[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)

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The night siren sounds out across 12th Street. It's broadcast with the same loudspeakers as the morning klaxon, but the siren's got a long, low, almost mournful tone. It's not meant to wake people up, like the klaxon. It's meant to sing people to sleep.

Of course, that in no way means that 12th Street shuts up for the night. Some of the people call it a day, sure. But not you fuckers.

Wilson, you've gathered together those of your crew that you could find. How'd you do that? Obviously, Tavi was up there in the tunnel with you, but Man just disappeared. Shade, I'm assuming you were looking for Wilson, so maybe it's an unspoken thing that if you're separated you'll meet up at the Big Game lodge by nightfall.

Kray, how'd you know to come here, though? Where'd you go after, y'know, the earlier antics? Did Wilson find you, there, or did you decide to check in here?

Wilson, I'm pretty sure you spent most of the day dealing with commercial issues, what with the mandiboar carcass and remaining concerns left over from yesterday, when you came back from that hunt. Nothing too big a deal, really, but time-consuming. The good news is the beasties are chopped up in slabs of meat, so you've got plenty for a good meal at the Big Game lodge. What'd you bring, exactly? What's good eating?

Shade, your thing with Crine is coming up. You've probably got an hour. Elite deepers like to have "late" events, after the siren. Makes them feel somehow special, being so detached from the "normal" day/night cycle. They make their own day, they make their own night, or so they would say.

Tavi, did you stick to Wilson most of the day? I know Nickel stuck to you. Maybe you went to find Dremmer, but if so, you probably didn't have much luck. Did you just give up, decide to go hang out at the lodge? Did you do anything in particular with Nickel?

Anyway, the Big Game is filled up, like it often is at night. Hunters give the place a brisk business, even after the night siren, and you can hear the rumble of voices and revelry easily slips past the Big Game's walls. Smoke pours out of the building's poor chimney, made out of old metal drums with the bottoms taken out, stacked on top of each other, as the hunters inside roast their own meat in a big makeshift fireplace, a metal drum at the bottom of that chimney, cut in half, with the open side covered in a wire mesh that can be pulled back cross it to prevent sparks from leaping out, when it's not being used to roast food. Not the safest thing in the world, but Silver makes sure to keep plenty of buckets of dirt and water around, along with some worst-case emergency thick fluid made from swampfish secretions.

Unless anyone would prefer to be inside right now, I kind of figure everybody's meeting up outside the building.


  • I heard about the Mandiboar from the crowd. There were whispers of dissent between Wilson and some other hunter outfits and I headed up to make sure things were OK. Everything was cool by the time I got there, but it made me easy to gather.
  • Scent of blood roll: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Happy to be with company, I stay quiet for a time, until we're back deeper in the tunnel, the bleeding stops and the pain turns to a throbbing ache rather than the pain of immediate injury. I stick to Tavi, usually holding her hand if she lets me, otherwise walking a pace or two behind her. I keep my head down usually, lot of people around and I don't want to provoke anyone. I see that hunters even fight each other serious sometimes.

    The injury still bothers me, and I whisper to myself and suffer softly.

    If we get a chance to sit and if I get a little time I'm going to start making a new knife, find some scrap of metal and start sharpening on my stone. generally though my eyes are on Tavi and I feel uncomfortable if she drifts too far away. She looks back to find I've often moved somewhere closer and sat back down, often cross-legged on the floor.

    Not sure if we talk.
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    Well, I went and fetched the butchers, directing them to the tunnel above for the Mandiboar. And then I took Nickel with me to the water seller as I needed a bath and it would give me a chance to clean Nickel's wound. Nickel might need one too anyhow. As usual I'm utterly unconcerned about being naked in front of anyone, and I'll try to get NIckel to peel all the way down too, so I can bathe her. If she won't, I won't push, but I'll at least wash the wound and whatever else I can reach with the warm water. And her hair of course. Don't say much probably, just trying to let the luxury of touch ease her a little.

    Then I take her to my place, comb her hair, and have her lie down on my bed while I do my best to clean up the place from earlier this morning. I'm a little embarrassed by the state of it actually. I find some clean cloth to use as a bandage and wrap her leg with it. If Nickel asks me questions, I'll answer them. Otherwise I just tell her funny stories, from my life or the hunts.

    To ease my own mind I practice my fighting art thing for a while, still mostly stripped down since it's easier to move that way. Like Shade's dance I just give myself to the movements. The bruises are painful, but getting into the groove of the movement is soothing.

    Clean the rifle, of course, then I lie down and rest myself for a little bit, holding Nickel against me. (I'm sure this all counts as time and intimacy.) After that I dressed and we went to find Wilson.
  • I stick with Tavi, when we arrive at the water seller I nervously follow. Used to being on my own, I usually wash in the trickles of water found in the soft mossy areas you find here and there, and pretty much never nude. But I go with her.

