[Sorcerer SoC] Scene 3: Death and Taxes [Lorasai]

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Lorasai had been practicing his art at some distance from the village as he usually did. Though he loved an audience he didn't want to frighten them with some of his more exoticmoves. He stood now, balanced on one foot, atop the Ironwood Rod of Au-Kuang and silently pushing his awareness out away from him. His body was pleasantly warm and exhausted as he had pushed hard in his workout. As his awareness pushes out beyond the edges of his practice area, one of the more distant docks, it is caught by the slightest sound and movement. When Lorasai cracks open his eyelid he sees her, concealing herself behind some barrels. She is watching him intently, as her hands absently play with the black curls of her hair. He is about to call to her when his attention is grabbed by a much louder noise. Looking up he sees an airship descending over the trees.

The seal of a royal official is painted on the ships sides and his keen eyes catch a flashing glint of sunlight on armor. Armed men? Lorasai gracefully backflips off the Rod, pulling it from the soil where it was lodged as he runs towards the village. The girl will have to wait.

By the time he makes it to the villaige square Hetman Minar and most of the villagers are already there in conversation with their visitors. Lorasai, in a few skips, hops on top of a nearby house and crouches so he can get a clear view of what is going on and remain relatively concealed. It's unlikely that he would be recognized but there is no need to take chances.

The man they are talking too is tall, older but not elderly, with a long face and disapproving beady eyes framed by a delicate pair of gold rimmed spectacles that flash in the sun. His clothing is extravagant with lace and intricate patterns. There are six imperial soldiers standing behind him in full gear, hands resting on the pommels of their swords. Lorasai can just hear the conversation?

"I don't understand, your Eminence, our contribution to the Empire has already been made this year. What little stock we have left we need to feed ourselves!" Minar says, his old voice edgy with distress.

"Miscalculations are unfortunate," the man says, his tone dismissive. "Nevertheless the tax must be met."

"There must be some mistake," Minar says, "Will you give us time to send to Lord Bulan? I'm sure we can straighten this out"

"Oh ho! I don't know that you should count on that," the stranger says, "but there isn't time, I'm due back in the capital shortly."

"But we simply can't pay this! We don't have it! We'll starve"

The man seems to consider this, and looks around at the crowd, who are watching him and the soldeirs nervously. "The Emperor does not want to starve his people. Perhaps an alternative?" He consults a scroll. "I see you have had two live births this year?"

"We were fortunate."

"Indeed. The Emperor will be pleased to accept those children instead."

The villaigers gasp in unison. Minar stammers, " The...the children? But... that's insane!"

"I assure you, I'm quite rational." The nobleman says as he motions to his soldiers. They all draw their swords in unison. "Now don't make us look for them. We don't want to have this become... unpleasent."


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    “Wow the Empire has really improved since I was a child. They’ve gone from murdering peoples parents to stealing children to prop up their dwindling barren population,” Lorasai thought sardonically.
    “Who is this bespectacled fop sent by the Teutomekian Empire? Just some downtrodden imperial pen pusher, with half a dozen guards to bolster his own sterile ambitions and at who’s cost?”
    “They will ruin no more children’s lives!” His mind was fixed, but his martial training ensured rational thought remained.

    The mist hung thick in the air, before the Stupa of the Zazen monastery, coating the two monks robes in dew and making their breath into steam.

    “Think, Sporehopper! There is no doubt you have great martial skill for your young age, Lorasai. But that is not all that makes a great warrior, knowledge is a weapon too,” admonished Master Ashinti Nagawa.
    “All warfare is based on deception,” he explained. “Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected; when we are few in number, we must make the enemy believe we are many; when far away, we must make him believe we are near; when unable to attack, we must seem able; hold out baits to entice the enemy or appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; cause confusion, and crush him.”
    “By it’s use, the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.”

    “I will meditate on your words, Master Nagawa.”

    The wind from the docks brought the smell of ozone and fresh fish to his nose and brought his attention back to the present.
    “My Masters advice will serve us well today. Deception is what is required to save these babies and avoid ramifications for the village. But I’ll need the help from someone nearby, the Teutomekians haven't seen.”
    He quickly, looked back the way he came for the girl with the black curls. Assessing if she would be brave enough to assist with his plans.

