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    Posted By: Michael LoyFor Hx, I tell everyone Hx+1, because I totally show off my hoard. So:
    I wonder if Nickle and I might have had a thing: I tried to turn her into a pet, which she initially took as an opportunity to use me as one of her transitory 'parents' (rich and single, I'd be an attractive target for that kind of thing). And either:
    - it went verybadly, with each of us biting off more than we could chew, or
    - it went relatively well ... we couldn't really control each other, so I had to kick her out. But fond memories.
    Nickel doesn't get down to the deeps very often, she likes the cool and the moist earth and it's a place you can be alone, to an extent. Nickel pretty exclusively targets men so she probably wouldn't have initialized it, would have to start from you. But I could definitely see the Nickel as a curious "specimen." Maybe that's why she doesn't go down there very often any more. Nickel used to enjoy it and still does if her mind is on other things (like in Crine's place), but there's this unsettling presence in the deeps known as Jake.
  • Posted By: Michael Loya youthful fling with a wealthy deeper, sometime before the mask
    Not before the mask. That life wasn't really real.
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    Ok, this then. I initially thought we didn't meet but having a relationship is much more interesting.

    Let's say this, it went badly. It probably would. Yeah I only target men generally, but not exclusively.
    - it went very badly, with each of us biting off more than we could chew

    (I've also edited my previous post to be more definite)
  • You know me. I figure that either means that: you've hired me, we've fucked (which does give you *some* control over me), or I've wronged you. But whatever.
  • Hx +2 for Shade. I know you, from trawling the Deep end of the tunnels. And you know me -- you have nice things, and hey. I like nice things. I'll come around, just to absorb the ambiance if nothing else.
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  • That all sounds great, Michael. Totally uncomfortable and we did terrible things to each other.

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