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So lets hear/discuss those character concepts!


  • RusRus
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    Here's a rough Idea for me..
    Dalomo, grizzled old military adviser.
    Lore (4) - Explorer, from years and years of military service, paying close attention to the taboo topics.

    I forget the point spend stuff, and I don't have the rules with me at the moment.

    Sta (3) - Trained Soldier
    Wil ? - Maybe leader of men, maybe something else (like vengance or something).

    Past - Adviser and councilor to the powerful.

    Price - Poor vision (maybe)

    Have not come up with a kicker yet.

    Basically going for something like the Paul's advisers in Dune. I forget there names....
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    Refresh on coming up with numbers:

    pay 10 points over Lore, Stamina, and Will

    set Humanity equal to Stamina or Will, whichever is higher

    /how is Past calculated?/
  • Here's my current thought:

    Trithemius, hermit of the sea of decay
    Lore (5) - One with the Forest. Trithemius first came to the forest as a young man. Now he is in his 40s, having lived in the Sea of Decay for more than twenty years. His sword and armor are made from scavenged insect chitin; the insects and the jungle treat him as part of their ecosystem.
    Sta (2) - Body of Stone. The forest gives, but it also takes away...
    Will (3) - Hmm. I actually don't see a will descriptor I really like. Would something like "regret" or "ascetic" be appropriate?

    Humanity (3)
    Price - Bad reputation. As a young man, he killed a romantic rival in hot blood, then fled to the Sea of Decay to escape justice.
    Past -
    Civilized: noble (2)
    Outlaw: fugitive/hermit (3)

    Demon: Thinker
    Thinker is an insect larger than a man that looks like a cross between a dragonfly and a praying mantis. Trithemius calls the insect "Thinker" because of the way it sits, head cocked to one side, staring off into space. Almost as if it were thinking. Of course, insects don't think like people do... right? Although Trithemius traveled over a wide swathe of the Sea of Decay when he was younger, he has never seen another insect like Thinker. Nor has he ever seen Thinker go into a red-eyed rage like the other insects do, although it does respond to the insect charm. Trithemius considers Thinker to be male, although he doesn't know for sure. One thing Thinker likes are human artifacts, from ruined cities deep within the jungle, or brought back by Trithemius from his annual voyage into human lands for supplies. Thinker can be fascinated by a new trinket for days, but when its fascination is over, it inevitably breaks the object and discards it.

    Someone else will have to walk me through demon creation to get stats. I was thinking that Thinker's desire might be novelty and its need might be to hunt. Thinker can fight, track, fly (and serve as a flying mount to Trithemius), command other insects via phermones, and maybe some kind of telepathy. I don't know what kind of power that would put it at... I imagine Thinker being a sort of mid-level demon in terms of badassery.

    Kicker: Trithemius dwells beneath the Sea of Decay, where the air and water are clean; he emerges only to forage or scavenge. One day, an injured woman falls through the quicksand into Trithemius' realm. As he finds her she lies dying, but she carries an infant that is very much alive.
  • Refresh on demon numbers (as long as I'm at it):

    pick Abilities, and count them ... this is the demon's Lore

    pick Stamina

    whichever of Lore and Stamina is highest, set Will to be 1 higher than that (if S2/L4, then W5)

    set Power equal to Will

    also choose Type, Telltale, Need, and Desire

    Suggestions for Thinker, since you asked:

    • Fighting could involve particular powers (Armor, Fast, Hold, Special Damage, Vitality), or it could just be a high Stamina, if you don't want it to be particularly crazy good at fighting. The preying mantis characteristics make me think Fast would be appropriate (uses Power instead of Stamina to determine # of combat actions), as well as Hold (lets the demon hold a target in place).

    • Tracking sounds like a Perception power, probably Perception (scent), but it could be something wild like Perception (empathy) or Perception (telepathy). Psychic senses are normally specifically forbidden, but it might be reasonable to drop that for this game - in the manga, particularly, there's lots of telepathy and such.

    • Flying would be the powers Travel (flight) and Transport, since you want it to be able to carry you.

    • Commanding insects is probably the Command power, but that power normally only works on a general type of non-human animal. 'Insects' might be too broad in this game, and it probably wouldn't apply to any of the more sophisticated insects (since they wouldn't really be animals). It's probably an ok power, but trevis will probably want to lay out restrictions.

