[The Menagerie] Following the Pack (Kr1.3)



  • I'm staying put, forcing him to make the first move. Not threatening. Done coaxing. He knows how to act if he wants to get knocked out again.
  • Eventually, Pepper takes a big gulp.

    "You goin' hurt me?"

    He's eying the water you've brought. He licks his lips.
  • "I'm not sure."

    "My lady told me to kill you or at least rough you up."

    I was crouched and now I lean back and let my butt rest on the ground and lean against a wall. "Dunno. Something isn't quite right. And I did smack you around a little." I shrug.
  • "Lady? Kill me?" Pepper's fear is sprinkled with confusion. "Who? Why? Whudid I do?"

    He starts rubbing at his head, and he looks off to the side, as if he's sifting through his own memories.
  • "She said you beat her up while the two of you were fucking. I'm not sure why she took it so personal. She's had worse."
  • "Beat her up? Who..." And then it's like a light comes back on in his head.

    "You talkin' about that whore?" He practically snarls the word. It's like all his fear of you suddenly vanished in a roiling tide of anger. His face is twisting into a glare.

    "Whaddafuck wuz her name...Springroll? That it? That fucking whore, shoulda done more when I coulda. Fucking whore."
  • "That's right. Springroll."

    I'm thinking things over for a bit.

    "So you did hurt her then. And you sound like you might be a continuing threat. Fuck."
  • "Yeah, I hurt her, the fucking bitch. She triedda steal from me! An'...An'..." He suddenly turns away, and lurches off the bed. He's leaning against a wall of the shack now, his back turned to you. You hear a sob.

    "Look, whaddafug do you want? You gonna kill me? Fuckin' do it, pansy. Otherwise leamme alone." He spits the words over his shoulder at you.
  • "What did you pay? What did you pay for? What did she steal?"

    After a second while he's either composing himself or preparing for violence, "You really got nothing left to lose?"
  • "Whydo you care?" He spins around and looks at you accusingly with red eyes. "Why'sit matter to a freak like you?"

    He starts advancing on you, stumblingly, and then falls to his knees and starts retching. Nothings' really coming up, just some stomach acid.
  • Makes you wonder why I would ever move out of here, doesn't it? :-)
  • I ignore his puking, his discomfort really isn't my affair.

    "When a bad person hurts my friend...and my friend is weak...sometimes I punish the bad person."

    "But I can't let myself be tricked; used; enslaved. So I'm trying to figure out if I should kill you or what...and I'm asking you to help me. I guess I should start by finding out if you want me to kill you. If you don't, then I have to figure out if you're a bad person."
  • Hmmm. This kinda sounds like a "to do it, do it" situation. If you're trying to figure out if he's a bad person...aren't you reading him?

    He just looks up at you as a line of drool hangs from his mouth. "You wanna know...if I'm a bad person?" He wipes at his mouth with his sleeve. "I dunno. I don' even know. Mebbe I am. I lost her. An' I lost him. Mebbe I am a bad person."
  • OK, I'll read him. #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    "Who'd you lose? And like I asked before, what did you pay? What did you pay for? What did she steal?"
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    Kray, what do you wish Pepper would do? (I also mean this beyond just "answer my questions truthfully," if there's anything else.)

    "I lost m'wife. And m'son. My wife I lost long time ago, but I lost her again when..." He suddenly stops, as if somebody put the brakes on inside his skull, like he realizes it's odd that he's confiding in you. When he starts speaking again, it's more cautiously, haltingly. "When...I had a...disagreement. With the woman. Springroll. She...didn't think I'd paid her enough. She tried to...take more. I wouldn' letter."
  • I wish Pepper would confide in me, trust me, lean on me. People need people they can trust.
  • Veeeeery interesting answer, Kray.

    Pepper is looking at you long and hard, Kray, and then he lets out a deep sigh, sending a few flecks of vomit to the floor. He wipes at his mouth with the back of his hand.

    "She tried t'take my wife's necklace frumme. Last thing I got left of hers. She...we...broke it in th'struggle. So yeah, I beat the hell outta her." His eyes are hard and angry. "She fuckin' deserved it.

    "That answer your questions? That all you wanned to know? Gonna decide whether t'kill me now?"
  • "Almost. Where's the necklace?"
  • Pepper looks like he's going to object, going to tell you to go fuck yourself, something like that, like asking where the necklace is is an invasion of the highest order. And then the tension just vanishes. He reaches under his bed, and digs around among some dirt and trash and rags, until he comes up with a wooden box. It's pretty simple, if well-made. He opens it, lifting the lid on bone hinges, and inside are the remains of the necklace. It looks like it was a pretty simple thing. Beads, hung on a string. There's a pendant, though, a circle of metal with a piece of green glass in the middle. Well, except, the green glass is shattered, and only shards remain, embedded in the metal circle.
  • "You should fix that. Memories like that are important; keep you sane."

    I get up. "Nickel tells me you're OK. I think I believe her. Let me know if you need anything."

    And I leave, picking up my axe and shotgun. I'm not sure where I'm going just yet, but Pepper needs some alone time.
  • Pepper doesn't say anything as you leave; you can tell he's a bit surprised at it seeming so abrupt, but he's not upset.

    We'll leave it there.
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