[Rats in the Walls] Playtest-by-Post

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  • Hi Lance,

    I'm cautiously interested in this. I don't have a lot of time for posting (maybe one or two posts a day, at most) and I've had really bad experiences with play-by-posts getting really long and gruelling. How much material do you think would be required in each post? The less the better is my opinion. Also, how long do you think the game would go for? It might be more manageable to just test a single scene, or whatever the smallest unit of play looks like. I'd be very interested in that.


  • I'd be keen to play through one cycle of play, and then see how we go from there. The hardest thing for play-by-post is maintaining enthusiasm. I've found that short games, with a clear end-state, are preferable for this, which is why I prefer to do it this way. If that's not what you're looking for at this stage of playtest, that's fine.


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  • Hi, just wanted to say I'm still here, still interested. Possibly Lance isn't checking this forum as often as he should be.
  • Hey, I'm here!

    I had some connection issues, and ended up spacing off about checking back here. Dave Younce's post over on S-G reminded me that I needed to poke my head in over and see if people'd responded.


    Go-to-setting is modern day, probably some specific or non-specific American city or town, as most of the people I know are American. If you've any specific ideas though, throw 'em out, otherwise I think we can go with that default.

    Multiple threads -vs- single thread: I suggest this because the abortive PbP we tried used multiple threads, and that seemed like a good idea. The initial part of the game almost invariably starts out with characters who aren't related to each other in any direct way, so separate threads helps keep their initial advancements clean. However I've no experience with this format, so I'll bow to your experience.

    Here's what we can do, then:

    We can use italics for OOC stuff.

    We can bold the focus character's name at the beginning of the post to denote who we're looking at.

    Is that too complicated? Or does that work for everyone?
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