    Tavi undresses and I'm shy about things but I'll let her wash me, too. Yes I let her undress me, I shrug off the big jacket but she kind of has to almost make me take off anything else. Like I'm not sure how far she's going so I don't want to volunteer anything but I don't resist. She does find I stand much more still than usual and don't look at her. By now she can see the big purple bruises on my shoulder and my lower back from the rocks hurled at me earlier. My black hair streams a little red when washed, didn't realize I smacked my head when I fell down this morning.

    She hears me whispering to myself as she washes me, "It's ok, it's ok Nickel it's ok.... It's ok." Other than steadying myself as she moves around to wash me I don't move.

    My jeans are torn pretty bad. I'm going to have to look for a new pair or get them patched, I think. I only have one change of clothes.

    Back at her place I take in the surroundings, trying to learn about her. See what things she has here, the smallest details, perhaps I can tell what she likes to eat by the crumbs. Maybe I smell that a man was here this morning, don't like that. She goes to clean up and I tell her, "No. Leave it..." but I don't press the issue if she keeps fixing up.

    I don't talk much, I just listen to her stories while watching her. Maybe uncomfortably closely, staring really as she practices her fighting art. I compare to her sister in my mind. I like to watch graceful people. She might catch a hint of a smile on my face is she looks.

    We lay together on her bed, Tavi holding me close to her. I restrain myself from peering into her brain, there's always a tickle at the back of my eyes trying to do this when I'm close to someone and I have to consciously resist the urge. I don't want to accidentally hurt her, that would ruin everything.

    It almost seems like she wants me to.
  • The lodge is our usual meeting place, so we may not all be there at the same time, but we'll filter in. Mandiboar's great eating! Mandibacon, mandichops, mandiham...there's enough to go around, and I try to make sure some makes its way to the other hunters who were out there. Whether they take it as a "no hard feelings" or as us lording it over their heads is up to them, but I aim for the former. Never know who you'll be working with tomorrow. I'll ask everyone individually how their days went as I see them, with particular interest in Kray, both because I didn't see him at all, and because he tends to have Kray-zy stories. Not sure if he can top the mandiboar, but we'll see.
  • To Wilson, "There's a plot to overthrow the hold. Exit is hiring thugs." I shrug.
  • "You still take the crocus juice? The mandiboar almost got the guy who makes it before Man and Tavi got there."
  • Let's try to read Kray:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • How can I get Kray to help bring down Rabbit?
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    I wake... "Hey, Tavi, wake up, you're supposed to meet Wilson now aren't you?"

    OOC: If you don't want to oversleep.. guess we're there but it seems cool.
  • I was kind of assuming that everybody was, y'know, there already.

    Have you gone inside the Big Game lodge? Are you just talking outside of it?
  • Yeah, just a segue. :-) We're there or moments away.
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    One way or another, there's a moment when I see Kray for the first time in a while.

    I lock my eyes onto him, let my hands drop to my sides and approach him quickly after a glance back at Tavi.

    Quietly I give him a brief but heartfelt hug, closing my eyes and holding there for just a second, "thank you," I say quietly. I place something small into his hand before taking a step back. Assuming he'll take it I he finds a nickel in his hand. I give him a little smile and some kind of an awkward curtsey-bow thing as I turn to run back to Tavi's side, red faced and clearly embarrassed.

    I take my position with Tavi again and it's as if nothing has happened.
  • How can I get Kray to help bring down Rabbit?

    That's a tough one. Kray classified things simply. People are friends or not friends. Friends, he protects. Not friends, he does not. And the kind of conflict implied by one friend trying to get Kray to turn on another is perplexing. So, proving to Kray that Rabbit has been accidentally placed into his friend-list would be one approach -- the only one that I can think of just now, really. Also, it depends on what "bring down" means. If the down-bringing could be framed as helping him -- particularly if you got Rabbit's buy-in, getting Kray involved would be much easier.
  • I freeze when Nickel hugs me; I don't want to accidentally break her. As she's walking away, I look at the nickel in my hand and drop it into the deep pocket-sack at my side. She's a confusing girl.
  • mmmm. Mandibacon. A nice MBLT.

    Yeah, we probably get there a little late I guess, slept longer than I expected. I don't have much to say about the rest of the day, just that we cleaned up. I watch the Kray/Nickel interaction with interest and a little concern. I mean I like Kray, but, well, he's Kray. Other than that I'm eating, eying the rest of the place, and waiting for Wilson to spill about the meeting with Clarion.
  • I'm there, and all dolled up in advance of this thing for Crine. Talking skinner-kit hotness here, perfumes and paints. Handing out hugs and kisses and shoulder rubs to the Menagerie with impartial affection, though Wilson gets the most. I sit in her lap for a while too, whispering and smirking in her ear. Some of the things I whisper: "I made sure Corbett will let us know anything he hears about Clarion's plan," and "Crine's hired me for a looky-look tonight and claims I shouldn't tell anyone. If I don't come back, you know where to start killing." Then I bite her ear -- being ornamental always makes me a little frustrated and tigerish. And I don't mean twelve feet long, with six legs, color-changing fur, and acid glands.
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    I also make sure Nickel gets some food. I am kinda wondering where Man got off to, and I'm keeping an eye out for Martini too. Is he here?

