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Hey. Just joined the site. Is anyone interested in trying out Capes PBP? Not played it before, but it looks good and I'd like to give it a go: and it looks like it might work OK as PBP.

Or WGP, or basically any of these indie narrative games that I'm never going to get my D&D group to try.


  • Hi Vince,

    Glad to have you aboard! I don't have a copy of Capes or WGP, so I can't help you out with that. However, if a few days go by and you don't get any hits on these, I'll gladly play a short game of something I do own, if you like. Maybe something freely available, like The Pool, or something, would be cool. I totally understand that itch to actually play some of these games that you're reading about. It's part of the reason I started this site.
  • Hey there; I'd be up for The Pool, I've heard a bit about it; where do I get it?
  • That looks good; I'll give it a read over and get back to you. What kind of setting were you thinking of?
  • I don't know? Anything? Maybe sci-fi? Or swords and sorcery? The pool does supers pretty well too, if you're keen on that, although it's not a genre I know well.
  • How about some kind of supers sci-fi? Sort of a really advanced society with technology almost indistinguishable from magic, facing some awful terror from another land?

    Which of us were you imagining running it? I've not (obviously) run the Pool before, but I can kinda get the rules after a couple of minutes reading it (!) I'd be happy either way.

    Is anyone else interested? This is still a game pitch, even though it's got a bit vague... ;)
  • oh another point to consider is that Capes could be run from the Lite version which is free, and the full game PDF is also under a "you can freely share this with your game group" license.
  • I'd like to run The Pool. Sci-Fi Supers sounds interesting. How about something like this:

    Earth: 2400 AD
    Humanity has expanded into the stars, forming colonies on several distant stars. As always, there is tension between the various nations, each staking their claim to the vast resources of the new planets. Infighting, civil wars, sabotage and espionage crippled the fledgling colonies. And so, the Star Patrol was born. Using technology scavenged from the ruins of an alien civilization, human solders from all the nations of Earth were given extra-ordinary powers. The technology is unpredictble. Some people gained great power, while others were horribly deformed. With such great risks, only a dozen such soldiers are created at a time - just enough to police the new colonies. Ostensibly politically neutral, the Star Patrol dispenses justice to the colonies, where normal law enforcement cannot reach.

    Now, Humanity faces its greatest threat yet. From beyond the stars, from outside the galaxy, came the Sathar. Worm creatures, disgusting to look upon, they showed neither mercy nor remorse. Implacable, utterly without compassion, the Sathar struck fast, and effectively. Eight billion souls were lost when Earth was virus-bombed. Humankind reeled, and was almost snuffed out. But the Star Patrol struck back. Rallying the scattered forces of humanity, The Star Patrol pushed back the Sathar fleet, saving countless lives. The Sathar, unused to such determined resistance, retreated.

    Now, it is ten years later. The Sathar are a quickly fading memory. That is, they were, until today. Human agents, working for the Sathar, have just released nerve-gas into the ventilators of a major space station. There is a new war being fought, and the Sathar are coming back smarter this time, working to bring down humanity from within. Can the Star Patrol defeat this new threat, the enemy within?
  • I'll go with that! Do we assume that it's just me playing, or is there anyone else interested?
  • I think one-on-one is probably the most functional way to play this, though we could take one more if someone has a burning passion. In a little bit I'll post some guidelines for how this'll work in PBP. You can post a character any time you like.

    Also, if you wanted, you could edit the original post, change the thread title, and make this the "out of game" thread for this game.
  • Ok, here's how I think this should work for PBP:

    I'll start out describing a situation. This could be pretty brief like "Three guys jump out, brandishing pistols", or a more involved description of the scene. I'll desribe people doing stuff, but I'll try not to describe them successfully doing anything that your character might object to. For example, I'd write "He tries to push the button" rather than "He pushes the button, and poison gas begins to spew from the vents".

    Then, you write what your character will do. Try to describe the intent of the action, rather than the specific way the character will try to achieve it, so "Gordon will try to stop him pressing the button" rather than "Gordon throws a crate at him". You can mix this up a little, so "Gordon's gonna try to stop him pressing the button - he'll throw crates at him". This is an especially good idea if you've got some traits that are relevant. Here's where you'd describe how they're relevant to the conflict - For example "Gordon will try to stop him pressing the button, his Telekinesis will help, hurling things across the room at him". Remember that at this stage nothing has happened - you're describing what your character will try to do - what actually happens is determined after the roll - this stage is just for deciding which dice to roll, and what the stakes of the conflict are.

    I'll post, telling you which traits I think are relevant, and what I think the stakes of the conflict are. I'll try to be reasonable and generous. Sometimes (often?), I'll decide that you dont need to roll, and I'll just incorporate the character's actions into the new situation. I'll be clear when that's happening.

    If you're happy with the stakes and the traits I've suggested, you can roll the dice. If I haven't got it quite right, you can suggest something else.

    After the dice are rolled (are you cool with how the dice roller works? you can try it out here if you like), you'll see if you've succeeded or failed. If you fail, that's it, I'll post describing the result of the failure, and the new situation (leading us back to the beginning of the process). If you succeed, you can choose to take the bonus dice. Say that's what you're doing, and then leave it to me to narrate the success.

    Otherwise, you can choose a monologue of victory. Narrate your succes. It's possible that this will flow into a new conflict, in which case you can stop your narration when a new conflict seems likely. Otherwise, end where it feels natural, and I'll take over describing the new situation.

    As much as possible, I want to avoid "take backs" - undoing something that's been written. For that to happen, I think we're both going to have to be sensitive to where a conflict starts. If I describe something happening that you think your character should have been able to stop or alter, try to live with it if you can. I'll try not to do that as much as possible. Likewise, I'll try not to intefere with your monologues of victory.

    How are you coming with a character? The character creation process can leave you feeling a little lost, since there's so little to it. I think it's especially hard with supers. Something to keep in mind is that you don't need a seperate trait for each power. You could have a single trait "Twisted by Alien Tech", which covers all your powers. You don't even need to define those powers before the game starts, though it would help. In general, the more evocative the traits are, the better. Don't have "Smart", but rather "Scientist" or "Mad Genius", and so on. This way, they suggest not just what the character can do, but also how it gets done.
  • Hey, sorry I'm moving at a 'snail's pace' with this. I am still interested, and will post up a character in the next couple of days... RL kind of took over for a while....
  • That's cool Vince. It's nice to get a heads up if there's going to be a long break, but real life always comes first. The forum has this name for a reason, and no-one should ever be stressing about keeping up with a game.
  • Got my character sorted, how does this look?

    Grungan Todak was on the original Star Patrol team that fought against the Sathar and remembers the pain of the first war all too well. An empath, his exposure to the tech left him a crack shot; he carries a pair of slugthrower pistols, and wears concealed jump-boots to get out before anything gets too messy.

    Read surface thoughts and emotions +1
    Haunted by memories of the first Sathar war +2
    Star Patrol veteran +1
    Crack shot with double slugthwrowers +1
    Superhuman reactions and dexterity +1
    Concealed jump-boots and utility belt
    Pool points left: 7

    Should we move this to another thread, seen as we're starting... and on that note, I'll be away from Wed to Sun, but should have pretty regular access before that.
  • Ok, that looks cool. I like the character. I'll start an In Game thread sometime soon, and hopefully we can get a couple of posts in before you go away.
  • Testing #DiceRoller(6d6)
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