[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade

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There is a saying in Khale - that when you speak of a river, it is a different river each time, and you cannot trust the river to be the same week to week. This is, of course, true for the River Maire, one of the few landmarks that form a border between Ammeni and Khale. It is unstated between both sides that this is a place to fight, to make war.

The city of Gonne-on-Maire, Khaleans say, is like the river it sits on - it has been beaten, burned, and knocked down enough that the city you speak of one month may be completely different the next month.

The city is a circle bisected by the river, but neither side is pleasant. Ancient stone buildings hint of their readiness to collapse, newer structures are often little more than mud-covered wood. The city is a prize, however, and the Ammeni lords bring their warriors into their side, crowding the city with weapons and clerks, while their delicate white-sailed ships prowling the harbor and moving goods from the Sea of Teeth to the southern lands. Crime and vice are rampant, and more than a few bodies find their way to the water's edge, from both directions.

The organized Khale tribes know that the city must be kept to prevent further encroachment by the Ammeni. They hide in the shadows of the city, bowstrings taut, watching for targets. Their leaders squabble, despising their conditions, desiring glory, and forgetting their true enemy lies within the stink of the city.

There have been two developments that may change this stalemate.

The first is the arrival of several members of the Concordant Council, one of the few Ammeni groups that urge unity between the houses. They speak to no one, staying almost constantly in one of the ancient towers, but their foreign servants are everywhere. Rumors speed of great mercenary armies arriving, to sack the Khalean side, and to begin a great push into the forest lands, putting men to swords and trees to flame.

The other has just happened. A great commotion rose at sunset on the Khalean side of Gonne-on-Maire, a squad of bamboo warriors slashing their way through the Khalean streets, coming from the deep Khalean forest. Men died at spear-point within seconds of each other, blood staining cobble, as the Ammeni, carrying a great burden, leaped upon the boats moored at the shore and paddling for their lives. Shields were raised to ward off the arrows, but of the two dozen who had appeared in the streets, four are now huddled in the boat. One dies; he is pushed from the boat.

Midway across the quick river, flame is added to the barrage of arrows, and spears are launched. The lingering soldiers abandon their craft, screaming and burning as they leap into the water. One spear splinters the crate they carry, and it flies open as it empties its contents into the water. A glittering cascade of moon-metal, the odd, powerful substance found fallen in the Khalean forest, enough to equip a ten-score men, sinks quickly in the water, lost from sight. The two remaining men crawl onto the Ammeni shore, gasping and bleeding.

The river is fast, and deep. The metal is a prize many Ammeni would kill for, and something Khale would kill to leave lie.

From this thread, a bunch of us want to play Shadow of Yesterday. Specifically, redgrog, rugrsi, orklord, and Chris Peterson, and I offered to GM. Those dudes should make dudes, but if someone does NOT, anyone can make a dude. Normal starting SoY characters, five Advances after your basic construction. You ALSO get three more Advances, but only after the game starts. An Advance needs 5 XP.

Unless you plan beforehand, I'll start with everyone in different situation, and try to link up your characters, or you can tell me to encourage certain links. I'm thinking that you all will be the ones who cause subtle changes in the situation, for good or ill, whether you know it or not - an assassin, mercenary or dedicated, is an obvious choice, but not the only one.

Feel free to place yourselves somewhere in this situation, on either side. I'll change things if necessary. You can, of course, be anyone in this situation, even like someone on the Concordant Council or one of the Ammeni soldiers who swam ashore, if you felt like it. It's a port town, so anyone probably works.

I'm honestly not used to having two threads for PbP games, I would prefer formatting to denote differences between IC and OOC in the main ('In-Game') thread like so:


Yuen slips through the crowd, retrieving the blade from his pocket and observing the silk-wrapped back of the High Baron for a good place to plant it.
Stealth: Adept, rolled into Bladework: Competent, to kill the baron in the middle of the crowd without anyone spotting exactly who did it. I'll spend a pool die if either Ability fails.


Considering the go-between involved in SoY, I think it would work better this way, so that intention attaches to narration. The 'Out-Of-Game' thread (this one, I guess) can be for larger questions, bookkeeping, and stuff like that.

