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So lets hear/discuss those character concepts!


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  • Here's my current thought:

    Trithemius, hermit of the sea of decay
    Lore (5) - One with the Forest. Trithemius first came to the forest as a young man. Now he is in his 40s, having lived in the Sea of Decay for more than twenty years. His sword and armor are made from scavenged insect chitin; the insects and the jungle treat him as part of their ecosystem.
    Sta (2) - Body of Stone. The forest gives, but it also takes away...
    Will (3) - Hmm. I actually don't see a will descriptor I really like. Would something like "regret" or "ascetic" be appropriate?

    Humanity (3)
    Price - Bad reputation. As a young man, he killed a romantic rival in hot blood, then fled to the Sea of Decay to escape justice.
    Past -
    Civilized: noble (2)
    Outlaw: fugitive/hermit (3)

    Demon: Thinker
    Thinker is an insect larger than a man that looks like a cross between a dragonfly and a praying mantis. Trithemius calls the insect "Thinker" because of the way it sits, head cocked to one side, staring off into space. Almost as if it were thinking. Of course, insects don't think like people do... right? Although Trithemius traveled over a wide swathe of the Sea of Decay when he was younger, he has never seen another insect like Thinker. Nor has he ever seen Thinker go into a red-eyed rage like the other insects do, although it does respond to the insect charm. Trithemius considers Thinker to be male, although he doesn't know for sure. One thing Thinker likes are human artifacts, from ruined cities deep within the jungle, or brought back by Trithemius from his annual voyage into human lands for supplies. Thinker can be fascinated by a new trinket for days, but when its fascination is over, it inevitably breaks the object and discards it.

    Someone else will have to walk me through demon creation to get stats. I was thinking that Thinker's desire might be novelty and its need might be to hunt. Thinker can fight, track, fly (and serve as a flying mount to Trithemius), command other insects via phermones, and maybe some kind of telepathy. I don't know what kind of power that would put it at... I imagine Thinker being a sort of mid-level demon in terms of badassery.

    Kicker: Trithemius dwells beneath the Sea of Decay, where the air and water are clean; he emerges only to forage or scavenge. One day, an injured woman falls through the quicksand into Trithemius' realm. As he finds her she lies dying, but she carries an infant that is very much alive.
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    Past replaces cover. It is set as equal to either Stamina or Will, players choice.

    I think Briseis sounds pretty cool but I get worried about hedging her in with too much detail. Also you guys can either describe what the demon should do and let me make them or make it yourselves. Your choice.

    One with the machine sounds good. If any stat is 5 or better (I think) you may choose more than one descriptor. I'll check on that. It might be 4.

    Also for each of you I'd like to have two significan't NPC's. Freinds, lovers, enemies. Whatever. Don't stat them, just give me a snapshot about who they are.

    Yellow, is Briseis by herself or are the remnants of her nation with her?

    Oh, and you may or may not want to sort of 'aim' your characters at each other. I'm not necessarily going to engineer a meeting.
  • I think that's a good kicker Ignotus! Nice!
  • Wow, lots of traffic today! I've been flying all day, since the beginning of this thread, so I'm still catching up.

    Given the high lore of the characters so far, I think I'll go with a very low lore character (like lore 1)... I'll probably post a character sketch tomorrow. (well, tomorrow for me - its only 9pm for me right now.)
  • It is 5 or better. If you have 5 or better in a score you may choose two descriptors.

    Garvey, where are you? Actually I'd like to know where all of you are. I'm in Missouri, USA. (GMT-5, currently.)
  • That's cool. I lived in Missouri for 6 years. Right now, I'm living in Connecticut. Currently I'm in Hawaii on business though, and will be for the next week, hence my long plane flight and big time difference.
  • I live in DC, for what it's worth. EST.
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    Actually Ignotus, I think "Lover" would be appropriate, that or maybe "Brush with the Unknown," or Vow (which can go a lot of ways, as in what did you vow due to your regret.) I guess I wonder why he chose to stay in the forest after leaving rather than go to other human lands.

    Garvey, you're the only one we haven't heard from yet. Anybody have any contributions or comments on the other characters up so far?
  • Hey Rustin, you're seeing your demon as a tech demon? Like an actual device that's attached to you somehow? Or like some kind of bio virus thing? A machine that helps you perceive?

    Helped capture and imprison people? Is he like secret police or something? Big empire, small principality?

    Also "used to suppress?" Are you seeing him as on the outs?
  • Garvey, any thoughts on your guy?
  • Thants fine yellow, but do you have suggestions or comments for everyone else? We need to make them all worthy protagonists, so I'd like to hear everyone's reactions and thoughts on their fellow players characters.

    Dolomo's pretty good. Does the vow mean he currently has royalty to care for?
    Can you clarify the price for me? I'm not sure what it means exactly.
    What is the nature of the Perception power in the Demon? Is it just to see where it is going when Teleporting?
    What is the Demon's telltale?
    Last, I'm afraid your Demon's need is invalid. Particularly if it's a parasite the need is something you have to fulfill for it, something it can't do on it's own. The way you have it it sounds like it hides on you and sleeps to fulfill that need. Or am I missing something?
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    Hmm, an interesting idea. I don't have a problem with the notion of a posessor at whichever level of exchange and control. I think the thing that bothers me is the accidental nature of the character. Sorcerer is all about meaning it. You bound something, whether you found it or summoned it. And you did it on purpose, even if the purpose is poorly thought out. There shouldn't be any accidental Sorcery. It's too easy to go to the "woe is me, I'm stuck with a demon through no fault of my own" route. In Sorcerer you've chosen this.

    I don't want to scrap the idea entirely esp. if you think it's cool. Ideas to deal with it. Perhaps Devon was messing with heedra technology (for what purpose, his own body infected by the forest? He needed to replace his body to continue his quest?), lost a fight with a nemesis and was mortally wounded. He decided to transfer himself into the heedra body, then found he had to make a deal with the conciousness already in it. the body could be either a parasite or another conciousness in the body could be a posessor.

    Maybe he stole the heedra body of a Dorok royal (why? To help another survive? To find a weakness?) and a crisis similar to the above made him choose to try and inhabit it?

    Perhaps he is a heedra, as you suggest, but that really isn't the demon issue...(he can take a lore of half breed) instead he finds another demon of some kind. Or perhaps he's a niaf and demons gravitate to him because of the body. He might not even have a demon himself to start.

    Or he's a swordsman, there is always the classic demon weapon.

    The important thing is that Devon, however he encounters the Demon, chooses to bind it.
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    reckless could be a fine descriptor but we'd have to define what the penalty would involve exactly as far as what kinds of rolls it would apply too. Maybe -1 to all first rolls in a scene? That would reflect that your first actions might not be thought through very well. Impatient might work too. I think the unlucky would take care of itself.

    Okay on the need, now that I understand it. So it needs you to go rest in a dark place so it can incubate. Gotcha.

    Random kicker idea. One Royal family member asks you to kill or help kill another family member or you uncover the plot of one to kill another...and you like them both. Like you overheard the plot while resting in the dark with your demon or something.
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