    “If I can simulate say a pirate attack on the village and persuade the imperial guard they are outnumbered and out matched. I can force the remaining imperial envoy to leave empty-handed for reinforcements. This should draw the Empires attention, away from the small issue of the villagers tax deficit, to the threat of an imaginary enemy. While the news filters through to the imperial capital at Mecha and then has them chasing after some phantom threat, the village has time to decide how best to keep their babies safe.”

    Well he thinks the pirates are an imaginary enemy. This should really mix things up. I couldn’t resist :)

    Lorasai examined the imperial guards from his rooftop view. The ceramic plate armour looked formidable. But the protection the plate armour afforded them, resulted in restricted mobility and vision.
    Thankfully every armour has its weak spots and for this suit it was where the plates overlapped at the joints.
    So speed and vision was his advantage against this heavily armoured foe. He would have to attack swiftly and unexpectedly and retreat the same way.

    Lorasai silently shifted his position to get a better look at the airship with it’s royal seal. Weighing up it’s size to assess if the man in the glasses and the six imperial guard are the only crew? Or if he would have to deal with additional troops?
    His attention returns to the village square.

    “I assure you, I’m quite rational.” The nobleman says as he motions to his soldiers. They all draw their swords in unison. “Now don’t make us look for them. We don’t want to have this become... unpleasant.”

    Going over the plans in his head he leapt like a cat from the roof top hurriedly retracing his steps back to the dock and the barrel concealing the girl.

    “I’m sorry to startle you. But I need your help. The village needs your help.”

    He swiftly explains what he saw from the rooftop.

    “Firstly, I need you to tell me where I will find the babies. So I can protect them.”
    “Secondly, I need you to cause as much chaos as you can. Stay safe and out of view when you can and move fast when you can’t.”
    “Gather up all the bundles of newly cut grass (for horse fodder) at the stables and scatter it far up wind of the village square near the docks. Set fire to them as you go, the wet grass won’t burn much but will give off tons of white smoke. Hopefully it will create smoke screen and cause the fishermen to run here to save their boats from burning”
    “Tell them what’s happening and get them to play along. I want them to arm themselves and start screaming about a pirate attack and simulating the noise of combat. They need to sound vastly out numbered. Make them head slowly toward their airship under the cover of the smoke. We need to force the tax collector and his guard to retreat to their aircraft to escape. Do you think you can do that?”

    Is that backed up enough or should I finish earlier and occ describe what I'm going to ask and let you describe the conversation?

    Would this be possible? Warp to change the shape of the Staff of Au-Kuang to the Cutlass of Au-Kuang. An Ironwood Sword with an golden Ohm shell blade. It's an object isn't it in terms of it's shape isn't it? Obviously, it's tell tale can't be altered it still looks like a demon weapon. Otherwise I'll have to warp the two mundane statues into a sword.
    Cover: Disguise artist. Take on the pirate facsimile.
  • The aircraft is relatively small, but it could hold a few more soldiers and whoever is piloting it.I'm going to Roll her will vs Lorasai's to see if she wants to go along with you. I'll give you a die for the narration of the plan. [/red]

    Lorasai's will +1 #DiceRoller(4d10)
    The girl's will #DiceRoller(3d10)
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    Looks like she won with 2 victories. Do you want to do something else to try and convince her?

    She looks at you with huge frightened eyes in her delicate pale face. "Oh, no, we can't go up against Imperial Soldiers! I know you are strong, because I've watched you every day," she blushes slightly "but even you cannot hope to best all of them. I know the houses of both mothers, and a good hiding place. Come, please, we must find the children and hide!"
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    I think with time of the essence, I don't think I will argue with her. I'll just have to modify my plans. If she can get the children away to safety, it's one less thing for me to protect.
    I'll have to set up the smoke screen myself and hope to convince the fishermen who come running to protect their boats. I assume with a past of stable boy I'll know where the towns one is and met the people who work there. If I meet villagers on my travels I'll try to get them on my side.

    "Quickly, do as you say. Find the houses of both mothers, take the children with you and hide. But, I'm afraid I can't join you. Where will you take them? I'll go to you once it's safe. You're village must not suffer," Lorasai said urgently.

