Remember Tomorrow Pitch

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Since Trevis mentioned it and Michael is almost done with his project and Max has been logging on lately (I look for you! Spooky right?), we might have some space for a new game, something to get things rolling. Does anyone have interest in trying to make a go with Remember Tomorrow?

Remember Tomorrow is a neat little game set in the near future, a game strongly inspired by Gibson's cyberpunk novels. The author (Gregor Hutton, of 3:16 and Best Friends)) claim it is GMless, but really, the GM authority rotates between scenes. Characters are pretty fluid, which is kind of awesome. When I say fluid, I mean you make up a held PC, but as the game goes on, new characters are created and if you make an NPC you like, you can pick them up and replace your Held character. Honestly, it should be a good forum game because we can work asynchronously as scenes happen.

The book is a little 53 pager, not expensive at all. $5 for the pdf on Indie Press Revolution PDF only or DriveThruRPG.

You can even pick up the print+PDF cheaply ($12.50) on Indie Press Revolution, too!

So, who wants to play?


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