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    I'm sort of interested.
    I've never been a big fan of PbPs, but I'm eager to squeeze some more gaming into my schedule so I wouldn't mind giving it a try.

    Depending on what other people are saying, I'm a solid maybe.

    Edit: Oh yeah . . . Those three games all sound cool to me, but I'm particularly interested in a chance to play 3:16. I've even hacked together a Google Wave gadget to provide an online version of the 3:16 range map.
  • Let me second interest in 3:16. I know it'll probably be somewhat awkward with all the ranges and such, but I'm definitely willing to give it a go.
  • I don't have any experience with 3:16 at all, so it's probably best if I keep my participation in player mode for the time being.
  • I am game for 3:16. I have game experience of... one session in it. Want this to be an ongoing thing so we could see the really silly developments later on.
  • I do have a copy of the rules, though I'd have to go over them again, I'm sure, before we actually get started.
  • Oh, and note! I don't actually have access to the rulebook, so I might need help with some of the bits and pieces. I think I remember chargen, though:

    FA:2, NFA:8, Reputation: Brownnoser.

    Good? :D
  • I'm not sure what you mean by uploading images (beyond the obvious), so I don't know if I'm comfortable doing that or not. Are we making custom images, or something? That might be more problematic than just uploading them.
  • I have a pretty good handle on the way I visualise things in my head. Looking for a picture online (can't draw myself!) that would express it properly would be a long and arduous pain for me.

    Not that I would mind images from the GM!
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  • Posted By: rugrsiPick a color for your Out of Game voice (I'mMaroon)
    Not to show off my ignorance or anything, but how does one do colors and what do we have to choose from? I can see the tag when I quote you, but I have no experience coloring my text.
  • Oh, yes, and a quick tutorial on how to use the dice roller might be in order, as well. I'm hopeless.
  • image
    How's that for a picture?

    I think I'll take the opposite tack from DWeird and gun for Corporal at FA: 8 NFA: 2 Reputation: Zelot. For a name, perhaps Lucius?

    For kills I've got:


    I'm with Sam on requesting more info about colours.
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  • SamSam
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    Since we seem to be getting our 40K on to a certain extent (Dylan especially), I figure this ought to do:


    I'll get back to you with character stuff later today. I'm kind of up against it at the moment.

    Also, let me test the color red.
  • Posted By: rugrsiMaybe we pick FA/NFA and get the ranking sorted in this thread.
    I've gone with FA 6 and NFA 4.
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