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  • Puh, character ideas...

    I've been thinking about playing an insecure/new/young dog, but the idea of playing something like "Myself as a Dog" is also tickling my fancy. Or maybe go with ye olde fundamentalist dog?

    Decisions, decisions...

    (I better go and reread my dogs copy, that should help...)
  • I'll follow Lord Minx's lead and go RTFM — or at least skim through it. As I am trying out things, maybe I'll try a character type I don't play often, or at all. A fundamentalist or a nasty kind of guy? I'll come back as soon as I have further ideas.

    Should way design the character as a team or a duet?

    Any writing convention for the game?

    Read you soon…
  • Ok, after rereading Dogs (Or starting to.), I really want to play somebody with a complicated past. No idea whether "Complicated History" or "Complicated Community" fits more, but I'm thinking young man filled with anger, and not-totally-willing on the whole "being a dog" thing. Mother/Father-issues might be involved. A trait like "I'm a Dog (And I don't like it) 3d4" or a Relationship with the Order with a similar value is a must.

    Also, I'm really looking forward to the accomplishments trait thing. ^_^
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    (Sorry, I was out of connection yesterday)
    Not knowing how the mechanics will unfold, I have the following characters ideas :
    * Youngest Dog ever, I have the eyes of an Angel
    * Cynical bastard, I can strike fear into your hearth

    Now, with your rebel, angry Dog, maybe we could use some balancing, with a calm and rightful Watchdog?
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    Posted By: oliof
    Unwilling to be a Dog is problematic, since you're allowed to step out of that role without resentment. Everyone knows it's hard. So, if unwilling – why is he doing it anyway?
    The idea I've had is that he's doing it for reasons other then "It's what I really want to do". Probably hooking into the complicated history/parent issues. Like, he really loves his mother and his mother was sooooooo happy when he was set to be a Dog and she even fixed up his (dead) fathers old coat so that it's as good as new and sent it to you and...
    You get the picture.

    Now, the idea is at least in part that, maybe, he'll grow to accept the role of a Dog, stepping in his fathers (huge) footsteps and accepting his coat and all that. Or maybe not, maybe he'll realize he's his own person, distinct from his parents, and will step down. Or whatever. I'm interested in exploring the idea of somebody thrust into a role he feels is too big or not right for him but wants to stick with it out of love or loyalty.

    Makes sense?
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    Lord Minx, is the anger gone?

    Youngest dog evar

    Maybe 13 is a bit early. I see new Dogs as being something like 18-21, so I thought about something like 14 to 16 years old. Younger makes the point stronger, because there must be something in that kid that allowed him to survive and succeed in his initiation and training, but it might make it too strong, not leaving enough place to doubt. While, at the same time, it might reinforce doubt about the kid really being a Dog. I don't know. (Yet.)

    Something must have decided the Steward of his Community, then the Elders, that the kid was Dog material and ready for initiation. What was it? Is it only spiritual intuition (handwaving on my part?)? He's probably precocious, but that isn't enough. I must find something that he has done or that he is, consciously or not, that is a reason. Maybe he took on his hand to solve a community problem? Or he helped a Dog doing so? Maybe he was inhabited by the King of Life and drove a Demon away?

    (BTW, I have troubles finding traits that are descriptive but usable.)

    Does he miss his family? Undoublty. Is he scared? Yes, but he has Faith and trust the King of Life to show him the Right Way. He probably has problems with people being incredulous, then sometimes jealous, and also of being to young to really share his comrades experiences and adult life. He will probably have authority problems. Maybe he is a bit like the children from The Village of The Damned? He has probably a very naive and literal interpretation of the Faith, and childish stubbornness, which will make him hard and unyielding, but also a kind mind and hearth.

