[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)



  • Posted By: Max BWhich enemy is my greatest threat?
    The guys from the same gang as Kipper, getting their guns out behind you. They call themselves Slicebits. Kipper's a younger squad leader in the gang, but they're close enough that they'll all stand up for each other.

    One of them, a scarred, one-eyed, bald woman named Bonaduce, she gets up right behind you, Kray, and she's got her magnum to the back of your skull. "Why doncha keep on moving there, big boy," she breathes out, softly. Then, louder, to Kipper, "What's the problem here, Kipstick? Why's the Menagerie got a bug up its butt for your blood?" Bonaduce is in the Slicebits, but she leads a different group.


    Bonaduce snorts. "Well, that sounds like grounds fer some killin'." To you, Kray: "Whaddaya think, big boy?"
  • My eyes widen as I hear, see the guns drawn, they're threatening Kray... they're going to kill, there's only a moment to react.
    "Tavi!" I say with urgency, I'm sure she knows, "look." I step next to her and gesture towards Kray and the guys drawing guns.

    Time, also to read the sitch. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • "Now hold the fuck on." Shit. I don't give a fuck about Kipper, Quoth's the one I want for the squad, but I guess he's still got a bug up his ass. "Kipper, I'm sorry about what happened earlier. I'm trying to make it better if you'll give me half a chance." I attempt to get close to him with my hands raised in a non-threatening manner. "I figured dinner would be a good start for your squad, and maybe after I had that sorted out, you and me could go somewhere and sort things out ourselves." I'm angling for a seduce, to the end of "drop your grudge with us," but let me know if I can get close enough to make that work.
  • "Well, this is a fine pickle! What do you think sis; this hot lady with the gun to my head? Think she wants to fuck or maybe just die?"

    I'm asking my mask for advice #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • "Nickel. If I have to get into this and you're scared I want you to hide, okay honey? I don't want you to get hurt." I glance down at her, "unless there's something you think you can do. But stay safe."

    Since we were near the door, I'm edging my way into the room slowly looking the whole thing over, my slicer is in my hand, like it is usually.

    Reading the sitch...
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+1)
  • Wilson:

    Yeah, Kipper's nice and simple. Go ahead and roll to seduce.


    Your sister's voice trickles into your ear.

    "Oh, Kray, you've killed so much today...wouldn't the world be better with a bit of love?"


    So intent are you upon the situation with Kipper that you are totally startled when a voice calls towards you from the door (which is to your back at the moment).

    "Hey. Creepy kid." It's a gruff, man's voice. Angry. "Got a message for you. Come over here." When you look at him, you see a big, broad-shouldered thug, a rifle slung across his back, beckoning to you with one finger. He hasn't crossed the threshold; Silver's bouncer, a meaty fucker Brackenberry, is glaring at the thug, stopping him from coming into the Big Game Lodge.
  • (well, crap)
  • All right. If the biggest threat is his gang, then it seems like I'm not following the sitch read advice. Seduce Kipper:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) (highlighted for 1)
  • Bugger. Or not, as the case may be.
  • (snicker ... so close)
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    I nod up at Tavi, "Yeah... Tavi... ok," let go of her shirt and turn to cross the room back to the heavy table we were sitting at earlier, when the voice of the man at the door startles me.

    "Hey. Creepy kid."

    Startled and off balance I stumble a step or two away from Tavi... feeling exposed at Tavi's back, a couple paces from her now, she's concentrating on the dispute. I turn to call to Tavi... but only whisper to myself, "no... no Nickel you can't bother her now," I then adopt my usual posture for dealing with people, my hands go in my pockets and then I turn to face the man at the door and take a few steps toward him to stand a couple paces inside where we can talk but he can't easily reach me.

    "Y... yes what is it?"

    I know what it is.
  • They don't make epithets to describe how pissed off I am over this. I hop up onto a table and shout "Hey, all you assholes!" Who's close, Tavi? I grab her shoulder and yank her to me. And then, slowly (but not too slowly!) I start unwinding the scarfsarong. Kray and Wilson, I exempt thee.

    Do I guess correctly that getting everyone's attention is acting under fire?
  • If so:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    If not, well good on that too.
  • Predicated on Shade's success: I turn, pivoting on one leg, taking a single step, all the way around. I'm kind of behind Bonaduce's right shoulder; rubbing my face on her cheek, neck and shoulder. Tracing my fingernails from the wrist that's holding the magnum down to her shoulder, side and breast. I'm totally seducing her -- #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) (xp3)
  • Okay, so no one helped Wilson! Awesome!


    Kipper just stares at you angrily for a moment, Wilson...and then he barks out some laughter in loud, harsh tones.

    "You?! You think I'd ever stick my dick in you, you fucking hag?! Ah, you're just a little slut, aren't you!" He rises from the chair and backhands you, Wilson, in one smooth, violent motion, the look of pure anger returned to his face. (I'm going to roll the harm move at 0-harm, for one reason and one reason alone...to see if you stay on your feet. I'm uninterested in anything else.)

    It's only after he strikes you that you hear Shade call out, and everyone's attention, including Kipper's, turns to her.


