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Since Trevis mentioned it and Michael is almost done with his project and Max has been logging on lately (I look for you! Spooky right?), we might have some space for a new game, something to get things rolling. Does anyone have interest in trying to make a go with Remember Tomorrow?

Remember Tomorrow is a neat little game set in the near future, a game strongly inspired by Gibson's cyberpunk novels. The author (Gregor Hutton, of 3:16 and Best Friends)) claim it is GMless, but really, the GM authority rotates between scenes. Characters are pretty fluid, which is kind of awesome. When I say fluid, I mean you make up a held PC, but as the game goes on, new characters are created and if you make an NPC you like, you can pick them up and replace your Held character. Honestly, it should be a good forum game because we can work asynchronously as scenes happen.

The book is a little 53 pager, not expensive at all. $5 for the pdf on Indie Press Revolution PDF only or DriveThruRPG.

You can even pick up the print+PDF cheaply ($12.50) on Indie Press Revolution, too!

So, who wants to play?


  • I'm reading the rules now. ( I think it was in the sight for sore eyes bundle, if any of you got that.)
  • Oh hey, I do have that... thanks Rustin.

    Looks interesting, I'll print it to read during my time off (I'll be away all next week)
  • I'm in.
  • Woohoo, welcome Trevis!

    I'd like to wait for Max and Michael to free up, see if they're interested, too.

    Rustin and Scott, any further thoughts/interest?
  • Didn't quite grok the rules on my first read/skim through. Though I can see how pbp might work well.
  • I don't grok the rules, either, to be honest. I was hoping we could all work through them together.
  • This thread talks about a learning curve-- not a bad one, but it takes some practice.
  • Looks intriguing but I better not, my workload is about to become huge at work, and I do want to concentrate what little time I will have to eventually running something.
  • Seems there are types of "prep" scenes where you build up PCons and up your scores (or Faction or NPC scores). These seem fairly unopposed. State goal, roll 3d10, assign dice and interpret, cash in PCons, mark NCons and interpret. It would make for fast PpP material, almost to the point of lonely fun because you wouldn't be waiting on others to reply.

    In the battle scenes the free form narrative might stall out in PbP, then the resolution has several back and forths. Waiting to see where people assign their dice to count successes, then waiting to see if people want to tag Pcons, Ncons etc . . . Might be too fiddly for PbP.

    Anyone else had a chance to read over the rules?
  • I'm going to pass. The game doesn't grab me.
  • I think some of it depends on style of play.

    Intro and deal scenes look like one-posters to me. Face-Offs will be the bulk because it's the only way you can tick off the character goals. I'm not sure if it would be better to do everything in one thread or do threads per player (all threads having to do with your held PC or faction, whoever that might be.) Or per character. When you're the controller you go into the thread of the pc you want to target. In Theory you could have all three people doing controller scenes at once.
  • I like that theory. If you think about it, it could be pretty ideal for PBF from that viewpoint. I mean, we could have ppl come in and out and keep a core that pushes things forward.
  • I'm game. Three players enough?
  • it is. Let's give it a shot.
  • I'd like to watch since I haven't really read over the rules. Maybe if I figure it out I can get it on the next one.
  • Or we can walk you through it Max. None of us are veterans here.

    The one thing that concerns me is that the rules assume that only one person at a time is acting as controller and people act in sequence. The place where this really shows up in the rules is in the crossover thing. When you roll doubles or triples on your dice something from the fiction related to the doubled/tripped roll must appear in the following scene.

    My point being that it can be difficult to do that if we're allowing scenes to happen simultaneously.

    I'm still, also, not quite sure how to divvy this up in terms of threads. In some ways it would make sense to play it all in one thread, with maybe another thread that acts as storage for PC's and Factions info. It might be easiest. That works against doing non-linear play.

    Another possibility is to sort threads by protagonist. With a single separate thread for Faction introductions, and again some kind of Faction/Pc info storage library thread. I don't know if every introduced PC would get it's own thread or just be promoted to its own thread when someone chooses to hold a new PC... I'm thinking the second option is more likely. Just quoting the intro into the new thread.

    You can only hold one PC at a time, so it might be necessary to maintain a status thread that shows who you're "holding" in case someone wants to pick up a PC that you freed up. This could be done in the OOC thread.

    Rich it sounds like you want the thread per protagonist style? You have any ideas about handling the crossover rule? Rustin, do you have a preference? Max (If you decided to join us.)?
  • A wiki would be ideal. But I know firewalls and such are trouble.
    Not seeing a clean solution, given the different ownership of posts.
    We could make a dummy account with a shared password?
  • I've got one up, actually, if we need it. But I'd like to keep things here if possible.

    I'm not sure we need a dummy account or anything, how do you see that working? My concern was more about simultaneous scenes.
  • Grabbing and updating factions and such. If in shared account we can edit single sheet. Say you pick a faction as controller it would be the controllers job to update changes.
  • That's an interesting idea, Rustin. I do think editing one thread will keep it clean.

    I'd love it if we could structure this for people to come in, pick up and hold a character, play a scene and drop out without causing an uproar. Do you think we could pull that off?
  • Or we could store characters/factions on the wiki and do all the scene play here. Is that too fiddly?

    I suppose we could do it all on the wiki, but I don't have a good dice roller and it would reduce our visibility to people passing through.
  • Trevis, let me check tomorrow if your wiki comes through my firewall. I also would like to be able to play here mostly.
  • The crossover should still work, it would just be the next scene started after that scene ends? Or maybe we just have a thread that tracks them, so when you start a scene, you look at the topic and plug it in and cross it off the list. Again, that would work well with a dummy account.
  • Good news! I can reach your wiki, Trevis.
  • Posted By: orklord
    I'd love it if we could structure this for people to come in, pick up and hold a character, play a scene and drop out without causing an uproar. Do you think we could pull that off?
      I'll be at a work conference next week, so I'd definitely be interested in joining later if that ends up being a possibility.
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      Made a wiki subsection for RT here. . Passwords to edit are whispered.
    • Got my first PC idea.
    • Tell us about them!

      I'm noodling one over, too.
    • I'm thinking of a company of characters. Three of them, they call themselves The Consulate. Either Hackers or Insiders, but for sure a motivation of Knowledge.

      As for the particulars, I was going to bounce off of you guy's ideas.
    • I'm not thinking too hard. But just for reference, my main influence for all this is Blade Runner. My secondary one is probably Ghost in the Shell. I've only read one novel by Gibson, a more recent one called Spook Country. It was good but very subtle as far as all the futurish stuff. Some of my expectations were totally set by Cyberpunk 2020. I've been meaning to read Snow Crash for a while, but just haven't gotten to it.

      So... What's influencing you guys? if anyone else has some stuff they definitely don't want, speak up.
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