Dice rools:

Because of the kickass dice system here, you can roll yourself, but one of the big elements of SoY is negotiation. So if you want to solve a conflict, you and I both agree on the consequences. Post what result you want if the dice say you win. I'll suggest consequences if you lose. If you're cool with that, either roll yourself, or tell me to roll. If you tell me to roll, tell me if you're willing to risk a pool die (or more than one, if you've got such Secrets) which I'll roll afterwards if you need it. If you're not cool with my response, suggest something else, or change your intention. Throw up the Gift Dice if you think someone's being awesome.

Despite not having Fudge dice here (yet, I hear), we can use d3s, where 3 is +, 2 is =, and 1 is -.

Other stuff:

In previous games I've run, some people express mortal terror at declaring how much XP they get for hitting their Keys. If you prefer, just say which Key you consider yourself to be hitting, and I'll say how much you actually get.

Don't lose track of your Pools! Statblocks make me depressed, but it would be totally awesome if you tell me how big your pools currently are when you use dice from them.

SoY doesn't have perception skills other than Sense Danger, so you don't need to worry about whether I'm telling you all the details in a scene. If you actively search somewhere, I'll take it as an indication that you WANT something to be there.

Speaking of which, feel free to suggest scenes! Be as critical as you like, I would honestly like constructive feedback whenever you feel like giving it.

Also, I have a page dedicated to the known docs for Shadow of Yesterday, I typically reference these if I can't look it up in the book.

Use Clinton's wiki instead if you need to look things up!

I hope this all works for you guys!


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    I'm not in this game, I don't know if it's cool for me to post in this thread, but I just wanted to say that was a great first post. Something I want to emulate for any game I run in the future. Looking forward to this game!
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    The Ammeni nation drains the wealth of the Zaru, growing fat and bloated on their blood. But very few Ammenites gain anything from this arrangement. Most live in poverty, treated almost as harshly as the slaves. Even free farmers in Ammeni are indebted to the local House, forced to pay protection money to prevent their lands from being seized.

    As a young woman, Helina’s husband was conscripted by the local House for an excursion into Khale territory. Giving a man a spear does not make him a soldier, and he never returned. The local Lord even denied the death payment, claiming that since none survived who saw him killed, he may still live. Left with a small child and a parcel of fruit trees, Helina tried to make do, but she was unable to make the raised payment after the failed military campaign. She was driven off her land with little more than the clothes on her back and her son. She turned to her parents, also local farmers, who took her in but struggled with the extra mouths to feed. After of few months, Helina left to find work in the city.

    Few will pay a poor, uneducated Ammeni to do work they can get a slave to do, and Helina found herself barely able to eat, much less send money back to her family. There in the gutter they found her: men looking for desperate people with nothing to lose. They gave her a knife, a target, and a promise of substantial payment should she survive. It was suicide of course, stabbing a well guarded Lord in the street in the middle of the day. It’s an exercise intended to warn the Lord more than show any real results. Perhaps the guards were incompetent, or she was just lucky, or maybe she had a degree of untapped skill in this profession, but Helina managed to survive and complete her mission.

    The money was good and enough to keep her family safe for another year. The men, apparently impressed, offered more money and training. Helina spent the next several years in their employ, doing dozens of jobs for them. She sent the money home and returned for visits when she could.

    But recently the men disappeared without a trace. Now Helina is worried again. She is worried about her family, especially her son. He is only thirteen summers, but he is growing much too fast. Soon they will try to take him, as they did her husband, and the family needs even more money to bribe the soldiers. But she knows this would be only a temporary reprieve. She can buy him a few more years of life, but one day he will want to go. He will want to follow his father’s foot steps into an early grave. Everyday this grows closer and everyday Helina grows more desperate for the money to move her son to safety.


    Helina was in Gonne-on-Maire because upheaval always made for good business. Various nobles jockeying for place using all the resources at their disposal, including those of her talents.

    She happened to be along the river bank searching for a contact when the commotion started on the other side. She saw the Ammeni soldiers across the river and her heart ached, reminding her of the secret desire that helped drive her to this particular spot. He could still be alive. She knew it was a ridiculous fantasy. It had been years and he was a farmer, not a warrior. Still, each Ammeni soldier falling felt like a spear to her heart, driving open the old wound. She had to wonder what drove them to attempt such a suicidal approach back to their territory.

    Then Helina saw it there in the water. Glittering like gold, better than gold. It was a fortune for many men to share. If she could get it, or if she could help get it, it would be enough to buy from the nobles… no, she was thinking too small! It would be enough to be a noble.