    Do I need to give her the courage to go ahead with her plans without me? If so I'll put a comforting arm around her (stamina?). I think I'll need a description of her. If you think he would find her attractive and she would be his type and the right age etc. You can switch comforting to flirting (body language) (stamina?)
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    She looks towars the villaige, a worried expression on her face. "In the forest, straight east of the last dock house about a mile there is a hollow tree that has a passage into Kind of pocket in the forest floor. I found it when I was exploring. The air is good down there and the entrance is hard to find."

    She turns back to Lorasai and he suddenly remembers her. Hard not to considering she's probably the best looking girl in... well quite a ways I imagine he thinks. She's about a head shorter than Lorasai, petite but finely formed under the rough country clothing. Just about marrying age, he thinks, she reminds me of Ismene. Her black hair falls softly about her face from under the earth green cap. Her clear blue eyes search Lorasai's face.

    "Be careful," She says, "Don't try to fight them if you can avoid it." She pauses. Suddenly she grabs Lorasai's tunic, pulling his head down, and plants a firm kiss right on his mouth. The kiss breaks, they look into each others eyes from about three inches away for a 5 second eternity. "Be careful," she whispers. She blushes, lets go of him and runs towards the village
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    I guess flirting wasn’t necessary!
    With a mixture of joy and shock, he calls after her, “If you run into trouble, come find me.”

    Lorasai absent-mindedly touched his lips as if to check if it really did happen. Her likeness to his young love Ismene was quite remarkable.

    Lorasai's real name was Blake Devon. His father, Duke Ban Devon, had told him he had met and become best friends with Lord Balun of Jeddek when they were youths in the Teutomekian royal court. So by the time Blake was born, whenever there was an occassion to celibrate, their families would meet. Blake had known Ismene all his life and when their parents were talking serious stuff they would sneak off together and explore the castle. As they grew older, the pair became inseparable. And their innocent friendship blossomed into young love. This hadn't gone unnoticed by his mother (Duchess Elaine Devon) and Ismene's. So when they had conspiritorially spoken to their husbands to suggest the love match, their powers of persuation met no resistance. It had been announced the month before his parents were murdered.
    But, that seemed like it had happened to another innocent him called Blake, a lifetime ago.

    He turned and dashed for the stables, zigzagging through the streets.

    With help, Devon had fled from the Empire as a child, in the wake of his parents murder. He had ended up in Chiba, the Capital of Genasia, staving and penniless. His tutors had taught him to speak Genasian, so he just had to perfect the accent and adopted the Genasian name 'Lorasai Kata Anno' to avoid anti-Teutomekian sentiment and to throw off any would be persuers.
    By chance he overheard two boys talking about the death of their friend a stable boy at the Emperor's Gog stables. Turning up at the stables the following day his enthusiasm and riding experience managed to land him the job.

    The familiar smell of manure and hay reached his nose before his eyes saw the stables. Poking his head through the doors he evaluated which of the stabled Gog’s was the best mount. His eyes were quickly drawn to the stallion 'Questor''
    Picking up the gog’s matching saddle he instinctively checked that the stirrup irons were run up the leathers, the girth was attached and folded over the seat of the saddle and he had a sheepskin saddle pad (numnah).
    Lorasai approached the gog from the near (left) side. Right-handed riders most often wore swords on the left side; so mounting from the left side was the only practical approach. As a result, most mounts become confused or afraid when handled from the off (right) side.
    “Calm yourself Questor, I’m going to need your speed and strength today” Lorasai calmly spoke.
    Standing by his shoulder he brushed the saddle area with his hand and placed the numnah above the gog’s withers and slid it back into position. Lorasai lifted the saddle above the withers and slid it into place.
    Going around to the offside and taking the girth down from the seat of the saddle he checked the numnah and underflaps. Before returning to the nearside and reaching under his belly for the girth. He secured the saddle pad to the saddle, fastened the girth and went to the front of the gog and flexed it’s front legs to release any caught skin. He quickly fitted the bridle and he was done.