    • For telepathy you could get Link (you and Thinker know each other's general location and condition, and you may summon Thinker to you), Confuse (cause an enemy to lose its action), and Psychic Force (make a psychic ranged attack). An actual Perception (telepathy) power is, again, forbidden by the rules, but it might be ok for this setting.

    If you want Thinker to be middling-power, it should probably be on roughly equal terms with whichever stat you used to bind it - that way it's even odds on which of you has the advantage in the binding, and neither of you is likely to have a significant advantage. Lore makes sense for you (you bound it by employing your understanding of the forest), so you're shooting for something around a 5 in demon's Will. That means its Stamina and Lore should cap out around 4.

    It's a big insect, so a Stamina of 4 is reasonable enough - it might be a little twiggy in comparison to many other bugs, but it is sort of preying mantis-y. Lore 4 means four powers ... I might suggest Perception (empathy), specifying that it can be used to track (trevis would have to ok this, since the book doesn't like telepathy). Then Travel (flight). Confuse could work both for telepathy and insect-controlling pheromones, so that would be a good two-for-one.

    For the forth power, Psychic Force would work well thematically with the other powers, and Transport would make it strong enough to carry you (and others). For true Command over insects (instead of just Confuse), you'd need to work out the details with trevis, but that's another decent option. Any of the combat powers, as well, if you wanted it to be a particularly good fighter.

    You could always have more than four powers, too, but each additional adds one to Lore, Will, and Power, and that makes it more likely to have advantage over you in the binding between you and it.
  • Ok, character. This is reasonably complete at the moment, but I've left details and place names open ... anyone want to link bits of backstory?

    Let's go with 'Briseis', for a name. She's a princess ('was' a princess, I suppose), but I don't really have a name for her nation.

    The nation: Her nation was a hefty city-state built on the buried ruins of one of the ancients' cities, literally surrounded by the Sea of Decay ... it had been more than a hundred years since the Sea had engulfed the lands around it. They warded off the Sea with technology, holding it back with huge bulwarks and turbines, and underground gasses drawn from the mines beneath the city.

    Technology: The mines riddled the ground beneath the city, and miners and engineers pulled up fragments of ancient technology, restoring it when they had the knowledge. The royal family was deeply involved in this, each one a pilot and an engineer. They were aided by their relationship with a piece of ancient technology named the Throne of Lyrnessus, called that not because it was, in fact, a throne, but because it represented the power of the royals.

    The Throne of Lyrnessus: It was a machine that was more than a machine - at its core was not an engine, but a beating heart, and it was both intelligent and self-aware. Predating the Seven Days of Fire, it knew much about the technology of the ancients, and that knowledge allowed the royals to resurrect technologies now unknown to the rest of the world.

    Expansion: It was a powerful nation, due to its technology, but it was also small. In time, the royals decided that they might grow, conquering lands beyond the edge of the Sea of Decay so that the city-state would no longer be dependent on trade for food and similar resources, unavailable within the borders of the Sea.

    Vassal States: It went well at first, and indeed certain of the small nations caused to pay tribute in those first forays welcomed the opportunity to write treaties with a strong power ... a portion of their rice crops was acceptable in consideration of the warfare breaking out all along the periphery of the Sea. An empire, large and used to war, was also expanding its borders, and it was not known to be so liberal with its vassal states as was Briseis' family.

    War: In time, the city-state of the Sea of Decay came into conflict with the expansionist empire. Outnumbered, Briseis' homeland was pushed back despite its superior technology, but the line of battle never dipped into the Sea of Decay. The city-state's airships were superior in every way, and the empire could not advance troops through the toxic jungle, and it seemed that the war would end there, in stalemate.

    Capture: Sadly, Briseis herself lacked the security of her homeland ... she had been captured by the enemy during a sudden raid into one of her family's vassal nations beyond the edge of the Sea. She went from overseeing the installation of new water pumps to being a slave in the household of one of the enemy's generals, taken as a prize of war.

    Captor: As a princess, she was a great prize, so she went to one of the enemy's best, and (also in consequence of her importance) he treated her well, giving her liberties and luxuries. In fact, as the months wore on, it appeared that he became infatuated with her, though she was quite unreceptive to the advances of one who was laying siege to her homeland.

    Destruction: Ultimately, the imperial forces grew impatient with the stalemate. Gathering forces from other fronts, they mustered a final push, overwhelming the royal navy and pushing toward Briseis' city. The aerial battle was intense, culminating in the crash of the royal family's own frigate into the city below, but it never truly resolved itself ... as the ships began falling into the city and jungle, the insects of the jungle were provoked, pouring over the area in a tide of destruction, wiping out the city and bringing down those ships not able to gain enough altitude.