    She shields her eyes from the sun and tries to memorize the location of her sinking treasure. She knew she had to try for it, or somehow get her hands on a piece of it once it got to shore. She also knew that every witness on this side of the river was thinking the exact same thing. Soon the entire city will know, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to hire on with someone.


    Concept: Freelance Ammeni assassin

    Name: Helina
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 31
    Culture: Ammeni

    Vigor: 3
    Instinct: 5
    Reason: 3

    Endure (V): Competent
    React (I): Adept
    Resist (R): Unskilled

    Assassination (I): Adept
    Deceit (R): Adept [2 advances]
    Herb Lore (R): Adept [1 advance]
    Bladework (I): Competent
    Distill Herbs (R): Competent

    Appraisal (R): Unskilled
    Smuggling (R): Unskilled
    Taste Poisons (I): Unskilled

    Secret of the Serpent Blade
    Secret of the Sudden Knife [1 advance]

    Key of Glittering Gold
    Key of Love (son) [1 advance]
  • This game looks badass. Yay!
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    Blood ran down the left leg of the Ammeni chef. It soaked his pant leg and began to seep into his apron. He continued to whisk the cream sauce, adding a spice now and again.

    "Colmen, I can care for your leg if you wish."

    "No need, Drenin," Laughed the chef, coldly. "He was extra . . . gentle this time. I've had much worse."

    Drenin returned to his prep table. Onions, carrots and stack of new leafy greens he'd found on the Khale side of the river rested, neatly organized near the cutting board. His old hands eased out of their stiff arthritic pain as he entered a rhythm of chopping and slicing. Next, five ducks were salted and spiced and readied for the ovens. Drenin then found a mop and gave the floor a good cleaning.

    "The lord enjoyed his soup last night," said Colemen. "Do you think you can find more of those roots for tomorrow?"

    Drenin gave a nod, and pushed the mop bucket back to the corner.
    Colemen clutched a small glass of syrupy liquor. He winced as he shifted his weight then released a sigh. He drank slow and deep. In a slur and stumble he spoke. "They'll eventually take you down there too."

    "I know."

    Coleman turned, left the cold kitchen and climbed the stairs of the Ammeni lord's Gonne-on-Maire tower estate, presumably to find sleep in his quarters. Drenin gathered his boots, walking stick, herb bag and quietly went outside.

    The river's chill gripped him, yet it felt good to clear the oil and sweat from the kitchen work from his body. Swimming at night always relaxed Drenin. Once on the Khale side of the river, he pulled out Khale cloak and clothes. In moments, from a distance, he would be easily mistaken as a Khalean.

    He stepped amid the reeds, pulling plants and roots, berries and herbs; filling his bag full.
    A shudder of movement echoed from a near by copse of trees. Drenin stood still.

    "Hello." Spoke the Khale warrior.
    "Good evening," Drenin replied with a perfect Khalean accent. "They found the moon-metal, so it appears your information was correct."
    "The fools should have never tried to fight their way out-- I still can't believe some of them survived."
    "I only sell them the information, what they do with it is none of my concern." Drenin lied.
    The warrior shifted his balance, stepped closer, held his breath then spoke:
    "Do you have more?"
    "Yes, this batch is stronger though--take care."
    Drenin pulled from his bag several vials of liquid. He held them out; his gnarled hands framed glass vials of some black watery mixture. As the warrior reached, he pulled them back and gave a stern look.

    "In three days the West Woods will be unguarded. A half-mile in another stash of moon-metal will be hidden under a large rotting wood, covered in mushrooms. They can't miss it."

    Drenin nodded in understanding and gently placed the vials in the Khalean warrior's hands. "Until next week."

    Concept: Ammeni Information Trader

    Name: Drenin
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Culture: Ammeni

    Vigor: 4
    Instinct: 4
    Reason: 5 [two advancements]

    Endure (V): Adept (2)
    React (I): Competent (1)
    Resist (R): Unskilled (0)

    Distill Herbs (R): Adept (2)
    Herb Lore (R): Competent (1)
    Disguise (I): Adept (2) [two advancements]
    Prep Cook (V): Competent (1) - Baisic cooking, knifework, cleaning and such.

    Secret of the Healing Venom
    Your character can distill poisons that have an unusual effect: they shock the body into healing. These poisons still harm the imbiber if his Endure check is unsuccessful. If successful, however, the character is healed of a harm equal to or less than the infusion's potency. Cost: 2 Reason.

