[Serial Homicide Unit] Start-up

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OK, let's try this. We'll handle the initial setup in this thread, so if you could chime in to say you're here and listening that would be great. If you already have bought the electronic version of the game, let us know. You don't have to, obviously, but I certainly recommend it.



  • I am here. I do not have the game at this point. I was hoping to use this as a test bed for the game, limited funds and all I have become very choosey about what I buy. Hopefully walking through it won't cause that much of a problem.
  • Hi Jason - cool! I'm just waiting for a confirmation from Michael Miller whether it's OK to walk through the game on a public forum. If not, I think it's possbible to have a forum set up here with restricted access.
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    I'm here as well. I do have the electronic version.
  • OK, cool. Will you guys be able to stop by this place at least once a day? If not for anything else, then to say that you're still out there but not able to post anything game-wise that day? Main thing is, it's important to keep each other informed and not go silent. OK?

    Right, in this game you get to play both a civilian who fits the profile of a serial killer, and one of the investigators trying to catch him. The killer is nameless and unknown, and he/she is only represented by a number, the killer's stealth, which in this case i 3. The number will make sense later.

    The first thing we have to decide is The Profile: a characteristic that is shared among the killer's victims. The rulebook examples are "single moms", "homeless" or "artists". Let's hear your suggestions. We will have to decide on one we all find exciting, and all our civilian characters will share this profile, and thus be possible victims of the killer.
  • I tell my play-by-post players this all of the time, but it never helps ;) But yes, I should be able to maintain a regular presence.

    How about "collectors"? Maybe a specific kind, maybe not. Or "pet owners"?
  • I am not so down with pet owners but collectors sounds cool to me. Maybe model trains? I will also throw out "grade school teachers"?
  • Hmm... Grade-school teachers are certainly sympathetic, but I could go with train collectors as well. Per? Do you have a preference or a suggestion of your own?
  • Let me set out my reasons for the two:

    I feel that train collectors could make for interesting investigation scenes where the investigators are in the victim basement surrounded by these huge model train diaramas that are running.

    As for grade school teachers, these are folks that hold a specific place in a city or town and interact with the communities children. The fear that would be generated within a community by the murders of their teachers would be an interesting thing to explore.
  • They both throw up interesting issues, absolutely. My immediate vote goes for grade school teachers!

    The only idea I had right away was some kind of public office, lawyer, police etc, and teachers fit that nicely. Wanna go with that?
  • My vote is for teachers.
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    Teachers for the win!
  • Being in the restaurant business I have to work this evening and then a mid shift tomorrow and will not be able to post again until tomorrow evening, just to let you both know.
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    Ok, Jason, we'll look for you then. If we're in agreement, shall we move on to names and hopes now?
  • Yup. We each need to come up with the name of a civilian that fits the profile, and has a "hope". Each hope starts with "I hope..." Hopes should be positive. Hopes are suggestions and should be discussed among ourselves.

    Let me start:
    Liz Greenberg.
    "I hope my girlfriend will leave her husband for me."
  • One last post before going to work:

    Tara Jenkins
    "I hope my husbands new medication will help."
  • Gabe Davenport
    "I hope I can write a successful children's book."
  • Since we don't have envelopes, a table or even a physical gathering, should we just roll a die when it comes time for a murder?
  • I think we just list the civilians on a numbered list and roll a die, yeah, that's probably the easiest way to do it.

    Any comments to the hopes? - I'm fine as they are.

    I've set up a game page, with a link to the civilians' list as well.

    Next up is obtacles that the civilians might face in their lives. We all need to write down a potential obstacle to every civilian except our own. They can be as mundane as you like and could oppose hopes directly. For the first round I'll write one for Tara, JMD one for Gabe and Jason/Ludanto one for Liz.
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    Liz: Her girlfriend is afriad she'll lose her young daughter.

    (And you can just call me Ludanto. That's what internet handles are for :) )
  • Hmmm, nasty.

    Tara: Their house is being reposessed due to medical bills.
  • Gabe: All of her attempts to find an agent have been met with rejections letters.
  • OK, one more for the other civilian:
    Per: Gabe
    Ludanto: Tara
    Jason: Liz

    I'm working at the mo, but will come back later :)
  • Tara: Her husband has given up hope and doesn't want to take the medicine.

    Dude, Gabe is a dude! :)
  • Gabe: Working two jobs to make ends meet.
  • I guess that shows my gender bias, oops. I was reading the name as "Gaby".

    Liz: Has strained her relationship with her father, not for her sexual preferance but for being a home wrecker.
  • Right, we're ready to play!

    First up is a round of scenes where we can see the civilians confront an obstacle. I'll start a new thread.

    The civilians and their hopes/obstacles have been recorded on the website.
  • Is there a specific structure or form we need to follow for this? Are there to be any conflicts to be resolved?
  • Basically it's once around the table. You set up a scene with your guy facing one of the obstacles, designate NPCs for the other players to play (although if there aren't enough NPCs to go around, that's not the end of the world) spend 2-3 minutes roleplaying what happens (usually working toward a climax) and then roll a die. Even = success. Odd = fail. Play out the result. Next player.

    That's basically how it goes.
  • Having never played PBP is there a formating standard?
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