    Aftermath: It was the empire's victory, in a sense, and it captured or destroyed the remnants of the royal navy, then attempted to plunder the city before the Sea of Decay swallowed it up. They took much from the ships and the city (including technology that they even now incorporate into the imperial war machine), but they soon began to lose contact with salvage parties as something in the city began picking them off one-by-one. Whether it was invading insects or some defense of the ruined city, the empire simply stopped salvage, bombed the remains of the city into the ground, and went home.

    Escape: It was then, as military discipline began to relax, that Briseis managed her escape. The imperials hadn't realized that all members of the royal family were trained as pilots and engineers, even the women, and her captor failed to watch her as closely as he might have. Stealing a small transport, she made good the opportunity and escaped to see what was left of her home.

    Homecoming: She found the great city of engineers destroyed, almost nothing remaining after the insect rampage and the subsequent bombing. However, something was happening in the shattered ruins, as machines clambered out of the mine pits to feed the city's rubble into the maws of furnaces and factories ... a mechanical ecosystem growing in the shafts and tunnels below the city.

    Descent into the Underworld: This new, cold 'life' was what had picked off the empire's salvage parties, its steely predators stalking and killing them in the tunnels. But Briseis was a daughter of the city, cunning and practiced in the ways of the machine, and - wondering at what had taken root in her homeland - she made her way to the heart of the mines. There, she discovered something she knew ... the Throne of Lyrnessus, liberated from human control, its womb-factories churning out weird mechanical lifeforms of its own design.

    Binding: It was there, wormed into the guts of its biomechanical systems, that she struggled against the Throne ... matching the skill of her hands and the knowledge of her family line against its own inhuman talents. In the end, she brought it back to heel, fighting it with feedback and power surges, causing its living heart to shiver and stop until it accepted her administration and severed itself from strange ecosystem it had invented.

    Emergence: And so Briseis, daughter of engineers, came out of the underworld in the possession of the Throne of Lyrnessus, leaving the still-growing machine ecology to take root in the depths. Yet her trials were far from over, as she was trapped in the Sea of Decay, caught between the toxic jungle and the unnatural life of the mines below. She survived for a time in the ruins, living by the advice of the Throne and by her own wit.

    Survival: In that time, she worked to escape to the skies, uncovering the hulk of her family's flagship at its crash site in the city. She buried the remains of the her father and brothers, and then embedded the Throne of Lyrnessus into the ship's core systems. For months she fed the Throne, suffering the toxins of the jungle as she encouraged it to make the ship its own and regenerate the extensive damage.

    Flight: Almost a year after her capture, they took flight, re-christening the ship The Flower of Remembrance and limping away from the city, seeking the resources needed for the Throne to forge weapons of war. Briseis' mind was on vengeance for her family and her people, and it would be some time before she would brook any distraction.
  • Seems like we have a lot of high Lore characters, but I guess I'm already committed to continuing that. So Briseis has a high Lore ... I'm wavering between making it a really high Lore, with at least one particularly weak attribute (probably Stamina), or making her stats a little more balanced.

    I'd like her Lore descriptor to be something like 'One With the Forest', except for technology. 'One With the Machine'? She was born an engineer, and her family had a close relationship with the Throne of Lyrnessus and its knowledge of ancient technology.

    'Angry' sounds like a pretty good Will descriptor. I think the Stamina descriptor might depend on how I end up distributing her stats. If they're fairly well-rounded, she might be 'Healthy' or have some less specifically-arcane version of 'Arcane Regimen', while jungle contamination is her Price. If Stamina is really low, her 'Contaminated' might be her Stamina descriptor.

    Was there something about having two descriptors, if your relevant stat is above 4 or 5 or something like that? I seem to remember a rule like that.

    Her Price might be either contamination by the jungle's toxins (from her time trapped in the ruined city) or something like Bad Reputation. 'Dread Pirate'?

    Telltale ... hm. I don't know.

    Pasts are something like 'Princess-Engineer' or 'Princess of [city name here]' and 'Outlaw' or 'Pirate'.

    The demon is the Throne of Lyrnessus, or the Flower of Remembrance, depending on how you want to look at it. I think it might work best within the rules if the demon is the Throne and it has a set of powers with which it can target the Flower and other machines. Like Vitality, to repair damage.

