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Cool+1, Hard-2, Hot+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2

A woman with a slinky body in luxe scrounge wear, with green eyes and an eager face. I'm thinking leisure suits, bare feet, a dyed-in-the-wool deeper. She's handsome and well-tailored (she has people for that). Also mannerly and casually aristocratic, and she has a kind of youthful eagerness that can be charming, at first. Underneath, though, she's arrogant and voracious, and she doesn't see people as that much different from objects. Also somewhat cowardly, I suspect.

I'm thinking that deepers tend to have easier lives than most Apocalypse Worlders (particularly deepers like this one), so she might be in her late thirties, early forties? But she looks much younger, by AW standards. Even other deepers tend to put her age a little bit younger than accurate, and daylighters are usually way off.

Her hoard contains luxuries and plants/animals/people, and I picture it as a cluster of deep tunnels that are just mind-bogglingly luxurious by apocalyptic standards: furniture, rugs, hangings, electric candelabra, lush vegetation potted under sun lamps, lots of mostly-harmless pets, etc.

Some of those pets are people, too. I'm thinking she's a bit like a hocus, except that she just hoards people ... they don't go out and do stuff like a hocus' followers. I think I'd look at taking moves from other books that let her enforce her claim of ownership, like Frenzy or In-Brain Puppet Strings. Kind of a predator, except maybe not 'kind of'. She's got to feed her hoard, after all.

The hoard's hunger and Jake's personal desires are really one and the same. The hunger isn't really an external force, it's just Jake's desires magnified and given power by the maelstrom. The hoard is voracious because what it wants is what she wants, so she can't simply ignore its demands.

There is no whisper telling her what to do, just these barely-controllable desires that she moves to obey. And once she has something, she forgets about it. Literally: it's sitting around her tunnel apartments somewhere, but once her desire for it is satisfied, she just doesn't care or remember. When she pulls something out of her hoard, her subconscious is digging the memory out of the maelstrom and reminding her that she can use this ...

- History -
Kray=0, Nickle=0, Rabbit+2, Shade=0, Tavi-2, Wilson=0.
Hoarder special: if you and another character have sex, use acquisitive eye as though your partner were an object and you’d rolled a 10+, even if you don’t have the move.
Acquisitive eye: when you see, hear about, or otherwise come to know of a thing you want, roll+weird. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 2:

• How can I make this mine?
• Who will stand in my way?
• Will my hoard accept it?
• Who will try to take it from me once it’s mine?
• What is this truly worth?

On a miss, your face and body language betray your interest in the thing to anyone who’s paying attention.
Appraising eye: when you read a situation, on a hit, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:
• What’s the most beautiful, the rarest, or the most valuable thing here?

... and when you read a person, on a hit, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:
• What’s the best thing your character owns, or the best thing your character’s carrying?
[ ] get +1weird (max weird+3)
[ ] get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
[ ] get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
[ ] get +1cool (max cool+2)
[ ] get +1hot (max hot+2)
[ ] get a new hoarder move (sticky fingers)
[ ] get a new hoarder move (greed or money is power or hit the books)
[ ] add an option to your horde (?)
[ ] get a move from another playbook (*)
[ ] get a move from another playbook (*)

[ ] get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
[ ] retire your character (to safety)
[ ] create a second character to play
[ ] change your character to a new type
[ ] choose 3 basic moves and advance them
[ ] advance the other 4 basic moves

* fingers in every pie, ice cold, in-brain puppet strings, merciless


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    Jake's hoard contains:
    - fetish objects, art, and mementos
    - books, maps, drawings, and photographs
    - plant, animal, and human specimens

    Jake's hoard is:
    - Beautiful: if an NPC sees it, she envies and desires it.
    - Voracious: if you ignore its demands, whatever you do instead, you do under fire.
    As long as your hoard’s hunger is 3 or less, you can go into your hoard and look for something useful. Describe your situation and roll+weird. The MC’s job is to come up with something for you that she genuinely thinks you’ll find useful in the situation you’ve described, and to have your hoard deliver it forth.

    On a 10+, your hoard’s hunger holds where it is. On a 7-9, your hoard gets +1hunger. On a miss, your hoard goes immediately to hunger+4.

    If you take the thing, your hoard considers you to have borrowed it, and will expect it back.
    As long as your hoard’s hunger is 3 or less, you can go into your hoard for jingle. Pull oddments worth 2-barter out of it and give it +1hunger.
    At the beginning of the session, roll+your hoard’s hunger. On a 10+, the MC holds 3; on a 7-9, the MC holds 1. During the session, the MC can spend her hold 1 for 1 to:
    • name a thing present. Your hoard must have it. When you give it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.
    • name a thing you’ve borrowed from your hoard. Your hoard must have it back. When you return it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.

