[Serial Homicide Unit] Civilians scenes, round 3

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OK, another set of scenes with the civilians.

Choose an obstacle.
Set the scene.
Cast other players as supporting characters.
Play the scene and get your character to try and overcome the obstacle.
Success or failure.
Play out how the scene ends.

We still play a scene for the killed civilian Gabe, but it's a "tribute" scene with no die roll. This could depict his family's reaction, funeral or effects of the civilian's death etc.


  • [Ok, guess somebody has to start something...]

    Some teachers are sitting in the lounge. There is a mini-memorial there, with a photo of Gabe and some flowers and candles.

    [Anybody can play a teacher in the lounge. I don't expect this to last long. Feel free to say (out loud) "pass".]

    "He was a good man", Alex the math teacher says. "Always willing to fill in if we were a man short at my weekly basketball games." He raises a mug of coffee to the memorial before taking a sip.
  • Cynthia the science teacher sniffs a little as she puts a sheaf of papers on the memorial. "He wanted to write books for the kids. I ask..asked if I could read what he had and he gave me this." She taps the papers. "It's...it's really good." She smiles through some tears, " He would've...would have" Her voice catches and she can't continue, starting to cry again.
  • Creative Writing teacher Mr Lang stands up and waits for the noise to settle down in the lounge.
    "As you know, did a small collection for Gabe - Mr Davenport - and I'm happy to say that the school board has matched our collected funds, so that we can pay for one of Mr Davenport's children's books to be published. We've already found an agent that is able to help."
    Mr Lang pauses for a couple of seconds.
    "That's all, really, thank you."
  • [Good enough for me... SCENE!]
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