Updates: Vanilla, Extentions

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I made some updates so let me know ASAP if you see anything wonky.

New feature: #DiceRoller(4d6+2d10+1d4+20)

HINT: Try clicking (actually clicking-and-holding) on the numbers to see a meny.


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    Thanks for doing these updates, Dev.

    But, uh, it's not working for me.

    Hang on.


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    Yeah, I can't see any actual numbers, just a little pink box with a menu.
  • Hard-reload to update your css/js files and stuff?

    What browser are you on?

    Try a barrel roll?
  • Works fine for me.
  • FWIW it does work for me in Firefox. (What version of FF, anyway?) Try emptying your cache.

    EXPLANATION (AKA WTF DEV): The new version of DiceRoller has new versions of DiceRoller.js and DiceRoller.css; the old versions may be cached so you're not seeing the newest. So try emptying your cache?
  • It works for me in Firefox. Just to add a different data point.
  • Done, and working fine.

    Thanks Dev!
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