    Object demon? Maybe. Maybe also a parasite or passer, depending.

    Powers that seem vaguely appropriate: Big, maybe Cover (which would be Past, and maybe the 'immortal' one). Perception powers, also - maybe it can sense ancient technology and/or useful material resources.

    It could also possibly have combat and transportation powers that it can confer on a target, generally the Flower.

    It may have a Link with Briseis, perhaps with a Boost (Will) power as well, and Spawn might reflect its manufacturing abilities. I also think that Briseis might use its internal factory as a route to Contact and Summon new demons (as opposed to Immanents).

    It'll be fairly Power-ful ... Briseis will probably be at disadvantage in their binding. Its Need is for the 'Resources' to feed its furnaces and stock its womb-factory - it can get these from mines, from ancient ruins, or even from insect shells and the mineral-rich sand and petrified trees of the lower forest. Its Desire might be something like 'Reproduction'.

    I think I'll hold off on thinking about the kicker until we have the characters all roughly worked out. There might be a good opportunity to send her someone's way, right from the beginning ... since she lives on a ship, she could be lots of places.
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    Past replaces cover. It is set as equal to either Stamina or Will, players choice.

    I think Briseis sounds pretty cool but I get worried about hedging her in with too much detail. Also you guys can either describe what the demon should do and let me make them or make it yourselves. Your choice.

    One with the machine sounds good. If any stat is 5 or better (I think) you may choose more than one descriptor. I'll check on that. It might be 4.

    Also for each of you I'd like to have two significan't NPC's. Freinds, lovers, enemies. Whatever. Don't stat them, just give me a snapshot about who they are.

    Yellow, is Briseis by herself or are the remnants of her nation with her?

    Oh, and you may or may not want to sort of 'aim' your characters at each other. I'm not necessarily going to engineer a meeting.
  • I think that's a good kicker Ignotus! Nice!
  • Wow, lots of traffic today! I've been flying all day, since the beginning of this thread, so I'm still catching up.

    Given the high lore of the characters so far, I think I'll go with a very low lore character (like lore 1)... I'll probably post a character sketch tomorrow. (well, tomorrow for me - its only 9pm for me right now.)
  • It is 5 or better. If you have 5 or better in a score you may choose two descriptors.

    Garvey, where are you? Actually I'd like to know where all of you are. I'm in Missouri, USA. (GMT-5, currently.)
  • That's cool. I lived in Missouri for 6 years. Right now, I'm living in Connecticut. Currently I'm in Hawaii on business though, and will be for the next week, hence my long plane flight and big time difference.
  • I live in DC, for what it's worth. EST.
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    Actually Ignotus, I think "Lover" would be appropriate, that or maybe "Brush with the Unknown," or Vow (which can go a lot of ways, as in what did you vow due to your regret.) I guess I wonder why he chose to stay in the forest after leaving rather than go to other human lands.

    Garvey, you're the only one we haven't heard from yet. Anybody have any contributions or comments on the other characters up so far?
  • Some more ideas on my Character, Dalomo.
    Technological demon (parasite).
    He used to suppress and subjugate a class of people from his community. While earning respect (and perhaps some fear) from his lord. Even his lord would be pissed off that he used Tech to meet out his policy choices.

    Class of people had radical ideas about the poisonous plants, were deemed dangerous by the ruling class.
    He didn't kill them, but captured and imprisoned them.

    I'll get more specifics later, but would welcome any suggestions or ideas.

    I'm thinking his abilities deal more with vision, perception and such. I'll know more when I go over the book (which I don't have in hand right now).
  • Hey Rustin, you're seeing your demon as a tech demon? Like an actual device that's attached to you somehow? Or like some kind of bio virus thing? A machine that helps you perceive?

    Helped capture and imprison people? Is he like secret police or something? Big empire, small principality?

    Also "used to suppress?" Are you seeing him as on the outs?
  • Garvey, any thoughts on your guy?
  • image


    Sta:3 Military Training
    Wil: 4 Vow, take care of Royalty
    Lore: 3 Student, tech

    Humanity: 4
    Cover: Adviser- Civilized.
    Price: Reckless (-1 to spontaneous actions)
    Tell Tale: Milky Eyes

    Demon- Sample 86.3j
    Fast, Perception, Travel (teleport?), Transport
    Desire- Mayhem
    Need- To incubate
    Lore: 4
    Sta: 6
    Wil: 7
    Power: 7
    Sample 86.3j is a mass of tendons and vessels. It slithers and adheres to host. Always tired, wanting to "incubate" in dark, quiet places.