    Grabbing four, lit lanterns from the stable walls, Lorasai lead Questor out of the stables to where the hay was drying. He attached two bundles of dampest hay to either side of the gog before he got on himself.
    As he lead him around the stables, he looked around for any friendly faces before he left.
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    Whoops, I was just trying to say she reminded you of Ismene, not that she is Ismene. Ismene is a little older than this girl now. Want to edit?
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    Yes, I'll edit my reaction. Haha, I thought there were dopplegangers everywhere. I've removed it for now. I'll add a different reaction later, but it shouldn't hinder your next post, I hope.
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    I was tempted to go with it for a moment, but I like the backstory I have.
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    Ok. I've edited the text, adding some of his back story to explain how he knows Ismene and their relationship. As events unfold I'll fill in the rest.
  • There is probably going to ultimately be a will vs will roll to see if your deception succeeds. For the moment we'll roll for your using your past to saddle the Gog quickly but expertly since you're pressed for time. You'll be able to roll the victories into further action with the Gog

    Lorasai's past #DiceRoller(6d10)
    Vs the time pressed situation #DiceRoller(5d10)

  • Hmm lost by one, well it won't hurt you too badly

    Remember to write all your ooc stuff in color

    The way the gog moved from the stable Lorasai knew the tack needed further adjusting, but he was out of time. He just hoped it wouldn't make the Gog too difficult to handle.

    Emerging he could see no one in the immediate area of the stables. Most of them were probably in the confrontation with the nobleman's men. There were shouts coming from the direction of the village green.
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    The shouts set off alarm bells. He had to put his plan into action, now!

    Lorasai drove his heals so fiercely into the chestnut gog as to force a surprised groan from the animal as it leaped forward. He was going fast, leaning forward, low in the saddle, he could smell the earthy smell of horse sweat. One hand guided the horse while he removed a cloth from his pocket. Placing it between his teeth he tore it in two. He unscrewed a lantern and dipped the cloth in the oil before stuffing it in one of the bails as a wick. He did the same with the remain strip of material before reaching once again into his pocket to repeat the process with his last cloth. The flickering lanterns swung wildly like two brace of grouse from a hunters saddle and straw flew from the bales. Eight hundred yards straight ahead were the docks, and the wild eyed gog was covering the distance with mighty strides. He became sorely aware that the concentrated effort he had made in attaching the saddle had been compromised by his hasty attachment of the bridle. He was secure in his saddle but the loose bit meant that the less than subtle movements, he would have to employ, would hamper controlling the gog. He hoped he wouldn’t have to resort to any trick riding.

    He would be turning the corner soon on to the dock road. He would light the wick and untie a bale at a time. Then hefting the bale above his head to fan the flames he would hurl the fiery bundle of hay to the road behind. He would deploy them at intervals to envelop the dock area and create a drifting smoke screen toward the village square.

    They had worked him long and excessively hard in the Emperors stables. He had slept soundly from exhaustion every night. It had broke many of the boys, but Lorasai found his soft privileged body could easily adapt to the hardship. His shoulders broadened as his waste narrowed and he developed long sinewy muscle. Carrying bales of hay from the carts and stacking them in winter storage was just one of the back breaking tasks they would have him perform.

    Turning the corner he secured the reins around the pommel to keep the sweat damp mount galloping straight down the dock road. Then turning he lit the first wick with a lantern. He loosen the rope holding the bale and hefted it above him like a harvest Atlas (Stamina: Toughened by toil). The flames fanned by the wind enveloped the bale sending a shower of cherry red straw cinders. He held onto the blazing bundle, as it billowed an acrid steamy tail in it's wake. He held it till he could stand the heat no longer. Red flames reflected in his golden eyes as he hurled the smoking comet to the road behind (Horsemanship = Past: stable boy). Before turning once more to the road ahead.

    Do you agree my cover overlaps with my stamina description on this one? Stamina roll (Stamina: Toughened by toil) victories as a bonus dice onto a Cover roll (Past: Stable boy).
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    See and I thought you'd be lighting the bales and dropping them off the back of the gog as you rode :), you are trying to do this quickly after all. I'm not really trying to roll to put obstacles in your way, I'm trying to find rolls so you can build up rollover victories. One of the basic mechanics of Sorcerer (one often overlooked) is that the victories from one roll can be rolled into the following roll, provided that the rolls are related to each other. So the way to build up to something you really want to do is to create a detailed confict by doing a series of rolls that build on each other. Also I really should have given you bonus dice for the saddling description. I meant to, but forgot.

    Also keep in mind when you want to do something that could be conflict you should probably describe it in terms of intent and beginnings of actions, but not results. So the next action might be controlling the Gog while distributing burning hay bales along the docks as quickly as possible. So you describe Lorasai digging his heels in, the smell of the beast as Lorasai rides bent over the Gog's back pushing the poor beastie hard while he feels heat from this huge pile of burning hay bales which creates a tail of fire behind him. Give us good images.