    If the MC has any hold left at the end of the session, give your hoard +1hunger, to a maximum of hunger+4.
    If your hoard has hunger+4, take -1 ongoing.
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    For Hx, I tell everyone Hx+1, because I totally show off my hoard. So:

    - Kray has Hx+1 with me.
    - Nickle has Hx+2.
    - Rabbit has Hx+2.
    - Shade has either Hx+2 or Hx=0, whichever she likes.
    - Tavi has Hx+1.
    - And Wilson has Hx+2.

    Then, if we are acquaintances, I take Hx+1 with you. If we aren't, I take Hx-1. I take -1 on top of that for everyone except Rabbit - with Rabbit, I take +1. That's because I think he's the closest thing to rich, and the rest of your are poor people.

    An introduction: I am a wealthy deeper, charming but arrogant. I enjoy entertaining people in my home, because it allows me to show off my things. If I know you, I've probably met you in my home and fed you wonderful things, treated you to excellent drugs, etc.

    I am voraciously greedy and controlling, but I keep that concealed for the most part ... if you are a casual acquaintance, you would probably think me a little grasping, but not horribly so. It often comes across as youthful eagerness, more than anything else.

    If you are more than an acquaintance, that's probably because I've tried to add you to my collection. If you escaped that, you'd now know me better: I am tremendously (perhaps psychotically) controlling, and I am very skilled at applying psychological pressure. I am also very seductive when I want to be, but I use sex as a means of crawling into your head and getting hooks into you.

    So, do I know you?


    I imagine that I know Rabbit. He gets around, and I've probably made a point of meeting someone so colorful. Particularly as he controls all these people.

    I also imagine that I know Shade. We've probably been to the same parties. Also, see below ...

    ... because I might have met Wilson, at least, and probably Shade again at the same time, since it seems reasonable that I might have employed the Menagerie on occasion. I collect exotic plants and animals, and Wilson advertises the Menagerie as having more finesse than other hunters (usually, I want something brought to me alive, or at least minimally damaged).

    It seems that I might not know the other members of the Menagerie, but it's also possible that I have. Kray and Tavi don't immediately appear to be my kind of people, but there could be a story in there. Kray has been at 12th Street all his life ... a youthful fling with a wealthy deeper, sometime before the mask and before Jake got so controlling?

    I wonder if Nickle and I might have had a thing: I tried to turn her into a pet, which she initially took as an opportunity to use me as one of her transitory 'parents' (rich and single, I'd be an attractive target for that kind of thing). And either:
    - it went very badly, with each of us biting off more than we could chew, or
    - it went relatively well ... we couldn't really control each other, so I had to kick her out. But fond memories.
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    Posted By: Michael LoyFor Hx, I tell everyone Hx+1, because I totally show off my hoard. So:
    I wonder if Nickle and I might have had a thing: I tried to turn her into a pet, which she initially took as an opportunity to use me as one of her transitory 'parents' (rich and single, I'd be an attractive target for that kind of thing). And either:
    - it went verybadly, with each of us biting off more than we could chew, or
    - it went relatively well ... we couldn't really control each other, so I had to kick her out. But fond memories.
    Nickel doesn't get down to the deeps very often, she likes the cool and the moist earth and it's a place you can be alone, to an extent. Nickel pretty exclusively targets men so she probably wouldn't have initialized it, would have to start from you. But I could definitely see the Nickel as a curious "specimen." Maybe that's why she doesn't go down there very often any more. Nickel used to enjoy it and still does if her mind is on other things (like in Crine's place), but there's this unsettling presence in the deeps known as Jake.
  • Posted By: Michael Loya youthful fling with a wealthy deeper, sometime before the mask
    Not before the mask. That life wasn't really real.
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    You two are both giving vague answers there. Explication is great, but do I or do I not know you? You get to say, not me.
    But I could definitely see the hoard viewing Nickel as a curious "specimen."
    Keep in mind that the hoard doesn't really have desires separate from mine. But in any case, it doesn't behave like that with people: only things. People are too complicated - I can't be sure about them right off, like that. I have to ... get to know them better, you know? Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

    ( The horde never expresses an interest in people. Acquisitive Eye and the beginning-of-session roll+hunger only target things. The only way to know if the horde will accept someone is to have sex with them and trigger the hoarder sex move. Until then, you can't be sure if a given person will ever work out as part of the horde, barring custom MC stuff. Which is totally creepy, but hey. Name of the game. )

    But that's almost beside the point. I like controlling people. If I get my hooks into someone, and it turns out that they really just aren't going to work out as part of the horde ... well, that's a shame. But they're still mine! At least until they begin to bore me.

