[Serial Homicide Unit] Civilians scenes, round 2

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OK, another set of scenes with the civilians.
Choose an obstacle.
Set the scene.
Cast other players as supporting characters.
Play the scene and get your character to try and overcome the obstacle.
Success or failure.
Play out how the scene ends.

Anyone got an idea for starters?



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    [Ok, here goes.]

    [Gabe can't find an agent for his book. Gabe is meeting with Alan Frakes, to contest the rejection letter he recieved from him. Per can be Alan. Jason can be Alan's secretary, though I don't know there's much for her to do. Either way, I'll try to keep it short.]

    Gabe holds the rejection letter up in between the agent and himself, shaking it for emphasis. "I can't accept this Mr. Frakes. I've seen the sorts of books you've gotten published and I'm right up your alley! You don't know what you're missing! Not only am I good with children in general, I'm a grade-school teacher. I know what kids like and I know what they need. You've got to reconsider!"
  • Alan signals Gabe to sit down while he calls his secretary on the internal phone. "Miss Simmons, I need the file on Ms..." He glances at the letter. "Davenport. And we could both use some coffee in here I think." Alan hangs up. Smiles. He's balding and with whiskers which make him look older than he actually is.

    "So, Ms Davenport, I think you misunderstand the nature of my business here. Yes?"
  • "I know the pink shirt was probably a mistake, but that's Mister Davenport, thank you." Gabe unzips his folder and pulls out a few sheets of paper and hands them to Alun. "Look here. Just look. There are some unconventional ideas here, but that's what makes it stand out from the standard schlock out there. That's what makes it great! Just look over that first page," Gabe says fervently, "and I think you'll change your mind!"


    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
  • [SAD CHRISTMAS! :( ]
  • Miss Simmons enters the office with Mr. Davenport's folder under one arm and a cup of coffee in each hand. She sets down a cup before each of the men, smiling at Gabe as she does so, and then hands the file over to Mr. Frakes. "Will there be anything else, sir?"
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    [LOL - sorry!]

    "Thanks, Ms Simmons." Alan opens the folder and spends a couple of seconds looking at his notes. Then glances at the sheets Gabe gave him.

    "Hmm, well. I'll give it another thought. It does look interesting and might just fit with one of our planned lines." He gets up and holds out his hand. "We'll call you. In case we decide to go for it."

    [End scene there?]
  • [A little upbeat for a fail...]

    After seeing Gabe out, Alan returns to his desk and picks up Gabe's notes. After a brief scan, he neatly folds the papers in half and then in quarter before gently depositing them in his wastebasket.

  • [Nasty - I like it! Jason, you or me for a scene?]
  • [I'll take it. Liz's obstacle for this scene is "Has strained her relationship with her father, not for her sexual preferance but for being a home wrecker." She's having dinner with her father (Jason, you can play him), who is retired and still living in his own home together with a younger girlfriend called Heather (Ludanto).]
  • Heather and LIz are sitting at the dining table while Liz's dad Robert is getting the food in the kitchen. Liz gets up. "Excuse me, I'll give dad a hand." Nervous smile. She steps into the kitchen.

    "Need a hand with that?"
  • Heather quietly sips her wine in the other room, waiting for things to get awkward.
  • "Tell me, has Heather moved in? I noticed an extra toothbrush in the bathroom. Is that wise, I mean, you hardly know the woman? Didn't we talk about selling this house and perhaps find a more comfortable and secure place for you? I've looked at a couple of places."
  • [Jason, you there? We could go straight to dice I suppose before resolving the scene]
  • "With Heather here, I'll be fine. The real question is when are you going to find someone?"
  • "So, she moved in? You could have told me - I mean, I was expecting it to be just you and me, you know. I sure hope you know what you're doing."
  • "Ofcourse she moved in. That is what you do when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone."
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  • "Seriously, dad, stop thinking with your ... fucks sake, I've lost my appetite anyway."

    Liz brings some food from the kitchen and puts it on the table, then leaves her dad's home."
  • [Nothing to add. Scene?]
  • [Scene. All yours, Jason.]
  • [Still here.]
  • [Sorry guys, i just pulled two 15 hour days at the restaurant this weekend, I will post later today.]
  • [No probs, J, good that you're still there. If you don't have the time or energy today, tomorrow is cool :)]
  • [Maybe Jason's got tech issues again, or has simply dropped out. He hasn't been logged in since that last message. Is it worth advertising for a replacement player?]
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    [Alas, I don't know. We could just whip up a little scene for his character and move on. Maybe she'll be the first to go. C;E]
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