    *still need kicker.
  • Incidentally, I'm still here - I'm just holding off on naming kicker and NPCs until I've seen the other characters. I'll nail down specific numbers then, since that's all of a 5-minute job in this system.

    I'm in Indiana.
  • Thants fine yellow, but do you have suggestions or comments for everyone else? We need to make them all worthy protagonists, so I'd like to hear everyone's reactions and thoughts on their fellow players characters.

    Dolomo's pretty good. Does the vow mean he currently has royalty to care for?
    Can you clarify the price for me? I'm not sure what it means exactly.
    What is the nature of the Perception power in the Demon? Is it just to see where it is going when Teleporting?
    What is the Demon's telltale?
    Last, I'm afraid your Demon's need is invalid. Particularly if it's a parasite the need is something you have to fulfill for it, something it can't do on it's own. The way you have it it sounds like it hides on you and sleeps to fulfill that need. Or am I missing something?
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    To hit some questions that've been asked, but I never answered:

    Briseis' world is now the Flower of Remembrance, a mid-sized but top-of-the-line warship. It isn't particularly large by warship standards, but it's still huge in most other frames of reference. You might be able to use it to evacuate all the women and children from a smallish settlement, if the situation demanded it, but it would be a tight fit and they wouldn't be able to bring much with them.

    I'm picturing something less along the lines of the big airplanes and more along the lines of the floating Dorok air-monitors in the manga ... can't seem to Google an image online to illustrate that, but I'll probably locate something eventually. Her nation was high technology, and the royal flagship would've been the best it could muster.

    There's no real crew, and Briseis is the only living thing on the ship. There may well be other survivors of her nation (particularly in the form of prisoners taken, just as she was), but she arrived in its remains well after the city had been emptied of humans. Of course, the Throne of Lyrnessus is on board, so she's not technically alone ... it serves most of the functions of a crew, having grown into the ship's systems.

    I don't really have anything to add about Trithemius, at the moment.

    For Dalomo, some questions've been asked, and I'm fine waiting on those answers before digging further. I'm wondering, though, if there might be a link - perhaps rather indirect - with Briseis. It sounds like he works for a largish, reasonably powerful government ... it's possible this is the same nation that Briseis is acting as a privateer against.

    I get the impression that Dalomo's demon needs Dalomo to go someplace for it to incubate. If nothing else, it's connected to his senses ... if it likes the dark, it makes sense that it would need Dalomo to go someplace dark and quiet before it could rest. I picture it getting all squirmy and growing under his skin while he sleeps, or something like that.
  • The Reckless price sounds like you'd take a -1 when you act without forethought ... you're reckless, but it tends to bite you.

    It'd probably be more traditional to do it the other way, where the penalty applies when you are trying to act with forethought and caution ... you're just not good at that kind of thing.

    The first version would work, but the second version would be more typical because it actually encourages reckless action. It presents a choice: do the thoughtful thing and take a penalty, or jump in blindly and hope that it doesn't go too badly.
  • Trevis,

    Yes, Dalomo has a royal family that he currently works for.
    Price of Reckless-- I planned on Playing Dalomo a bit of a shoot-from-the-hip guy, and that tends to get him into trouble. So, maybe reckless is a bad descriptor. Maybe, Inpatient and Unlucky combined? (don't have my rules in front of me right now).

    Demon's Telltale, is a foul, bleach like smell.

    Yellowparis has it right on what I meant with the Need, he's inside Dalomo and when they are not out causing mayhem, he wants Dalomo in a nice, quiet dark place

    I'm still kicking ideas around my brain for the kicker. I'll have one soon.
  • Ok. here are my initial thoughts.

    So far I've had some pretty mixed ideas. Dune inspired characters seem to be where my mind is going.

    Rugrsi seems to be going down the same route with Dalomo his Warmaster like Gurney Halleck. The dubbers has the same idea having Patrick Stewart do the voiceover for Lord Yupa. The same actor who played Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's film Dune.

    So here's my thoughts. Not sure if you are familiar with the Dune novels.

    I like the idea of creating either a Ghola:

    A Ghola (Clone of a dead person). I see this as being either a Possessor or Parasite demon. What do you think? It ties in well with the sort of stuff the Dorok do.