    I'd name him Franklin Skeen

    What d'ya think?
  • Posted By: Ajax AldwyneLord Minx, is the anger gone?
    The "filled with anger" anger? Sorta. The more I think about it, the more I see the character not really being all angry more ... a bit frustrated, unhappy with the situation but trying to stick with it, conflicted between loyalty and his own unwillingness, maybe doubts about his own qualification, and so on. All of which can result in somewhat ... cranky behavior. Anger was too strong, I think. I don't want somebody who beats up some kid because he was asked for something, more somebody who grumbles about being in the wrong place.

    Until actual play and character change happens, obviously. This more about me trying to find an interesting starting point from which I can then go into many directions as play happens then anything I plan to keep up throughout the game.

    Harald, Ajax, would that work for you?

    As for your character: Sounds cool. "Literal interpretation of the faith" makes for good conflict, I think. ^_^
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    Posted By: Lord MinxThe "filled with anger" anger? Sorta. […] Harald, Ajax, would that work for you?
    Posted By: Lord MinxAs for your character: Sounds cool. "Literal interpretation of the faith" makes for good conflict, I think. ^_^
    Yes, that’s why I included it. Internal conflict, external conflict between our Dogs and conflict with the community. Conflicts galore!
    Posted By: oliofAjax: Dogs definitely are very young, since they are all unmarried and virgins. In a society like The Faith, my guess would be that a 20 year old Dog would either be on the circuit for a long time already, or he is like the Oldest Dog Evar.
    Ok. (For completeness sake, I was getting my ages from the book, but who cares?) Thirteen it is.
    Posted By: oliofThe idea is that they are young enough to not have significant life experience (design wise, probably not the idea of the Ancients - but who knows? Maybe we'll find out!).

    Possible Traits from your musings: "I'm a cute kid", "I'm the youngest Dog ever", "I was a vessel for the King of Life (once/before)", "I can drive away demons". "I'm stubborn", "I live by the words of the Ancients", "Scripture leads me on my path" – All pretty tough stuff. Do they cause you trouble, or do they help you? That's yours to decide with the size and number of dice to set. Oh, and please don't feel obliged to take any of these if they're not to your liking.
    They seem perfect. So 1d4 is for a weakness? (I don’t see how this is going to work, as I’d say one more die is a good thing and if it is a weakness, why use it… I guess I’ll see how it works.) 1d6 is something like “minor advantage”? Right?
  • Ok, I tried to stat Franklin, here is what I got. What should I change?

    Name: Franklin Skeen

    Background: Complicated History

    Stats (15d6):
    Acuity: 3d6
    Heart: 5d6
    Body: 3d6
    Will: 4d6

    Traits (4d4 2d6 2d10):
    - I am God’s youngest Watchdog evar 1d10
    - I am still a kid 2d4 (<- how to make the youngness of Franklin be a weakness most of the time a problem but sometimes an advantage?)
    - I have the eyes of an Angel 1d10
    - I know the Words 1d6
    - I am a cute boy and will obviously be a good-looking man 1d6
    - I can shoot 2d4

    Accomplishment: I hope to prove that I am an as good novice as the grown-ups.

    Relationships (5d6 2d8):
    [Blood 1d6]

    Coat: I will have to change my coat when I grow
    Accurate Gun: 2d6
    Sturdy rug, with mountain people’s motif: 2d6
    Book of life: 1d6, dog-eared
    Consecrated earth
  • I feel the traits and the accomplishment aren't the best…
  • Argh, had no time to work to think of Dogs this weekend, will post more later. (Just saying that I'm still alive and all...)
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    Oliof: ok for advantages /disadvantages, it's what I tried, Youngest dog is an advantage (1d10), Cute kid also (1d6), but Still a kid is an important weakness (2d4).

    However, I am worried that I use too much Traits for the same things, see:
    Youthfulness: Youngest dog (is also my Dog trait and a "social" trait), Cute kid (also appearance, "social"), Still a kid
    Appearance: Still a kid, Cute kid, Angel's eye

    Cute kid, I'd change the wording to "I am a cute kid and will obviously be an handsome man"

    I'd like to change one to a "historic" / background Trait, something like "I drove a demon away", "I had to kill my possessed mother", …
    (and I am also partial to "I ride like the desert wind", however I don't think I'll have any dice left)

    Maybe I'll drop "I am still a kid", but I don't think I should put 2d4 on my background trait.