    Key of the Outcast
    Drenin left his long association with his Ammeni house to pursue his information trading on the boarder. His family and brothers, all from this house, were very upset he left them. This separation defines your character as much as membership in the organization defines its members. Gain 1 XP every time her status with this organization comes up. Gain 2 XP every time her disassociation brings her harm. Gain 5 XP every time the separation brings your character great pain and suffering. Buyoff: Regain membership in the organization.

    Key of the Information Trader [one advancement]
    Gain 1 XP when either passing or gathering information for payment. Gain 3XP if attempting the trade comes at great risk or harm. Buyoff: Keep information forever a secret.
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    Yosol:Yosol's tribe was overrun by Ammenites when he was young. Alone, he migrated to Gonne-on-Maire.

    He lives with a loose gang of other Khalean orphans. They feed on the city's scraps, but cling to the river's edge, the only slice of green nature around. They have no leader, but some kids see Yosol, friendly and well-connected, as a father figure. But others are jealous and scheming.

    That fated night, Yosol watched from damp shadows as the Khalean bamboo warriors plunged the Ammenite boats into the river. He knew he wasn't the only one to see the moon-metal flashing in the dark waters.

    Concept: Khalean orphan gang member

    Name: Yosol
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Culture: Khale

    XP: 2
    Advances Spent: 6 of 8

    Vigor: 4 of 5
    Instinct: 4 of 5 [1 Advance]
    Reason: 3 of 3

    Endure (V): Competent (1)
    React (I): Adept (2)
    Resist (R): Competent (1) [1 Advance]

    Athletics (V): Adept (2)

    Counsel (R): Competent (1)
    Deceit (R): Competent (1)
    Scrapping (V): Competent (1)
    Story-tell (R): Competent (1) [1 Advance]
    Street-wise (R): Competent (1) [1 Advance]
    Sway (I): Competent (1) [1 Advance]

    Freeload: Unskilled (0)
    Spear-fighting (V): Unskilled (0)
    Stealth (I): Unskilled (0)


    Secret of Contacts: Your character knows all sorts of people in all sorts of places. You can use this Secret for your character to automatically have a past relationship with any Story Guide character in the adventure. You may describe the relationship in a short phrase, such as "old enemy," "wartime buddy," "ex-lover," but the Story Guide gets to decide the history and current disposition of the relationship. Cost: 3 points from a pool determined by the Story Guide. Vigor would fit for a wartime buddy, Instinct for an ex-lover, and Reason for a former colleague in your character's field of study.


    Key of the Lost Child: Your character has no tribe. They are lost to the Green World, or perhaps decimated in battle. It is her duty to carry on the tribe's name. Gain 1 XP every time your character tells a story of her tribe. Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends her tribe's name or lands in words or in battle. Gain 5 XP whenever your character finds a new legend of her tribe. Buyoff: Join another tribe.

    Key of Vengeance (vs Ammenites) [1 Advance]: Your character has a hatred for a particular organization, person, or even species or culture. Gain 1 XP every time your character hurts a member of that group or a lackey of that person. Gain 2 XP every time your character strikes a minor blow at that group or person (killing a member of the organization or one of the person's lackeys, disrupting their life, destroying their property). Gain 5 XP every time your character strikes a major blow at that group or person. Counter: Let your enemy go or destroy the entire organization.
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    Do you mind if we use HTML tags to format our IC text? I find reading whole paragraphs of boldfaced text is an eyestrain. And the blockquotes are a nice, soothing blue and might contrast nicely with the B&W OOC text.
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    Argh, I just lost all my comments. Anyway, I'll give orklord another day, then get started with you three.

    We can stick with blockquote for IC stuff, it does indeed look nice. I edited the first post to that effect. So, use < blockquote > if you like HTML, or [ quote ] if you like BB Code (I do). Stick your character's name in the blockquote. OOC stuff doesn't need special formatting.

    rugrsi: For your Key of the Information Trader, can you give me an example of when it brings you great harm? Like, when it comes around to bite you in the ass, or are certain trades specifically dangerous, others are not? For your Buyoff, it might be a little more clear if it was more specific... like, if you withhold information that someone paid you to trade (even if you return the money). The reason you do so might be grounds for a new key. What do you think?