    Although the body is a Cloned copy of the original person, he is unaware of he is a clone. His self or humanity is buried deep in his genetic memory. Makes for deep stuff when he finds out he's not human. Or if his genetic memory is awoke with some kind of trauma.

    Duncan Idaho is a Ginaz Swordmaster in the Dune novels who after his death is turned into a Ghola known as 'Hayt'.
    Idaho was trained as a Mentat and a Zensunni philosopher in his 'Hayt' Ghola incarnation.

    So taking this as my archetype. See Frankenstein, etc.

    I need to work on this bit but here's the general idea.

    Devon Blake was a Swordmaster (Perhaps using the martial arts rules from sex and sorcery) who's killed and cloned from dead tissue.
    While in his growth tank the facility is attacked. Either a rival nation or Insects, which ever fits.
    Facility destroyed but his growth tank undamaged and his rebirth completes.
    They also imprint him as a Zen philosopher (or whatever is appropriate for his nation) to help him deal with the mental trauma or being cloned. He was also imprinted as a Zen Polymath with exceptional cognitive abilities of memory and perception able to sift large volumes of data and devise concise analyses in a process that goes far beyond logical deduction. He was taught to cultivate "the na
  • The setting (which we're adapting somewhat loosely, I grant) would call that a heedra, I think - an artificial life form. The manga has a couple of characters that are just the kind of thing you're talking about.

    You're talking about describing it as a parasite demon, though, which doesn't really work. The parasite would have to have its own Need and intelligence, apart from your own. A possessor would be the same, and also wouldn't work for what you're - a possessor takes over its host completely, so a sorcerer can't really keep a possessor in his own body.

    It actually sounds like you're describing a passer demon, without any actual sorcerer character.
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    yeah. You're right. Though I have to disagree with you on the posssesor as sorcerers soul mentions different degrees of control are possible. From full possession to part-time. And includes an example of a sorcerer hosting a demon with the switching reins type below.

    Here are sorcerers soul's suggestions:
    Full Control: No active consciousness during possession. ie. pod people (invasion of the body snatchers), raving tormentors (exorcist) or anarchists (The hidden)
    Collusive to varying degrees:
    Unconscious: Demon appears in complete control, but demons deeds fit nicely with the hosts.
    Conscious but in denial: Host and demon struggle for control. Each is conscious and aware when the other is in control.
    Willing abnegation: The host is willing for the demon to run his life
    Switching reins: As above, but host is in control with the demons permission.

    Perhaps I need to rethink it.
    How about the heedra of Devon Blake was created as a host for a Dorok royal. The body was intended just as genetic material for the Royal's body and it would have the Royal's personality and mystic powers imbedded into it. Except it failed in the facility attack leaving Devon and the Royal's separate personality and powers competing for control.

    How does that sound? Does it fit the rules? Would you be willing to include a variation rather than 'Full Control' version of possessor mentioned in the main rules? Or should I just think up another sorcerer?
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    Hmm, an interesting idea. I don't have a problem with the notion of a posessor at whichever level of exchange and control. I think the thing that bothers me is the accidental nature of the character. Sorcerer is all about meaning it. You bound something, whether you found it or summoned it. And you did it on purpose, even if the purpose is poorly thought out. There shouldn't be any accidental Sorcery. It's too easy to go to the "woe is me, I'm stuck with a demon through no fault of my own" route. In Sorcerer you've chosen this.

    I don't want to scrap the idea entirely esp. if you think it's cool. Ideas to deal with it. Perhaps Devon was messing with heedra technology (for what purpose, his own body infected by the forest? He needed to replace his body to continue his quest?), lost a fight with a nemesis and was mortally wounded. He decided to transfer himself into the heedra body, then found he had to make a deal with the conciousness already in it. the body could be either a parasite or another conciousness in the body could be a posessor.

    Maybe he stole the heedra body of a Dorok royal (why? To help another survive? To find a weakness?) and a crisis similar to the above made him choose to try and inhabit it?

    Perhaps he is a heedra, as you suggest, but that really isn't the demon issue...(he can take a lore of half breed) instead he finds another demon of some kind. Or perhaps he's a niaf and demons gravitate to him because of the body. He might not even have a demon himself to start.

    Or he's a swordsman, there is always the classic demon weapon.

    The important thing is that Devon, however he encounters the Demon, chooses to bind it.
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    reckless could be a fine descriptor but we'd have to define what the penalty would involve exactly as far as what kinds of rolls it would apply too. Maybe -1 to all first rolls in a scene? That would reflect that your first actions might not be thought through very well. Impatient might work too. I think the unlucky would take care of itself.