    The way I see it the big roll we're shooting for is a Will vs Will between you and the nobleman to see if he buys the ruse.

    Yep, the Green is the Square.
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    Yes. You're right that had been the plan. To be hurling fiery bales off the back of the horse. But I thought my messed up saddling roll had put pay to that idea. I got disheartened and tried to recover what I could with a lame description.Do penalties (negative bonuses) roll over?

    I'll go back and edit if that's ok. And try and do the scene some justice.
  • No, penalties don't roll unless you're in combat.
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    I've adjust my text above and chosen a more subdued blue for ooc

    I think I was confusing the Penalty, [Repeating a simple task after failing: -1 die (cumulative)] with rollover dice. I was thinking my failed saddling roll would roll over to my ride roll for this round. Which of course it wouldn't. However, if I had spent this round re-adjusting the gogs tack I would probably be facing the -1 die penalty to my roll for repeating the task.
    Thanks for explaining the process as we go. Hopefully I'll get the hang of things soon.
  • Okay actually I think it'll be the other way around, we'll roll the past roll into the Stamina roll

    Lorasai's Past (plus two bonus dice for the descriptions) #DiceRoller(8d10)
    vs itself #DiceRoller(6d10)
  • Pesky bad luck. Here is the actual stamina roll plus a bonus die for the actual smokescreen.

    Lorasai's stamina roll #DiceRoller(7d10)
    vs #DiceRoller(4d10)
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    3 victories, that's more like it.

    Despite the loose Tack, Lorasai heaves the burning bales evenly along the docks.

    The white smoke billows up along the docks, obscuring the village and covering the area with dense haze. As the smoke spreads, shouts go up from the village. "The Boats! The Boats!" The village bell starts to ring frantically and Lorasai hears the shouts of the fishermen, and probably most of the village growing louder.

    The younger men are the first to reach the docks, buckets in hand, peering through the smoke frantically, the older men huffing and puffing as they run up behind them.
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    Wow! Victory! It's been a long time coming. Still got the roll when it counted. :)
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    The smoke whirled in eddies about the soot darkened rider and fire reflected demoniacally in the mounts eyes. The gogman trotted purposefully to one of the fishermen who was rushing bucket in hand toward the smoking hay bales.
    “It seems my master has been right so far. Though I must admit for a while I doubted. Let’s hope you all have my renewed faith.” Lorasai said more to himself than the growing crowd.

    The fisherman finally recognised him from their friendly talks on knot tying.

    Lorasai intent on practising his meteor hammer technique during his stay, needed safer weights than the tungsten ones he would use for combat. He had seen them throwing lines and the weighted knotted rope seemed his answer. He helped them haul their catch ashore while he enquired about the knot.
    “It’s a monkey fist. It’s a simple enough knot to tie, even for a land-lover like yourself.” explained Georgiy, a jovial middle-aged sailor. “The tricky part is tightening it evenly. We weight it to aid throwing by placing a stone in its centre and tie the knot around it. Here let me show you.”
    Lorasai had repeated the knot till he’d mastered it and they worked perfectly as practice weights.

    “You helped me tie a knot, Georgiy. It seems it's my turn to get you out of one.” Lorasai lightly joked. Dramatic or appropriate quip bonus?

    I'm stopping here as I suspect a roll is needed to convince them. Is it possible to use my 'warrior monk' past to convince them of my tactics? Will the successes of the smoke act as a rollover bonus on convincing them to help? Or will I have to use 'will'?
    I'll quickly explain the plans I've made so far. Then I want to persuade them to arm themselves and start screaming about a pirate attack and simulating the noise of combat. They need to sound vastly out numbered. Make them head slowly toward the airship under the cover of the smoke. To threaten the Taxman's escape route. We need to force the tax collector and his guard to retreat to their aircraft and escape for reinforcements. As I planned. No heroics. Stay out of range of the airships guns. If they realise the truth, the plan is foiled.
    I also plan to ask them about what is happening in the village green. I need to know the tax collector's and troops current plans, deployments etc. anything that will help.
    ps. You don't have to give me the bonus. But I'll point out what I'm trying. It's for you to decide how successfully. But I'd appreciate it if you explain your reasoning so I can understand how to GM Sorcerer.
  • We'll do a will roll vs the crowd. Yes we'll roll in your previous successes, and I'll give you a bonus die for the quip and one for the plan. We'll roll the past first to see if it helps the will roll.