    I'm sure I look Shade over appreciatively. She's so hot when she dolls herself up I'd probably sleep with her. Sure, I'd have to be at least a little drunk. Plausible deniability you know. Whew. I know I'm pretty, but not like that.
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    I watch Shade together with Tavi, sitting at her side generally leaning on her. I've seen Shade like this once before, last time I followed her down to Crine's place. So beautiful. Tavi might notice me briefly holding my arm out in front of me, maybe without realizing it, sort of mimicking whatever pose Shade strikes at that moment. I quickly realize what I'm doing, lean into Tavi and look up at her sheepishly as if to wonder if she noticed.

    I feel resolved with Kray, he was there when I needed him but I just don't feel safe, snuggling into Tavi as I think about this I sigh appreciatively.

    Other things are on my mind but for now it's good to be close to someone... more so than most.

    This is a special time.
  • If we're all still talking, I'd like to know what Kray wishes I'd do.

    Regardless, the bite earns a mild reprisal. I don't want to bite Shade when she's all dolled up, so a pinch or a good slap on the ass will have to do. I'm sure she's heard about the mandiboar, but I mention Rabbit's presence and actions, and how Kray may be a sticking point there.

    This is what I live for. I get some of the rush of combat that real seasoned veterans talk about, but I don't hunt because I want to hunt. I hunt because I want the best food, and the most garish clothes, and the company of the most beautiful people, but I want to earn it. All the good things in this world come from somebody's hard work, and now's the time to celebrate that.

    Are there any drugs available in the bar, regularly or as a special item? I try not to over-indulge, but today seems like a good day for altered states and oneness with the universe.
  • (I'm not actually sure how I'm supposed to respond. What are you telling me?)
  • I'm trying to figure out if we're still interacting enough for me to use more of my hold. I guess as long as Kray's not going anywhere, I can strike the conversation back up.

    Reading back, I wouldn't mind having an answer to the crocus juice question either. Wilson wants to get high, but since Kray probably isn't carrying crocus juice (doesn't seem like Rabbit would just give out canteens of the stuff) she'll see if he's got anything else. Assuming Kray still likes crocus juice but doesn't have some:

    "You carrying anything else? I want to make this a night to remember."

    And as we talk, I'd like to know what Kray wishes I'd do. Let me know if this makes more sense.
  • (Oh gosh! How'd I miss that?)

    "Sure, I party with Rabbit. Not in the last few days, but y'know. Is he OK?"

    "I got nothing. But I'm sure we can rustle something up. Doesn't silver have some of that mushroom shit that makes the fire talk to us?"
  • "Anything you can walk away from, right? He took one pretty bad protecting his man from the mandiboar, but I think he should be okay if he takes it easy for a while."

    "Silver, you got any of that mushroom shit? I want to party tonight."

    Am I to take that Kray wants to get high too, or does he wish I'd do something else?
  • Yeah, I don't particularly want you to do anything. Buying us all drugs would rock. If you wanted to fuck, that would be great. Not fucking Rabbit over is good, but I don't think I know enough to know to want that. Right?
  • Hearing Wilson talking about wanting to get high, I remember something. I walk over to Wilson, pulling a little green bundle of something out of my pocket and holding it out to him on an open palm.

    "Here. You can have it." I say in my characteristic singy-songy voice I often use with "adults"
  • Sounds good to me. We can have a little chat later and see where things go.

    "Why thank you," I say to Nickel, not wanting to sound too much like a teacher from the creche praising a child for not pissing himself, but not really knowing how to interact with kids. "I guess Tavi's taste in girls is better than her taste in men," punctuated with a friendly slap on Tavi's back, or whatever other part of her I can reach. I hand the bundle to Kray and give him a look that roughly says "you know what to do with this, find what we need to enjoy ourselves." I'm sure somebody around here must have papers, or a pipe, or a bong. Back to Nickel: "So what's your name?"
  • I actually cringe a bit as she goes to hit me, then realize it's a friendly gesture and just kind of take it awkwardly. Stumbling a step.

    "I'm Nickel," little disappointed she doesn't remember me but I was just hanging around Kray and not really interacting much with her, "I like it here..." also not really sure how to have an actual adult conversation, "It's nice."

    I look up at Wilson, as if to expect something more but it's probably just awkward and I become self-conscious and fumble for what to do and look at the floor.
  • I try to hold her upper arm in a comforting way before I realize I'm not sure how to comfort people I'm not trying to sleep with, and pull away. "Well, if you've got more of that you could probably find your way in here pretty easy, but if Kray and Tavi like you, that's good enough for me either way. I hope that guy didn't hurt you too bad." A little more loudly, so I can be heard, "it's a shame when religious fervor threatens innocent people." Back to Nickel. "It looks like you got cleaned up all right. You get enough to eat?"
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