    Chris: When you say Vengeance (Ammenites) do you mean all Ammenites or just the rich and militant ones? From Clinton's description, it sounds like there are quite a few wretched ones, but there are few written mechanical differences. Specifically, do the other two PCs fall under your Key?

    redgrog: How does Helina get her contracts? I didn't see anything specifically for that sort of thing.

    Also, languages: Do you guys want to worry about them? I like the concept, but every time I make use of barriers to understanding, the game falters. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Posted By: rugrsi
    "Good evening," Drenin replied with a perfect Khalean accent. "They found the moon-metal, so it appears your information was correct."
    "The fools should have never tried to fight their way out-- I still can't believe some of them survived."
    "I only sell them the information, what they do with it is none of my concern." Drenin lied.
    I'm sorry, I must admit confusion. Is Drenin keeping the Khaleans addicted? Does he trade information for the thrill or chance to control, or does he want to cause trouble specifically for the Houses?
  • RusRus
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    If Drenin sold information which angered someone and then they take their anger out on Drenin. Maybe selling personal information that causes him emotional harm--- example: Selling information about his friends and family.
    For your Buyoff, it might be a little more clear if it was more specific... like, if you withhold information that someone paid you to trade (even if you return the money). The reason you do so might be grounds for a new key. What do you think?
    I like it, that works for me.
    Is Drenin keeping the Khaleans addicted? Does he trade information for the thrill or chance to control, or does he want to cause trouble specifically for the Houses?
    Drenin Sold his Healing Venoms for information on Moon-metal locations from a Khale warrior who's sold out his Khalean principles. I didn't imagine addiction playing a part-- just base greed and corruption.

    I'm not sure why he deals in information trade. Basically, as of now, he does it just for power and money--- but that should change. Maybe his rationale might develop during play.. I'm open to exploring his motivations and finding out what information trading is worth to him. I'm eager to buy off either key, but which one I'm not certain.
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    Posted By: rugrsiIf Drenin sold information which angered someone and then they take their anger out on Drenin. Maybe selling personal information that causes him emotional harm--- example: Selling information about his friends and family.
    That makes sense. But do you get XP when you do the actual trade or when it bites you?

    Actually, I guess it would be the latter. You'd get 1 regardless of the trade, then a bunch when the trade results in people trying to stop your Key-motivation. Keen.
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    Posted By: George ShannonChris: When you say Vengeance (Ammenites) do you mean all Ammenites or just the rich and militant ones? From Clinton's description, it sounds like there are quite a few wretched ones, but there are few written mechanical differences. Specifically, do the other two PCs fall under your Key?
    1. I think Yosol would have bad feelings against all Ammenites, but I think he would only seek vengeance against Ammenites who (actually or potentially) threaten Khaleans (e.g. soldiers and leaders). So I don't think Helina or Drenin would count if Yosol met them on the street, but they might count if Yosol knew Helina was targeting Khaleans or Drenin was providing information to Ammenite soldiers (or misinformation to Khaleans).

    How does that sound?

    2. I now see a usability problem with using HTML <blockquote> tags for IC text: we can't use blockquote when actually want to quote someone! :-/

    This suggestion might be overly fancy, but perhaps would could keep <blockquote> tags for actual quotes in OOC text and use a different background text color for IC, i.e. <span style="background-color:PaleGoldenrod">This is an example of IC text using inline CSS <span> tags to change the text background color to "Pale Goldenred".<span> <:)
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    In a new city she'd spend a lot of time walking around watching and listening. There are people who are information brokers, people who know people, people who have their hand in the black market and other illegal activities. They're not that hard to spot if you know what to look for and what type of person you should buy a few drinks. It is risky to try to establish a relationship with someone when you have to be very subtle about what you're actually doing.

    As a woman she has a hard time getting men to take her seriously. This is usually to her advantage when doing a job but makes it difficult to find freelance work. It does make her more accessible to other women, particularly prostitutes who see and know a lot about everything that's going on in town.

    First she'd present herself as an expert herbalist, which people in the know would understand as a poison maker. She's happy making poisons, but the real money is in killing. It may take several interactions before she reveals that she's willing to deliver the poison personally.
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    Go on without me. This is far more involved than I imagined. I'll lurk.
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    redgrog: Okay, check.

    Chris: I actually don't really like the habit of quoting other people, do you think you'll need to use it a lot? Typically, I try to respond in what I write, like "When Joachim asks about the warp core, Smith nods and says..." If you'd prefer to quote, the 'cite' notation would be a way to denote that quote versus your own quote. Or leave their name as the first line in the quoted bit.

    orklord: Sorry to hear it. There's certainly an activation energy to overcome in getting a game going, but things calm down after that. Please let me know if I'm being overly involved.