    Lorasai's warrior monkness #DiceRoller(6d10)
    vs itself to see if it helps #DiceRoller(6d10)

  • So that's one success to roll over into the will vs crowd roll

    So Lorasai's will + previous successes and bonuses #DiceRoller(9d10)
    vs villagers will #DiceRoller(3d10)

  • Ouch. Bad luck again, I'll post the results in a bit.
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    Ha ha. It amazes me. With all the maths (9/9+3)*100 = 75%. There is always the probability that regardless of how high or low the chance of success you build up, you I can still fluke or fluff it and succeed or in this case fail. But I suppose it is that probability which makes it exciting.
  • "I hope you can son," Geiorgy responds

    As Lorasai tries to call out to the crowd of men he can only dimly see through the white smoke, they continue to run this way and that in a state of panic. Goiorgy shakes his head. "They're too scared from the soldiers and the smoke is so thick they can't tell what's going on. Best tell me what you have in mind, son. I'll try and get them all together though I'm not sure I can. I might get some of them anyway."
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    Sorry I've been so long replying. Christmas was very busy for me. I hope you had a great holiday and wish you a happy new year.

    Cool light from the afternoon sun filtered through the high windows of the temple war room. Beams of light speared the dark incense filled air.
    “Master! You told me I would be sparring against a swordsman today. I’ve been practising sword-countering techniques all morning!” complained Lorasai, “And now I find that I’m fighting a spearman.”

    “Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe that he is facing," lambasted Master Ashinti Nagawa. “Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions.”

    Master Nagawa paused for effect, “He who can modify his tactics in relation to these changes and thereby succeed is a heaven-born warrior.”

    Lorasai smiled to himself knowingly.
    “A Wiseman once told me that ‘Amid the turmoil and tumult of battle, there may seem disorder and yet no real disorder at all.’” Lorasai quoted.

    “Since the villagers are scared and confused already, we should use that energy, it will be more convincing if our cast don’t realize they are in the play.”

    “Quickly, grab whatever metal and ceramic items you can find from the dock nearby: rowlocks, shackles, block and tackle, that kind of stuff. You are going to tie them to the back of this gog by ropes. It will hopefully simulate the sound of fighting and drive the villagers toward the plane. Those not scared enough to be convinced you can explain the plan to. I want the villagers to believe, or pretend at least, they are being attacked by pirates. They need to sound vastly out numbered. Make them head slowly toward the airship under the cover of the smoke. We need to force the tax collector and his guard to retreat to their aircraft to escape. Meanwhile, I'll disguise myself as a pirate and make sure any inquisitive soldier doesn't get close enough to uncover the ruse.”
    “I’ll adjust Questor tack now, so you can herd the villagers, and attach the ropes for you. I'll probably won't be here when you return. So, good luck ... you can ride can’t you?”

    I thought rather than fight the confusion caused by the last missed roll I would use it as an advantage. The effective smoke should be an advantage in this case.
    The horse should help Goiorgy gather the scared crowd, it’s standard usage for crowd control and should render him a bonus anyhow. Hopefully I can improve the horses gear to give him further bonuses to help.

    I need to make a Cover (stable boy): 6 dice, roll to fix the tack and rig the ropes to it.
    -1 die for repeating a simple task after failing. That’s interesting, I’ve never thought of it before, does a (5 dice) time pressed situation qualify as a simple task? I’ve just always read it as repeating a task.
    And whatever other bonuses/penalties that you think.
  • I think the way we'll do it is this.

    I'm not going to penalize the -1, the situation has changed considerably, you're not doing the same thing, you're doing a different thing. That penalty is really for trying the exact same thing twice in a row. Because it's boring.

    The ultimate conflict here is your influence over the villagers will and how that in turn affects your influence over the tax guy.

    On the task level it's getting Georgy set up for this quickly and effectively so that he can get them to do what you want. So we'll roll your Cover roll vs the pressing time first

    your cover, #DiceRoller(6d10)
    vs time, #dice (5d10)

  • #DiceRoller(5d10)
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