[Polaris] Thou Art But a Warrior



  • Great Rich! I was worried this had dropped off of your radar.
  • I'm really loving this scene, too. I hope it gives you lots of ideas Rich.
  • Ok, I think I want to do a "You ask far too much" here. Can I do that? How?
  • edited January 2008
    Yes you can. Just post those words in bold and indicate which Theme you exhaust to do so. Also the Theme must be appropriate to the reason you object to the But Only If statement. It is the Moons call if the use of the Theme is appropriate. Then I post another scenario and you choose which one to go with. If you feel the second scenario isn't different enough, then it goes to the Moons for adjudication.
  • Thanks Rich, sounds good. What are the themes?
  • Nasir

    Here's a link to Rich's Character. Themes are listed there.
    Once exhausted please edit the Wiki to show which one you've selected. (just put an X next to it or something).
  • Just to be specific the Themes are Office, Fate, Blessings and Ability. I would think the most likely ones to exhaust would be Office, claiming that I don't have the authority as a Knight to do that or Fate, claiming that destiny is against me on this one. Don't see the other two really being appropriate personally.

    Oh and when you edit the wiki, note that it was exhausted by the Infidel. In future turns, I could still exhaust the Theme as the Heart you see. The character sheets in game have a column on one side for the Heart and the other for the Infidel to keep clear who has exhausted what.
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