    If you (or anyone else) wants to play, suggest a concept for your dude in this here thread.

    Since no one mentioned the language thing, I guess I'll skip it. :) What do people think of the title? If things look okay, I'll get started this afternoon or evening.
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    1. re quotes: sounds good.

    2. re languages: what did you have in mind? I wouldn't want anything that keeps some information secret between players (but between characters might be ok).

    3. re the title A Whisper-Quiet Blade: I like it!
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    I wouldn't want languages to keep information from players, either. But I think it's fun to have to deal with it, especially with intercepted information.

    Probably too much to worry about here. But there might be come code languages or something.
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    Uh oh, I knew I should have done this earlier.

    redgrog, I think your Abilities are too high. Increasing from Competent to Adept requires two Advances (the book isn't explicit about that), it looks like it costs you one Advance, given you have three Adept Abilities. Either Herb Lore or Deceit should be Competent if those are the ones you're improving.

    Chris, your Pool points don't add up. There should be 11, plus 1 for your Advance = 12, but I count 13.
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    If there is room for one more with orklord dropping out, I was thinking of making as a character the Khalean that told Drenin about the moon-metal.
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    Oh my goodness, that would be fun. If you (and the others) think that would be cool, go for it. I'd rather wait to iron out the sheet problems too, but don't take too long. :)

    EDIT: I should say that at first I took rugrsi's Khalean to be laying traps for Ammenites - they run for the moon-metal, Khaleans jump out and stab them. From rugrsi's explanation, he might just be an opportunist. Lots of Khaleans in the city hate moon-metal, and want nothing to do with it, though I'm sure some consider it an important tool. This is probably something that keeps the tribes there arguing.
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    I see what you mean. Knocking down Deceit to Competent.

    Herb Lore (R): Adept [2 advance]
    Deceit (R): Competent [1 advances]
    Secret of the Sudden Knife [1 advance]
    Key of Love (son) [1 advance]
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    Well here's my first pass. Let me know what you think.

    Kerrik secured the vials in his pouch and melted back into the trees at the river’s edge. Once back in the city, Kerrik avoided the gaze of all as he returned to his home. He was afraid they would see his guilt shining from his eyes. Of course, he could argue that his tribe betrayed him first. At first the healers were diligent when his wife, Alia, fell prey to this strange malady. After all, Kerrik was a valued and trusted warrior for his tribe. When all their skills came to nought, they urged him to let her go, to prepare for her death. So in desperation he traded with the Ammeni across the river and these healing venoms have held the disease at bay. This confirmed what Kerrik suspected. If Ammeni skills could affect the disease, then this affliction must have come from the Ammeni. Kerrik will find the truth and the cure, no matter what the cost.


    Concept: Compromised Khalean Warrior

    Name: Kerrik
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Culture: Khalean

    Vigor: 5
    Instinct: 5 [two advancements]
    Reason: 3

    Endure (V): Adept (2)
    React (I): Competent (1)
    Resist (R): Competent (1) [one advancement]

    Aim (V): Adept (2)
    Sense Danger (I): Competent (1)
    Athletics (V): Competent (1)
    Woodscraft (R): Competent (1)
    Spear-Fighting (V): Competent (1)

    Secret of Throwing
    Anything is a dangerous missile in your character’s hands. She can throw anything fist-sized to greatsword-sized as an attack, using the Aim ability, and the object counts as a +1 weapon. Cost: 1 Vigor.

    Secret of the Unwalked Path [one advancement]
    Your character’s footfalls leave little trace for others to follow. You can use your character’s Woodscraft ability in resistance to anyone trying to track her. Cost: 1 Instinct.

    Key of the Tribe
    Your character’s tribe is a great part of her identity. Gain 1 XP whenever your character does something to help the tribe. Gain 2 XP whenever your character defends or helps the tribe even though it brings her ridicule or inconvenience. Gain 5 XP whenever your character defends the tribe in battle.
    Buyoff: Leave the tribe.

    Key of Love [one advancement]
    Your character has a deep love, whether friendly, erotic, or familial, for someone else. Gain 1 XP every time this character is present in a scene with your character. Gain 2 XP whenever your character has to make a decision that is influenced by them. Gain 5 XP every time your character puts herself in harm’s way or makes a sacrifice for them. Buyoff: Sever the relationship with this person.
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    Looks good, I think.

