Lacuna and Afraid

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  • Hi.

    I'd be really keen to try Afraid. Less keen on Lacuna, but only because I don't have it. Are you planning on running it here?
  • I'm really a lot more stoked by Afraid, to be honest... the mechanics really appeal to me.
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    I'd be really interested in Lacuna. I might be up for an Afraid game at some point, but I'm not sure about right now. A good pitch on it might be able to convince me. I'm only vaguely knowledgeable about Afraid, but DitV is no problem for me.

    I'll second YP that owning Lacuna isn't a problem for play either. It might be a benefit in fact...

    And, just to share, a while back, when I was bored, I wrote an random character generator for Lacuna (since all characters are almost completely randomly generated (you can choose gender, and choose to use your real age, I think).
    Its here.
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