    But if you never approached me, then maybe we've never met. Otherwise, I suppose you're just another homeless child, living in the tunnels. Such a waste, but what can you do?
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    Ok, this then. I initially thought we didn't meet but having a relationship is much more interesting.

    Let's say this, it went badly. It probably would. Yeah I only target men generally, but not exclusively.
    - it went very badly, with each of us biting off more than we could chew

    (I've also edited my previous post to be more definite)
  • I've heard of you, but I don't know you.
  • You know me. I figure that either means that: you've hired me, we've fucked (which does give you *some* control over me), or I've wronged you. But whatever.
  • Hx +2 for Shade. I know you, from trawling the Deep end of the tunnels. And you know me -- you have nice things, and hey. I like nice things. I'll come around, just to absorb the ambiance if nothing else.
  • If Shade likes you, you must be all right. Good food and drugs certainly wouldn't hurt that impression. Not sure if the team's worked for you yet. Personally I'd rather do that on screen since it sounds like it has good potential for violence, drama, etc.
  • Let's see, that puts me at: Kray=0, Nickle=0, Rabbit+?, Shade=0, Tavi-2, Wilson=0.


    Let's say I hired you, first. Sometime before the Menagerie came to the hold, I contracted you several times to have you go and fetch me some specimens from out of the forest. I took a special liking to you though, and I kind of flirted with you for a while (probably longer than you're used to, all things considered), and we eventually fucked.

    I decided that the hoard wouldn't accept you (I didn't want you in that way), so after that I suddenly went cold and seemed to lose interest. Maybe we fucked for a little longer after that, but it was clear that my attitude had changed ... maybe it seemed like I'd really just been wondering what it'd be like, and the novelty wore off. In any case, that's mostly over, though you're probably the guy I'd go to if I wanted to manipulate someone into doing violence for me.


    I might've simply been tempting enough to break your normal pattern. I live in luxury, and you're sharp enough that you could have intuited that I'm approachable ... you'd be able to get that time and intimacy with me, where most rich deepers would just immediately turn you away. So I'd have been an attractive opportunity for you, superficially.

    And so you're trying to do your thing, making me a surrogate parent, and I'm trying to twist you into something that'll fit into my hoard. Have you read the The Golden Compass? I'm picturing Mrs. Coulter, obsessively controlling and kind of scary, once you see under the mask. Details can come out in play, but some talking points:

    - It would have seemed pretty nice, at first, but I'd soon go from just pampering you to trying to control every aspect of your life, denying you unmoderated contact with other humans, confining you whenever I'm away from my apartments. I'd also probably try to doll you up and occasionally show you off to associates, much like any other pet.

    - I'd also have become perhaps uncomfortably intimate, dressing you, bathing you, and so on. At some point I'd have tried to seduce you, and never mind that you're a child. I assume that I failed in that, but I probably contributed in no small measure to your current discomfort with physical intimacy.

    - Escaping me probably required some kind of horrible test of wits and wills, as well as actually using those in-brain puppet strings. And not as a threat: actually inflicting 3-harm (ap) on me after creating an opportunity to get away. I'm a coward when it counts, so hurting me like that once or twice would keep me from trying to retrieve you.

    That's kind of extreme, and we could cut back. But I plan on playing this character to destruction, so I'm interested in taking conflicts head-on. Particularly as we're in PbP ... building up a relationship that nasty would take months and months of play. I'd like for one of you to already really know this side of me, and you're the best candidate, since most of the others would at least semi-discount much of what you said about me, thinking it was a misunderstanding.

    Regardless, you'd also have some of my deep secrets, if you want, since you'd had ample opportunity to use deep brain scan. No need to get into details, but something to keep in mind.


    And it's always a pleasure to have you, Shade. You do so liven the place up, and you know that I very much admire you.


    Of course you've heard of me, darling. And I've heard of you! You should come around with your sister sometime - I'd just love to meet you.


    I'd like to have at least a little professional history with the Menagerie, just so I have a good specific reason to go to you if I ever need hunters. But Kray's worked for me in the past, and there's no need for that professional connection to be with the Menagerie as a whole.