    So, is Kerrik's wife actually infected by an Ammenite disease, or is it 'natural' or are you leaving it unstated?

    What is his tribe's opinion on moon-metal? I'm going on the assumption that the tribes that *do* use moon-metal keep it hidden (and Kerrick knows about a few of them), but I don't know if Kerrick's tribe uses it or hordes it or anything.
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    I am leaving it unstated. Kerrik's belief is that the disease is Ammenite and he will react accordingly but I will leave the truth of things for you to play with. :) All that is known for certain is that Khale healing techniques have failed against it and the Healing Venom aids her but does not cure her.

    It was my intention to have Kerrik's Keys be in opposition to each other. Thus Kerrik's tribe does use, collect and hoard moon-metal for its own use and Kerrik is betraying them in order to get help for his wife.
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    I fixed my character's Pool scores:

    Vigor: 5
    Instinct: 4 [3 + 1 Advance] (was incorrectly 5)
    Reason: 3
    = 5 + 4 + 3 = 11 :)
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    IC thread is up!

    I'll try to follow the pace that you guys set, but at the moment, I'll respond to everyone once everyone posts, at least for the first few rounds. Typically, my games average about two posts (from everyone) every three days, but it might be slower here, and that's cool with me.
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    Woo! I'm really excited about this. George, you're clearly a pro at this.
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    Thanks! That reminds me: When I first started reading indie RPG stuff, I saw it mentioned (by Ron Edwards, I think) that indie games don't need frustrated novelists. I worry that I am one. So please tell me if I'm acting like one!
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    OK, I've never player TSOY before so I have a question on rugrsi/Drenin's in game post, namely what limits are there on a player to just create scenes and NPCs like that? I've only got the free rules on the net and its not really addressed there.
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    George: I'm a little confused about what discussion goes in this OOC thread and what goes in the IC thread (but not in blockquoted "game text"). I thought you did like using separate IC/OOC threads?
  • RusRus
    edited 4:14AM

    From the TSOY rules:
    Running an adventure in The Shadow of Yesterday is, more than anything, about timing. Your first adventure with a group of characters will be a lot of you injecting content: you'll definitely have to start the first scene. Do like I said above: take a look at these characters, especially their Keys. Where would they be? Make up a few options and give them to the player: "So, where do you think Mr. Senkowski would be on an average morning? At the bar, or maybe a cathouse?"

    Once the ball's rolling, you need to sit back and watch. Wait for pauses in the game, moments where the players don't really know where to take things. Then make something exciting happen to one of their characters. They'll react, and you can sit back again.

    If the players take stuff in a direction you didn't expect, be agile. Rewrite your concepts on the fly to fit in the direction the game's moving. Remember this: nothing in the game exists until a player character interacts with it. It's easy to fall into the trap that you've made up this great location and, by gum, it's part of the game. Don't do that: the only things that exist in the game are the ones that come up in play. Until then, everything and everyone else is in a state of possibility.
    In the play by post format I have taken quite a bit of liberty in my opening post.
    I've never played in a by-post game though, so maybe i've committed some sort of faux pas.

    As GM, In face-to-face TSOY play, usually I'm eager to have my players suggest a scene-- they give me a basic goal of what they want to do and NPCs they think would be there to make it interesting, I think about it a bit and then just say, "yeah, sure-- that makes sense. You're..." and go on to fill in the details.

    If I, as GM, had some other ideas in mind, I may negotiate a bit-- but not too much.
    I assumed George would give me quite a bit of latitude so I took his opening volley (what will Drenin do with this juicy bit of information) and pulled in my Keys. What's great about TSOY, is yeah I got some XP, but it also gives George more ammo to make Drenin's life complicated (and to challenge me as a player). So its a win win. Keys drive the drama.

    Since we don't have the ability to quickly negotiate the scene content, I tried to make a reasonable judgment and introduce minor elements to drive the story forward.

    I wrote up stuff until I lost a bit of direction-- at that point I gave George heads up on where I wanted the story to sort of go, but I fully expect George to counter with some real hard hits at my Keys-- make me really explore what sort of character Drenin is.

    Also, if George wanted to go back and say--"Hey, this doesn't work, can we edit it or maybe put a dice roll on that outcome" I'd be more than happy to do that too.
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