[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade



  • Will do.
  • Okay, so the dinner scene should be next? That makes the most sense to me. redgrog, I think the Khalean assassin's plan is to lean in one of the skylights, say something to Foussaine, and make his move, then run off. Do you want to be up there with him and somehow fool everyone into thinking he did it (maybe poison him first to slow him down)? Or let him do it anyway? Perhaps stay near Foussaine and Hanri at dinner, help the Khalean miss, then stab Foussaine yourself in the confusion? I know you want to stab the guy yourself, but I didn't know how you wanted to go about it.

    I am feeling a little burnt out (it seems like others are too), and some straightforward "let's do this scene involving this conflict" might help move things along.
  • I'm not burnt out, but I think a confrontation with one of House Duval's Supporters about the message of the fireworks may be in order. Gaspard made the fireworks as his sponsor, House Ruman, requested, but without getting the implications.

    So, someone might be angry about the show.
  • I'm thinking Helina's going to rush into the room and yell that there's an assassin. Hopefully there's panic and the other assassin can't make his shot. In the chaos she'll take out her mark.
  • Hey oliof, I hope you don't mind delaying a conflict for you, since this was Helina's big scene (finally). Did you mean something like Ruman is angry about perceived symbolism in the fireworks? Since there was just an assassination (or an assassination attempt, at the very least), someone might say the show make Ruman look weak, and a waiting assassin took advantage of that. What do you think?
  • Yes, Ruman's status suffered from the show, which shakes his guards' loyalty and stuff.
  • That what you had in mind, oliof?

    Whew, finally got to stab someone! So the plan went off, and they found the other assassin. They'll probably keep him around and confront House Veija (maybe just offscreen). I'm not sure where to go from here, in some respects - what do people think?

    Hanri will probably recognize Helina at some point, but he'll probably try to take up Foussaine's sword (as it were) in his business in the city.

    Coleman is a sneaky guy, he might even recognize Drenin is keeping secrets as well.

    As for Foussaine's business, I hadn't actually decided yet, but I was thinking that they brought in the army to build a damn and reduce the mighty Maire river to a trickle - then just march across the dry riverbed (grabbing the moon-metal on the way) and slaughter the Khaleans. The Architect hates this idea, since he loves the river. So he wants to find someone to help, Gaspard is a good idea, though he might ask

    Coleman, as a antagonist, likes slowly poisoning the Khaleans, he might try to stop the army as well (and kill Hanri), or he might want to help his House and go after the Architect.

    I do like the poisons and drug rules, so getting Helina and Drenin (and even Kerrik, maybe) to do some kind of investigation around town might be fun.

    Anyway! I'm sure some people hit their keys this update, so let me know. I realize I haven't done Key Scenes, but I only realize a scene was a Key Scene after the fact.
  • Yes, something like that! Now, I need some time to come up with an answer.
  • Helina fullfilled her Key of the Mission: Kill Foussaine at this party and blame it on House Veija.
  • Drenin also will claim 5xp for Key of Mission. Does that get bought off too, or does it just go away?

    I would like to request a scene with Drenin and the Architect. He's got some information about the moon metal stash, and maybe the architect would be a good place to find a buyer.

    *also, feel free to put your character on this Seed Wiki that I just made: Rugwiki
  • I've let people get the Buyoff for completing a Key of the Mission, though as kind of a caveat, either buy another Key or give me something (like a scene suggestion, like rugrsi's) that'll give me an idea for where to go from here.

    The Buyoff is a huge help to the GM since it tells him the character is going in a new direction; 'completing' a Key doesn't necessarily do that.

    Nice wiki, rugrsi!
  • I'd like to switch, buy? A new Key of the Mission. Key of the Mission: Save Hanri. Save Hanri in the way of get him away from the Ammeni Lords.
  • Hey, I'm just checking in. Did we still have plans for this game?
  • I thought so. If no one else is interested, we can let this die graciously here.

    I'll probably set up a new game as gm in february then.
  • I'm willing to do some CPR.
  • Ugh, sorry I haven't been around. I've been job hunting and Christmas is always way busier than I expect. I might be taking a new job soon, in which case I'll have even less time, and I would hate to get started again and flake out again. I can give it a shot, if people are still interested, and don't mind periodic delays.
  • Well I find myself with less time for games of late so I am fine either way.
  • I guess that's it then, we'll shelve it. If you have comments, I'd love to hear them.
  • I really enjoyed this game. The TSOY mechanic worked great. I never had to bring down the pain, which I was a bit worried about. Because of this game I learned to like the Near setting, which I was just ho-hum about before.

    Thanks George!
  • Thanks, rugrsi. A lot of the time I wanted to skip rolling, since the 'lose' consequences I thought of at the time were kind of flat. The BDTP session was great, though. I kind of wonder if a shorted version, used more often, would be more fun.
  • I liked all the characters but it's kind of sad that none of them really got to interact with each other. We were all kind of off on our own islands of story. Good game!
  • thanks for the game, george.

    come february, I will offer a game of TSOY on near here.

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