    Okay on the need, now that I understand it. So it needs you to go rest in a dark place so it can incubate. Gotcha.

    Random kicker idea. One Royal family member asks you to kill or help kill another family member or you uncover the plot of one to kill another...and you like them both. Like you overheard the plot while resting in the dark with your demon or something.
  • yes. You're absolutely right I'm trying to copy the idea and forgetting the key sorcerer concepts. This is a real learning experience for me. I've read all the rules but this is my first time playing it. All good idea's. I'm trying to choose a different demon type to the others for variety. I'll have a rethink. Please keep up the advise. I'd like to run it one day myself.
  • Trevis,

    Price, -1 to first rolls in any physical combat. Reckless when Enraged.
    Dalomo is unaware of this price, but his superiors know far too well that when Dalomo gets upset and violent, things get ugly and messy.


    While deep in the cellars for the Family's estate, incubating, Dalomo is awakened by noises. He can hear familiar voices far in the distance. He explores. The voices trail off. He finds rungs of a ladder going down. Next to that stairway is the body of a Royal family member. The smell of the toxic jungle wafts up from the shaft that drops into darkness.

    Characters associated with Dalomo - I'm terrible at names, they take me forever to come up with, so I'm just leaving them blank.

    His direct superior, military.
    A young heir to the throne whom he trains every Thursday and Tuesday, on piloting and animal handling.
    The Lord of the house.
    The Lord's wife.
    The Lord's cousin.
    An older servant, that he once had an affair(fling) with.
    The royal animals, (those strange bird things that Yupa rides) of which he has a favorite mount.
    A bounty hunter friend, who visits occasionally from another kingdom.
    Several underlings, in the royal military, who he has direct command over.
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    Born: Devon Blake
    Alias: Lorasai Katar Anno

    STA: 6 ~ Toughened by toil (Toriuma Stables), Arcane Regime – Martial Arts
    WILL: 3 ~ Vow
    LORE: 1 ~ Naive

    Tell Tale: Fiery golden eyes

    Past: Civilised: Stable boy, Taozendi Weaponmaster
    Price: Arrogant (-1 to all perception rolls)

    Devon Blake was born a noble in the Torumekian Empire under the King Vu's Regime. His hatred for the Empire was established when, at seven years of age, his parents were murdered in front of him by a rival noble family. But Devon's resourcefulness and the aid of a woman who wanted to punish the Empire enabled him to escape for Dorok. Devon left stripped of his family, his inheritance and noble position. With a terrible rage that he was too weak to do anything to protect his family. Upon arriving to the Shuwa palace, he took the Dorok name Lorasai Katar Anno. And had no choice to survive but swallow his noble pride too and became a reluctant but skilled stable boy for the Emperor's Toriuma (Horseclaws).

    Two years later, Lorasai met the legendary Taozendi Swordmaster – Ashinti Nagawa in the market of Shuwa, and ran away to join him. Seeing his opportunity to gain the martial skills to protect his loved ones and regain or forge a new inheritance and noble position. Lorasai left the city and convinced Ashinti to teach him. He travelled to a remote Monastery where he underwent the immense rigours and training needed to be a Taozen Swordmaster. Studying the ancient texts he became fascinated with Taozendi ancient religious scriptures of the Monkey King - Hanuman Sun Wukong. He felt an affinity with him "Hoping that a promotion and a rank amongst the gods would make Hanuman Sun Wukong more manageable, the Jade Emperor invited Wukong to Heaven, where the monkey believed he would receive an honorable place as one of the gods. Instead, he was made the head of Heavenly Stables to watch over horses. When he discovered this, Wukong rebelled and proclaimed himself the "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven"."
    Under tutelage of his master Ashinti he devised his own form of the Taozendi martial art as is tradition.

    STYLE: Form of the Monkey King, Great Sage, Equal of Heaven.

    5 LINKS:
    Grab to Short Strike,
    Short Strike to Power Inside,
    Short Strike to Divert
    Power Inside to Grab,
    Long Strike to Short Strike,

    Short Strike = Strike of the Battle Mystic Buddha
    Long Strike = Cloud-Somersault of the Monkey King
    Power Inside = Stone Monkey Technique
    Grab = Stealing Xi Wangmu's Peaches of Immortality
    Throw = Lao Tzu's Exploding cauldron of the Eight Trigrams
    Divert = Posture of the 72 Polymorphic Transformations
    Stance = Removed from The Book of Like and Death

    Lorasai became proud of his abilities, and began boasting to the other disciples. Ashinti was not happy with this, and cast him out of his Monastery. Before they parted ways, Ashinti made Lorasai promise never to tell anyone how he acquired his martial arts.