    You hop up on the table and start unwinding your scarfsarong. (That's yours, right? Not Tavi's? Is there a reason you didn't exempt Tavi? I'm curious.) You smash up the cups and plates on the table, including the food on the plates...meaning that when those eaters come to, again, they are not going to be very happy. (They are not Slicebits. Bendrix's men.) But for the moment, they're enjoying the up-close show, as much as anyone else is.

    How far are you unwinding, Shade?


    JESUS CHRIST THIS IS CREEPY. Okay, got that out of my system.

    What do you want her to do? Is this a seduce to get her to have sex with you? Right here, right now? I also do have to say, you're seducing the crap out of her, and it'll still have hold over her when Shade is done, but for the moment, "unresponsive" is a nice way to put it. "Drooling" is a less nice way.


    The guy in the door goes slack-jawed at the sight of Shade. I'm assuming you turn your head at her call, and you, too, are caught under her spell. What's it like for you?


    You weren't exempted from Shade's striptease, either. How's that feel, Tavi, to see your sister like this, and be so...paralyzed?
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    My gaze is on the floor as I expect fury from the armed man. His gun isn't in his hands at least, I don't think he's going to kill me. But the fury never comes and then there's silence, silence over the whole room after Shade shouts. I turn to see what's happened and...

    "Shade..." I speak softly... "so beautiful."

    All I can do is stare, breathing deep and wide mouthed. I envy her but right now I just am enthralled by seeing her move, seeing how beautiful she is and how everyone loves her.

    Why does this make me feel so sad, there's tears in my eyes.
  • Well, here's the deal. This lasts as long as I have clothes to take off, mine or someone else's. I don't know any of these shitheads well enough to bother with them, and I'm not going to drag a kid up here for a strip, so my only choice is Tav. And since I don't want her to flip the fuck out and disappear leaving me with only three (3) items of clothing to remove, I grabbed her too. Sorry, Tav, if you want to black my eye or murder me when this is all over with you're welcome to. I'm going to hold these jerks immobile until Wilson gets us the fuck out of here... and if she doesn't do that, well shit. Plan B, I guess, whatever that is. Did I see that slap Kipper laid on her? And Kray, I hope he's not winding up for one of those all-night romps. I'll have to start soliciting volunteers to undress.

    I am unwinding the scarfsarong completely - I have a bandeau-kinda thing under it, and something like bike shorts on my ass. Woven of clutchspider webbing, so they're tough and stretchy, and silvery-transparent. When I run out of scarf to tantalizingly unwrap, I swirl it around, rustling and ringing... and I take off Tav's uniform jacket, slipping it off her shoulders one at a time, making it into a dance, actually. I'm learning to hate these 12th Street fuckers, but the impulse to move is hard to deny. In any case, I'm hoping to milk 45 seconds to a minute out of each item of clothing.
  • (Oh yeah, right, the slap.)

    Harm move: #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
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    Yeah, that slap totally knocks you the fuck to the floor, Wilson. Your cheek is blazing with heat and pain.
  • Posted By: MaduDid I see that slap Kipper laid on her?
    Dunno. Did you?
  • Well, if it knocked her down I sure did. "Wilson, sweetheart, if you don't blow his fucking brains out I'll have to get Kray to kill him."
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    ...maybe that's why it makes me sad.
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    What do you want her to do? Is this a seduce to get her to have sex with you? Right here, right now?

    Yeah, pretty much.

    But there's shit to do. Things that can't be allowed to stand.

    My hand slides back up Bonaduce's arm, caressing as I go. She's rapt, staring at Shade, enjoying the sensations that I'm giving her. We're swaying a bit, together; in time to Shade's movements. My index finger joins hers on the trigger of her big fucking Magnum and as we sway, Kipper comes into the direct line of fire. That's when, together, we pull the trigger -- just as my other hand, having burrowed into her jacket on the opposite side is pinching her nipple. The Magnum probably drops and I can devote both hands to Bonaduce.

    You want a roll or can the rat-fucker just be a puddle?
  • Posted By: Brendan ConwayYou weren't exempted from Shade's striptease, either. How's that feel, Tavi, to see your sister like this, and be so...paralyzed?
    I'm not sure how it feels as I'm dazed as every one else is by Shade. It's a little squicky to have the kind of thoughts it gives me about my own sister. It's one of those lines that is uncomfortable when tested. Definately a weird place. But her pulling off my jacket all senusal the way she is, is certainly making me hot.
  • If Kipper's a puddle, and I can get up, I'm booking. Kray can handle himself, Shade has herself and her sister covered, but I'll grab Nickel; somebody's gotta.

    If Kipper's still alive, I'll try to fix that before I take off.
  • Just standing, mouth agape, tears running down my face.

    Easy to grab for sure,
  • Kind of feel like I should say something to Quoth as we're heading out, but I'm not sure what. "Sorry we killed your boss, no hard feelings?" I don't want to threaten her, just make it clear that Kipper died (still assuming that'll happen one way or the other, but can fix if it doesn't) because he fucked with us, and we'd rather have her, and her squad if possible, on our side than splattered all over the room.
  • Make sure you've said what you need to.
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