    However, do you often come down into the deeps? I imagine that most of the times I've seen Shade were while she was on some kind of business, usually on someone's arm. If you haven't worked for me, then we might not have met? But if you two come down and hang with the deepers normally, then sure! But either way, I can use Kray as a connection to you, and I'm sure you at least know of me.
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    For Brendan: do you feel like the Wurm is good to go, and available for play? I'm thinking that Jake might consider herself a bit of a scientist, with all her plant and animal specimens + books/maps/etc as her third hoard element. So she's smart and well-read, in addition to being obsessively controlling!

    Specifically, I'd be interested in the Hit the Books move ... the others aren't really right for Jake. Bullet in a Bible is amusing, but not really up my alley, and I don't really need a research assistant move. After all, I can always just ask my hoard for one.

    But Hit the Books is perfect: Forget that it lets me acquire knowledge (I could do that with the normal hoard moves). It lets me manipulate people with my knowledge, which is exactly why Jake gathers knowledge in the first place.

    For everyone: Jake has a library! She knows things! Remember this when you need questions answered! She also has great drugs and tasty things to eat, and lots of other fascinating stuff, if you're into those sorts of things.
  • Jake, aren't you the one related to Chai? Sister, cousin? I can't remember.
    I do remember being more curious about Chai than you. And now that you ask, I didn't even notice your reaction. We were at some party, maybe it was your party, maybe it wasn't. There were so many Croquies there, on the juice, doing their thing. Nugget and Zinc had smuggled some of the other daylighters down to the depths; half of them were terrified. The others were so excited we couldn't shut them up. (The daylighter accent does travel, it echoes different, and deepers are all so about keeping their castes pure).

    It was a good time, I do remember that. Probably because Kray wasn't there. He can be such a downer sometimes.
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    Aunt, actually, but I'm flattered, thank you. And little Chai certainly is ... curious, as you say. It runs in the family, you know. Our mother, well. I could tell you stories.

    And I have Hx+2 with you, with you becoming such a significant figure. (Be sure you don't attract the wrong kind of attention, though!)

    I'm considering dropping the "intoxicants, delicacies, and poisons" from my hoard, swapping it for something else. I can already get a certain amount of that from my plant and animal specimens, and I can afford to directly buy most of the rest, though I suppose I won't have quite the same range and quality that way. But Rabbit's people already have drugs as something of a shtick, so I could leave that to them and secure some other niche.

    Probably either "fetish objects, art, and mementos" or "relics and waste of the golden age past".


    Or, since one of the options is fill-in-the-blank ... "exotic tools and instruments"? Could work with the amateur scientist ('natural philosopher') shtick. I think I like that better than relics and waste, though art and fetish objects also sound fun. I suppose I do have that improvement: "add an option to your horde". So I could eventually have both. Hm.
  • That all sounds great, Michael. Totally uncomfortable and we did terrible things to each other.

  • I don't think I'd come down to the deeps that often. I like it up in the daylight, where I feel more like a hero, and less like someone doing a necessary but thoroughly distasteful job. If Shade gets invited to parties just to party, and not as a job, I'd go with her. I do love a good party.
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    Horrible backstory with Nickle is a go! If I see you again, I'll have to think about how badly I want you back.

    I leave it to Shade to say if that kind of thing happens frequently, but for this let's say: sometimes I quietly entertain small groups in my parlour, and on one or two occasions I've invited Shade as a guest (other times, she's been with a client). She of course could bring with her an escort, so Wilson has been to one or two of my little parlour events.

    The parlour events are fairly tame by Menagerie standards: excellent food and drink, interesting drugs, and informed conversation (deeper politics, natural philosophy, showing off my things), usually with something like six or eight people beyond myself.

    I'm also not overly concerned about coming into the daylight tunnels on occasion, and we might have met in passing once or twice like that ... I'd have been about business, but I might have traded a few words with someone I recognize.

    So we've met, but our acquaintance is fairly superficial.

    I will drop "intoxicants, delicacies, and poisons" in favor of "fetish objects, art, and mementos" in my hoard. The art and mementos will give my place some visual texture, and I can use them to justify a certain standard of living: fancy furniture, utensils, jewelry, etc. And fetish objects sound like fun!

    So Jake's hoard contains:
    - fetish objects, art, and mementos
    - books, maps, drawings, and photographs
    - plant, animal, and human specimens

    I'll likely add something like the "exotic tools and instruments" during play.
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