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I'm looking for one other person interested in playing Jonathan Walton's Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan. One post a day minimum seems like a pretty good rate to me, and we can run it as long as we like.


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    Is that a yes, Shreyas? Do you have a preference on who you play?
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    Um, I don't know what's happened to Shreyas. Maybe post-Gencon burnout? Anyhow, if he doesn't show up, Dave, I'll play with you!
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    Hey thanks Simon. I suspect Shreyas may have just been saying hi. I'm willing to have more than one game going simultaneously, so why don't we just start playing one. Do you have a preference on which character you play?
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    Um, I think I'd like to be Kublai Khan. I'll post more this evening.
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    Ok, yeah. I can't access the rules at work, but I'm keen to play. I believe that I'm supposed to start, as the Khan, but I can't remember the right phrases. If you're cool waiting, I'll start an in-game thread this evening (early morning your time).
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    For reference, here are the forms:

    Kublai: “[Confirmation]! But [declaration]! How [open-ended question]?”

    Kyoko: “Indeed, [confirmation]! Nevertheless, [declaration]! [Rhetorical question]?”


    Kublai: “My dear! Surely [compliment]! Why then [question Kyoko's original contribution]?

    Starting a thread for actual play now. You can shift this to out-of-game if you want, or whatever.
    Kyoko: “Great Khan! [Compliment], but [refusal to divulge details]!”
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    Don't forget

    The game ends when Kublai can bear no more, uttering his final words:

    Kublai:“Thus cuckold by the greatest of women, I depart this world of suffering.”

    To which Kyoko responds:

    Kyoko:“A noble soul is lifted up; the greatest of men journeys onward.”
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    There is one other important mechanic:
    Each seduction narrative begins with a boast by Kyoko or a protest by Kublai. The players can take turns beginning new narratives or simply begin a new one whenever a player is satisfied with the information uncovered about the previously mentioned seduction.
    I take this to mean that either player can begin a new narrative (within the same game), basically at any time.
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    You folks rock. Can't wait to see how your game goes. I'm planning to revise the game eventually, so this will be really helpful in addition to being way fun to watch.
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    Posted By: georgeI take this to mean that either player can begin a new narrative (within the same game), basically at any time.
    Oh man george. I think you're right, that changes my whole perception. For the better.

    Simon: I'm liking it so far as well.

    Jonathan: I hope it helps. If it's ok with Simon, I think we should open this thread to anyone who wants to comment on the game.
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    Two things to consider: what really gives the game depth is...

    1) Responding directly to your opponent's comments, like the thing about the blind man. You could have said something like, "But Commander Xu has been blind ever since the Battle at Tiger Mountain. How did his martial valor fail him?" This is not criticism of how this played out, just a suggestion for the future. It ups the ante, since Kublai's forces are prepared for just about anything. We know that they eventually fail, but it shouldn't be a cakewalk.

    2) Asking multiple questions about the same event, narrowing down the details instead of just doing One Exchange Resolution. The Commander Xu comment above gets at this a little. Make Kyoko tell us more about the sword dance episode. Press her for details. Kublai is trying to discover why he, King of Kings, managed to get bested in this fashion. When you're satisfied, move on to a different encounter, either something about a different wife or a different stage of Kyoko's treachery.

    This is stuff that should be in the rules, but isn't yet. If you like, try them out and see if they make play more interesting.
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    I *was* actually interested in playing, but I had a really exhausting and busy week. I'll be watching!
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    Sorry Shreyas. If you still want to play, let me know. I would be open to another game.
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    No worries! Let me get DRYH going and we'll talk.
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    Sounds good.
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    What do you think so far, Simon?

    Jonathan, if you are still reading this, I had some feedback. Do you want to do that in this thread, or would you like me to e-mail you?
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    Dave, if you have some general comments you wouldn't mind sharing I'd like to hear them too, in order to compare your thoughts with the play in the game of KKKKK I'm running at a different forum.
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    I don't mind sharing at all. It isn't actually a bad comment, I was just trying to find the best medium.