    Angry at Lorasai but also pride-fully thinking he's learnt all he can from him he becomes a wanderer.

    On his travels he stops at a peaceful remote fishing village on the border of Inland sea, where he is fed and treated as a welcome guest by the friendly locals and village Monk.

    A few weeks into his stay Dorok troops arrive with the tax collector claiming their taxes are insufficient. The locals claim their catch was low this month but it falls on deaf ears. The tax collector believes an example should be made of the village and suggests the village elders (including the monk) should be executed.

    Lorasai is enraged by hearing this. He has flashbacks of his own parents being killed by the corrupt noble adversary and can control his anger no more. In an acrobatic display of jaw dropping, Monkey King martial arts, five heavy armoured Dorok attack troops are lying dead or dying at Lorasai's feet while a cowering tax collector pleads for his life with the villagers.

    That night at the Village Monks house Lorasai listens as Monk thanks him for his help. He discusses what they will do now they have a Dorok Tax collector captive and five dead members of the Emperors army. And explains how matters are now worse for the village.

    He tell Lorasai a parable about how you have to think before you act. About a Dorok warrior with the Legendary ancient weapon know as the "Black iron Rod of Ao-Kuang the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea" and how his haste and pride had lead to his downfall. He talked of it's great powers. And now the weapon was kept in a golden chest on an island out at sea as a warning to others.
    Lorasai thinks him a little ungrateful as he'd just saved his life. But could tell from his story that the monk really believed it to be true.

    DEMON SUMMON (an ordeal since it's an immanent):
    During the night a huge storm wracked the village. Unable to sleep Lorasai walked down to the shore and stole a boat. And head out to sea in the storm to find the island and the temple. The wind an waves were too much and the ship capsized before it could reach the island. Using a piece of the boat as a float he swam the rest of the way. Soaked and tired he approached the Temple. Forcing open the doors he walks to the golden chest his head spinning with heroic stories of the Warrior who had wielded the Black rod of Iron of the Dragon King. Seeing the impressive lock and protection on the chest. His heart sinks, there is no way I can open that.

    Damn it I could "Protect my loved ones and forge a new inheritance and noble position. If I also had a Legendary weapon." thought Lorasai.
    "I believe you could. And it's me you need to help you achieve it. But are you skilled enough a warrior? And can you give me what I need" spoke the voice in his head.

    Black iron Rod of Ao-Kuang the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea

    Object Demon, black iron rod with golden ends.

    Warp: (confers to master)
    Travel: Cloud Traveling (flight) (confers to master)
    Armour: Regeneration (confers to master)
    Vitality: (confers to master)
    Link: (demon & master)
    Special Damage: (Lethal)
    Cover: Master of Disguise (confers to master)

    Lore: 7
    Stamina: 7
    Will: 8
    Power: 8

    Need: To witness pranks
    Desire: Mischief

    BIND (Stamina):
    After agreeing on the contract to meet the demons need (To witness pranks). The demon told him to take him from the chest. As he reach out his hand toward the golden chest the chest rose up stretching and twisting (WARP). Lying on ground lay the "Black iron Rod of Ao-Kuang the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea"
    Lorasai goaded by the voice attacking his pride, his limbs already aching from the swim, aimed to show off his own Martial art. Picking up the Demon weapon. He entered the first stance "Removed from The Book of Like and Death" after that he was a whirl of acrobatics as he performed the "Cloud-Somersault of the Monkey King" followed by the "Strike of the Battle Mystic Buddha" the rest was a blur his muscles burning from exhaustion but refusing to give up he performed his wushu.

    Standing in the storm outside the temple holding the demon weapon, Lorasai, wonders how the villagers will react if they find out he's stole from their temple. And what will happen to the tax collector and when it's discovered he's missing what will befall him and the village.

    How does that sound all? Comments please. And suggestions of how to link it would be great. Is it a strong enough kicker? Is the character OK now and are his reasons for having a demon clearer? Do you like the Demon? Is his power level ok? Would he need Stable boy as an additional past etc.
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