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Lets use this thread for Out of Character talk. Audience members, feel welcome to contribute here as well.
Though we should use the Rules thread for any discussion of mechanics.


  • RusRus
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    If you haven’t noticed, I’m going with a format approaching more of a Screenplay.

    I will frame the scene (location, character’s present, and situation) before including narration (dialogue, NPC actions). If you read something in my framing that you feel does not work with your character, give me suggestions and I’ll do my best to change it—although, if a change will cause disruption (i.e., someone has already responded) then it might be best to just deal with it.

    Please use whatever format you're most comfortable with, however. Don't feel locked into anything.
  • On re-reading your post, rugrsi, I'm not sure if the Judge actually left or not. If he's still there, then Jesper is furiously whispering and hoping he doesn't notice.
  • Ah, sorry about that.
    Feel free to edit your post to make it clear the Judge did not hear.
  • Danny and Paris, if you have any scene requests let me know. Think about where you're character would go next, what they would try to do...

    Coffee, from what you suggested in scene 1, I just set the scene directly to the meeting with Gathas, but if you imagined Elos would approach it differently let me know and I can re-adjust.
  • Kitsune's words are still ratttling around in his brain. He might go to the wayhouse himself to see how hard a fire would be to arrange; or he might talk to Mahdi. Or, hey, Kitsune's accusing him of being a secret necromancer, maybe he does have his own weird stuff at home. I must think about this more.
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    If Jesper talks to Mahdi, then that.

    Otherwise, Mahdi tries to break out of jail later in the evening.
  • FYI, I'm going to be quite swamped this weekend. I'll be able to contribute on Friday, but after that I won't be checking in until Monday.
    I hope to start a third scene Friday. If scene 2 doesn't have any activity or resolution by then, scene three will run simultaneously in game time with scene 2.
  • I think the scene with Mahdi would be cool. They have orthagonal interests. Also, he might not get another chance if she escapes after that.
  • The Mahdi and Jesper scene is pretty much open for you guys to run with. I got the Judge that could drop in anytime though.

    I imagine a scene where Elos and Gathas catch Kitsune just as she approaches her home. Does that sound like it jives with how Elos would proceed?
  • Sounds perfect!

  • RusRus
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    Looks like the posting rate has slowed down a bit.

    I think it might be a good time for everyone to check in. Let us all know what's up (ie, you've been busy and haven't had time to post, you're trapped under a heavy object and can't reach the internets).
  • Hey, I'm here. I got caught up with life for a little while, but I'll post in the next 24 hours.

  • I'm usually not so good with weekend posting. I'll be up soon.
  • I was working this weekend on call and I'm just catching up.
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    By the by, I don't know how much of what Mahdi said was the truth - that'd be rugsri's call, as the 'player' of Kitsune. It was a lie that Kitsune doesn't have a library at her house, since she totally does, but the bit about the book for sale might be true. As a player, I was shooting for truth, at any rate.

    I don't know if the judge can challenge what Mahdi's done yet or not, but I figured this was a good place to stop and check. If not, I can continue until Mahdi's actually trying to walk out, when he'd much more obviously be able to notice her and intervene.
  • Just to be clear, I'm totally cool with Mahdi either telling the truth or not -- although I'd love there to actually be a guy of that name in the market, either way (the best lies stand on a foundation of truth) -- so Jesper can haul him in on suspicion. It also gives Mahdi a chance to escape and piss Jesper off.
  • Thanks all for checking in.

    Unless anyone objects to another player's creation of Content, any content described exists. As GM I don't have any more Content Authority than anyone else. (See Content Authority Question at the Story Games). My unique power is scene framing.

    This is just one of the glitchy things about playing this game on-line. If we were around a table anyone could just say, "Well, that really doesn't' work for me. Can we not have cyber-vampire-monkeys in this world?"

    We can’t double-check all Content insertions here or this game would crawl to a halt.

    I trust all of you to use prudence when introducing content to the game. And we can always - if need be- request changes here in this Table Talk thread. Then with the magic of editing old posts, we can re-write stuff.

    It might be cool to kick ideas around in the Rules thread about content.
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    Oh, actually, yeah - there's totally a guy by that name and description there, regardless. He might have the book, or he might just happen to be some distinctive-looking schmuck Mahdi happened to notice earlier in the day ... that'd be completely in style for her. Thanks for mentioning that!

    As for whether he has the book ... hm. I was, as a player, shooting for that being truth (and mentioned that), but I also deliberately avoided saying anything to that effect in-game, and it's probably best to just rely on the actual game text. So forget I said anything - whomever catches that ball gets to define which way it goes, since it's ambiguous right now.

    Mainly, I want to avoid decoding OOG which bits of Mahdi's bullshit are truth and lie. A lot of work, and it takes us out of the game. When necessary, I can stick in little mental parentheticals, or something, to indicate one way or the other (but I'll probably have a lot of fun not doing that and leaving it open for someone to riff on).
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    I assume there'll be some kind of challenge from the judge, but if there isn't Mahdi probably goes looking for Kitsune. Maybe cleans herself up first.
  • I'm going to go with Iorris's Action Dice. Does that make sense to you? (i'm still getting a feel for the language of the stats).
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    I guess it'd depend on what he's doing (there might be a way to justify Maneuvering), but that makes the most sense to me. So, we go to dice ... For Myself and Directly make sense for Mahdi, since she is basically just walking out the front door.

    And ... that's just crappy. Hopefully, I'm just getting that kind of roll out of the way.
  • The judge exits the back office just in time to notice Mahdi open the door.
    Now that I think of it ... which door? Cell door or front door?
  • I imagined the front door.
  • That's what I was thinking, but I thought I'd check, since gaining initiative is supposed to let you pick where the action is interrupted.

    Maybe, from here out, we should quote or something to specify where in the narrative the interrupt is. It's not a big deal here, but I imagine it could be pretty critical in some situations (going by my experience with PbP Polaris, which is sort of similar in that respect).
  • Since I can't beat a 13 lets assume you win initiative.
    Fair assumption. Which means you've got to beat a 6 ... which is, by a small margin, statistically likely.
  • Paris, looks like you won. I'd be willing to entertain some negotiation. If not, feel free to describe her victory. I don't think the Judge would continue searching, so he won't continue to press it.

    We can end the scene as you see fit. I'm figuring you want your next scene with Kitsune, so we'll have to see how she fairs against Elos.

    DannyK, what sort of scene would you like? Assume Jesper can find this guy and accomplish what he wants with him, where would he go next, what sorts of things would he accomplish?
  • Ouch. Alright, rugrsi, I suppose it's time to negotiate if you're interested. Do you have anything you're interested in, or are you looking for straight exhaustion/injury?

  • It occurs to me that it'd make more sense for Disease-Ridden to be consequential against Action, but ... oh well.

    Mahdi might lay low for a bit before moving on to see Kitsune, or not. Whichever you prefer for scene framing purposes.
  • How do you imagine her approaching Kitsune? Can you give me an idea of your general purpose?
  • Assisting her in blackmailing Jesper. As for how ... it doesn't really matter. Privacy a plus, so probably at Kitsune's home, and Mahdi - being who she is - would be more likely to break in than knock on the front door.
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