    I feel like Kyoko's standard response should include some options to start with another word. Every post I've done has started with indeed, and despite not wanting to say indeed again, I haven't wanted to use the second response yet.
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    I'm having a good time. I'm starting to see how the game works, I think. I've kind of got some ideas for how the story might play out. It's interesting because I thought that the Kahn might be the more boring option, but now I'm realising that I've got huge scope for what to do, and I'm wondering if it's as fun from Kyoko's end. There is a kind of strategy to the game, which I find interesting. It's not about winning or forcing Kyko into untenable situations, but rather about guiding the game in the direction you want it to go. I've got some great ideas for more interesting challenges down the road a little. I'm also trying to work a kind of narrative structure into the game, so that it feels like some progress is being made. Rather than just a series of endless challenges, ending at a random point, I'm trying to make each challenge seem like a significant step towards the Kahn's demise. Is that coming across?
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    Dave and Simon, this game is fun to read for many reasons, but one of them is that it's very different than the KKKKK I'm playing at the moment.

    Dave, I have to admit we are not following the grammar of the statements to the letter. Looking back the player of Kyoko has used 'Indeed' to start a statement twice out of 5 or so exchanges.

    One other difference is that we started directly with a seduction tale, rather than the 'penetration intro' your game started with. I liked the intro though, and would try that in another game.

    However the other big difference is that the statements in my game are much longer, maybe twice as long -- mainly because we're taking liberties with the structure, making the [declaration] two sentences instead of one, or writing ridiculously long sentences for the [declaration]. I wonder if the structure of the game as written suits IRC/chat well, but could be modified for PbP?
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    Posted By: Simon CIt's interesting because I thought that the Kahn might be the more boring option, but now I'm realising that I've got huge scope for what to do, and I'm wondering if it's as fun from Kyoko's end.
    The game definitely has some interesting dynamics, in terms of who controls the narrative. As you point out, Kublai appears to have almost complete control over the scope and subject matter of the story -- a dynamic that Kyoko can subvert to some degree (with unexpected solutions), but never really overcome. The Khan dictates the rate at which Kyoko progresses as well, including the time of his own death.

    Also interesting to me is the way Kyoko remains constantly in the spotlight of the story -- it's her abilities and her actions that are being developed by the narrative, while the Khan himself is revealed only indirectly, through his questions and through the description of his wives and palace. Again, there's an opportunity for Kyoko to bring more or less of that in -- for example, explaining certain accomplishments in terms of the Kublai's own failings, or the animosity of his wives. Also, while the story focuses on Kyoko, her player seems to have full control over what parts of her are revealed -- both in terms of what she does and in terms of any motivation or personality traits she may possess.
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    I'm still here. And really interested in how the game's going and any comments you folks have. KKKKK is the first game I wrote in which different players played by different rules, so it's cool that you're discovering some of those differences.

    George, can you link to your game, or is it private?
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    Hey Dave, I don't know if you're slowing down the pace on purpose (i.e. posting less) of it's just a chance effect of when we're able to post, but it's working fine for me at the slower pace.

    I think I felt a bit rushed in the first run where we posted back-and-forth a half-dozen times, and I'm enjoying being able to savour the game a bit more. So I guess what I'm saying is don't feel rushed to reply, if you are, it's fine going slow.

    How do you feel? You're not getting frustrated by the slow pace?
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    It does seem like KKKKK is well suited to a fast pace, though in our game myself and the other player agreed at the beginning that just one post a day is the minimum, and it was OK to take a day off if we wanted to.

    It seems like agreeing on post #/day in PbP is generally a good thing.

    I don't mind linking Jonathan, just didn't want to promo another forum without someone asking. But here's the link:

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    That first day I was being naughty and posting at work. :-) I'm trying to stick to one post a day minimum, but the forum was down last night. So no post until this evening. I'm not frustrated with the game at all. I find I need extra time to reflect on a response as well.
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    For the record George, don't hesitate to post about games on other forums. I can't see anything to be gained by attempting to enforce exclusivity.

    Dave, if it weren't for posting at work, I would have gone mad from boredom months ago.
  • Oh, shrewd! I thought I'd have you in a bind with that one! I wonder if this means Kyoko is the Kahn's daughter?
  • Glad you like it. I thought I was in a bind too. :-)
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