Sorcerer, anyone?



  • I think per the sorcerer and sword rules that the insects would be considered beasts and immanents (can't be bound, just pacted, summon and banish are both irrelevant) Let's move our setting and one sheet discussion to our other thread here.
  • No problem. &Sword doesn't really make that many changes. I think what I listed above is pretty much it for immanent demons but I'll post more on it tomorrow. On the other hand we don't have to use & sword if you guys don't want to. The other big thing to mention from there is the Pact ritual which is basically making a one time bargin with a given demon. Different than binding. I've got more thoughts but I'll post them later when I've got more time and I've dug out my Sword and Mu books.
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    Note that a lot of the stuff in the RPG net thread assumes the additional Sorcerer and Sword rules.
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    I'm new to this site, new to PBP, but I'm familiar with Sorcerer. Is there any room for me in your game and what would be required of me time wise etc?

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    It's a good question and one that we've not really discussed yet. Actually there is a group of housekeeping questions relating to pbp that we need to address.
    • How often should we post? My last PBP game we stipulated three times a week, which I could do. Two times a week would be fine. I think one might be too slow.

    • I think we should do mechanics and ooc discussion in an alternate color - there will of course be an ooc thread as well.

    • it's important for people to express themselves about everyone's scenes during a game. Around a table we can see each other but here we can't. In sorcerer bonus dice are given by the GM based on how well stuff resonates with the group. That's tougher in PBP and to be honest I'm not sure how it will work.

    • I used to like to write characters thoughts in italics to separate it from our actual dialog...kind of like the little cloud edged thought balloons in comics

    • You have a little license to write reactions of other characters so that we aren't breaking things into one sentence posts when we don't need to. This is of course subject to the veto of the other players and/or GM (depending on who you are speaking for.)

    • Would you guys like to play NPC parts at all?

    • I'm planning on setting this up as one scene per thread. I think very much in scenes. Scenes will be in the format "Scene # (characters involved) Scene Title." If that's okay.

    All of this is negotiable of course. Thoughts?

    And tasseomancer I think I can deal with one more if you can buy in to what we have already in our one sheet and character threads. I know that we will be a most unusual PBP game in that we will never loose any members ever. And what's your name?
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  • I love that dice roller, handy.

    Mark, cool. I highly recommend the Manga put out by Viz. You can see the movie on Google Video Though we aren't sticking to cannon. This is merely Nausicaa inspired, and will probably be a bit darker. Send me an email at trevisDOTmartinATgmail so I have your address and so I can pass the passwords for my wiki on to you.

    I'll send them out to the rest of you too.

    Rustin (rugrsi), We could do the graphic thing maybe. You mean put in the graphic before the dialog? I can host them on my webhost. I don't know if we can upload them here or not, but I'll look into it.
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