    I'd change my accomplishment to something like: "I hope that I am accepted as a peer by the other novices / the grown-ups."

    Coat 2d6, lovingly quilted from bark brown and mossy green patches ; his aunt was the main seamstress, his older sisters having refused the job.
    Accurate gun 2d6+1d4
    Fast horse 2d6
    Consecrated Earth from his mother's tomb 1d4

    What do you think?
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    Ok, here's what I got, summarized in one post.
    Franklin Skeen Complicated history
    Stats (15d6)
    - Acuity 3d6
    - Heart 5d6
    - Body 3d6
    - Will 4d6
    Traits (4d4 2d6 2d10)
    - I am God’s youngest Watchdog ever 1d10
    - My mother died after I successfully exorcising the demon that possessed her 1d6
    - I know the Words 1d6
    - I have the eyes of an Angel 1d10
    - I am a cute kid and will obviously soon grow into a handsome man 2d4
    - I can shoot 2d4
    Relationships (5d6 2d8)
    [Blood 1d6]
    - Aunt Marsha 2d6
    (could I take a d4 instead of a d6 for my sisters ?)
    - Coat 2d6, lovingly quilted from bark brown and mossy green patches ; his aunt was the main seamstress, his older sisters having refused the job.
    - Accurate gun 2d6+1d4
    - Fast horse 2d6
    - Sturdy rug, with mountain people’s motif 2d6
    - Dog-eared Book of life 1d6
    - Consecrated Earth from my ma's tomb 1d4
  • I thought initiation was during training and I envisioned that the exorcism is what had me sent to train. But, why not? And the "finding my place as a kid amongs adult" stuff can be played in the game itself.

    No d4 for my sisters: ok. Coat 1d6:: ok (rule said it was always 2d6, but whatever).

    Read you next week !
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    Posted By: oliofLordMinx: You still around?
    Yes, I am, somewhat. While playing with my partitions, I managed to wreck my Vista bootloader or something. My only connection to the world out there is an emergency Ubuntu installation and I spent the last couple of days surfing the net to find a solution that does not involve a reinstall.


    As is, I'll probably reinstall tomorrow. (*cry*) And until then I'll have to try and get as much of my data on my external disk. (Thankfully, it's still there, as only something in Vistas boot-parts is bonked. Still takes a while.)

    So, I'm really sorry but I hope you'll understand it'll take me a bit to have something besides Windows Recovery and MBRs in my head again. I hope to have everything up and running again over this weekend, but, well, I also thought I wouldn't destroy my system earlier, so we'll see how that works out.
  • Posted By: oliofLord Minx: Moral of the Story: Don't play with partitions. Play with us!
    Good luck on your reinstall. Why not stay with Ubuntu?
    One Word: Gaming.

    If I didn't play computer games, I think I could be pretty happy with Ubuntu alone. But as is, I really like to play computer games and, sadly, Linux still isn't there (yet?) in this regard. I do plan to have an Ubuntu/Vista dual-boot, though. :)
  • Ok, most of the important stuff is working again, though, as always with Windows, some (a lot!) of housetraining will be necessary.

    Anyway, sorry for the delay, guys, I'll go back to reading Dogs and working on my character soon.
  • Posted By: Lord MinxAnyway, sorry for the delay, guys, I'll go back to reading Dogs and working on my character soon.
    Whee !
    Posted By: oliofAjax: We'd be ready to do your initiation then. I guess the question is "I hope I can exorcise the demon from my mother"?
    And so be it.
    Posted By: oliofAjax: D'oh. The coat is 2d6 then.
    Well, actually, I misread the rules : most coats are 2d6, not all -> so 1d6. (That's what I initially assigned.) (FYI whenever I quote rules, it's for information, as a reference, never for authority. I never give them more value than a player's opinion.)
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