of them are really unsuited to it and part of my job is to make sure they aren't assigned wrong.
  • Ooo. Engineers. That's a good term.

    Yeah, that explanation works nicely.
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  • I was thinking that we just shoved a shard of the alien glass into the back of someone's skull and the glass took care of implanting itself and keeping the host of the alien parasite alive. But y'know, maybe it's just me.
  • Could be the glass knows what to do, yeah... the "subject" needs to open her brain to assimilate with it though. Wouldn't think you shove it through your skull, but maybe put it in your mouth, or nose, or ear, or whatever.
  • Might be a talented brainer could open her brain for you, too.. control it and force it to assimilate.
  • Oh yeah, putting it in the nose and letting it wriggle into the brain -- that's some creepy shit.
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  • Posted By: Michael LoyNone of the PCs are really set up to do serious surgery (yet), so they're probably not doing the implants. That, and because Setter doesn't really practice formally, leads me to think that you probably have a surgeon, trained enough to do at least basic surgery and particularly familiar with the implantation process.

    Maybe s/he's not so good with treating sickness and such, though, since you have a recurring problem with disease. Or the disease problem is just bad enough that it sometimes gets out of your doctor's control, I suppose?
    I think for implanting, I like the "activation" idea, although I do think something to settle early is that an augury roll would not need to be made for every individual piece of glass being activated, right? If that's the case, then that would be a horrible thing, because it would go wrong not infrequently. I'm thinking maybe you can do them in batches of ten or something. Otherwise, it doesn't quite make sense to me that Marco would keep having them do it.
    Posted By: Michael LoyThere doesn't have to be a union. It sounds like you have things under control at the moment. Maybe they'll do something like unionizing if they decide you're not looking after their interests, but if you're mostly taking care of them right now, that should be fine.
    Okay, no union.
    Posted By: Michael Loy
    I'd like to say that you mint black glass 'coin' in the manufactory, just like everything else, and counterfeiting is one of the things your squad there has to keep an eye out for. It wouldn't normally be difficult to keep that under control (since it's hard to miss those machines when they're running), but I think that offers some more interesting directions things could go, if you end up having problems with corruption, or unionization, or whatever. Ok?
    Eeeeh...Marco's a smart guy. He would be aware of the possibility of counterfeiting, and he would actively pick somethign that could not be counterfeited easily, if at all. So I guess it's fine to say that the manufactory acts as a mint, too, but if so, there has never been an instance of counterfeiting so far, because it's damn hard to do. Like I said, there's one squad in the manufactory, always, and the people there are being watched.
    Posted By: Michael LoyWhere is the hold on the hulk? Thinking of the hulk as an oblong, like a domino laid flat and the longer sides facing more-or-less north and south. The north face is locked in ice. The south face is open to sea (though the sea is filled with floating ice in the winter). The east and west sides are in the middle. Naturally, a north-side hold has better access to 'land' and trade on the ice, but only the south-facing sides get any real sunlight.
    South side. The big crack is facing out towards the ocean.
    Posted By: Michael LoyYou have hunting, crude farming, and scavenging as automatic gigs. Scavenging, sure: you've got the ship there. What do you eat, though, beyond what you receive as trade? I imagine there are rats and cockroaches that could be 'hunted'. People could go on the ice or sea and hunt, I dunno, fish, seals, raindeer, whatever. You could have some minor hydroponics here and there, maybe nothing serious. There's lichen, apparently.
    There's a big-ass crack in the ship, so there is some aviary life that can get in, maybe. Crude farming is basic hydroponics, but nowhere near as good as Farmville. They manage to set up actual vegetables, thanks to the sunlight we get through the crack. In the summer, when there's no ice floes right up against the Hulk, we send out boats, go fishing, or sealing, or even whaling. In the winter, when the ice floes come, there are creatures living on the ice floes, like penguins or polar bears, even a few walrus maybe at some places.
  • If there are penguins, it's because we ranch the little bastards.

    Also, given the technology of the manufactory (at least as I'm imagining it), I'm not sure there is actually any kind of fiat currency that is *in and of itself* hard to produce. Right? I mean, it could be something scarce, but if it's made, why can't more be made?
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  • Okay, that works for currency.

    And yes, we farm penguins.


    (this is hard, right?)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Good, so a 2-barter surplus.
  • More police than military. Everybody has shifts, and we're never without people on duty, of course, but it's kinder to the men, and it's better for their morale. Part of the reason why they don't feel the need to act up is probably because I give them such luxuries, or so I think, at least. Each of them probably has his or her own home, though we do have a central "police HQ" in the Tower, and I'm sure we've got a room or two set up with cots in case anyone needs to crash. I probably wouldn't even mind some of my men staying in my room, down at the base of the Tower.

    The men are of varying ages. Some are probably young, but many are older and more experienced. It's more of a career, though, than a military. So I think it runs the gamut, but in general, only those interested in a long-term gig are involved.

    My place, which is in the Tower, as I've mentioned, is pretty sparse. I've got a mattress, queen-sized, on the floor. I've got maybe a few thin windows which let in some light, but most of my place is below the main Tower, in the actual glass of the ship, so the windows are just small rectangles where my room peeks over the glass "ground", like basement windows. I've probably got some clothes down there, in a few boxes, and I've got a desk where I can do some writing if I need to, generally of plans for Guntown developments and whatnot. But it's not that nice a place. It was nicer before my lover died, but since then, I don't like to spend much time there. I sleep there, I get up, get dressed, and leave. There might be a small corner which could have functioned as a cooking place, but it's disused and old. I'm also thinking that my lover maybe had another place, in Guntown proper, but that has since gone to another family that needed it more.
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  • Posted By: Michael LoyWhat vehicles does the hold own, in the motorpool?
    Probably a couple trucks, to help cart our wares to other holds in the Hulk. A few ATVs, too, reserved for the military. A jeep. A boat or two, to help with fishing if need be, to help with transport otherwise, and as a precaution against incoming attacks. A few snowmobiles maybe, to help navigate the tops of the ice floes when they get up close.
    Posted By: Michael LoyAlso, what's your late lover's name?
    Posted By: Michael LoyAlso, how constantly does the manufactory run? 8 hours a day? 10 or 12? 24 hours, broken into shifts?
    I'd prefer it to be 8 or 10, but lately, to help bring some more money in for the workers, it's been 12 or 14. People only have to work 8 hour shifts, but a lot of the poorer residents work longer to earn more. Definitely not 24 hours, though, the place is too loud.
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